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Family of
Daniel Boreman/Boardman/Bordman and his wife Hannah Wright
my maternal line
information on these families can be found in/at
Archive Records at LDS Library - Salt Lake City, UT
Genealogies and Biographies of Ancient Wethersfield
The Ancestry of William Francis Joseph Boardman 1906
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William Boreman of Banbury, Oxfordshire 1525

Thomas Boreman "the elder" buried 9 Dec 1579 Claydon, Oxfordshire, England married Isabel. His will dated 3 April 1576 and proved 2 May 1580 mentions a wife Isabel, who survived him.

The Ancestry of William Francis Joseph Boardman 1906
Thomas Boreman "the elder" was of Claydon in 1546. The first mention of him we find in a Lay Subsidy list for that year, in which he is taxed £3 0s. 3d. on his goods.
He mentions in his will, dated 3 Apr 1576 and proved 2 May 1580, a wife, Isabel sho survived him and all his children below.
Children of Thomas and Isabel:
1. William Boreman buried 10 Jan 1612/13 married Annis _____ died ca 1607
2. Cicely/Sisley Boreman born 1555 Claydon, Oxfordshire, England married 8 May 1576 John Russell
3. Christopher Boreman buried 10 Oct 1584
4. John Boreman buried 9 Dec 1588
5. Thomas Boreman called the elder buried 29 May 1593 buried Claydon, Oxfordshire, England married Alice
6. Thomas Boreman called the younger buried 13 June 1587 married 16 Feb 1579/80 Dorothy Gregory born ca 1557 died 10 June 1587 (LDS files) my line below
7. Elizabeth Boreman married 17 Nov 1584 Thomas Symkins
8. Joane Boreman
9. Ann Boreman buried 21 Jan 1575/76
10. daughter Boreman who died before father

Thomas Boreman "the younger" born 1560 Claydon, Oxfordshire, England buried 13 June 1587 Claydon, Oxfordshire, England married 16 Feb 1579/80 Dorothy Gregory.

Children of Thomas and Dorothy:
1. Christopher Boreman bpt 1 Dec 1581 Claydon, Oxfordshire, England buried 1 Apr 1640 my line below
2. Joane Boreman bpt 31 Jan 1584/5 recorded in the Claydon Register

Christopher Boreman bpt 1 Dec 1581 Claydon, Oxfordshire, England died 1640 buried 1 Apr 1640 at Claydon, Oxfordshire, England married 19 Nov 1604 Julian Carter bpt 20 Dec 1583 Claydon, Oxfordshire, England died after 1661 Claydon, Oxfordshire, England daughter of Felix Carter and Margaret his wife. (ICH: see Felix Carter's will at bottom of this page)

Soon after Christopher's marriage to Julian they moved to Banbury, England the principal town of the neighborhood about seven miles south of Calydon. When Julian's father Felix Carter died in 1619, Christopher and Julian moved back to Claydon most likely to care for Julian's widowed mother.
Julian (Carter) Boreman was a favorite, being the one chosen to care for her mother in her declining years. she was the residuary legatee of her mother, and received a special legacy from her youngest brother, Richard Carter. she was evidently a woman of intelligence and unusual graces of character. It was through a letter written by her to her son, Samuel Boreman in New England that the English ancestry and home of the Boardman family were discovered.
Children of Christopher and Julian:
1. Anne Boreman born Banbury, bapt 15 Sept 1605
2. Felix Boreman born Banbury, bapt 18 Aug 1607 died young
3. Elizabeth Boreman born Banbury, bapt 26 Nov 1609 married J. Middletown of London
4. Sarah Boreman born Banbury, bapt 6 Sept 1612
5. Samuel Boreman born Banbury, bapt 20 Aug 1615 my line below
6. daughter Boreman no other info
7. Christopher Boreman born Claydon, bapt 26 Nov 1620
8. Ursula Boreman born claydon, bapt 18 Dec 1624

1. Samuel Boreman born Aug 1615 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England bpt 20 Aug 1615 died Apr 1673 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT married 1641 Mary Betts born 1623 England died Aug 1684 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT daughter of John Betts and his wife Mary.

Samuel Boreman lived for a time with his parents at Claydon, England a village near Banbury where his early life was spent. Samuel was the emigrant ancestor of our Boardman family in New England. He first appears as a settler in New England in Ipswich, MA. He may have come on the ship "New Supply" as a passenger with the same name was aboard this vessel in April 1638. His stay in Ipswich was not long as in 1641 he sold his property in Ipswich and moved to Wethersfield, Hartford, CT. In Wethersfield, Samuel was an extensive land owner, having purchased 55 pieces of land in Wethersfield amounting to 755 acres. Mr. Borman received large grants of land at Wethersfield both from the Town and also from the Indians, by each of whom he seems to have been greatly trusted and respected. A portion of the land (30 acres) which he had from the Town, Jan., 2. 1649, was at the South end of the present Rocky Hill, being the first piece of land at that end of the Town granted to a private individual. It furnished great quantities of saplings, suitable for the making of pipe staves then a very important industry in the infant colonies, and as Samuel was a cooper by trade, it may have been one of the inducements which led him to leave MA. where the supply was rapidly being exhausted.
Hall Ancestry by Charles S. Hall 1896
Mr. Boreman died April, 1673, leaving no will. His estate, the inventory of which was taken May 2, 1673, amounted to about seven hundred and forty-three pounds, and was divided between his wife and ten children. His widow survived him more than eleven years and died August 3, 1684, at the age of about sixty-one years. The inventory of her property amounted to 277 pounds. At the foot of the inventory, the appraisers of the estate, Samuel Talcott and Jeame Treat, have given the names of the eight surviving children of Mrs. Boreman entitled to share in the distribution, and among them is the name "Mrs. Mary Robbins," the only one of the daughters married at that time.
Mary Betts the wife of Samuel Boreman was living in Claydon in 1627, but afterwards emigrated to New England with her mother, the widow Mary Betts.
Children of Samuel and Mary all born in Wethersfield:
1.1 Isaac Boardman born 3 Feb 1642 died 12 May 1719 age 77 yrs married Abiah Kimberly bpt 19 Dec 1641 New Haven, CT died 6 Jan 1723 daughter of Thomas and 1st wife Alice Kimberly
see NEHGR Vol 102 page 102 The Kimberly Genealogy
The parents of Abiah Kimberly, Thomas Kimberly and his wife, Alice, came with the Non-Conformists to Dorchester in New England in 1636. In 1638 the family removed to the new settlement of New Haven, Conn., where Thomas Kimberly was admitted a freeman in November 1639. He was a member of the train band in 1640 and marshal of the New Haven Colony from 1643-1661 and was one of the seventy proprietors. Alice Kimberly died 10 Oct 1659 in New Haven and Thomas Kimberly married as his second wife, mary, daughter of Robert Seabrook of Straford, Conn., and widow of William Preston of New Haven. She died 1673 In 1659 thomas Kimberly was in Straford, and bought land there of Joseph Hawley 108-10-1663. In 1667 he was admitted a "sojourner" of Stratford and died there in 1673. His will, dated 11 Jan 1671/2 names his wife Mary, sons Nathaniel, Thomas, Eleazer and Abraham, daughter Abiah Boardman and her three children; Hachaliah and Joseph Preston and grandchildren: Nathaniel, Elizabeth and Mary Hayes. The inventory value of the estate was £160 16s.
Early CT Probate Records
Vol 3 page 231
Inventory on File.
Boardman, Abia, Wethersfield. Invt. £130-19-08. Taken by Jacob
Goodrich, Timothy Baxter and Benjamin Stilman.
Court Record, Page 84-9 March, 1740-1: Adms. granted to
Thomas Boardman, Jr., and Thomas Fox. Recog., £200, with Jacob
Page 105-5 January, 1741-2: Thomas Boardman, Adms., ex-
hibited an account of his Adms. Accepted. This Court order the estate
dist., viz., to the heirs of Isaac Boardman, to heirs of Samuel Boardman,
to Thomas Boardman, to Sarah Boardman alias Frary's heirs, to Eunice
Boardman alias Williams, to each, £12-11-09. By Jacob Goodrich,
Timothy Baxter and Benjamin Stilman.
Children of Isaac and Abiah:
1.1.1 Isaac Boardman born 21 July 1666
1.1.2 Samuel Boardman born 7 July 1668
1.1.3 Thomas Boardman born 14 Nov 1671
1.1.4 Eunice Boardman born 29 June 1682 married Abraham Williams of Rocky Hill, CT died 1711/12 age 32 yrs
Early CT Probate Records
vol 2 page 332
Williams, Abraham, Wethersfield. Invt. £130-14-06. Taken 17 Jan-
uary, 1711-12, by Jonathan Boreman and Joseph Cole.
Court Record, Page 82&emdash;&emdash;7 July, 1712: Adms. granted to Eunice
Williams, widow, and Jacob Williams, brother of sd. decd.
Page 129&emdash;&emdash;6 April, 1713: Eunice Williams, Adms., exhibits an ac-
count of some debts due from the estate, whereby it appears the moveable
estate is not sufficient to pay the debts.
Page 143&emdash;&emdash;1st June, 1713: Pursuant to an act of the General As-
sembly, this Court do order Eunice Williams, Adms., to sell so much of
the land to the highest bidder as may produce the sum of £31-13-00, tak-
ing the advice of Thomas Kimberly of Glastonbury in the sale.
Page 44 (Vol. X) 27 March, 1724: Eunice Williams, Adms., ex-
hibits an account of her Adms. Accepted. Order to dist. the estate : To
Eunice Williams, the widow, 1-3 part of the houseing and lands, and to
the five daughters, Eunice, Rebeckah, Abigail, Abiah and Silence Wil-
liams, the residue of the real estate. And appoint Ephraim Goodrich,
Edward Bulkeley and Benjamin Wright, distributors.
Page 45&emdash;&emdash;27 March, 1724: This Court appoint Jacob Williams of
Wethersfield to be guardian to Silence Williams, age 12 years, and Abi-
gail Williams, 16 years of age, children of Abraham Williams decd. Also,
this Court appoint Samuel Frarey of Middletown to be guardian to Abiah
Williams, age 14 years. Recog., £50.
Page 47&emdash;&emdash;7 April, 1724: Report of the distributors.
Children of Eunice and Abraham: Eunice Williams married 1735 at Wethersfield, CT to her first cousin Daniel Deming Rebeckah Williams Abigail Williams married 1726 at Wethersfield, CT to Christopher Grimes Abiah Williams Silence Williams married 1732 at Wethersfield, CT to Joseph Curtis
1.2 Mary Boardman born 4 Feb 1644 died 19 May 1721 married 24 Apr 1675 to John Robbins born 20 April 1649 who died 10 July 1689; married 2nd a Denison
1.3 Samuel Boardman born 28 Oct 1648 died 23 Dec 1720 married 8 Feb 1682/3 to Sarah Steel bpt 29 Dec 1656 daughter of Samuel and Mary (Boosey) Steel
Genealogies and Biographies of Ancient Wethersfield page 665
Wethersfield, Hartford, CT vr's from Barbour 1634-1868
Early Connecticut Probate Records
vol 2 page 360
Boardman, Samuel, Wethersfield. Died 23 December, 1720. Invt.
£1085-18-10. Taken 26 January, 1720-1, by Edward Bulkeley, Joseph
Treat and Isaac Ryley. Will dated 20 December, 1720.
I, Samuel Boardman of Wethersfield, do make and ordain this my
last will and testament: I give unto my dearly and well-beloved wife Sarah
the sum of £70 to her forever, and the use of one-half of my dwelling
house so long as she shall continue my widow. I give to my eldest
son David Boardman my dwelling house, barn and homelott, con-
taining two acres and a half, butted southeast on the Broad Street,
northwest on Cole Lane, northeast on a highway, and southwest
on land of the heirs of Ebenezer Kilbourn deceased; also, two acres
in the Plain (joins) lands of Isaac Ryley; also, part of my 3 1-2
acre lott in the meadow, north on land of heirs of John Robbins deceased;
also, 1 1-2 acres in the meadow, south on land of the heirs of Jonathan
Ryley deceased; also, one acre, north on lands of the heirs of Richard Lord
deceased; also, 2 acres in the great swamp, south on land of Jonathan Cur-
tis; also, 2 acres in the wet swamp, south on Joseph Belding; also, 15
acres in the West Field lotts by Joseph Kilbourn's, south half of sd. lott,
east on Jonathan Goodrich, west on the Commons, south on the heirs of
old Leonard Dyxx; also, 5 acres at Rocky Hill, east on the highway lead-
ing to Middletown, west on the Commons, south on heirs of Lt. Jonathan
Boardman deceased; also, one-half of my west division lott given to me
by the Town of Wethersfield according to the list of my estate in the year
1693, on the west side of sd. lott, bounded west on land granted to John
Durrant, butted on Middletown line south. The lands herein given to my
son David shall be an estate in ffee simple to him and his heirs forever,
hereby willing, commanding and requireing him to pay to his mother, my
widow, £3 annually during her life, and also provide meat summer and
winter for one cow, and to provide the one-half of her firewood so long as
she shall remain my widow; and also to assist his brother Joseph in finish-
ing a new house which I shall herein give him until it be as good as this
house I live in, at inventory price, which is herein given to my son David.
I give to my son Joseph Boardman two acres of land I bought of my son-
in-law Daniel Warner, and the house thereon standing, and what my son
David is to do in finishing said house; also several parcels of land with
 mention of these adjoyning proprietors: William Goodrich, heirs of John
Belding deceased, heirs of John Francis deceased, heirs of Samuel Buck
deceased, William Knott, James Butler, Capt. Joshua Robbins, John Rose,
John Reignolds&emdash;&emdash;all given to Joseph with the same conditions as to David,
i. e., in fee simple and the requirements to pay £3 annually to his mother,
also to provide for her. I give to my daughter Mary Warner £20 as
money additional to £94-14-00 paid her at the time of her marirage, which
£20 makes the sum of £114-14-00. I give to my cozen Jemima Graves
£15 besides what I have already given her. I do appoint my two sons,
David and Joseph Boardman, executors.
Witness: Josiah Deming, SAMUEL BOARDMAN, LS.
John Bulkeley, John Andruss.
Court Record, Page 143&emdash;&emdash;7 February, 1720-21: Will proven.
Early connecticut Probate Records
Page 334.
NEHGR vol 3 page 15
Sarah Boardman, Wethersfield. Died 23 January, 1732-3, Invt.
£103-00-06. Taken 2 March, 1732-3, by Samuel Steele, Isaac Riley and.
Ebenezer Dickinson. Will dated 25 March, 1727-8.
I, Sarah Boardman, of Wethersfield, widow and relict of Mr. Samuel
Boardman, being very aged, do now make this to be my last will and
testament: Whereas, it pleased my husband (of happy memory) to en-
dow me with six pounds a year, to be paid to me annually by my two sons,
David and Joseph, in equal proportion, I do give unto my sd.. sons such
part as remain unpaid to me by them. And whereas, my said husband
was pleased (by his last will) to give me £70, to be at my dispose, and
some part of the £70 hath never yet been distributed to me, I do- hereby
give that part unto my two sons, David and Joseph Boardman, in equal
portion, forever. Item. I give to my daughter, Abigail Boardman, wife
to my son David, one pair of cobirons. Item. I give to my daughter, Mary
Boardman, wife to my son Joseph Boardman, one heifer now two years
old. Item. The remaining part of ye sd. seventy pounds, with what I
have gotten by my industry, I give to William Warner, Sarah Warner
and Hannah Warner, my grandchildren, in equal proportion. And I do
hereby appoint my sons, David and Joseph Boardman, and my daughter,
Mary Warner, executors. SARAH X BOARDMAN, LS.
Witness: Edward Bulkley,
Joseph Treat, Josiah Riley.
Court Record, Page 90-i May, 1733: The will now proven. David
Boardman refused the trust and Mary Warner accepted. Will and in-
ventory ordered to be recorded and kept on file.
Children of Samuel and Sarah:
1.3.1 Mary Boardman born 13 Nov 1683 married Daniel Warner
1.3.2 Sarah Boardman born 13 March 1686 died 17 days old
1.3.3 Hannah Boardman born 27 June 1687 died 16 May 1688
1.3.4 David Boardman born 1 June 1692
1.3.5 Joseph Boardman born 6 April 1695
1.4 Joseph Boardman born 12 Mar 1650 died 1676 in King Philip's War never married
1.5 John Boardman born 12 June 1653 died June 1676 in King Philip's War never married
1.6 Sarah Boardman born 4 Mar 1655 married after 1684 as his second wife to Thomas Fitch born ca 1651/2 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT died 18 Oct 1704 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT son of Samuel Fitch and Mrs. Mary Whigting (Hartford, CT Early records - married 1650); Thomas was married first to Abigail Goodrich died 7 Nov 1684 dau of William Goodrich.
Early Connecticut Probate Records Record 3
vol 1 page 203
Page 175.
Goodrich, Ensign William, Invt. £915-01-06. Taken 14 November,
1676, by John Belden, Samuel Wright, John Robbins. The children:
John, age 23, William 17, Ephraim, 14, David 10. The daughters are
Court Record, Page 158-9&emdash;6 December, 1676: Adms. to the widow.
Order to Dist. to the widow £100, Personal, forever; and 1-3 of Realty
for life. To John, Eldest son, £230; to William, £150; to Ephraim, £140;
to David, £130; to Mrs. Hollister £100 already paid; to Mrs. Welles, wife
of Robert Welles, £100; to Mrs. Fitch, wife of Thomas Fitch,
£90; to Mrs. Butler, wife of Joseph Butler, £80. Samuel Talcott, Overseer.
I Joseph Butler of Wethersfield have received of Sarah Goodrich,
widow, Adms. to the estate of her late husband, Ensign Wm Goodrich,
late of Wethersfield, Dec., the full sum of Fower score pounds, which sayd
sum is all that was due to me from the estate of my father-in-law, the
sayd Ensign William Goodrich, upon account of my wive's portion.
Signed 30 January, 1677.
Witness: Samull Tallcott, joseph butler.
George Grave,
(Note: This Receipt follows the Inventory.)
Early connecticut Probate Records
Volume 2, Page 62
Fitch, Thomas, Wethersfield. Died 18 October, 1704. Invt. £111-03-
00. Taken 13 November, 1704, by John Curtis, Sen., John Goodrich, and
Daniel Boardman. The children: Samuel Fitch, Abigail the wife of
Abraham Kimberly, Sibbell the wife of Joseph Hurlbut, and Martha
Court Record, Page 68-26 April, 1705: Sarah Fitch, widow, relict of
Thomas Fitch, late of Wethersfield, decd., exhibits invt. Adms. granted
to Mrs. Sarah Fitch, widow.
Page 156 (Vol. VIII) 7 September, 1713: Samuel Fitch, a minor
son of Thomas Fitch, late of Wethersfield decd., made choice of William
Whiting to be his guardian.
Page 216-4 October, 1714: Sarah Fitch of Wethersfield, Adms.
on the estate of Mr. Thomas Fitch, late decd., exhibits now in this Court
an account of her Adms. Paid in debts, subsistence of the family, and
illness of the daughter for some years, £90-06-3 1-2. And received of debts
due to the estate, £28-11-06. Which account this Court allow and order
to be kept on file.
Dist. File: 9 April, 1717: To Sarah Fitch, widow; to Samuel; to
Abigail, wife of Abraham Kimberly; to Sibbel, the wife of Joseph Hurl-
but; Joseph Kimberly of Newtown, Joseph Hurlbut his attorney, all
Inventory and Will in Vol. VIII, Page 5.
below shows that Sarah Boardman was wife of Thomas Fitch?
This is the brother of Sarah Boardman who married Thomas Fitch:
Boreman, Nathaniel, Wethersfield. Invt. £433-15-00. Taken 22 Jan-
uary, 1712-13, by Jonathan Deming, William Warner Jr. and Daniel Bore-
Will (nuncupative), 26 November, 1712: We whose names arè here-
unto subscribed heard Nathaniel Boreman of Wethersfield declare as his
will that the movable estate that he hath be given to his wife to dispose of
as she pleaseth, and all the rest of my estate during her natural life. But
after her decease my mind is that my son shall have my lands if he attain
to the age of twenty-one years, but if not, my lands to be equally divided
between my brother's sons and my sister Sarah Fitch her son Samuel.
Also, I do oblige my wife to bring up my son to good learning.
Witness: Isaac Ryly, (Not signed.)
Benja Deming, James Steele.
Court Record, Page 110-2 February, 1712-13: Will proven. And
there being no executor expressly nominated, this Court grant Adms. unto
Elizabeth Boreman, with the will annexed.
Inventory in Vol. IX, Page 7.
Early Connecticut Probate Records Record 5
Vol page 197
page 246
Fitch, Martha, Single Woman, Wethersfield. Invt. £8-12-08. Taken
3rd September, 1713, by Samuel Wright and Daniel Boardman.
Court Record, Page 155-7 September, 1713: Adms. granted to
Sarah Fitch, mother of the decd.
Invt. in Vol. IX, Page 43.
Child ofThomas Fitch and 1st wife Abigal Goodrich:
1.Thomas Fitch born 20 July 1681 died young
2. Sibbell/Sybil Fitch born 2 Nov 1684 died 18 Dec 1684
Children of Thomas Fitch and 2nd wife Sarah Boardman:
1.6.1 Abigail Fitch married Abraham Kimberly
1.6.2 Sybil Fitch married Joseph Hurlbut
1.6.3 Martha Fitch never married
1.6.4 Samuel Fitch
1.7 Daniel Boardman my line below
1.8 Jonathan Boardman born 4 Feb 1660 died 21 Sept 1712 married 20 Oct 1685 to Mercy Hubbert/Hubbard daughter of John Hubbard of Hatfield, MA
Children of Jonathan and Mercy from Records of Wethersfield, CT:
1.8.1 Mercy Boardman born 4 July 1687
1.8.2 Joseph Boardman born 18 April 1690 died 15 Feb 1692
1.8.3 Jonathan Boardman born 16 May 1697
1.8.4 Abigail Boardman born 20 May 1700
1.8.5 Hepzibah Boardman born 16 Feb 1702
1.9 Nathaniel Boardman born 12 Apr 1663 died 29 Nov 1712 married 30 Apr 1707 to Elizabeth Strong born 20 Feb 1670 daughter of Lieut. Return Strong and 2nd wife Elizabeth Burrill
Children of Nathaniel and Elizabeth from Records of Wethersfield, CT:
1.9.1 Nathaniel Boardman born 19 Feb 1711
1.10 Martha Boardman born 12 Aug 1666 died 29 Mar 1743 married 1st Benjamin Crane who died 20 June 1693/4; married 2nd 5 June 1697/8 Samuel Terry who died 2 Jan 1730/1
Child of Martha and Benjamin:
1.10.1 Isaac Crane
Early CT Probate Records
Vol 1 page 433-434
Crane, Benjamin Jr., Wethersfield. Invt. £55-03-06, personal estate.
Taken 9th November, 1693, by John Welles, Daniel Bowman.
Page 78&emdash;(Vol. VI) : Inventory of Real Estate, £216-00-00. Taken
4 March, 1698-9, by Jonathan Boreman & Jonathan Belding.
On the 5th day of March, 1697-8, Mrs. Martha Terry, formerly
Martha Crane, Widow of Benjamin Crane Jr., Decd., personally ap-
peared before Capt. John Hamlin and my self (Caleb Stanly) at Hartford,
and presented the Invt. of Houseing & Lands at Hartford above ap-
prised, to be added to the former Inventory of her former Husband Ben-
jamin Crane, Decd.
sented by Martha, Widow, Adms.
Page 34&emdash;(Vol. VI) 13 April, 1699: This Court being moved by
Samuel Terry of Enfield, who married Martha the Widow of Benjamin
Crane of Wethersfield, Decd, for a distribution of the Estate of sd. Crane,
Order 1-3 part of the personal Estate to the Widow forever, and 1-3 part
of the Real Estate during life; and to Isaac Crane, the child, 2-3 of the
Moveable and 2-3 of the Real Estate to him and to his heirs forever. This
Court grant to Samuel Terry Adms. in right of his Wife, and Order that
Samuel Terry shall have the use and benefit of two-thirds of the Houseing
and Lands for the bringing up of the child till he come of age.
Page 10&emdash;(Vol. VIII) 1st May, 1710: Isaac Crane, a minor 17
years of age, son of Benjamin Crane Jr., late of Wethersfield, Decd, chose
Jonathan Boreman of Wethersfield to be his Guardian.
Page 36&emdash;2 July, 1711: This Court order that the Clerk, upon
the request of Lt. Jonathan Boreman, Guardian of Isaac Crane, son of
Benjamin Crane Jr., late of Wethersfield, Decd, shall Issue forth a writ
to cite Samuel Terry of Enfield and Martha his wife, Adms, on the Es-
tate of sd. Benjamin Crane, Decd, to appear in Court and render account
of their Adms.
Page 89&emdash;6 October, 1712: This Court orders that Samuel Terry,
Adms. on the Estate of Benjamin Crane Jr., Decd, do render to this
Court an Account of his Adms. on or before the 1st Monday of March
next ensucing.
Page 117&emdash;2 March, 1712-13: Samuel Terry of Enfield and his wife
Martha Terry, Adms., exhibit now an account of their Adms., whereby it
appears that they have paid in Debts and Charges (including what has
been by them expended in bringing up and subsisting Isaac Crane, only
Child of the sd. Benjamin Crane, Decd, and also what is spent for the
necessary support of the family & Reparing the Buildings and Fences)
amounting to the sum of £195-08-01, including what was by this Court
formerly allowed, and that there is due and paid into the sd. Estate for
the Rents and Profits of houseing and Lands, the sum of £57-00-00. This
Court having examined the Account (and also heard and Considered the
several Objections against the same by William Warner Jr., of Wethers-
field, and others) do approve and allow the sd. Account William War-
ner (who is one of the legal Representatives of the sd. Decd) appealed
from this Resolve and order of this Court to the Superior Court.
Page 140&emdash;4 May, 1713: Samuel Terry of Enfield and Martha his
wife, Adms. on the Estate of Benjamin Crane Jr., are granted a Quietus

1.7 Daniel Bordman born 4 Aug 1658 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT died 20 Feb 1724/5 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT married 8 June 1683 Hannah Wright born 1664 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT died 25 Feb 1746 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT as widow of her second husband James Treat at Wethersfield, Hartford, CT who died 18 Feb 1742. Hannah was daughter of Samuel Wright and Mary Butler.

Hannah's gravestone in the Wethersfield cemetery has the inscription "Here lies ye Body of Mrs. Hannah Treet, formerly the wife of Mr. Daniel Bordman, who Dec'd Feb'r ye 25th 1746 in the 83rd year of her Age."
Hisotry of Wethersfield, CT:
Daniel appears on rec. as fence-viewer, 1684; sheep master, I694, town school comm., 1715; d. Feb., 1746, ae. 67; glazier by trade; held lds. in Litchfield and New Milford, Ct.; his wid. who m. (2) James Treat, of Weth., d. 25 Feb age. 82. Invent. est. taken at Litchfield 8 Apl., 1725 and also at Weth. Will, dated 13 Feb., 1725; gives S. Timothy 1/2 of his Newington lds; and Joshua & Ben. were to share his Litchfield & New Milford lds.; his S. Charles (d. same day as his father) share was to go to his bros. and sisters.
Daniel Bordman a few years after his marriage occupied a portion of his father-in-law's home lot, situated on the west side of Rose Lane, in Wethersfield, a short distance below the church. In 1685 he obtained from his brother-in-law Samuel Wright, Jr., 25 acres in the West Field, where about this time he built a dwelling house and afterward lived there.This lot fronted on the "Path to the Mill" or Mud Lane as it was called in 1906. Daniel held several public offices in this town. He was elected Selectman, Collector, Surveyor, and member of the School Committee, and held the minor positions of Fence viewer and Sheep master. Family tradition is that he was a glazier by trade. After Daniel died his widow Hannah married James Treat of Wethersfield who died in 18 Feb 1742. Hannah is buried with her first husband Daniel in Wethersfield cemetery.
1723 to 1729 Probate Records page 124-5-134 in "Early Records of Hartford, CT"
Boardman, Daniel, Wethersfield, Died 20 Feb 1725. Inventory taken 26 March 1725; in Litchfield, 8 April 1725, by Joseph Kilbourn, Jacob Griswold and John Buell; taken 12 April 1725, in New Milford, by John Bostwick and Zachariah Ferriss. Will dated 13 Feb, 1725.
I, Daniel Boardman of Wethersfield, do make and ordain this my last will and testament: Imprimis. I give unto Hannah, my beloved wife, 1-3 part of my land lying in Wethersfield, with half my dwelling house, to be to her use during her life, and all my stock, as horse, cattle and sheep, to be to her use together, with all houshold stuff, beds and lining, and all my moveables, to be at her dispose as she shall please.
Item. I give to my son Richard Boardman the 1-2 of my barn near his dwelling house in Newington. I give to my son Daniel Boardman one tunn, in his own possession. Item. I give to my son Israel Boardman, in money, 3 shillings. Item. I give to my son Timothy Boardman my present dwelling house and brn and 13 acres of land, with all ye appurtenances beloging thereto, to be to him and his heirs forever. I give to my son Timothy half my land in Newington, one acre of land in Great Meadow more or less, and ten acres of land in Fearful Swamp, to be each parcell to him and his heirs forever, ordering that he should pay such sums to ye daughters or others as shall be hereafter herein expressed. Item. I give to my son Joshua Boardman my house and half my land at Litchfield and half my land at New Milford, to be to him and his heirs forever. Item. I give to my son Benjamin Boardman the other half of my land at Litchfield and ye half my land at New Milfod, and £20, to be paid by my son Timothy Boardman in current money unto sd. son Benjamin Boardman. Item. I give unto my son Charles Boardman the other half of my homelott (the west end of it),3 1-2 acres in ye south field, and 10 acres in Newington, all and every parcell to be to him and his heirs forever, after my decease, ordering that he shall pay such sums as shall be hereafter named herein. Item. I give to my daughter Mabel Nickolss £10, to be paid by Charles Boardman out of his estate. Item. I give my daughter Hannah Abbey £7, to be paid by my son Timothy Boardman out of his estate. Item. I give to my daughter Martha Churchill £20 to be paid by my son Timothy Boardman out of his estate. I appoint my wife and son Timothy to be sole executors.
Witness: David Wright and Jonathan Pratt
Daniel Boarman, LS
Court Record, Page 80-12 April, 1725: Will proven. An agreement to settle the estate by the surviving heirs, Charles having died: £10 of his estate set out to Mabel Nichols, the rest to be divided to the brothers and sisters with the father's estate, according to this agreement, in equal parts, by Lt. Joshua Robbins, Jonathan Pratt and Samuel Beton, by meets and bounds. Mrs. Martha Boardman to be guardian to Benjamin Boardman, age 20 yrs.
Children of Daniel and Hannah all born in Wethersfield:
1.7.1 Richard Boardman born 1 Sept 1684 died 7 Aug 1756 age 71 yrs married 11 Mar 1707 to Sarah Camp born 1683 died 28 Dec 1768 dau of Edward and Mehitable (Smith) Camp
1.7.2 Rev. Daniel Boardman born 12 July 1687 died 25 Aug 1744 married 26 Feb 1716/17 to Hannah Wheeler born 18 Mar 1695 Milford, New Haven, CT died 20 June 1719; married 2nd 1 Nov 1720 Mrs. Jerusha (Sherman) Seeley wid of Ebenezer Seeley of Poquonoek Parish, Stratford dau of Deal David Sherman
Wethersfield History:
grad. V. C. 1709, immediately took charge of the Hopkins Grammar School at Hadley, Mass., for 8 mos, when he was called to preach (May 17, 1712) at New MIilford, CT., where a ch. had just been estab.; was ord. 21 Nov., 1716; "gave tone and character to the new sett. by his devotion and active service;" as the first sett. minister there and d. there 25 Aug., 1744; was largely interested in the conversion and civilization of the Indians in Litchfield Co., with whom he had great influence
Child by first wife Hannah Wheeler Hannah Boardman born 12 jan 1717/18 married Josiah Dayton
Children by second wife Jerusha (Sherman) Seeley Penelope Boardman born 26 Dec 1721 married Dr. Riverius Carrington Tamar Boardman born 26 Mar 1723 New Milford, Litchfield, CT died 27 Kime 1795 New Milford, Litchfield, CT married 23 Feb 1748/9 Rev. Nathaniel Taylor Mercy Boardman born 9 Feb 1725 married Gilead Sperry Sherman Boardman born 12 Aug 1728 married Sarah Bostwick Jerusha Boardman born 4 May 1731 married Daniel Farrand
1.7.3 Mabel Boardman born 30 May 1689 died 25 Feb 1726 married 1st 18 Jan 1710/11 to John Griswold born 25 Sept 1686 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT died 24 Dec 1719 New Milford, Litchfield, CT son of Jacob Griswold; Mabel married ca 1721 as her second husband to Josiah Nichols born 25 July 1687 died 1734 Danbury, CT
Griswold family moved to Milford, CT abt 1717
History of the towns of New Milford and Bridgewater, CT 1803-1882
by Samuel Orcutt
page 67
Scarcely had John Griswold established himself as the miller of the town when suddenly he departed this life, Dec. 24, 1719. In 1724 the town by a committee, laid out over eighty acres of land to his heirs in fulfillment of the agreement with him. This land, lying on the east side of the Housatonic, east of the Long Lot, or a little northeast, and running back to Town Brook, was purchased by Roger Brownson, most, if not all of it, and constituted a considerable portion of his farm. Mr. Griswold's widow, Mabel, was the sister of Rev. Daniel Boardman. She married 2d Josiah Nichols of Danbury, but had several children by her first husband.
As shown in Mabel's father's will:
I give to my daughter Mabel Nickolss £10,
Children of Mabel and John: Hannah Griswold born Nov 1711 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT Jeremiah Griswold born 16 Nov 1713 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT Thankful Griswold born 19 Dec 1715 Wethersfield, Hartford, CT married Thomas Starr Mabel Griswold born 12 March 1718 New Milford, Litchfield, CT John Griswold born 1 March 1720 New Milford, Litchfield, CT married Phebe Collins
Children of Mabel and Josiah: Daniel Nichols born 1726 Danbury, Fairfield, CT died 1785 Dutchess county NY Samuel Nichols
1.7.4 John Boardman born 18 Nov 1691 died 31 Dec 1712
1.7.5 Hannah Boardman born 18 Dec 1693 married John Abbey
1.7.6 Martha Boardman born 19 Dec 1695 died 14 Dec 1780 married 26 June 1717 Samuel Churchill my line
1.7.7 Israel Boardman born 6 Oct 1697 died 24 Apr 1725 married Elizabeth Gibbs
1.7.8 Timothy Boardman born 5 July 1699 died 19 July 1699
1.7.9 Timothy Boardman born 20 July 1700 died 27 Dec 1753 married 21 Dec 1721 Hannah Crane
1.7.10 Joshua Boardman born 18 Nov 1702 died 1761 married 14 Feb 1724/5 to Sarah Stockwell; married 2nd Amy Case Holcomb
1.7.11 Benjamin Boardman born 10 Mar 1705/6 married Deborah Goodrich
1.7.12 Charles Boardman born 13 June 1707 died 20 Feb 1724/5 never married

Found in the "Snow-Estes Ancestry" and
Landon genealogy: The French and English home and ancestry by James Orville Landon 1928 page 324
typed as written:
Felix Carter's will "the 29 day of May Anno Dm 1619"
I give to the church of Cleydon xijd.
I give to the Pore of Cleydon ijs,
To Frances Carter wife of Peter vs. to Sara wife of George Carter
Vs. to godson Felix Swadling vs. to goddaughter yeards Poly ijs. vid.
To every other god child I have on shill a peas
To my son Peter Carter all the goods he now hath of mine
at his house. To daughter Joane Ward all the impliments that
I have lent her.
To Fleix Bourman the sonne of Thomas Bourman xijli,
To Sara Bourman the daughter of Thomas Bourman iiijli,
To Thomas Bourman & to my daughter Elizabeth Bourman 30li
to bestoe upon ther other children
to An Goode my daughter xli.
To Henry Goode her sonne xli.
To other children begotten of my daughter Ane Goode
xxli equally divded.
To my daughter Jelian Bourman xli. & Dunes house with
thaulf the aurchead to shee & her heres begotten of hir body
To daughter Ales Garner xli & the other moety of orchead
being on the west side to shee & hir heires begotten of hir body
All the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give unto Margaret
my wyfe who I mke my executor. I ordaine for my
overseeres Thomas Borman Thomas Goode & George Carter
and to each of them give five shillings.
Witnesses John Mayoe Bondsmen Phillippe Garnor
Witnesses ------Phillipp Bondsmen John Kisbies
Margaret Carter Will is in the same book
Children of Felix and Margaret Carter:
1. George Carter married Sara
2. Elizabeth Carter born 1575 married 2 Feb 1595/6 Thomas Boreman
3. Peter Carter bpt 28 July 1577 married Frances
4. Ann Carter bpt Sept 1579 married Thomas Goode
5. John Carter bpt 21 Oct 1581
6. Julian bpt 20 Dec 1583 married Christopher Boreman
7. Joan Carter bpt 10 Nov 1585 married Francis Ward
8. Alice Carter bpt 17 July 1589 married Phillip Gardner
9. Richard Carter bpt 11 Nov 1591 died unmarried April 1616

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