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‘Odd Ones Out’ in the British Isles
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‘Odd Ones Out’ in the British Isles


The surnames Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wooliscroft, Wolliscroft, Willescroft, Woolingcroft and Willinscroft can be found in England today and are distinctive surnames in their own right. 

However, the stability in spelling has only occurred since the onset of civil registration. This is not surprising as it coincides with our literacy skills improving. Prior to this the surnames were interchangeable and depended on who was writing the information down. Spelling not only varied between documents but also within documents. The common factor was that the surname sounds the same with the Staffordshire accent.

Below I have given some background information on some branches that do not ‘fit in’ with the main known branches. I call them my ‘Tree Tops’. They are the result of my analysis of available evidence. This is very much work in progress so please come back and visit again. 

If you would like to add information about your branch of the family or make a comment please get in touch.

  • John Woolliscroft c1676-1750. John Woolliscroft was most likely the father of John Woolliscroft of Mappleton, Derbyshire and Thomas Woolliscroft of the City of London. He was a farmer living in Staffordshire. More 
  • Joseph Woolsencroft c1700-c1756 was living in Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire in 1733 when his son William was christened. More 
  • Joseph Wollenscroft c1741-c1796  was living in Burslem, Staffordshire when he married his wife Ann Rowley. His descendants spell their surname Woolliscroft, Wooliscroft and Wolliscroft. More
  • William Woolliscroft 1767-1840 and his wife Sarah lived in Blurton, Staffordshire. The couple had two known daughter’s Elizabeth and Eliza. Their daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Wise. More 
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