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The Woolliscroft’s of Alton & Cauldon, Staffordshire in the 1600’s
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The Woolliscroft’s

of Alton & Cauldon, Staffordshire in the 1600’s

Many of the Woolliscroft, Wooliscroft and Wolliscroft families that populate the world today can trace their roots back to the villages of Cauldon and Alton in Staffordshire during the 1600's. 

Cauldon (Caldon) is located in the Staffordshire Moorlands, seven miles NE of Cheadle, and seven miles W by N of Ashbourne. Alton lies 3.5 miles to the South of Cauldon on the south-western side of the Churnet river, four miles E of Cheadle, and seven miles NNW of Uttoxeter. The villages of Denstone and Farley, located in the Aton parish are also mentioned in documents during the 1600's. 

In the early 1600's a Humphrey Wollascroft was living in the Alton area. Humphrey is most likely the son of Roger and Cicely Wollascroft who were living in Seighford at the the of Their deaths. It is known that Humphrey had a son from a will proved in 1599, but his name is not given. 

Forty years later, in 1642, Leonard Woolliscroft, who was living in Cauldon, wrote his will and mentions his 'natural' brothers William and Bonaventure and sister Anne. He also refers to “John the son of John of Farley” but does not what his relationship is to John.  The relationship between the different member of the family are confirmed in other wills. Leonards will is the first reference I have that spells the surname ‘Woolliscroft’. 

So far in my research I have not been able to identify who the parents were for certainty. I think it very likely they are either the or children or grandchildren of Humphrey Wollascroft . However, this is difficult to prove as the parish records for Alton in Staffordshire prior to 1676 have not survived the passage of time. 

The family tree I have drawn for the Cauldon and Alton families is based on information from wills and available parish records. I would love to hear from you if you can add anything to our understanding.

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