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Family of
Nathaniel Goodwin and his wife Rebecca Eaton
from the line of Christopher Goodwin
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1. Christopher Goodwin born 1618 England died gravestone "22 Jan 1682 ae 65 yrs" Charlestown, MA married ca 1647 Mary born 1617 died 22 Nov 1683 Charlestown, Middlesex, MA.

New England Families, Genealogical and memorial vol 4 page 2265
Christopher Goodwin, a mason, is found in records of Charlestown, MA as early as 1647, and in 1653 he purchased a house and one-half acre of land, together with two cow commons. He was probably a son of Daniel and Dorothy (Barker) Goodwin, of Oxford, England, whose will proved February 16, 1625, mentions minor sons Daniel and Stephen. The former settled in Kittery, Maine and later in Charlestown, MA, Christopher Goodwin drew lot No. 34, consisting of three acres, in 1681, and had a grant of seven acres from the town in 1683. the records show many land transactions, both purchase and sales, in the name of Christopher Goodwin. His wife Mary was admitted to the Charlestown church, Sept 6, 1656, and died 22 Nov 1683.
Family History of Central NY vol I, page 63
Christoph Goodwin, our immigrant ancestor, was born in England and settled in Charlestown, MA, where his wife Mary was admitted to the church, August 9, 1656. He was a mason by trade. He died there, according to his gravestone, January 22, 1682, aged sixty-five years.
Children of Christopher and Mary;
1.1 Nathaniel Goodwin born 1643 died 22 Aug 1693 Reading, MA age 51 married 18 Oct 1665 Reading, MA to Mary Lunt born 13 July 1648 Newbury, MA died 8 May 1675 Reading, MA dau of Henry and Ann Lunt: Nathaniel married 2nd 1676 Susanna Kendall dau of thomas and Rebecca Kendall
NEHGR vol 9 page 34
from the Will of Henry Lunt who died July 10, 1662
Anne, his widow, married, March 8, 1664, Joseph Hills, previously of Malden, but then of Newbury.
The Ancestry of Abel Lunt 1769-1806 of Newbury, MA by Walter Goodwin Davis 1963
for information on Mary Lunt
Family History of Central NY vol I, page 63
Ensign Nathaniel, deputy to general court from Charlestown, removed to Reading, MA where his son, John was a prominent citizen.
The Goodwins of Hartford, CT online at page 725
Nathnaiel was many years a Selectman and several times Town clerk and Representative.
Children of Nathaniel and Mary from Reading, MA VR's
1.1.1 Nathaniel Goodwin born 3 Nov 1667 Reading MA VR's died 18 Nov 1667
1.1.2 Nathaniel Goodwin born 31 Oct 1669 died 12 Sept 1678
1.1.3 Mary Goodwin born 5 March 1670/1 Reading, MA died 13 July 1752 Andover, MA married 17 Nov 1686 John Poole 20 Sept 1665 Reading, MA died 21 Nov 1721 Lynn, MA son of Jonathan and Judith (Jacobs) Poole
1.1.4 Elizabeth Goodwin born 5 April 1673 Reading, MA died 11 May 1731 Reading, MA married 15 July 1691 Reading, MA John Parker son of John and Hannah (Kendall) Parker
1.1.5 John Goodwin born 8 May 1675 Reading, MA VR's died 1757 age 81 married 1696 Tabitha Peirson of Lynnfield, MA
John was a selectman, town clerk, and deacon, and sustained a high character fro ability and virtue.
Children of Nathaniel and Susanna:
1.1.6 Nathaniel Goodwin born 9 Feb 1678 Reading, MA VR's
1.1.7 Susanna Goodwin born 23 Oct 1681 Reading, MA VR's married 19 Dec 1700 Josiah Brown
1.1.8 Kendall Goodwin born 5 July 1684 Reading, MA VR's
1.1.9 Timothy Goodwin born 28 Feb 1686 Reading, MA VR's married at Reading, MA on 10 March 1708 Elizabeth Coudry
1.1.10 Hannah Goodwin born 18 June 1690 Reading, MA VR's
1.1.11 Abigail Goodwin born 11 Feb 1693/4 Reading, MA VR's
1.2 Christopher Goodwin born 1647 died Jan 1702 married 1st 11 May 1671/2 Mercy/Mercie Crouch (Christopher Goodwin Jr. - Early MA Marriages, vol III, Charlestown, page 26) she died July 1678 age 25 dau of William Crouch of Charlestown: Christopher Jr. married (Charlestown Records) 2nd wife on 10 Dec 1678/9 Joanna (Long) Johnson dau of Michael and Joanna Long and widow of Nathaniel Johnson who was lost at sea between 1674-1677
more information on Joanna Long Johnson and her children from first marriage see
A genealogy of the descendants of William Johnson of Charlestown, MA 1969 by Eleanor Johnson Baker
Children of Christopher and Mercy:
1.2.1 Mary Goodwin born 15 Dec 1672 bpt 30 Feb 1676 died 10 Jan 1780 Haverhill, MA married 4 Dec 1689 at Cambridge, Middlesex, MA (Cambridge Marriage records) to Barnabas Cooke born 4 Jan 1664/5 Cambridge, MA died Oct 1700 Charlestown, Sufflok, MA son of Philip and Mary (Lamson) Cooke: Mary married 2nd on 23 Oct 1700 at Charlestown, MA to Stephen Webster born 1 Jan 1671/2 Haverhill, MA died 9 March 1748/9 Haverhill, MA VR's
Child of Mary and Barnabas: Barnabas Cooke born 7 May 1695 Cambridge, Middlesex, MA
Children of Mary and Stephen: Samuel Webster born 15 Dec 1701 Haverhill, MA VR's John Webster born 12 Nov 1703 Haverhill, MA VR's Stephen Webster born 2 Jan 1705/6 Haverhill, MA VR's William Webster born 17 March 1708/9 Haverhill, MA VR's Ebenezer Webster born 20 Sept 1711 Haverhill, MA VR's Mary Webster born 3 Aug 1713 Haverhill, MA VR's
1.2.2 Hannah Goodwin bpt 30 Feb 1676
Children of Christopher and Joanna:
1.2.3 Mercy Goodwin bpt 6 April 1680 married 27 March 1700 Charlestown, MA to Robert Foskett born 4 April 1672 Charlestown, MA son of John and Elizabeth (Powell) Foskett Thomas Fosket bpt March 1 1701 First Church in Charlestown Robert Fosket bpt 22 May 1703/4 First Church in Charlestown John Fosket bpt 21 May 1706 First Church in Charlestown Abigail Fosket bpt 15 May 1708 First Church in Charlestown Mercy Fosket bpt 17 June 1711 First Church in Charlestown
Children of Christopher and Joanna:
1.2.4 Deborah Goodwin bpt 6 June 1680 married John Baverick
1.2.5 Christopher Goodwin bpt 8 Oct 1681 married 1st Mary Griffin; married 2nd Martha Read
1.2.6 John Goodwin born 1683-5 Charlestown, MA
1.3 John Goodwin born 12 Dec 1648 Charlestown, Middlesex, MA died 21 Jan 1712 Boston, MA my line below
1.4 Timothy Goodwin born 1649
1.5 Mary Goodwin married 15 Dec 1672 William Brown
1.6 Hannah Goodwin
1.7 Mercy Goodwin
1.8 Elizabeth Goodwin born 13 March 1659 died 15 Aug 1678

1.3 John Goodwin born 2 Dec 1648 Charlestown, Middlesex, MA died 21 June 1712 age 65 Boston, Suffolk, MA buried Copp's Hill married 2 Dec. 1669 Charleston, Middlesex, MA by Mr. Richard Russell, Magist. to Martha Lathrop born 3 Nov 1652 Charleston, Middlesex, MA died 28 Sept 1728 Boston, Suffolk, MA age 76 buried Copp's Hill, Boston, MA daughter of Benjamin Lathrop and Martha. After John died his widow Martha married John Pearson in 1714.

Genealogical Memoir of the Lothrop-Lathrop Family online at
John and Martha lived in Charlestown until after the birth of their fourth child, then removed to Boston. there were living here when the dismal reign of witchcraft began, and four of their children became helpless victims of the costly delusion.
Record Book of the First Church in Charlestown
Persons Admitted to full Communion in this Church
12 March 1676 Martha Goodwin (ye wife of Jn0 Goodwin & dau of Benjamin 7 Martha Lathrop
Baptized 2nd month 1676 Nathaneel, Martha, ye childe of Jno Goodwin 7 Martha his wife
Baptized 7th month 1677 John ye son of Jno Goodwin, & Martha his wife
Baptized 17 day 2nd month 1681 Mercy ye dau of Jno Goodwin & of Martha his wife
The Goodwins of Hartford CT online at page 726
John was a mason by trade, John removed to Boston about 1682, where he died
Genealogical Guide to the Early settlers of America page 216
In 1688 four of his children were said to be possess with a spirit of childish mischief sadly perplexed and befooled Cotton Mather, which cause Mrs. Glover, the Goodwin's washerwoman, to be convict of dealing with the devil, and hanged.
Children of John and Martha: (surname spelled Goodin)
1.3.1 Nathaniel Goodwin born 14 April 1672 Charlestown VR my line that settled in Middletown, CT
1.3.2 Martha Goodwin 9 Feb 1674 Charlestown VR married at Boston, MA on 28 March 1693 by Rev. Cotton Mather (Boston records) to Ebenezer Clough (he is in my paternal line)
1.3.3 John Goodwin born 19 Sept 1677 Charlestown VR married at Boston, MA on 25 May 1700 by Mr. Cotton Mather (John to Mary Hopkins
1.3.4 Mercy Goodwin born 1681 bpt 17 April 1681 Boston
1.3.5 Benjamin Goodwin born 17 Jan 1683 Boston brick layer married at Boston, MA on 23 Sept 1708 by Mr. Cotton Mather to Frances White born 7 Sept 1684 dau of John1 and Elizabeth (Bowles) White
1.3.6 Samuel Goodwin born 16 Jan 1686
1.3.7 Hannah Goodwin born 18 Dec 1687 Boston, MA married at Boston, MA on 5 May 1709 by Rev. Cotton Mather to William Parkman
1.3.8 Mercy Goodwin born 24 Feb 1689 died 22 April 1691
1.3.9 Elizabeth Goodwin born 1694 Boston, MA died Dec 1748 married 21 Jan 1713 Joseph White born 6 May 1683 died 3 Nov 1747 Boston, MA son of John1 and Elizabeth (Bowles) White
1.3.10 Mary Goodwin bpt 15 April 1691 Boston, MA married at Boston, MA on 1 May 1700 by Mr. Cotton Mather to Francis Hudson

1.3.1 Nathaniel Goodwin born 24 April 1672 Charleston, MA bpt. 26 Jan 1676 died 1753 Boston, Suffolk, MA married 9 Jan 1695/6 at Boston to Elisabeth Emmes born 1679 died ca 1708 dau of Henry Emmes and Elizabeth. Nathaniel married 2nd at Boston, MA on 6 July 1708 by Rev. Cotton Mather (Boston VR) to Bridget (Williams) Salisbury widow of John Salisbury died 1702 Boston, MA

NEHGR Oct 1906
Stephen Salisbury, A.M. by Waldo Lincoln, A.B.
Stephen Salisbury who was born March 31, 1835, at Worcester, and died there Nov 16, 1905, was descended from John Salisbury, a "mariner" of Boston, whose name first appears in a tax list for 1689, and who was twice married, first to Annabel, who died Sept 7, 1694, by whom he had three children: John, born Jan 5, 1690, died Dec 15, 1704, and Nicholas and James, twins, born Aug 20, 1694, both of whom probably died with their mother; John married second to Bridget Williams, to whom he was published Sept 25, 1695, and by whom he had two children: Nicholas, born Oct 28, 1697 died 11 Dec 1748 and Benjamin, born Nov 7, 1699 who married Deborah Stearns of Watertown.
Elisabeth Emmes father, Henry Eames was a freeman in Boston 13 Feb 1683/4
Samuel Sewalll's Diary
23 Feb 1694 - Henry Ems, appointed messenger to representatives
"Family History of Central NY" vol I page 233 for information on John Salisbury. Bridget was John Salisbury's second wife.
Children of Nathaniel and Elisabeth all born Boston: Nathaniel Goodwin born 23 Nov 1696 my line John Goodwin born 14 July 1699 Boston VR married 18 Sept 1722 by Peter Thatcher at Boston to Mercy Roby/Robie born 29 Aug 1704 dau of William and Elizaeth Roby Elizabeth Goodwin born 18 Jan 1701 Thomas Goodwin born 2 July 1705 Nathaniel Goodwin born 23 Nov 1696 Boston, Suffolk, MA died 19 June 1754 Middletown, Middlesex, CT buried Washington Street cemetery married by Mr. Joseph Sewall on 22 Sept 1724 to Rebecca Eaton born 14 Dec 1705 Boston, Suffolk, MA died 28 Jan 1801 Middletown, Middlesex, CT daughter of Samuel Eaton of Boston who married Ruth Fairfield, granddaughter of Daniel Fairfield. see Daniel Fairfield's will after list of children:

 Children of Nathaniel and Rebecca: Elizabeth Goodwin born 1726 Rebecca Goodwin born 1730 Bridget Goodwin born 10 Sept 1732 Boston Births 1730-1739 page 207 my line Nathaniel Goodwin born 1736 Mary Goodwin Samuel Goodwin Martha Goodwin Benjamin Goodwin
History of Weymouth, MA 1923 page 222
Daniel1 Fairfield married at Weymouth, 4 Jan 1659, Sarah Ludden, dau of James Ludden of Weymouth, born there 5 June 1642. He resided in Boston, 1660 to 1665; in Weymouth, 1665-1671; again in Boston 1672 to 1677. He, or his son Daniel was admitted to the First church of Boston in 1680, and was made a freeman, 16 May 1683.
Daniel Fairfield of Boston, "being Aged and weak in body," made his will 16 June 1708. To his granddaughter Mary Fairfield a feather bed. To his wife Ruth Fairfield the use of his estate for life, and she may give a part to his daughter Sarah Ellis. After his wife's death his estate to be divided into three parts, one for his son Daniel Fairfield, another for his grandchild Ruth Eaton, the other for his granddaughter Mary Fairfield. In case his son Daniel Fairfield, who is now absent at sea, should not return home to Boston, his third shall be put into the hands of trustees for the use of his daughter Grace Fairfield until she attain full age, or day of marriage. In case she die before, her share to be equally divided between his granddaughters Ruth Eaton and Mary Fairfield. His wife Ruth Fairfield and his son-in-law Samuel Eaton to be executors. codicil 7 Mar. 1708/9. henry Bridgham son of Joseph Bridgham, deceased, to be overseer. Second Codicil 22 Oct 1709. His daughter Elizabeth Goddard and her three children 15 shillings to buy each a Bible; probated 15 Mar. 1709/10. Inventory taken 31 Jan 1709/10, and presented by Ruth Fairfield, widow, and Samuel Eaton, executors, (Suffolk Probate, 17:22.) account of Samuel Eaton surviving executor (Ruth Fairfield deceased) presented in Porbate Court, 18 Aug 1718. (Ibid. 21:77.)
Children, first three born in Boston, Fourth to sixth in Weymouth, last three in Boston:
John born 2 Oct 1660
Daniel born 18 Sept 1662 (Boston Town Records)
Sarah born 19 Feb 1664 (Boston Town Records)
James born 18 Mar 1666
child born 24 Aug 1667
Sarah born 25 Aug 1670 married Ellis
Abigail born 22 Feb 1673 (Boston Town Records)
Elizabeth born 1 Mar 1674 (Boston Town Records) married Wm Goddard
Abigail born 6 Nov 1677 (Boston Town Records) Bridget Goodwin born 10 Sept 1732 Boston, Suffolk, MA married 6 Apr 1749 Willingford, New Haven, CT as second wife of Jehiel "Heil" Baldwin born 21 June 1716 Milford, New Haven, CT died 30 Nov 1793 Willingford, New Haven, CT son of Daniel Baldwin and Patience Stevens. did they lived in Cheshire, CT? 

Jehiel Baldwin was first married to Mary Way 30 Nov 1743 Wallingford, CT
An historic record and pictorial description of the town of Meriden, CT
by C. Bancroft Gillespie 1906
Jehiel married 30 Nov 1743 town of Meriden, CT 1st wife Mary Way born 28 Mar 1722
she died 22 Sept 1748 Meriden, CT
Jehiel Baldwin son of Jehiel Baldwin born 5 Aug 1744 Meriden, CT records
David Baldwin born 1 Feb 1747 Meriden, CT records
Jehiel lost two children and his wife in the month of Sept 1748. It must have been very heartbreaking for him.
child died Sept 6th 1748 Willingford, CT
child died Sept 8th 1748 Willingford, CT
Cheshire, CT town History 1694-1840
Jehiel Baldwin married Bridget Goodwin April 6, 1749
Marriages from Wallingford Records
Jehiel Baldwin m. Bridget Goodwin April 6, 1749
Children of Jehiel and first wife Mary Way: Jehiel Baldwin bpt 5 Aug 1744 died 8 Sept 1748 Wallingford, New Haven, CT David Baldwin bpt 1 Feb 1747 died 6 Sept 1748 Wallingford, New Haven, CT
Children of Jehiel and second wife Bridget Goodwin: Rebecca Baldwin born 27 June 1750 Meriden Parish, Wallingford, New Haven, CT died 1818 Berkeley, West Virginia married John Brannon David Baldwin born 28 Mar 1753 Meriden Parish, Wallingford, New Haven, CT died abt 1822 at New Marlboro, Berkshire, MA. David married Lois Churchill born 30 May 1753 Sheffield, Hampshire, MA died Aug 1837, New Marlboro, Berkshire, MA daughter of Samuel Churchill and Thankful Hewitt . Children: Cynthia, Wealthy, Nathaniel, David Jr. and Jehiel
(Info on David Baldwin from Nathaniel Baldwin born 8 Oct 1755 Meriden Parish, Wallingford, New Haven, CT Mollie Baldwin born 13 Aug 1758 Jehiel Baldwin born 4 Feb 1761 Martha Baldwin born 16 Aug 1766 Meriden Parish, MA died 13 Feb 1839 Spafford, Onondaga, NY buried in the Cold Brook Cemetery married 29 May 1786 Hubbardton, Ruthland, VT John Churchill brother of Lois Churchill wife of David above and son of Samuel Churchill and Thankful Hewitt. my line Hannah Baldwin born 1 Sept 1770


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