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Family of
Thomas Bourne and his wife Elizabeth

1. Thomas Bourne, born ca 1581 co Kent, England died and buried 11 May 1664 aged 83 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA. Thomas was in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA in 1637 and made a freeman of the colony on 2 Jan 1637/8. His wife Elizabeth buried 18 July 1660 age 70. Family Descendants of Robert Waterman of Marshfield, MA vol 1 - Thomas Bourne was Deputy from Marshfield to the Plymouth General Court, 1641, 1642 and 1645. He was Surveyor of Highways at Marshfield, 1647 and Grand Juryman 1648.

Thomas Bourne and Elizabeth had:

1.1 Martha Bourne born ca 1614 Norwich, CT died ca 1689 at Norwich, CT married first John Bradford born at Leyden, Holland died 1676 Norwich, CT son of Gov. William and Dorothy (May) Bradford. After John died Martha married second Lieut.Thomas Tracy of Norwich, CT, Commissary in King Philip's War, he died 7 Nov 1685 Norwich, CT. John Bradford was an original proprietor of Norwich, CT June 1659. He and his wife settled there, John and Martha had no children of their own.

1.2 Anne Bourne born 18 Jan 1615 died after 12 Jan 1684 Norwich, CT married 21 Jan 1639/40 at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA to Nehemiah Smith who had came to Boston, New England, July 26, 1637. They moved from Marshfield to Stratford, CT and from there to New Haven, where their son Nehemiah, 2d was born and baptized 24 Oct 1646 by the Rev. John Davenport. Children listed in Waterman Family genealogy:

1.2.1 Elizabeth Smith born 1641 bpt 22 eb 1645/6 New Haven, CTdied 1 May 1712 New London, CT married 1st 10 Dec 1659 New London, CT to Joshua Raymond bpt 3 Mar 1639 Salem, MA died 24 Apr 1676 New London, CT son of Capt. Richard Raymond; Elizabeth married 2nd 26 Jan 1680/1 New London, CT to George Dennis of Long Island, NY. Children all born at New Haven, CT:
Children by Joshua Raymond: Joshua Raymond Elizabeth Raymond Ann Raymond Martha Raymond Hannah Raymond Richard Raymond Mary Raymond Experience Raymond Mehitabel Raymond
Child by George Dennis: Ebenezer Dennis
1.2.2 Nehemiah Smith bpt 24 Oct 1646 at New Haven, CT died 8 aug 1727 Groton, CT married 24 Oct 1669 Lydia Winchester born 1647 Rehoboth, MA died 24 Oct 1723 Groton, CT dau of Alexander Winchester. They had seven children: Lydia Smith Nehemiah Smith Samuel Smith Martha Smith Daniel Smith Margaret Smith Joseph Smith
1.2.3 Mary Smith died May or June 1705 New London, CT married Samuel Raymond bpt 13 July 1645 Salem, MA died April 1704 New London, CT son of Capt. Richard Raymond and brother of Joshua Raymond 1st husband of Mary's sister Elizabeth. Mary Smith Raymond's will made 8 May 1705 proved 7 June 1705
1.2.4 Mehitable Smith born 4 July 1655 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA died 14 Mar 1684/5 Norwich, CT married 1 nov 1677 Norwich, CT to Joshua Abell died 17 March 1724/5 in his 77th year. Joshua married 2nd Nov 1685 to Bethia Gager who died 31 Mar 1723. Children of Mehitabel and Joshua all born at Norwich, CT son Abell born 1 Jan 1678/9 died 6 Jan 1678/9 Nehemiah Abell born 15 Jan 1679/80 died 27 Jan 1679/80 Ann Abell born 2 Apr 1681 died 3 July 1728 at Lebanon, CT married 10 Dec 1701 to Capt. Nathaniel Fitch Martha Abell born 13 Feb 1682/3 married 7 Feb 1699/1700 her second cousin, Obadiah Smith born 5 Feb 1676/7 died 11 May 1727 Norwich, CT son of Edward and Elizabeth (Bliss) Smith

Families Genealogical and Memorial: Third Series, Volume II

Nehemiah Smith, the immigrant ancestor, was born in England about 1605. He is first found in this country in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he was made freeman, March 6, 1637-38. On May 7, 1638, he was one of those who wished for land "towards Six-Mile Brook." On March 5, 1638-39, with twenty others he proposed taking up his "freedom next court." He and his wife lived for a time at Marshfield, or Green's Harbor, and it is believed thathe was the first religious teacher there. On March 3, 1639-40, the court ordered that land between Marshfield and Duxborough be set aside for the use of the ministers of the two places, in order to settle the dispute of the towns as to which owned the property, and Nehemiah Smith was named as the Marshfield minister. On May 5, 1640, he was on a committee to view the meadows of Green's Harbor which had not been granted. On April 23, 1641, he made an agreement with Mrs. Bridget Fuller, widow, to keep her sheep on shares. On June 1, 1641, the court ordered that he sell his sheep to anyone who desired to buy them, as he intended to leave town to move to Connecticut, and it was against the law to carry sheep out of the colonies; a certain price was set on them, and he was permitted to take those which were not sold. He was living in Stratford, Connecticut, in 1644, and the baptisms of some of his children are found there, but as the early records of that town were destroyed by fire, not much about him has been found there. He moved to New Haven, possibly about 1645, although it was more likely later. He was called "Shepherd" because of his keeping sheep. He kept his flock on the west side of the Oyster river, on a hill later called Shepherd's Hill, where he built a sheep pen as early as 1645. In 1644 he was granted land in New Haven. Connecticut, for the keeping of his sheep, and in 1645 the grant was confirmed, on June 16, but on December 8, 1645, it was revoked by the court, as Smith refused to promise to keep other sheep than his own on the land. On August 16, 1646, land was again granted him on Shepherd's Hill. On July 5, 1647, the court decided to allow him to keep his sheep on the neck, as it had been learned that he was talking of moving away, and they desired "that the sheepe with himselfe might bee kept in this towne, for thereby much good may redound to the publicque." It was also ordered that those who owned land on the neck should clear it for that purpose. On July 11, 1649, he was granted twenty acres of upland on Shepherd's Hill and ten acres in Oyster Meadow, as he desired to live in New Haven, though he stated in his petition for land that "because of some weakness he finds upon himselfe" that he could not keep the town's sheep any longer. In 1651 it was ordered that the land granted to him for keeping sheep be returned to the town. In October, 1679, Nehemiah Smith, aged about seventy-four, and Ann, his wife, restified in an attempt to break his brother's will that "about seven and twenty years ago they lived on Long Island." This would be about 1652, and as he was in New Haven after May 13, 1650, he doubtless moved in the spring of 1651, very likely settling in Southold. On August 29, 1652, he was living in New London, Connecticut, and was granted eight acres of upland. In the town records of New London he is called a weaver, and various parcels of land were given him there. He lived in that town probably until after 1655, but owing to trouble with the Indians he moved to Smith Lake, Poquonock. He was one of the original proprietors of Norwich, Connecticut, which was bought in June, 1659, of the Indian Chief Uncas and his sons. His home lot was laid out in November, 1659. He had the largest tract of any of the first settlers, and received other grants at later times. His house was about fifty-seven feet north of the oldest burying ground, known as the Post and Gager burying ground. In 1666 he and his brother John were freed from training because of their age. In 1684 he and wife Ann deeded their homestead and other property to their son-in-law, Joshua Abell, on condition that he take care of them in their old age. He died about 1686, aged about eighty-one years, and was buried in the Post and Gager burying ground. Nehemiah Smith, his son, was administrator of his will, which was proved September 22, 1686.

1.3 Margaret Bourne born ca 1616 England buried 2 Oct 1683 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA married Josiah Winslow bpt 11 Feb 1605/6 Droitwich, England buried 1 Dec 1674 at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA son of Edward and Magdalen Winslow and youngest brother of Pilgrim Edward Winslow.

"Marshfield a Town of Villages 1640-1990" by Cynthia Hagar Krusell/Betty Magoun Bates 1990- Josiah arrived on Plymouth's shore aboard the White Angle in 1631 with Plymouth Colony financier Isaac Allerton. Josiah received a grant of one hundred acres at the foot of Rexhame Hill in 1637 and subsequently was given additional land by his father-in-law, Thomas Bourne. He built his house and barns on the low-lying level land between the hill and the Green Harbor River at the end of Old Colony Lane. He had easy access to the river for transportation, but his home and field were threatened by excessively high tides. He served the town as a selectman, as a deputy to the Plymouth Colony Court, and as Town Clerk continuously for nearly thirty yeears, from 1646 to his death in 1674. Josiah and Margaret had six children.

1.3.1 Elizabeth Winslow born 24 Sept 1637

1.3.2 Jonathan Winslow born 8 Aug 1638 buried 8 Sept 1676 at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA married Ruth Sargent of Barnstable, MA

1.3.3 Margaret Winslow born 15 July 1640 married 24 Dec 1659 John Miller

1.3.4 Rebecca Winslow born 15 July 1642 died 15 July 1683 at Yarmouth, MA married 6 Nov 1661 John Thacher born Yarmouth, MA died 8 May 1713 Yarmouth, MA

1.3.5 Hannah Winslow born 30 Nov 1644 married 1st William Crow; married 2nd John Sturtevant

1.3.6 Mary Winslow born 1646 died 30 July 1721 Norwich, CT married 10 June 1670 John Tracy son of Lieut. Thomas Tracy and step son of her aunt Martha (Bourne)Bradford Tracy

1.4 Elizabeth Bourne born ca 1618 Tenderdon, co Kent, England buried 12 Dec 1663 as Elizabeth Bourne Waterman Tilden at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA married first 9 Dec 1638 Robert Waterman who died 10 Dec 1652. Elizabeth married second in 1653 Thomas Tilden bpt 19 Jan 1618/19 Tenterden, co Kent, England. After Elizabeth died Thomas Tilden married 24 Jan 1664/5 as his second wife Mary Holmes. Elizabeth had four sons with Robert Waterman and two son who died in infancy and a daughter Lydia Tilden by her second husband Thomas Tilden. my line

See Robert Waterman line for list of children of Elizabeth Bourne and Robert Waterman
they had six children

Children of Thomas Tilden and Elizabeth (Bourne) (Waterman) Tilden:

1.4.7 son Tilden born 25 June 1654 died 29 June 1654

1.4.8 son Tilden born 4 Oct 1655 died 5 Oct 1656

1.4.9 Lydia Tilden born 26 Apr 1658 died 17 Sept 1740 Plymouth, Plymouth, MA married 14 June 1680 at Taunton, Bristol, MA Samuel Rider as his second wife

Children of Thomas Tilden and his second wife Mary Holmes (I have lines from Bourne, Waterman and Tilden through my maternal Anthony Eames/Ames and Hannah Eells line. My maternal grandmother was an Ames)

Thomas Tilden of Marshfield
Mary Tilden married Anthony Sprague
Hannah Tilden
Susanna Tilden buried 9 Sept 1684
John Tilden died 20 Apr 1685
Elizabeth Tilden
Margery Tilden
Experience Tilden married 26 Apr 1698 at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA to Daniel Thomas

1.5 John Bourne born ca 1622 buried 8 Dec 1684 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA married 18 July 1645 at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA to Alice Besbedge/Bebeech/Bisbee bpt 29 June 1624 at Frittenden, co Kent England died 7 May 1686 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA daughter of Thomas and Anne (Baseden) Besbedge. Waterman genealogy: John Bourne was Constable of Marshfield in 1651 and was admitted freeman of Plymouth colony, June 1651. he waas nominated to take up the Excise for Marshfield, June 1664, and served the town as Deputy, June 1666, and June 1667. He was Selectman, 1679, 1680, 1682, 1683 and 1684, and waas Magistrate at Marshfield 1682. In 1686, Jr. John Bourn left thi greatest part of his estate to his wife Allice, who is since decreased, and administration was granted to the only son, Thomas Bourn. Children all born at Marshfield, Plymouth, MA:

1.5.1 Elizabeth Bourne born May 1646 married June 1666 Joshiah Bent

1.5.2 Thomas Bourne born 22 Oct 1647 married 1st 18 Apr 1681 to Elizabeth Rouse died 7 Apr 1701; Thomas married 2nd 23 Nov 1702 to Elizabeth Holmes

1.5.3 Alice Bourne born 4 mar 1649

1.5.4 Ann Bourne born 2 Nov 1651

1.5.5 Martha Bourne born 4 Apr 1653 married 26 Feb 1678 Valentine Decro

1.5.6 Mary Bourne born 5 June 1660

1.5.7 Sarah Bourne born 17 Oct 1663

From "Marshfield a Town of villages 1640-1990" by Cynthia Hagar Krusell/Betty Magoun Bates 1990
page 75 - the fourth settler on Marshfield Neck was Thomas Bourne, thought to be one of the Scituate "Men of Kent." He was the "eldest of the Marshfield settlers and a patriarch on its Eden." He and his wife, Elizabeth, built a house (1308 Ocean Street) on the Neck Road about 1637 when both were nearly fifty years old. The house was designated as a garrison where settlers gathered for protection against an Indian attack. bourne served as a deputy for the town at the Plymouth Colony court, was a rater or assessor in 1643, and was one of the subscribers to the public school fund in 1645. Two of his daughters married two of his neighbors, Josiah Winslow and Robert Waterman, thus adding to the growing neighborhood family network. Elizabeth Bourne died in 1660 and Thomas in 1664.
"Marshfield a Town of villages 1640-1990" by Cynthia Hagar Krusell/Betty Magoun Bates 1990 page 75.
John Bourne 1.5 inherited the homested of his father Thomas Bourne. John Bourne's marriage to Alice Bebeech (Bisbee) in 1645 was the second marriage to be recorded in the Marshfield town records. He served as a selectman from 1667 to 1683. His 1686 probate indicates that he had a large Farm with six oxen, ten cows, one horse, two calves, twelve pigs, fourteen sheep, two lambs, and one bull. He is listed as having one Indian servant. His estate passed to his son Thomas, and five succedding generations of Bournes lived at the homestead, including John Bourne, the patriot. He fought in the Revolution at the battle of Bunker Hill and lived to be presentat the 1825 dedication of the Bunker Hill monument at which future fellow-townsman Daniel Webster gave the principal speech. By 1838another Bourne house was built on the north side of Ocean Street.

Snow-Estes Ancestry by Snow, Nora Emma 1939 page 435

"The last Will... of Mr Thomas Bourne of the Towne of Marshfield... late Deceased exhibited to the generall Court held att Plymouth the 2th of June 1664 on the oathes of Mr Samuel Arnold and anthony Snow;"
"Thomas Bourne... Draper" made his will on 2 May 1664. Bequestts were as follows:
"I give unto my Daughter Bradford according to my promise twenty pounds to bee payed her in Corne or Cattle or Goods; and also I give her my wifes gould Ringe;"
"I Doe give unto my Daughter Smith nine pound to bee payed her for a legacy in corne Cattle or goods;"
'I Doe give unto my Daughter Winslow two Cowes"
"I give unto my sonne tildin five shillings in corne for a legacye;"
"And I give unto my dauther Tildin: Daughter Lydia Tilin forthy shillings; I say two pounds in cattle; for the better understanding of the forty shillings; before mentioned and I give unto John waterman two pounds in Cattle or goods or corne; And I give unto Thomas Waterman two pounds in Cattle goods or corne; And I doe give unto Joseph Waterman two pounds in Cattle goods or Corne And I Doe give unto Robert Waterman two pounds in Cattle goods or Corne"
"I Doe give unto Mr Arnold twenty shillings in goods or Corne"
"I Doe heerby Declare my son John bourne to bee my heire and I Doe give unto him all my lands and housing that are upon my lands that is neare hand or further Remote layed out or to be layed out to mee"
"my son John Bourne" was appointed executor.
The witnesses were Samuel Arnold and Anthony Snow
The inventory was taken by Sergeant Joseph Beedle, Anthony Snow and Thomas Doged, the last named signing by a mark, and was exhibited at court at Plymouth on 9 June 1664, on the oath of John Bourne.
The real estate was "his house and land and orchyard and meddowes" and "a lott of land lying neare Tauntion" but the value was not stated. Debts were due from"serjeant Cotten," John Branch, "Mr Josias Winslow seni," Captain Thomaas, John Thomas, "Mr John Bradford;" £1, 1s.; to Humphrey Johnson, 4s.

Thomas Bourne settled in Marshfield where he was a man of substance and repute, serving in various capacities. He was Deputy from Marshfield to the Plymouth General Court, 1641, 1642 and 1645. Was surveyor of highways at Marshfield, 1647 and Grand Juryman 1648. His wife Elizabeth was buried at Marshfield on 18 July 1680 age 70 and he on 11 May 1664 age 83. The Genealogical Register of Plymouth Families page 301 - Thomas Bourne of Marshfield, came from co Kent in New England, by his wife Elizabeth had John; Martha who married John Bradford and Thomas Tracy.

Whose Family is it Anyway?
owned by Irene Clough Hahn