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Roger Wollascroft c1515-1577 of Great Bridgeford, Staffordshire
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Roger Wollascroft c1515-1577

of Great Bridgeford, Staffordshire

Seighford Church

Roger was the son of William & Joan Wylliscroft born most likely in Great Bridgeford, Staffordshire in the early 1500’s. He was living with his parents and siblings in Great Bridgeford c1532 when the ‘List of Inhabitants in the Archdeaconary of Stafford’ was complied. In 1539 he is mentioned in connection with the Muster Rolls when his father William gave a horse and harness in place of Roger. (SRS V5 1902). 

Roger must have married his wife Cysely about 1535 as their oldest son Thomas was of full age (21) when Roger wrote his will on the 10 Mar 1556/7. Their two younger children Humphrey & Alys were underage.

Seighford Churchyard

Roger died soon after writing his will and prior to his wife writing her will on the 16 March 1556/7. (Married women were not allowed to make wills, only widows or single women.) Roger’s Inventory was appraised on the 5 April and proved on the 18 May 1577. This is the same date Cysely’s will was proved. Cysely’s Inventory was appraised on the 26 April so I think she died a couple of weeks after Roger. They both requested to be buried in the churchyard in Seighford.

In his will Roger left his house and part of his land to his wife if she didn’t marry. if she married then half of this was left to his son Thomas and if he should die to his son Humphrey. To his daughter he left a room besides her ‘child part’. He left his brother Thomas his ‘best kassett cape. To his brother James he left ‘2 yarde and half of white fustient and my best shirte’. I had thought this was a strange bequest to make but I now know that James had taken holy orders. To his sister Agnes he left his best hat, this may be his sister in law rather than his sister, the wife of John. After his bequests had been made the remainder of his estate was to be divided in two parts. One part to his wife and the other part to be divided equally between his children. Cysely and William Tyll were named as his executors. His brother John was one of the overseer’s of his will.

In her will Cysely mentions, amongst others, James Wollascrofte and her daughter Alys. Her estate after bequests was to be divided between her three children stating ‘my ii younger childs have the best at the discretion of my executors and overseers’. She named Richard and Margaret Tyll as her executors and Thomas Wyttcher as overseer.

I do not know what happened to Thomas and Alys after their parents death. By the late 1500’s Humphrey had married and was living in Alton, Staffordshire, England. More

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