Is it spelled W I E LAND or W E I LAND ??

from Faded Moments Recorded by Elveta Phillips - August 1964

Chapter VII - How Wieland Got Its Name

Up to this point, all historical references of the community referred to it as "The Prairie", "Wiregrass", or a combination of both names, but for some reason the name was unsuitable to the persons establishing the Post Office in the community. Dr. Jim Smith wrote to Washington; and the name was officially changed to Wieland on January 12, 1888. Just why he chose the name Wieland is not known. If spelled correctly as he spelled it, "Wieland" [italics are mine -PJ], it is a German name (both a surname and given name). There are different ideas or reports as to where he got the name or why he named it Wieland. Some say it was for a German General. Others say it was for a settler in this community, but there is no evidence to substantiate this. Since the name Smith can be German, it is possible that the answer lies in the old country if the name had some particular meaning.

from Blackland Footprints [part of a column] by Herman Scott

Greenville [Texas] Herald Banner - February 20,1961

Now for a paragraph or two about the community of Wieland (some folks spell it "Weiland", as I have for a long time).

Mrs. M. M. [sic] writes me to say that she can "remember farther back than Carson Hart can." Not long ago Mr. Hart was quoted in this space as having something to say about Wieland.

Continues Mrs. Hill: "I remember when Wieland had two general stores (so can I - one on each side of the road), three blacksmith shops, a gin and two churches. Dr. Jim Smith did name it, but he didn't name it "Weiland"; it is "Wieland". The post office was in my father-in-law's store."

I'm going to accept Mrs. Hill's version of the spelling. After all she should know, for the name of towns which have post offices are spelled as the postal department designates.

Note from Paul Jacobus

When transcribing the obits found in newspapers and from other sources, I am making every effort to copy them down verbatim. I am adding minimum additions - only to add date of death or correct other known inaccuracies. Where added, items NOT in the original source will be enclosed in brackets [ ]. I am leaving the community name spelled as found - whether as Wieland or as the incorrect spelling of Weiland.

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