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John Willescroft c1540 - 1615 of Stone, Staffordshire | Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft & Variant's Worldwide Onename Study | Jill Dixon
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John Willescroft c1540 - 1615                  

of Stone, Staffordshire

A John Willascroft is mentioned in the Jervis papers on the 13 May [1586] indirectly in relationship to land in Podmore referring to “John Wollascroft's interests”. I think that this is William and Joan's grandson, the son of John born soon after his marriage to Agnes. John was granted administration of his fathers estate in 1568. (Calendar of Wills, LJRO, Act Book).

The River Trent at Aston by Stone, Staffordshire

The baptism of two of John’s children are recorded in the Stone Parish Records. Elena who was christened on the 27 June 1571 and Christopher who was christened on the 30 May 1583. I think that John had at least three other children born before the commencement of Stone Parish Record in 1569. John who married Margery Astbury in 1598, Thomas who died in 1605 at Stone and Margaret who died in 1615 at Stone.

His daughter Elena most likely married James Goodfellow at Stone in 1597. Her brother is most likely the Christopher who married Ann Cossall on the 4 September 1622 at St Michael's, Lichfield, Staffordshire. Christopher and Ann are known to have had five children while living in Lichfield. Margerye b.1622, Anna b.1623, John b.1626, Alice b.1629 and Richard 1633-36. The children were christened at St Mary's, Lichfield. I have searched the records for the different churches in Lichfield in the 1600's but I have not found another reference to the surname. The land at Podmore did not pass to Christopher.

On his death, his son John inherrited the land at Podmore which passed to his son Thomas born in 1600 as the eldest son.(Thomas’ Will, 1659, PCC, London) More

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