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New Zealand | Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft Onename Study
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New Zealand

The surnames Williscroft and Woolliscroft are found in New Zealand today. Bearer’s of the surname first arrived in 1850's. Below I have summarised what I know about the different branches. I have added links so you can find out additional information where I have it. This is very much work in progress! 

If you would like to add information about your branch of the family or make a comment please get in touch.

Landing immigrants at Lyttleton, NZ

Frederick Williscroft (1829-1903), from Colton in Staffordshire arrived with his wife and family aboard the “Oliver Lang” at Wellington in September 1856. More

Two years later Frederick’s brother Joseph Williscroft (1825-1868), sailed from London with his wife and family on the Barque Indiana arriving at Lyttleton on 23 Nov 1858. The ship arrived in Wellington on 14 Dec 1858. More

Edward (1841-1864) and Henry Woolliscroft (1836-1905), arrived to join the 3rd Waikato Regiment. They had been recruited in Australia. Edward died in 1864 and Henry in 1905.

Joseph Woolliscroft (1841-1931). Joseph was serving in New Zealand with the 57th regiment of Foot. He met his wife Louisa Matilda Smith and the married in Auckland in 1867. Louisa was from Queensland, Australia. He was the son of John and Mary Ann Woolliscroft of Manchester, England.

William Henry Williscroft (1855-1926),  the nephew of Joseph and Frederick Williscroft from Colton, Staffordshire arrived in New Zealand. He married his cousin Elizabeth Ellen Williscroft the daughter of Frederick in 1885. William used the surname Mason-Williscroft. Mason was his mothers maiden name.

Emma Woolliscroft (1878-1967) the widow of Frederick John Woolliscroft 1882-1919 arrived with her children Frederick and Lillian.

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