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Chapter Seven

Jan. 21 Sunday and Stake Conference. Carol's daughter was born Friday at 11:45 PM. She was only there 15 minutes before the baby arrived. 8 lbs. 9 oz. They are blessed with good healthy babies even if all are girls. Pretty and intelligent--also all perfect physically too. Carl should give her a rest for a few years. The Tuttle family will be here for dinner so must get busy.

Jan. 22 Dick called this morning to say Eilene's baby girl was born 21st last night--8 lbs. And black hair--3 beautiful healthy tine ones to work out their own salvation— the road may be pretty rocky or it may be smooth--good luck little girls and boy and God bless you. The Tuttle children and Debbie were here for dinner Sunday. It is so nice to have them around.

March 25, 1968 Doran spent a week at the mission home and now studying Spanish at BYU for 12 weeks. We can't visit him but could write to him. Gordy and Von were here two weeks ago. Gordon sponsored Dale Robertson, a movie star, to speak. We heard his address and saw them on Channel 11. Debbie enjoys her school and living with Marne. Some of the children may be home for April conference. Ted and Marne are leaving right after conference for San Antonio, Texas to be with other authorities to dedicate the Mormon pavilion at Hemisfair. They will tour the mission while away. Diane may stay with the family. She expects in August. Some of the Kennecott strikers have gone back to work--been on strike since July.

April 2, 1968 A lovely storm--snow and rain. Conference storm I guess. Apricots and many flowers are in bloom. Hope it doesn't freeze the fruit and lilacs. President Johnson has dropped out of running for re-election--quite a surprise to everyone.

April 7, 1968 Conference is on today, also last Friday and Saturday. If we would only keep our covenants and commandments how much more power our church could exert and our people would be emulated. Bob and Shaunna were over Tuesday. She gave me a permanent and Jean was over Wednesday and ironed for me. I spend so many lonely hours--it is good to have the girls here for an hour or two. Dr. King--a Negro leader--was shot on the hotel veranda last week. His funeral is tomorrow. A terrible riot followed in Washington DC and fires in Chicago and elsewhere. Our government is in jeopardy. No on here for conference--we thought Wilford (Jr.) might be here. Diane and Jean expect new babies in Aug. & Sept. Ted and Marne leave for San Antonio tomorrow to tour the Spanish American mission and help dedicate the exhibit or Mormon pavilion at Expo 68 in San Antonio.

Monday, April 29, 1968 We enjoyed a ten day vacation in the northwest and spent a few days with Tom and Marjorie. All are so busy and happy. They are building a lovely new home by the Spokane river on a 7 acre plot. Doran is still at BYU and leaves in May for Texas, San Antonio. Ted and Marne were there around 10th. Now they are in Southern California and Mexico until next week.

May 20, Tom's birthday I'm late as usual. I haven't sent Tom a birthday card yet. Doran leaves for Texas Mission next week. No news is good news. Enjoyed Mother's Day. The children remembered me so one more year and I'm no better--ache in every joint. I can see nothing better ahead. It is so discouraging??

June 4, 1968 Oh dear I'm so lame! I hurt all over. Sky is overcast. Cooler--63 degrees the other night--warmer than it has ever been this time of the year. Tom and family were here to say good bye to Doran, also Gordon and Von were here to take Debbie home. They missed seeing Tom by one day. Marcelle has been in the hospital since Mother's Day. Quite ill.

June 5, 1968, 9 AM It is raining again. Yesterday it rained and Monday. However I'm not so lame--It is true when a storm is brewing I'm lamer. Bobby Kennedy was shot in the head last night and has undergone an emergency operation--very serious--he has 10 children. He has been campaigning in California on the Democratic ticket. He died June 6--funeral, parades, all week.

June 11, 1968 Still stormy. So lame.

June 14, 1968 Beautiful sunshine--80 degrees in Salt Lake City. We got a telephone call from Wilford (Jr.) last night. Wants Dad, Marne, Bob and Jean to sing for Despain Reunion. All are well and busy. Went over to Bob and Shaunna's Wed. He gave Dad a haircut. Ted and family are in the process of moving into Bro. Thorpe B. Isaacson's old home. Packers are expected home soon. All are so busy. We never have a chance to visit with them--so better stay home.

July 15 Two reunions well attended. John and family and Wilford (Jr.) and family were here for 2 weeks and Despain/Whitaker reunions--29 June for Despain's and 6 July for Whitaker's. Paloma had a stroke and was taken to the hospital the same day. Very serious. Must write to Tom and Dick and families. Feel better. Wallace and Carol, Marjorie and Wallace's new (old) wife to be came for a minute and brought me a wheelchair--Oh dear! I hate to sit in it. Wallace is 82 and she is about 65 years I imagine. He won't be alone all the time. I guess she wants security too. No fool like an old fool but it is very cozy for them--he has a nice home for her. Paloma is getting along well but still is in the hospital.

Aug. 12 The time flies, summer heat has got a "broken back" over 30 days of 100 degree weather but cooler this morning. Feels like frost isn't far away. No ripe tomatoes so far--miss the berries and other fruit--peaches aren't ripe yet. School begins the 22nd. Dick and family will be here next Monday the 19th.

Sep. 2, 1968 August was the coldest the hottest, the wettest ever recorded in Utah for one month. Paloma has been home for 2 weeks or more. Grant Staples is in a rest home in Nephi. Grace couldn't keep him home--he is forgetful, does silly things--like pulling up the garden for weeds and etc. Dick and Eilene stayed with Bob and Shaunna last week and Wilford (Jr.), Mark and Terry were here. Wilford (Jr.) worked in the genealogy library all week. Dave and his mother painted our hallway and the back bedroom a pretty soft white. It is so clean and lovely. David was operated on his nose Friday. It was broken when he was a kid. I hope it doesn't give him any more trouble. He is such a sweet kid--all of our grand and great grandchildren are. Jean and Diane expect their babies this week, anytime. We must write to Tom and Wallace.

Sat., Sep. 14 Diane's boy 8-1/2 lbs was born Thursday night. All fine. Ted brought her oldest home with him for Marne to care for until Dave and Diane come for him--October conference I imagine. Ted is in the Dakotas. Tom and Marjorie and Rhonda left this morning. Tom bought a horse and trailer to take with them from Ted's farm. David is visiting in Oregon with his girlfriend Billi Gregg. I believe they are serious. She is older by 2 or 3 years but that maybe a good thing. David must report in the service after one semester--he will be 24 years old--oh, dear--Yvonne and Gordy dropped by Thursday for a ˝ hour. They flew in Monday and stayed at Marne's. Sylvia Hartshorn was married yesterday--also Andrea Pulley and a dozen other A.F. girls and boys. Dad extracted over 50 5 pound cans of honey. It is good too. We have given a can to each of the kids too. Tom took some Washington for them. Jean is getting so anxious for her baby to arrive--of course it is too. Poor little girl. I can sympathize with her. The twins are 30 years old on the 20th Oct and Jean 38 on 24th. I ache so! So much thunder and lightening all night--very little rain. How easy to destroy the earth--lightening, earthquakes, fire, flood and famine. Jeans' baby boy was born Sep. 9 lb. 14 oz. Beautiful mother and babe. Diane's Sept. 11 boy 8 lbs 10 oz. Ronald Craig.

Thursday, September 17, 1968 (sic Tuesday) Father John Boyce's birthday. The family always got together for a big dinner and homemade ice cream. We youngsters took turns turning the handle of the freezer. There were so many of us--it must have hld 3 or 4 gallons. It is sunnier today. I feel I'll live a few days longer--boy! Some days I'm not too sure. Ache in every joint if I neglect aspirin an hour over time. Mrs. Rula Wrigley died last week. She is so fortunate. Both legs were amputated above her knees-- some rare blood disease--now she is out of her misery. We would cheer each other over the phone--as Florence and I do. She is almost a shut in. It is Doran's birthday today. He has been called on a mission so expect he will be entering the mission home soon. Yvonne has been pretty sick with the flu but feels better. Carol's Wendy is growing so fast. Marne's grandson walks at 10 months.

Oct. 17 The "astronauts" have been in orbit about 8 days--all ok. Some experience. Florence's son- in- law died suddenly from a heart attack. Ghora has 7 children to raise alone. Poor girl. Shock. Dad and Marne went to the funeral. Had a very inspirational general conference. If we could only keep His commandments!! Wish to kids would write oftener. Dick and Bob's birthday Sunday. Jean's on the 24th--30 years and 38 years Jean. David and Robert Tuttle, Annette and Richard are going to college. We seldom see them. The astronauts will come back to earth on Oct. 21. They will be in orbit 11 days. The coming back is most critical because of pressure to ears and etc. Many hundreds of hunters in the mountains--many accidents too as usual over the weekend. No news. The twins birthday Sun. 20, Jean's on the 24, Thursday. They are 30 years old and Jean 38--6 boys and 1 girl--all beautiful children--black hair and eyes. Smart too. Shaunna is pregnant again.

Nov. 8 Election is over and Nixon won. We voted for Republic. I'm so, so miserable--can't move very fast. Some days I'm much better. Oh dear give me patience.

Nov. 27, Thanksgiving tomorrow Will be over to Marne's for Thanksgiving dinner. It is snowing--can't write much. So lame. Mary Jane has finally written. I hope she doesn't need surgery on her neck. Carol brought us in some pies and a turkey dinner last week. She is so thoughtful and dear--we love her and family.

Nov. 30 Spent a lovely 2 days with Ted and family. Turkey dinner Thursday and Friday. Annette and Ted were there, also Bob and Dave. Ted will be with Dave and Diane in Los Angeles tonight. Bob and Shaunna were at Ted's for dinner Friday. She is feeling better.

Dec. 12 Dave's birthday. Yvonne's yesterday, Gordon's tomorrow. Must write them soon. Johnnie's birthday too. He will be nine. Beautiful heavy snow, 8 to 10 inches. Bob and Shaunna weren't home Tuesday or Wed. Maybe he lost his tonsils. Supposed to this week.

Dec. 30th Christmas all but forgotten and New Year's Eve tomorrow night. Cold weather but not below as in Montana, Canada and etc. Astronauts made a successful trip around the moon. They were gone a week. The men on the captured ship, the Pueblo were sent in time for Christmas. Looked pretty good in spite of beatings and torture of the No. Koreans. War in Vietnam still flourishing--so much wickedness and corruption in the world--no peace just more turbulence and suffering. We wonder if President Nixon who takes office on the 21 January, will clean things up. So much revolt in colleges, strikes. New York without heat these cold days. It is inhuman. John and Johnnie are going to Moses Lake next week also to Spokane to help in a concert or two. We are praying Dick and Eilene's baby survives and is normal in every way. Bob had his tonsils out around the 10th. Marcelle flew to California for Christmas. If I ever went I'd need a permanent, new shoes and--

January 8, 1969 Marcelle is home and well. The snow is nearly gone. Jean and family had the flu--all are well again. All are well at present.

Jan. 12 John and son spent last week at Tom and Dick's--Mary Jane and Wilf met them at Dick's for supper before the concert. Johnnie sang 3 or 4 songs. It was to help the Seminary program. Eilene was fine. Expects any time, as does Carol.

Monday, Jan. 27th, 1969 We got a call from Dick in Moses Lake. The baby arrived Sunday wt. 8 lbs. Their third girl--5 girls for Dick. Eilene got along better this time. I wonder if the baby's blood was changed because of Rh factor. Two feet of snow in Eugene Oregon. Never had snow before--not even a snow plow. So much rain in California it has been called a disaster area. Hope Joh, Von, Milt, Joel, Leona and other loved ones are safe. Mud slides and floods have caused millions of dollars lost in homes and people. Went to a kitchen shower for Billie Grigg, David's sweetheart at Marne's. Very lovely afternoon. They will be married by Dave's father, Ted, Wednesday and a reception Wednesday night held at the Lion House. David and Diane Hoopes are here for the occasion. I may go to the reception in a wheelchair.

Jan. 29th David and Billie got married this morning. Met her mother and sisters Friday at Marne's shower for her. Dick and Eilene's daughter was born Sunday, Jan. 26. Blizzard--all fine. Roads closed to SL.

31st Jan. 1969 We went to David and Billie's reception held in the Lion House. Pres. Brigham Young's home at one time. (Shawn's birthday).

Feb. 22, Father and Doran's birthday Carl and Carols boy was born this month. A beautiful black haired boy. Troy will be his name, I believe. Got a lovely informative letter from John and Thelma. They are in New York all month with Johnnie filming "The Littlest Angel" for next Christmas--also just finished "The Lancers" and on weekends plays telethons for Cerebral Palsy in Albany and Miami for $1000 for 8 hours work--all expenses paid. He is surely kept busy. It snowed a little yesterday. Wilford's gone to Murray. Sunny and cloudy.

Feb. 26 A beautiful snowstorm last night--even the clothes lines are covered. Everything is beautiful. 10,000 are evacuated from homes in California so much rain has caused sever mud slides and homes flooded. It is awful--snowing again this AM. Wilford missed work 2 days because of cold or flu. Jolene has the mumps. Hope the rest escape them.

Sat. March 15, 1969 Snow is melted but it remains cold. Effects of flu still with us. Wilford had a bad night--so short of breath--and I am so shaky and weak. All the family are well.

Sun. Mar. 30 Wilford Jr. has prospects of going to East Africa as teacher of teachers. They are to meet someone in Portland, Oregon on 1st April. It is a serious decision to make. Ted and Marne visited Tom and Marge in Spokane. Annette may stay and work this summer. Tom may be down for conference. All are well now except Shawn has a rash--maybe measles. 3 day no snow. Lovely warm weather.

April 10 We enjoyed a very inspiring conference. If one could keep them in mind and study more we would be better off. Wilford is taking his vacation. He spent Monday and Tuesday in Kanosh, Fillmore and Delta--he is still weak--he gets tired so quickly then chills and perspires but he keeps busy anyway.

April 21 Wilford's vacation is over. He went back to work this morning. He is so short of breath. Heart beats too fast. He is on Digitalis. It is sad to see him lose his "pep."

April 25, Friday Robert Tuttle left at 6 AM by plane for Fort Leonard-Wood for 6 months service in the army or marines. Marne went to Idaho with Ted this morning. Dad and I are to get our picture taken this afternoon. How I dread it--I look so awful since coughing all winter. It is cold and wintery and windy. Hope the fruit doesn't get frozen. Carol made appointments for us so everything is cared for. Hope the picture of me is "passable." Wilford is always so good. He is still handsome at 70+. This cold he has had has caused havoc with his heart. Poor dear. I guess Marne will keep busy so she won't miss Bob too much. Shaunna is having trouble with sever piles--internal. They have had to be "stripped" so painful. We had dinner at Henny Pennys on Friday afternoon. Jean must not feel too good. We haven't seen her since before Easter.

May 3 The lilacs are so fragrant and beautiful also this tree in the corner by dining room window. Perfume--

Wed. May 7, 1969 Wilford went into the American Fork hospital Sunday. He has lost nearly 20 lbs in 3 days. They can't get his heart to stop racing. Well otherwise. I haven't told the children until we find out what tests indicate.

Thursday On Saturday the 10th the state is celebrating the meeting of the east and west railroads at Promontory near Corinne Utah near Brigham City, one hundred years ago--1869 the east and west were united. Eight months later the track was laid and finished from Ogden to Salt Lake. The old prairie schooners and pony express was discontinued so people could travel in safety and more comfortable. The doctors say Wilford's heart is normal again. It has made us all feel so relieved--couldn't help worrying. Marcelle is in the hospital following a stroke Sunday, Mother's Day. The family were called--Gordon was with her most of the time. She is in intensive care. He left on the plane at 10 AM this morning. Must write to Wilford (Jr.) and Dick--Haven't heard from Ballard since Christmas. One phone call--

Monday, May 25, 1969 Apollo 10 is entering the atmosphere. 3 men have been gone 8 days inspecting the moon with pictures of all kinds. They are entering at 25,000 miles an hour. East of Pango Pango. Weather is ideal for countdown--they will splash down soon--12:51 for splash down Princeton landing. Charley Brown can't get away from Lucy--comic strip. Heat 5000 degrees approach earth's atmosphere mission control--blackout after entering. All plugged in waiting for astronauts--Ship Princeton--USS carrier--24,000 mi and hour--parachutes to help slow the Apollo 10--4 minutes. Looks like a comet streaking across the sky. Deck filled with sailors in white suits. All anxious for recovery. Heard double boom--close in--see parachute. Coming in toward the ship. Coming down at 21 miles an hour. In the water and back down from outer space. We can't even image how they could circle the moon. Next they will plan putting a man on the moon in July.

June 2, 1969 A beautiful morning. Quiet, cool but getting warmer. Windy last week and too cool but no frost. Wilford has gone to work on the hill. He gets so tired--of course he eats so little--he ought not work but his bees keep him busy part of the time. He wants to extract his honey while the boys are visiting around the 4th July. David graduated from BYU last Thursday evening. We watched the exercises on TV. So many, many people. Wilf went over with Ted and family. Our 50th anniversary will be celebrated in the 12th ward cultural hall on July 3. We expect all the children then--around 75 of us. Hope we can make them feel at home. Jean, Carol, Shaunna and Marne will help. It will be so wonderful to see them all together.

June 11, 1969 Saturday is my 73rd birthday and Sunday is Father's Day. Too close together. Shaunna expects her baby most anytime-- within 10 days. She feels fine otherwise. Dad is getting stronger--should count his calories. Hope Carol's children are better.

Wed. June 18 The paper comes out too, tomorrow with our pictures and an announcement about our 50th fun fest. Hope all the children and their children can be here. Dad is feeling better but gets so tired and sleepy. Shaunna's baby is expected any day. It has been raining hard a few days after the really hot spell. They flatter us.

June 28 Wilf cut his little finger off. Saved it tho.

7 July The Sunday after the fun fest--50th wedding anniversary--golden days from now on. All the children and grand and great grandchildren were here. A perfectly lovely affair. Rented hall, lovely wedding cake--all very well attended. General authorities there: A. Ted Tuttle, Pres. Boyd Packer and wife, President S. Dilworth Young. Program was interesting. Wilford Jr's. Solo, men's quartet and group singing--Billie's piano selection and Clarissa's violin, Dick's babies say. Group singing with children and Teresa's reading--all very good. Wilford Sr. is so miserable--just tired and sleepy. No pep. His medication holds him down too much. Ballard's family were missed. We see so little of them. Fred is picking fruit in Wapato Ballard said--so sad.

July 15, 1969 7:30 AM Just saw thrust off of Apollo 11. Three men will be on the moon if all goes well. Guided by computers into orbit--we can't even imagine the enormity of this 6 million undertaking. 86000 lbs fuel just for take off. Relatives at launching site watching the "take off." Hundred watching the thrust. Will they return after setting foot on the moon? Can they catch the Apollo as it comes by on one of its orbits--can't even image how it is done. Just sent thank you notes to those who left gifts at our reception.

Sunday, July 20 Wilford's finger has healed miraculously. All better and normal. We are blessed. The Apollo 11 sets foot on the moon today--watching and waiting. Imagine putting foot on the moon!!! We are fasting with rest of Whitakers for a special name in genealogy.

Monday Apollo 11--2 men spent time on the moon--gathering rocks and earth. Left the moon are on their way to contact 3rd man. All making revolutions to catch one another. Too complicated.

Friday, July 25, 1969 Spent 24th home. Watched the men from the moon splash down. Also watched 24th parade on TV. Spent an hour or two with Ted and Marne last Monday afternoon. They have so many chores--22 lambs to fee on the bottle, twin calves, 2 milk cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and etc. I'm so worried. Marne has a lump on her arm and hates to have it diagnosed. Most likely a small tumor cyst or ____ she has more fight in her I hope, than to let it take over--sooner the better to go to the Dr.

Aug. 15th Just wrote to John and Doran. Ted expects Bob home soon. Wilford (Jr.) has been here 2 weeks. First week attending a genealogy convention at the Salt Palace and this week doing research in the library. He may take Annette home with him for a month's visit. Lewis and Jean and Bob and Shaunna are on vacation. It's cloudy. Been so very hot most of August and July.

Aug. 22, 1969 It is cooler this morning. L Wilford hopes to finish extracting tomorrow when Dave and Bob may be here to help him. Carol has helped him extract this week. It has been 90 or more all week but cooler this morning. Tom Burke sent us a lovely box of candy for staying with us a night or two with Wilford (Jr.).

Sat. 23-4 (from my front door) Watching the tiny humming birds dart in and out of the trumpet vine blossoms. Do they ever stop to rest? All is peaceful here but every newspaper is filled with wars, hurricanes, carnage on the airways and highways. Prophecy is coming to pass quickly. Wars, earthquakes and etc. People being mislead by false Christs--

Sept. 1, Monday, Labor Day Bobbie Tuttle is home from camps. They, he and Dave and John are picking pears. We have pears and peaches to can. Cooler and tomatoes.

Fri. Sept. 12, 1969 Richard Griffin's farewell will be Sunday afternoon. Wilford will sing a solo. Lewis, Jean, Grandfathers, Whitaker and Griffin may speak at the meeting. Ted and Marne are in Canada touring the mission. Diana expected her third baby in October. Annette will be back soon to sign up for school. Groundbreaking program for the temple in Provo will be Monday at 4:30 PM. Wilford sings with the men's chorus--"The Spirit of God"--beautiful. I hope to hear it over TV channel 11.

Wed. Oct. 1st Richard leaves for his mission today after a few days in the mission home. Headquarters in Manila. Monday we went to Morgan to Leon Clark's funeral. He went up on a ladder to repair an old silo and part of it gave way and buried him under tons of wheat. His wife and four young ones are left without a father and husband. It is sad. Why? Why? Why? The canyon is beautiful with autumn colors.

Wed. Oct. 8 Marne is in Los Angeles with Diane and new baby girl born Monday. She has black curly hair. Johnny and Thelma will be in Utah this week. He will work on a church film under Judge's supervision--also back next week. Dec. 6 to work with ZCMI to advertise "Jody" garments. New York had him there last week for the same.

Oct. 22 Bob and Dick's birthday was Monday, Jean's is Friday the 24th. John, Thelma and Johnny were here this past week. They will be here in Provo this weekend. He is a busy little fellow.

Nov. 14 Just watched the lift off of Apollo 12--3 men on their way to land on the moon. Can't even imagine it--Marne had us over to her place last Sunday for a turkey dinner. Robert's farewell in the evening. He went through the temple Monday with his folks. They left Tuesday for a tour of the Canadian mission. Ted is assigned to the So. A. mission from now on.

Nov. 1969 Apollo 12--2:00 PM. Has landed safely on the ocean near Puerto Rico. They are being recovered by swimmers and helicopters. Very rough--7-10 ft high heavy winds, then put on ship. 10 day--million mile trip to the moon. The boat is on its way to Hawaii with the moon boys all landed safely.

Dec. 10 Tomorrow is Yvonne's birthday. I wish I could send a lovely gift. We aren't doing much for Christmas. Applesauce money for missionaries. Doran, Richard and Robert. Must send Christmas cards soon. Snowing and sun shining intermittently.

Dec. 22 We have been expecting Dick and family. Hope they are on the way. Lovely picture of Dave and Diane and family on Christmas card.

Dec. 25 Dick and family are here. Their four little ones sweet and spoiled. Whoever heard of asking a four year old what it wants for dinner--rather than putting good food in front of them--eat or wait til next meal?

Friday, 2 Jan. 1970 We enjoyed Dick, Eilene and kiddie this Christmas. They are spending New Years with her people, Chiddesters in Buhl, Idaho. Had Christmas dinner with Carl and Carol and Friday were at Jean's and Monday after Mamie's funeral had dinner with Ted, Marne and family. Billie played the piano also Clari. Milton will be lonely for awhile. Mamie has been ill so long.

7 Jan 1970 Ann Landers--BYU Assembly Hall on Temple Square. Will talk on Jan. 8, receives 30,000 letters a week in 13 newspapers. Very popular. Air pollution is awful--fog, smog and etc. There is so much crime in the world. Hope we can keep away from it or recognize sin in every guise. Satan is so subtle--we must keep close to our Father in Heaven. So many have forgotten Him.

Sunday Jan. 18 Pres. David O. McKay died at 6 AM this morning. He was in a coma hours before his death. It is so foggy this morning. I read Harold Whitaker's wife Elda's funeral Monday.

Feb. 2 I'm so shaky this morning and just plain miserable. Ted is on a tour of S.A. missions--Marne leaves Thursday to join him. Robert Tuttle is in Argentina on his mission. Must write to our 3 grandsons soon. President Joseph Fielding Smith is president of the church. He married us in 1919. A wonderful man.

March 6, 1970 Ted and Marne returned from South America yesterday 5th. Their children got along fine while alone. We went over twice to help out a little. David and Billy came over while we were there. I don't know if Bob ever visited them or not. The girls cared for his children while on their vacation. Leon Clark's wife remarried on Feb. 20th 5 mo. After Leon's death. Owen and Melba visited us for an hour or so Wednesday. Cathy Staples was in an accident--broke her leg. She goes to work on crutches. A little trouper!!

Friday, April 10, 1970 We listened to 140th General Conference of the church this last weekend. President Joseph F. Smith was sustained as prophet, seer and revelator of the church. He is in his 93rd year. Boyd Packer was put in as one of the 12 apostles. We heard some very inspiring messages. I'm so ill this morning. My stomach hurt so long last night in spite of two Rolaids. Mary Jane is recovering from a severe operation. I hope the children and Wilford (Jr.) take loving care of her for a few weeks. Gordon and Von sent some lovely chocolates and a beautiful plant for Easter. Also Dave and Billie gave us a lovely Easter lily. I must go to church but my hair is a mess--needs a permanent. So homely I wonder that Wilford even speaks to me. Oh dear--

Monday, April 27th It has been snowing for hours. All month has been so cold and stormy. It hasn't helped me at all. May be next month will be warmer. Jean took us to Bountiful Friday. Enjoyed the ride so much.

May 12, 1970 Mother's day was Sunday. Had a lovely turkey dinner with Lewis and Jean's family. I Went to church at 5:30. Carol brought our supper of turkey and dressing and strawberry shortcake with whipped cream over after church. Heard from all except Tom, Wilford (Jr.) and Ballard. Dick and John called on phone. It's still windy and cool though the sun is shining. I'm so lame.