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William Carson Betterly
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In an article in the January issue of the Register, entitled "Confirmed English Ancestry for Thomas Betterley of Boston and North Carolina," author Leslie Mahler proves that the Thomas Betterley of North Carolina is indeed one and the same person as the Thomas Betterly born in London in 1688 as identified in our earlier article "The Probable Origins of Thomas Betterley" (Register 162 (2008):8-14).
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To read about the Revolutionary War experience of William and Ann Marshall, click here

I have begun adding profiles of William's ancestors to this site. You can view these by following the 'parents of' and 'children of' links or you can get to a particular ancestor from the Index to Profiles page.

To view information about some of the other Betterly lines and some of the earlier generations of Betterlys, visit Loren Dahling's Betterly Genealogy Page

To view a family tree consisting of the descendants of William Carson Betterly click here

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