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I have been researching the Williamson Family since 1996 and am by no means finished. The Williamsonís go way back to the time of the dark ages and possibly even further. I have read story after story about the pre-American Williamsonís, and the different places they originated. Some had came to America, landing in Maryland and settling in Pennsylvania and others came to America and sailed up the Potomac to Harpers Ferry and settled in Virginia (which is now Berkeley Co., West Virginia). I believe we are part of the latter batch of Williamson, but have no proof as of the time of this publication to prove this. Our Peter has been said to have been born in Berkeley Co. Virginia and his father was said to be John Williamson. Back then the population of America was lower than now but I believe the name John among the males was just as abundant as it is today. According to census of 1990 The name John is the #1 name among males. Finding our John Williamson will be like finding a needle in a haystack. I donít intend to give up though, maybe one of these days the sun will come out and shine on our needle and we just might be able to find it.

Till then the following pages will show you a family outline for our Williamsonís.

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The typical family outline is broken into the following:

Husband = Head of the house.

Wife = Mother of the children.

Children = Blood siblings of the husband and wife

Click here for a list of abbreviation to help make the family outlines more understandable.

This project has been index in two manners
1) Individual
2) Family