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John Williscroft 1648-1719 of Milwich & Uttoxeter, Staffordshire
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John Williscroft 1648-1719

of Milwich & Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

John married his first wife Sarah about 1676 and the couple lived in Milwich where their children John b.1677, Sarah b.1679 and James b.1681 were christened. The family moved to Stone after James birth. He was buried there in 1682 and his brother William was christened at Stone in August 1683. It is possible that the couple were living with Anne at the time of her death. On the 7 February 1684 John acknowledged the receipt of £20 from William Jervis for the fee farm rent from a tenement in Podmore left to Anne the wife of Thomas in his will. (WS M232B/4).

By June 1687 John and Sarah had moved to live in Uttoxeter. Sarah Willascroft was buried at St Mary's, Uttoxeter on the 4 June 1687 and I think this is John's wife as he remarried in 1688. However, Sarah is mentioned in a document dated 23 October [1690]. (WS M22/3) I think the document may be earlier as the year isn't given. The document was an Exemplification of Recovery of land including that of John and Sarah at Podmore. The land was conveyed to the plaintiffs one of whom was a member of the Jervis family. This was the end of the families association with that piece of land that had been providing 20s a year for 200 years. 

All Saint’s Church, Milwich

All Saint’s Church, Milwich, Staffordshire in 2013

John married Marie Copestick at Abbotts Bromley, Staffordshire on the 27 September 1688. John and Marie are known to have had five children. Hannah b.1689, Mary 1691-1723, Bridgett 1692-1751, Ann 1695-1720 and James 1697-1698. Hannah married John Gender on the 30 Sep 1722 at Uttoxeter and Bridget married Thomas Bladon on 31 Jan 1723. 

John died in 1719 and was buried at Uttoxeter on 2 May.  Administration of his estate was granted to his wife on the 15 October. His wife died in 1729 and was buried at Uttoxeter on the 31 October. He was a weaver (webster) and his inventory refers to his ‘shop’. More

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