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Family of
Richard Hildreth and his wives
Sarah _____ and Elizabeth Henchman
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Richard Hildreth born 1605 England died 23 Feb 1692/3 age 88 yrs Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA appears to have come to New England early 1640's when he signed a petition to the Court from Concord and Woburn for a tract of land lying on the west of Concord of Musketaquid River. He was one of the original settlers of the Chelmsford, and his name appears among the petitioners for the grant of the Town May 19, 1653. He lived on Robin's hill. The present road was laid out through his yard in 1663. Richard was married twice. His first wife was Sarah who died 15 June 1644 Cambridge, MA and he married 31 Dec 1645 Cambridge, MA as his 2nd wife Elizabeth Henchman born 1625 died 3 Aug 1693 at Malden, MA buried Bell Rock Cemetery, Malden, Middlesex, MA daughter of Edward Henchman and Elizabeth.

Quote from "Genealogical and Personal Memoris of Worchest County MA Vol 1 by Crane: richard Hildreth was an early settler in Cambridge and Woburn. Richard was admitted a Freeman to the Massachusetts Bay Colony on 10 May 1643. He was one of the founders of Chelmsford, MA and had a special grant of land in 1663 on account of having lost his right hand.

Quote from "Massachusetts and Maine Families, Vol II, Hildreth of Dracut and Lewison" Shows Richard Hildreth came to Massachusetts Bay Colony sometime before 1642 with his wife Sarah and their two children.

Quote from " Massachusetts and Maine Families, Vol II, Hildreth of Dracut and Lewiston"
Richard's will dated 11 Feb 1686/7 and Probated 26 May 1693 Chelmsford, MA. Quoted as written:
"for my beloued wife Elizabeth I have obliged my naturall son Ephraime Hildereth for her maintainance in all respects so long as shee remaineth with him: and as for my Sons and Daughters children god hath given to me I have discharged my duty in som measure in all respects so that they are disposed in marriage and I have doone for them all as I could but now my hand is as cut oof becaus of inpotency and infirmyty I have been constrained to make use of what I hade for the relief of my self and my wife so that I have neither house nor lands to bequeath to them but after my decease credtors being payed and debts discharged what so ever shall be fond to be my estat I will that it be equally divided to all my children that each one may have a token of their fathers love after his death, they or theirs, and after my desease my son Ephraim shall pay or caus to be payed to my eldest Son James Hildreth out of his own estat the sume of twenty Shillings or one pound as a full fee and part or portion more than the rest of my children. I have betrusted my son Ephraim with the use of my estat whilst I live and after my death to execut this my las will and testament." witnesses: Peeter Talbott, John butterick, Sarah Steevens, ely Fostere,. Proved May, 26, 1693, and an inventory of £17:3:6 entered, the "prizers," Samuel Foster and Eliazar Brown, having listed the small possessions on May 19, 1693. There were "four Books at five shillings," two cows and a calf, simple furniture including the three chests, one being a wainscot chest, four chairs including a table chair, a few pieces of pewter and ironware and seven trenchers which would have been the wooden plates commonly in use.
richard Hildreth's gravestone in the old cemetery in chelmsford reads: "Richard Hildreth Aged 88 years Died February 23 1693." This was in 1692/3, as the probate documents prove. Elizabeth Hildreth was buried in the Bell Rock cemetery in Malden, possibly the home of her own kinsmen. Her gravestone reads: "Here lyes ye body of Elizabeth wife to Richard Hildreth Aged 68 years died August 3 1693"

Quote from "The First Settlers of New England" Richard Hildreth, Cambridge, freeman 1642, was a petitioner for the grant of Chelmsford in 1653, where many of his descendants have resided. Sarah, his wife, d. 15 June 1644, and by another, Elizabeth, he had Sarah, b. 8 Aug 1648

Quote from "Guide to the Early Settlers of America" Hildreth, sometimes Hildrick: Richard Hildreth, Cambridge, freeman, 1643, had wife Sarah, who died 1644; by wife Elizabeth, who died at Malden, 1693, age 68, had Elizabeth, 1646, and Sarah, 1648. He was serg. of the grantees of Chelmsford, 1653; there had Joseph 1658; Persis, 1660; thomas, 1662; Isaac, 1663' besides Abigail, who married Moses Parker of the same. The father died at Chelmsford, 1688, age 83.

Richard and first wife Sarah had:

1 - Jane Hildreth born 1628 England died 28 Apr 1697 married at Concord, MA 31 Dec 1645 to Robert1 Proctor. Robert1 Proctor a freeman of Concord, MA in 1643 and later in 1654 a settler at Chelmsford, MA where he died 28 April 1697 Chelmsford, MA.

Quote from "Pioneers of MA page 375" His will dated 10 March 1695-6 proved 13 July 1697, beq. to wife Jane, sons Gershom, Peter, James, John, Samuel, Israel and Thomas, daughters Dorothy Barrett and Elizabeth Proctor.

Quote from " Massachusetts and Maine Families, Vol II, Hildreth of Dracut and Lewiston" They moved from Concord to Chelmsford about 1654 or 1655 where he was one of the petitioners for incorporation of the town in 1656 and joined the church June 29, 1656. Constable 1660. He quarreled with his father-in-law in 1673 concerning the bounds between their farms. Also in that year with 25 others, he petitione for grant of the lands which became the town of Dunstable. In 1691/2 he commandred the West End garrison of Middlesex County. Jane was still living on July 13, 1697 when his will appointing her executrix, was proved.

2 - James Hildreth born 1631 England died 14 Apr 1695 Chelmsford, MA married 1 June 1659 at Dorchester to Margaret Ward by Major General Atherton. Margaret died last of August 1693 in Chelmsford, MA.

Quote from " Massachusetts and Maine Families, Vol II, Hildreth of Dracut and Lewiston" James Hildreth had presumably moved to Chelmsford with his father in 1655 or 1656 and in that new community he was soon being elected to the various town offices: fence-viewer, constable, road surveyor, grand juror and selectman. First a sergeant in the town's foot company, he was confirmed a leutenant in June, 1689 and that rank in the West regiment of Middlesex County he was at Benjamin Haywood's garrison in March, 1691/2.

Richard and second wife Elizabeth had:

3 - Elizabeth Hildreth born 21 Sept 1646 Cambridge, Middlesex, MA (Early Records of Boston) died 19 Jan 1716 Chelmsford, MA married 15 Dec 1664 at Chelmesford, MA to John Stevens of Boston, MA. After their marriage they settle in Chelmsford where John was Ensign of the Foot Company in 1689. John died 6 April 1691 Chelmsford, MA

4 - Sarah Hildreth born 8 Aug 1648 Cambridge, Middlesex, MA (Early Records of Boston) married 31 Dec 1674 David Stone Jr.a cooper from Cambridge, MA who died 21 Aug 1679

5 - Mary Hildreth born 1 Sept 1650 Wouburn, MA died 17 Dec 1730 Canterbury, CT married 21 June 1667 Chelmsford, MA to Jacob Warren Sr. born 26 Oct 1642 of Weymouth, MA died bef 1723 Canterbury, CT. Jacob and Mary lived in Chelmsford until about 1690 when they removed to Canterbury, CT.

6 - Ephraim Hildreth born 1655 Cambridge, Middlesex, MA died 5 Apr 1731 Westford, MA married first 11 June 1685 Dorothy Barnes who died 17 June 1686 at Stow, MA and second married 8 Oct 1686 Anna Moore born 17 July 1666 Lancaster, MA died 8 april 1760 age 95 buried at Littleton. He was a private under Maj. Willard in the troop sent from Lancaster to Brookfield to rescue inhabitants gathered in the garrison. an inn keeper in Stow 1685-1686, he moved about 1687 to Chelmsford where he was a selectman and helf other minor offices. he made his will 5 March 1730/1

7 - Abigail Hildreth born 1656 Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA married 19 June 1684 Moses2 Parker born ca 1657 Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA died 12 Oct 1732 son of Abraham Parker and Rose Whitlock.

8 - Joseph Hildreth born 16 Apr 1658 Chelmsford, MA died 28 Jan 1706 Chelmsford, MA married 25 Dec 1683/4 Abigail Wilson of Woburn. He served in King William's war in 1691/2 and was in charge of the Nashoba garrison. He represented Chelmsford in the General Court in 1700. The widow Abigail married as his 3rd wife to Jonathan Barrett of Chelmsford.

9 - Persis Hildreth born 8 Feb 1659/60 Chelmsford, MA died 22 Feb 1798 Canterbury, CT age 39 married 23 May 1682 Chelmsford, MA Samuel Cleveland as his second wife. They moved to Woburn about 1690 and he settled in Canterbury CT (first called Plainfield) in 1693 taking his family there in 1696. The widower Samuel married Margaret Fish widow of John Fish.

10 - Thomas Hildreth born 1 Feb 1661 Chelmsford, MA died 28 May 1662 Chelmsford, MA

11 - Isaac Hildreth born 20 July 1662 Chelmsford, MA died 15 Apr 1730 Chelmsford, MA married 12 Nov 1685 Elizabeth Wilson of Woburn, MA who died 4 Jan 1742/3 Chelmsford, MA. They lived first in Stow, but were of Woburn in 1691 when their daughter Persis was born. Before 1692 he bought 60 acres of land in cambridge which he exchanged on 16 Jan 1692 with James Wilson for 50 aces of land and a dwelling house, barn and orchard in Woburn. By 1698 they had moved to Chelmsfod.

Whose Family is it Anyway?
owned by Irene Clough Hahn