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Family Branches | Williscroft, Woolliscroft, Wolliscroft and variants Onename Study
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Family Branches

My research still continues into the different branches that have appeared at different times during history including the use of the name as a first name. On these pages you will find background information on different families that have existed during time. Presenting the facts as they are. 

*NEW* I have now published the Family Database which is hosted by the Guild of One Name Studies. The database contains over 12,000 references to the surname worldwide since the 1300 to present day. It can be searched by following the link provided. 

It is also possible to make suggestions, comments and correct my errors regarding your branch of the family! You can register for an user account to gain more information on your own branch of the 'family'. All information on living people is private and you are able to chose if you would like any of the information you contribute to be kept private or not.

It is important to remember that our ancestors lived in a different time to us. When they left these shores some started a new life with a new partner. The same is true when they travelled vast distances in the new colonies.

In England divorce was not an option until 1857 and then only for men who’s wives had committed adultery. The rules that covered ‘desertion’ stated that if a couple had been apart for seven years and they had attempted to contact their partner they were free to remarry. If the partner returned after the seven years then the first marriage took priority. However, the second marriage was not ‘illegal’ and the couple would not face prosecution. This is different to a ‘bigamous’ marriage where an individual remarried fully aware their partner was alive and well. The rules governing divorce and desertion in England are explained more fully on the the Familysearch website.

world distribution

Map Illustrating The earliest decade in which the surname or one of it's variants has been first recorded in different parts of the world

Summary of what is included on these pages

  • Information on the early families that lived in Great Bridgeford and the Stone area of Staffordshire and how land first mentioned in 1488 remained in the family for over 200 years enabling me to trace their descendancy. 
  • The families that populated the Alton and Cauldon areas of Staffordshire in the late 1500’s and 1600’s. Their roots are also in Great Bridgeford and this is the branch most, but not all, present day Woolliscroft families are descended from.
  • The different branches of the Williscroft family in the UK since the 1700’s. 
  • On the page I’ve labeled ‘Odd One’s Out’ you will find information on those branches of the family who do not fit in with what I already know about the early families in England. I call these my ‘Tree Tops’.
  • Information on the names Willescroft, Willinscroft & Woolingscroft.
  • The use of Williscroft, Woolliscroft or one of it’s variants as a first name
  • On the other pages in this section I look at the branches of the family that have travelled to other places in the world.
  • I will be providing some information on other individuals who bear the surname and whom I think have some thing interesting to tell.

These pages are very much work in progress so please come back and visit again. If you would like to add information about your branch of the family or make a comment please get in touch.

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