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Chapter Eight

May 18, 1970 Hottest day yet this spring, yesterday--88 degrees, warm again today. Tome sent a card and telephone call Saturday. Doran will be home May 28th. Tom and Marjorie will be here for June conference. All are busy. Ted and Marne were in Wind River stake this weekend. Dad and Dave will help them put in a garden Tuesday--tomorrow.

President Joseph Fielding Smith was the Prophet from 1970-1972.

June 15 74 yesterday. Had a lovely chicken dinner at Carl's and Bob and Shaunna and children. So lame. Jean and Lewis called Sunday afternoon. Jolene made or embroidered some lovely pillowslips also crocheted them. I do cherish them. Jean brought a lovely dress--must try it on. Carl and Carol's vacation was a happy time. They saw John, Von and Ron and families also David. No word of Jimmy. Was with Manuel and Eva in Arizona. They also called on Carol and Leona. All are well. Dick and Eilene called me yesterday. Dick has broken his arm--all getting along fine now. They expect 5th baby next month. David is leaving for Bolivia for 8 weeks next week. Doran is home from his mission. Expect some of them down for June Conference. Marne, David and Billie called in Sat. Beautiful roses and a lovely strawberry pie and whipped cream. So good. I don't deserve all my blessings and husband and lovely children, grand and great grandchildren.

June 23 Tom and Marjorie, Cary and Rhonda, came in Saturday night for MIA dancing course help in BYU. Good to see them. Wilford (Jr.) stays with Bob and Shaunna this week. He is going East next week on genealogy research. His Log Chain books are very interesting. He has put so much work into them.

July 24, 1970 Just waiting for the pioneer parade to start 9 AM. I love a parade--wish I could sit on the sidelines (here it comes). Dick and Eilene had a new son last week--7 lbs. All are well. I went to the Despain reunion with Dad and Jean. Mary Jane and Wilford (Jr.) were there , also saw Dan, Laron, Bob Boyce and Laurence Despain, Tessie, Loretta, Olive, Mervin Despain (Uncle Joseph's children). We all went to school together.

July 25 We went over to see Ted's new house. They hope to move in Oct. David is in Bolivia until Sept. Went to Kanosh for Whitaker reunion. Ted spoke Sunday at Sacrament meeting. The Whitaker tribe was the choir. It was all so thrilling. Billy T drove home for Wilf. He was so tired. All fine now.

July 29 Cloudy this morning. We may get more rain. We've had some delightful showers after days of 90-100 degree weather. I love to watch the billowy clouds. My feet and legs hurt me so. I must wear shoes for more support.

All the water in the world

However hard it tried
Could never sink the smallest ship
Unless it got inside.

And all the evil in the world

The blackest kind of sin
Can never hurt you the least bit
Unless you let it in.

Aug. 10 Monday morning--a lovely quiet morning. Not a leaf is stirring which means a hot day again--over 90. It has been over 100 degrees. What do people do in crowded apartments? In New York and Chicago. Some go to the lakes so many must stay home and endure it. Wilford's flowers are beautiful again this year--gladiola, mums, cana lily and petunias also marigold and cosmos. Pink and white, red and gold also pale pink or violet blends in beautifully--prettiest place in town. He has put lots of work into it. Now he keeps busy making boxes for bees. Marne was 50 Thursday. House is coming along fine I guess. Lewis and family on vacation.

Sept. 7, 1970 Ryan is back from his vacation also Bob, Shaunna, Carl and Carol. Carol visited her folks also Dick, Tom, Wilford (Jr.) and all are busy. Dan and Sherrie will soon be here for school at BYU. Debbie was here with the laurels--2500 met at BYU representing one phase of MIA work. She stayed with us a day or two--a sweet, serious person--we enjoyed her so much. Ted and Marne's home is ready to paint. David says. He is home from Bolivia and Billie is happy again. A lovely rain last week and was so cold Saturday and Sunday. Wilford and Dave are going to finish extracting today if it stays warm enough. Dick and Eilene won't be here this year. Her baby is 6 weeks old. Marne's broken leg is healing nicely but she is on it too much.

Sept. 18 John and Thelma brought Sherrie up to BYU last week. Doran and Dan were here last week. Doran looks fine after his mission. He goes to college in Spokane this year. It starts today. Dan and Annette and Sherrie at BYU. I continue to sit here. I can scarcely walk even with the walker. I try hard not to be a nuisance to Wilford. He comes and goes but never for me--just business for bees or something. Oh well. I won't live forever?!

Sept. 24 General conference next week. Would love to see Ted and Marne home. They will be moving in a month or less. Marne's leg is better. I think she can have the cast removed soon.

Oct. 15 Am listening to World Series in baseball. Cinne. & Baltimore. We received a lovely letter form Tom and family-- Rhonda, Cary, Ryan are all busy in school and church. Annette is busy also Dan. Ted and Marne moved into a lovely new home this week. Her leg is better but she is on it too much, and can't do much about it. I hope she takes it easier after they are settled. Jean and I were over there Monday. She and Jolene helped carry boxes out and in. I was just a poor worn out butterfly

Oct. 29, 1970 Elections next Tuesday. Moss and Burton--will be glad to see who wins. Ted spoke in BYU devotional Tuesday. Will try to catch his talk Fri. Or Sat. I'm so glad Marne and Ted are in their home before this very cold weather--even St. George lowest in the history of Utah.

Tuesday, Nov. 16 Moss won. Thanksgiving next week. Will have Sherrie, Dan, Annette, maybe Marba Boyce will be over. They will help get dinner. Dick has a chance to teach Institute exclusively--he has decided to take it. Johnny and Thelma will be here Saturday for ZCMI and Christmas parade in Provo Saturday. He has been in New York, Tenn, this past week. Ted and Marne will be in S. America for 3 or 4 weeks.

Dec. 6th We had a lovely dinner with Carl, Carol and his folks. Sherrie came over for dinner then left at 5. We didn't see her again. Dan went home. Annette and boyfriend went to Los Angeles so no one spent the weekend with us. Marne and Ted should be home soon. No snow at present foggy though the last few days. Johnnie and parents were here 1 week before Thanksgiving. He sang with Jean's group. The made over $1200. We enjoyed them. A dinner at Jean's Saturday and at Bob's Sunday. Her sister and husband were there. He is a fine fellow.

Dec. 21 We, about 40 of us, had a lovely turkey dinner at Ted and Marne's Saturday. Much more snow there than here. The roof of Ted's new barn collapsed from the weight of the heavy snow. So discouraging. We spent a wonderful evening playing games and singing songs of Christmas. Diane was visiting from Cal with John, Ron and Lisa. She expects again in March as does Carol, 4th, 7th.

Dec. 28 Still foggy. Much snow and cold. We and Lewis and Jean and family has Christmas dinner with Carl and Carol. Their children got so many lovely presents. Bob and Shaunna and children were here Friday evening. All are well. Marne and Billie were here Thursday. She went to the dentist.

Thursday, Jan. 7, 1971 Cold, cold, cold below zero all week. Can't get the house warm. Same all over town. Even the hospital is cool. Can't do anything about it. So many need more heat the gas line is overtaxed--so grin and bear it. All are well. My eyes are on the "blink" again. Maybe a cold has settled there. Can't read or watch TV so many letters I owe but must wait. It is trying to snow but is too cold. Annette will be married on Jan. 29th by Ted Tuttle. Tom and Marje were here Tuesday to Sat.

Jan. 30th Annette was married yesterday. We, Bob, Shaunna, Sherrie and I went to luncheon with group that attended the wedding in the temple. Annette family and Stan's family about 30 in all. Tom and Marjorie left for home this morning. Her reception is Thursday at home then an open house in St. George the next week. They have a new duplex to come back to in Salt Lake--$85 a month. They are very happy. The weather was wonderful. They will have their reception at home Thursday then open house in St. George next week.

Wed. 3 Feb. Snow, rain and colder.

Wed. 10th!! Apollo splash down yesterday. Severe earthquake in San Fernando valley. John's home was affected. Thelma was hit and cut on the head that required stitches by a falling bookcase--foundation cracked, wall around house was demolished, heat, water and lights off--so they are over to Gordon and Von's. Houses around John's are rubble. Wilford (Jr.) is there. May be here today.

Thursday Wilford (Jr.) hasn't come. He may call in today. Jean is teaching school a few days.

Saturday Wilford Sr. has gone to the temple.

Wed. 17 Called on Ted Friday. Ted and Marne are going to Europe this month. Bro. Orville Gunther is also going representing the Sunday School at the same time and will be gone a month. Wilford has invested his savings with Tom. Fat chance of me getting enough to pay my genealogy dues. Not being able to do any research I thought if I kept up my dues somebody could work for me. I'll never be redeemed--only a little time left for me.

Feb. 24, Wed. Carl just reported Carol is in the hospital with 8 lb girl. She got along ok. She is so blessed. All are so healthy and with good minds. Ted and Marne leave for Europe today. All are well. Debbie has quit school and is trying to get a job. She goes with a hippie Catholic. Her folks are broken hearted with her attitude. They have loved and given her so much.

Saturday, March 13, 1971 Ted and Marne returned home from Scotland, Germany and England Wed. All are well.

Saturday, 20th A little ray of sunshine just left for St. George. Dick and Eilene with 25 young people in 5 cars are touring the temples. They looked so young and vital. Eilene is getting better. They will be in Manti temple Tues, Salt Lake temple Wed., Logan temple Thursday, Idaho Falls then home. What a lovely trip even if they sleep in sleeping bags for a week. Pres. Harold Glen Clark and wife will be Provo temple president--it will be open in September. Expect John and Johnnie in Utah this weekend for March of Dimes parade. I wish John and Jean would lose 100 lbs. They would feel so much better and look trim and beautiful. Cloudy.

March 31 Thelma and J. were here in Salt Lake over the weekend for March of Dimes. $65,000 with his help was pledged. It was a treat to have Sherrie and T. and Johnnie here over night. Diane's boy 8 lbs was born Sat., 29 March , Ballard's birthday.

April 14, 1971 Easter has come and gone. Sherrie was with us over night. I should have had Dan's girl Marba too, but I'm so miserable I don't think quickly. It is so dry, hazy and windy all week. A very dry month. I haven't seen Carol's baby but once--nearly 2 months old now. Diane will be home soon to stay with her folks until her husband finds a place in Wn. DC where his work will be.

April 27 Sun is shining--still cloudy--more rain this afternoon. 46 degrees at 10 AM. Rain and snow yesterday. Jean fell down her stairs last week and cracked her tail bone so can't sit but can lie down or stand. Getting better slowly. Diane is home with new baby boy and rest of family--4 children.

May 17, 1971 Mother's Day passed. Father's day in June. Marne brought Diane to the dentist Wed. Also Jean and little ones. Dick's little ones had a bout with red measles. Dan. Is leaving for Washington DC soon. Maybe it froze this morning. It was 33 degrees at 7 AM. It rained last night.

June 2, 1971 Diane, Clari and babies are in Washington DC. David and Billie are visiting her folks in Scotland. Her father is president of the mission, Griegs. Tomorrow is Father's Day. Dick and Eilene and family were here last week while Dick went to the BY every day. Went with Marne and Beverly Peterson to the spa in Orem. It was delightful. Steam room and all. I didn't swim.

July 2 Tom and family were here for June conference. Enjoyed them. Also Wilford (Jr.) was here for D. reunion. Had a lovely evening cook out at Carl and Carol's. Over 30 of us. Carl's sister Lois gets married Friday July 9 to Brough.

July 25, 1971 Ballard, Joan and Julie were here a few days last week. Also for Whitaker Reunion last week. Yvonne, Gordy, Brad and Diane were here off and on for a week. We enjoyed their visit. Also Ballards Jimmy, Carol´s brother was married recently. We received a letter from Clari, Diane and David. All are happy. David is assistant staff secretary to president of US--quite an honor.

July 30 Milton and Herman were here Thursday. Herman is 80, Milt 84. Both looked well. Herman about 65, slim and looks well. Wilford's knee bothers him--he must take aspirin and Indocin all the time. The astronauts land on the moon today at 4 PM. It is so common people aren't nearly so interested. Imagine. Dan and Echo have moved to Provo. Hope to see them soon.

Aug. 16 Milton Herman and Paloma were here about an hour Sat. He is staying awhile with Paloma. It won't be so hot now. It is cloudy and smells like rain. Fred, Albert, Patty and Lydia have been with Carol for a week. She is blighting their lives. Both boys smoke. Never go to church. It is tragic and sad. Dave and Billie get their masters next Friday. Our glads are nearly gone. They were beautiful--also cannas, mums and petunias.

August 31 Judge or Wetsel Whitaker's wife Dorothy or Doris died last week--her funeral was Tuesday. All her brothers were there except Jack. Marne, Jean and Wilford were there. Bob and Shaunna are visiting in the northwest. Tom and others. Yvonne is in the hospital, also Marcelle. Will write later.

Sept. 9 Wilford, Marne, Lewis and Jean went to Jolene's reception Tuesday evening. We had dinner with Ted, Marne and family. Wilford is on vacation--wish I could go with him somewhere. Expect Sherrie will be coming to the BYU next week, maybe this weekend. Richard will be here tomorrow from his mission. Bob T. in Nov.

Sunday, Sept. 12, 1971 Dan and Ryan stopped in a few minutes yesterday. Dan expects his mission call and has been expecting it since last February whey he quit BYU. If missionaries are so badly needed why keep a prospective one dangling? We, Wilford and I took a lovely drive Friday. We left at 8 and drove to Delta through Eureka, Tintic and Elberta--lovely orchards through Goshen but old mining towns, sage and desolation for miles and miles. We had a lovely visit with Grace and Malba and Owen. It was so interesting to hear them talk of old times. Kanosh doesn't change much in 60 years. A few less people. Bob and family spent their vacation visiting with Tom, Dick, Wilford (Jr.) and Ballard.

Sept. 14 We drove to Elko, Nevada stayed over night. We saw Mrs. Burner--went to Lamoille. Found Dora Melissa's tiny grave. Sherrie is back to the BYU.

Sept. 20, 1971 First snow Richard is home from his mission. This morning my heart is breaking. Oh, my son, my son! Where have we failed you? Why? Oh, Why? What can we do to help you? We love you and pray for you constantly.

Monday, Oct. 4 Three days of conference. We must keep the commandments of God right to the end if we are to be saved in God's kingdom.

Oct. 7 We had the first snow for conference but is warm and clear now. Yvonne is ok. Lumps removed. Not malignant.

Friday, Oct. 15, 1971 Joel, Dan, Laron and wives were here Wednesday. It was a surprise and we enjoyed visiting for 2 hours. Marne and Clari were here and helped entertain. Wilford and Marne sang several songs and the group sang some old songs. I will feel cheered up for a few days. I have so much to be thankful for but lose sight of my blessings occasionally. Oh dear, forget how to spell. Robert Tuttle will be home next month just before Ted and Marne leave for Samoa and etc. I hope and pray Wilford (Jr.) is working hard to get back into the church with humble humility and honesty.

Friday Oct. 29th Cold wind, lovely snow for deer hunters last week. Some hunters stranded in the mountains so much snow. Some shot and some died from heart attacks from California. It froze the mums this week. They were so pretty--lavender color. Expect a great grand baby in May. Jean has lost 15 or 20 lbs since joining weight watchers last summer.

Sat. Oct. 30 The most snow and the coldest ever reported for Oct. I wish Wilford (Jr.) and Ballard realized there will be no family life except in the celestial kingdom.

Sun. Nov. 7 Richard L. Evans funeral was Thursday. He was a great man--forty years as worker in choir. Robert Tuttle is home form his mission in Argentina South America. Evans sermonettes all had evidence of his warmth and love for mankind and future life. Places choir on a high plane--honest, famous in his broadcasts.

Friday, Dec. 3 We had lovely newsy letters from John, Mary Jane, Dick and Eilene and Marne. They are in Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand, Hawaii interviewing mission presidents and missionaries. Pres. S. Dilworth Young and Mark E. Peterson are with them. They will be home before Christmas. What a wonderful experience. We spent a lovely Thanksgiving with Von, Gordy, Tom and Marj and families. Dan W. just left for his mission in Alabama.

President Harold B. Lee was the Prophet from 1972-1973.

Jan. 12, 1972 Christmas and New Years have come and gone. Everyone is well and busy. Billie had a miscarriage. Ate Christmas dinner with Carl and Carol's family. Fred, Carol's brother has been staying with Bob and working for him but he and Shaunna clashed so he is out. I think Bob should have given him another month or two--until the weather moderated-- jobs are so hard to fin--so many are out of work. Mary Jane, Cathy and 2 girlfriends are visiting the BYU and temple square. The first presidency will dedicate the Ogden temple this week. Visiting days last week and this in the Provo temple. Zion is growing. A temple is also being built in Washington DC. David and Diane Hoops live near the white house where he works. Billy lost her baby.

Feb. 22, Father Boyce birthday Ogden and Provo temples have been dedicated. Opens soon for endowment work. Very beautiful and inspirational. Oh, why can't we be more faithful. Here I sit and sit but surely not many more years. Ted and Marne are in Fiji mission home in a week. Wilford has gone over to Bob's. How can he endure staying home with me so much? He went to Kanosh with Milton and Herman last weekend. Fred was baptized last week. He has given up tobacco thank goodness. Carol and all of us are so happy. A storm is coming in. We have beautiful weather for this time of the year--60 or more. Grace is in hospital having a cataract operation. Must write to Wilford (Jr.) soon. Melba and Owen are doing temple work in Arizona.

April 14, Friday Gary Griffin leaves for his mission to Massachusetts Saturday. Mary Jane was in the hospital for an operation on shoulders. Tom and family were here for conference and to pick up 40 hives of bees. Bad winds, rain and snow this weekend. Annette and Jean feel fine--expect their babes in May. Another moon trip Sunday. Most fruit in Utah is frozen. Pres. Nixon is visiting Ottowa Canada--also last month visited China--very unusual. Must write Von, Mary Jane and John. I'm so lame and achy, O dear. Wilford will take a lovely trip with Senior citizens next month--1 week.

May 8, 1972 Jean's boy was born around noon--8 lbs 9 oz. All getting along fine. Gary's letter was from Nova Scotia. Enjoying his mission. Annette's turn soon. Wilford leaves Monday on his trip to Mexico and etc. Gone a week with a busload of senior citizens. Haven't been alone for a long time. Tom wheeled me over to church 2 weeks ago at June conference time.

June 10 Marne, Jean and families went to Como Springs today to the Boyce reunion. Saw Marjorie and Annette and tiny girl Memorial day. Baby Erin Erina is so tine--23 inches long over to Marne's. Tom and M. will be back for conference.

July 9, 1972 53 years married to each other. Tom and family were here for conference. Pres. Joseph F. Smith our 10th church president funeral was last week. Grant Staples funeral 2 wks. Ago. Whitaker reunion in Fallon yesterday and today. Big democratic convention in Miami Beach tomorrow. Ted and family in Aspen Grove for a week. Diane and children left for Palm Springs to meet and visit David's folks. John and Johnnie were in Provo last week. He was working with Judge on another picture. The family are in Missouri for Tom Sawyer's shooting. Will visit pioneer landmarks, Nauvoo jail and etc. Bob and Shaunna are on vacation. Jean's family in Escalante.

Sept. 12, 1972 Bert's wife Clara died 2 Sept. Surprise party for Dad Whitaker over at Marne's 4 Sep., 53 present--Minnie, Joan, Larry Scott Russell Owen and Melba Cathy Deb Thelma and girls. Many others. Lovely time.

November 27 Thanksgiving and next is Christmas. Bob and Shaunna brought a lovely turkey dinner over. It was lovely. Ted and Marne just back from England. Dave and Billie spent summer in Bolivia. Dad spent 2 weeks with Tom and family.

Dec. 20 We received a lovely Christmas present --a beautiful colored TV and chair for Dad from the children. We don't need such expensive gifts but love them. All are well. Jimmy has an 8 lb. Boy. He lives in Wapato. Born last week.

President Spencer W. Kimball was the Prophet from 1973-1985.

Jan. 22, 1973 We can see the sun today. We have just had another beautiful snow storm, 12 to 18 inches hangs on trees and bushes like puff balls--clings there like beautiful blossoms. Sat. 20 we watched President Nixon and Vice President Agnew sworn in--a big parade all in color. Ted went to Calgary Canada over weekend. Cathy and friend [Halstead] went to Yvonne's over the weekend. Hope she is back safely--so much snow and rain makes driving hazardous. Sherree and Dennis are getting married Apr. 28 in the temple. She comes over to Provo weekends to see him. She is training at the LDS hospital. They are a sweet couple. Today is Carol's birthday. All are fine.

Feb. 13 Wilf has gone to the dentist. POW's were released Sunday. All on TV very emotional when talking to families on TV. All are well.

April 10, 1973 General conference over our colored TV was wonderful. If we could keep the commandments and closer to the Lord it would usher in the Millenium sooner--most of us must be punished and killed off first--so many filthy unclean saints-- supposedly LDS but less than ½ pay tithing and live righteously so— Shower for Sherrie and Dennis last night in Sal Lake also Dan and Echo had a cousin get together in Provo. Pat, Cathy and Bob Tuttle went there and Jolene, Jean, Carol and Marne, Clari, Billie and Shaunna went to shower. Cathy had her knee operated on after hurting it skiing. Mary Jane and Mark were , Terri was with her during conference. Also Tom, Marjorie, Rhonda and Ryan. Saw them a few minutes. Cold stormy weather since Sept. Dick and Eileen passed thru on tour of temples--two weeks ago.

July 7, Joel's birthday Monday 9, will be married 54 years. So glad we are still together. I love him so much. Had a lovely mother's day. All the children got together after S. school where I was honored by songs and Marne's tribute to all mothers. Wheelchair made it possible. We have such a wonderful family. Bob and Shaunna are in Cal. They maybe in Fallon, Nevada today for Whitaker reunion. Hope so. Marne expects Diane and children soon. She has been visiting her "in laws" at Palm Springs, Cal. David spent 6 weeks in Bolivia--got back in June. Yvonne had a sever operation in May. Getting her strength back slowly. Debbie is acting more human. Ted and Marne were at Lake Powell this week boating also went to the "hole in the rock" in June--Zion's National Park and Escalante. Carl and Carol's family went to Yellowstone and Pocatello. Saw Tom and family at June conference also Dick. Amy was here for Despain reunion.

August 18, 1973 Aug. 6 Marne's birthday passed. They were on Lake Powell. Dick and family had a wonderful trip by car to the Hill Cumorah Pagaent in New York. Bob and family spent two weeks in Cal. Now going salmon fishing with Tom and other Whitakers. Carl has been operated on and is serious. Yvonne and family said hello last week on way to Vernal fishing. Sherrie and Carol are expecting in Dec. And Feb. Bob Tuttle will be married in fall also Cathy. Wilford is so sweet and patient with me I love him so. I can't write--so lame.

Thursday, Sept. 27 Cathy and Dan were married Wed. By Ted in S. Lake Temple. Dad and Jean were there. Last Fri. Marne fell from a ladder while picking apples and broke her ankle. Will be laid up for months. Poor dear. Lovely Misc. Shower for Cathy last week. Met his mother and sisters. Small people but very nice. Carl is improving.

Thursday, Oct. 4 First frost on grass. Next Tuesday misc shower at Marne's for Debbie and Bob Tuttle. They get married in S. Lake Temple by Ted his father. Marne has a wheelchair so isn't bed bound. Yvonne, Gordy and Johnny and some one will be here for his date with ZCMI. Gordon for homecoming BYU. May see them for a minute. Carl goes once a week for a treatment at University hospital. A reception for Cathy will be in Prosser Sat. 6--held one in Idaho Falls last week.

Sunday, Oct. 14 A wonderful conference. Bob and Debbie are married. Frost, 13, not a killing frost. Doran and Richard should get married. Cathy and Danny are at home in Provo.

Sunday, Nov. 25, 1973 Today Mabel died. Snowstorm. Poor dear. Dan is home from is mission. It is a grand release to be free of an old worn out body.

Dec. 28 Friday after Christmas. Lovely time of the year. Snowstorm--sent no Christmas cards of presents. Pres. Harold B. Lee died Wed after Christmas of a heart attack--73 years old. Sherrie and Dennis are in Indiana. We will miss them. Stephen is on a mission near Washington DC. We must write to him. Dean leaves soon for his mission in Denmark. All well except Carl--he seems better. Beside cancer he has a tumor on the brain.

Nov. 20, 1993 Marcelle Hawkins funeral was last week. Kids were here.

Jan. 4, 1974 Christmas and New Years over. Carol's baby due anytime. Carl seems much better. Hope he can "lick it". Dean goes to Rick's language school next week then to Denmark for his mission. All are well at present. Watched parade on New Years and ball games. Brother Kimball is our new LDS prophet put in Monday. Bro. Ezra Taft Benson president of twelve apostles.

April 3, 1974 Carols' boy born 21 Jan. 9 ½ lbs. Sherrie's boy born 22 Feb. 7 ½ lbs. Dean is in Denmark and Gary home soon. Shaunna lost baby at 4 months. Cathy and Annette next in June and Sept. Carl is getting better it seems. All well at present. Annette's boy in June.

July 1, 1974 Annette's boy in June

Undated Carl passed away in Oct. He was good to me. He came to see me in the hospital in July, he got worse. Poor Carol but she is such a brave and good girl.

Saturday, Jan. 18, 1975 Just returned from California where we had a wonderful time. Diane has a lovely boy 4 and 1 girl. Debbie Tuttle expects in summer. Airplane trip was wonderful. Marne, Yvonne, John, Jean and families are so good to us. We appreciate our loved ones and Tom, Bob and all are interested. We love them all. Diane and Dave Hoopes had baby boy, Stephen Lorenzo, born Dec. 21, 1974.

Written by Tom for Mom, July 6, 1975 I have been living at Opal Jean's since the 1st of April and it is not so lonely. I appreciate all she does for me. We were all happy on June 15th about 50 of the kids, grand and great grandchildren came to Jean's for a get together. It was so good to see them all together and having such a nice time. Dad was pleased--Today Tom and Marjorie came with Doran and Ryan and their girlfriends. Ryan has received a call to a mission to Madrid, Spain. We are proud of our grandchildren being good missionaries. So far the following have gone on a mission--Dave, Bob Tuttle, Doran, Dan and Ryan Whitaker, Richard, Gary and Dean Griffin, Stephen Whitaker. Tomorrow the 7th most of our children will be together for a reunion at Marne's and Ted. Bob and his boys and Wilford went to Kanosh for a family reunion, Sat. The 5th. Uncle Milt died the same day Howard Hunter died on Wed. 25th. Their funeral was the following Monday. Dad was so upset to think that Herman has lost his mind and couldn't recognize dad. Diane and family were here for my birthday and the poor girl broke her leg on the trampoline, she will stay with Marne another month all winter. She taught in Kindergarten two days last week. A new experience she said.