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Chapter Six

Nov. 23, 1962 Friday Bob and Shaunna spent Thanksgiving with us yesterday. His current girlfriend. I worry over him so much and I ought not to. He doesn't earn enough to keep himself. This job at Litton will pay more when he becomes more efficient. He should go to school at night or something to get ahead. Wallace, Jean, Marden and wife and Mildred's oldest girl came to see me Sunday. I was so surprised. She looks better and Wallace is heavier and doesn't look so worried. Carl and Carol gave us a lovely turkey and squash pie. It was so good of them. Lewis and Jean spent Thanksgiving in Escalante. I'm trying to write just at twilight--but too dark I must turn on the light.

Friday, Dec. 14, 1962 The month is half gone and Christmas will soon be here. Fog set in again and Bob has moved into Salt Lake where he will be closer to his work and will avoid traveling so far in the fog. We are making candy again for Christmas but I'm not having any luck so the children will have to realize it is sent with lots of love even if it goes into the garbage. We just learned of our new great grandson of Ron and Barbara's. Now 40 gr. And 2 gr. Gr. Children and I am 66 yrs. today. Ted and Marne said they just got the corn and garden planted after using two elders for donkeys to pull the plow. They had no tractor but lots of fun. School is out for summer vacation. Dr. and Sister Royle were gone to S. America for 6 wks. Visited with Marne and family and said how beautiful and sweet Diane is; also all the others were outstanding in every way. I'm so darn miserable every morning. Wilford gets so disgusted with me always grunting around.

Wednesday, January 2, 1963 The first entry in 1963. Bob and Shauna Glover had Christmas dinner with us also Jean and Lewis with their family. Shauna showed us her diamond Bob had given her. I wish they could get married right away. They didn't come out yesterday for New Years dinner but Jean and Lewis were here so we weren't too lonesome. The children (Lewis and Jean) went together and got us a lovely revolving rocker. Very comfortable too.

Wednesday, Jan. 9 Carol's baby Corinne has the chicken pox. Patty came down with them while they were there for Christmas. No snow yet. Bob and Shauna were here Sunday. She is a jolly, happy spirit. We enjoy their visit.

Friday, Feb. 22, 1963 No school today. Doran Whitaker is 14 and Diane Tuttle is 16 Sunday, 24. David Tuttle has been called on a mission. Pres. Hugh B. Brown has been touring the S. American missions with Ted and Marne accompanying him. Diane has been mother for weeks but school is out for summer vacation. We got a lovely letter from Marne yesterday, Thursday. She is home by now and Pres. Brown arrived in Salt Lake Wednesday. They were treated so royally--she said she had never been shot so much in her life--pictures and pictures. Bob and Shauna are getting married in the Logan Temple on the 4th April and their reception will be Thursday evening on the 4th. I hope some of the family can be there--maybe Tom, Wilford (Jr.) and Ballard from Washington. Dick, Von and John from California but it is so expensive to come so far for such a short time. Corinne is almost walking. She is so sweet. Jean's children are just getting over measles--they were sick for a few days. Wilford has gone to a genealogy meeting tonight and expects to go to Manti to the temple tomorrow. I wish I could go as I should--but so lame I hate to be seen. Mose, Minnie, Herman and Lillian were here this morning and I was so lame but better this evening. They were going to a funeral in Pleasant Grove and a reception tonight in Orem. Grace and Paloma were over to see us Saturday. They all look so nice--darn! Darn! Darn!

March 18, 1963, 11:15 PM We heard from David Tuttle. Pres. Hugh B. Brown set him apart for a mission while he was there touring the missions in S. America. David will labor in the Andes Mission in Lima, Peru. We are proud of him--he is just past 18. I wish David Whitaker would have a chance to prepare for a mission. He is 16 but his mother won't let him go to church or swimming or anywhere. I'm afraid he won't stand being restrained so closely after a year or two. Gordon was here an hour or two a few weeks ago. He took his niece Helen back with him. She is pregnant and just past 15 yrs. I hope they let her marry her lover (he is 17) and keep their baby. Must write to Von, Tom, Ballard and Wilford (Jr.) and wives are coming to Bob's wedding.

March 19, 1963 Fog is heavy this morning. We have more snow on the ground than we have had all year. This dry country surely needs it. About 80 inches in Alta. The skiing is about perfect. I would love to have learned to ski. It looks wonderful to see the kids coming down the slopes so gracefully. It looks so much like fun. Also to have been a graceful dancer--huh! I'm a pretty good dishwasher with all the practice I've had. They say practice makes perfect. Had I practiced my piano I could have been more efficient or proficient. I've been too lazy I'm afraid. A few extra dollars would have made a big difference while raising our family. All are musical if they could have had good teachers for a few years all could have accomplished so much. "Where there is a will there is a way." Not a strong enough will I'm afraid on my part.

April 16, 1963 Dear Diary: Just a line to tell about Bob's lovely wedding and reception. Dad, Jean and I left at 4 AM April 4, for the Logan Temple. Wilford (Jr.) and Mary Jane met us at the temple and in spite of many stairs to climb I got along fine-- rather slow and clumsy but I enjoyed every minute. After the beautiful ceremony in the temple we had dinner in Brigham City then on to Mose's to freshen up for the reception. Wilford (Jr.)'s children were with them. Mose had an awful cold or flu and Wilford Sr. is just getting over a dose of the same. I hope the rest of us that were exposed will not get it. Tom, Marjorie and children came early Thursday morning so were at the reception too. Jon, Thelma, Dick and Mary Lou and children came Friday so we had a lovely visit all week. Wilford (Jr.) and family with Mary Lou and babies left Sat. Morning so it is too quiet here now. I'm still worried over Bob. He gets too depressed, bites his nails.

May 16, 1963 Mother's Day has passed. All except Ballard remembered us. It is wonderful to have so many loved ones. Our lilacs are simply beautiful--the first time since we moved here. They have frozen other years. Everything is beautiful. Lovely weather!!! I would love to take long walks but give out just going around the house. New home is nearly finished East of us. The ship Kearsarge is standing by to pick up Gordon Cooper who was in orbit 33 hours and has just hit the water in the Pacific Recovery Area just off Midway Islands in Japanese waters. Isn't it wonderful. Dick and Mary Lou are going to New Zealand 28th Aug. to teach. He will be gone 3 years.

Sunday, June 23, 1963 One more birthday has gone by; just a year older but I'm sure no wiser. Wilford is in Stake Conference. The choir sang four songs--2 this morning and 2 this afternoon. Of course he is one of the lead tenors at 65 yrs--66 in Sept. Dick and Mary Lou are leaving for New Zealand on the 28th Aug. We are going down to see them off with Jean, Lewis, Bob, Shaunna, Carol and Carl. Tentative plans are to meet Lewis and Jean in Cedar City on the 22nd. I hope our plans materialize. It would be good to see Von and family and the rest again. Dick is in Oberlin College in Ohio using a scholarship he won--then back to his family to get ready to leave for New Zealand. Lovely letters from David on his mission in Lima and Ted and Marne. They are so busy doing the Lords' work. Sister David O. McKay is 86 years old today. She looks so mellow and sweet--almost heavenly. I guess she is in a Heaven on earth. Aunt Lizzie Day was 101 in April. Still in her right mind. How wonderful not to be crippled.

Sat., 6 July, 1963 Bob and Shaunna spent the 4th and 5th with us but went to Salt Lake today about noon. We are having some very hot weather. Shaunna was sick again. 3rd Wednesday we went to Morgan for my sister Jean funeral. She died last Sat. Eve. Poor dear--she must be happy to be rid of her poor crippled body. Maybe she and Pearl have gone shopping already. They loved to years ago. For twenty-five years she has been handicapped and in a wheelchair for fifteen years. Mabel's grandson-in-law brought her wheelchair and all. She is feeling better and hopes to be walking (after a broken hip in February) by Sept. There was a big crowd at the funeral. She looked so peaceful. Hope we can all go to California in August. Shaunna is pregnant and sick to her stomach so she can't go back to work for a few days. She has a severely tipped uterus so the doctor says no long trips unless she gets better. Bob is worried. I was never sick to my stomach or anything when I was pregnant.

Sunday, Aug. 11, 1963 This morning is cool and cloudy. A pleasant relief from a month of 90-100 degree weather. We are going to Carl and Carols for a turkey dinner today after Sunday School. Then we may go up to Bob and Shaunna's to see how she feels. Poor kid! She has been so miserable. Dick and family are going to New Zealand--leaving on the "Oriana"--largest ship sailing on the 28th Aug. We, Carl, Carol, Bob, Lewis and Jean hope to go down and see them off on the boat. We will be gone a week so will see Von, Gordy and John's family--also Leona, my sister, lives in Colton--about 50 miles from Dick. We go near them on our way to Corona where Dick lives. We want to see Jean and Lewis before they go to Escalante so we can decide when we leave for Cal. Pres. John F. Kennedy and wife just lost a premature baby boy. He lived about 40 hours. He had respiratory trouble--was 5 wks. Early--about like our little Dora Melissa who lived just 7 hours. She would have been 30 years old.

Mon. Aug. 12 Lovely letter from Marne.

Sept. 4, 1963--Wilford's birthday Wednesday--Just 66. He will soon catch up to me. He is so dear and I tell him so seldom. All I do is gripe. I'm in pain so much but shouldn't let anyone know it. We, Bob, Dad and I in one car--Wilford (Jr.) and Mary Jane and family, Lewis, Jean and family and Carl and Carol followed as a caravan. Left Thurs. 22 and got to Von's and John's Friday. Tom and Marjorie came Sunday about 40 of us assembled at Von's Sunday evening. John has a lovely swimming pool so all enjoyed it. Also stopped over night at Leona's in Colton and visited Verna and Leona. She was there from Daly City. The trip was lovely. I guess my traveling days are gone. I've been so miserable since I got home. Been busy making relish pickles and jam--now pears, peaches and tomatoes. Wilford does most of the work--I wash dishes and help. John's boy Johnny we saw on TV Sunday night on Chev. commercial. He was a cute little freckle-faced redhead-- just 3-1/2 yrs. old. Smart as a whip. Mary Lou got a divorce. Dick came back with us. He teaches in East High in Salt Lake.

Sunday, Sept. 8, 1963 Today is Pres. David O. McKay's 90th birthday. He just returned from Scotland, Wales and England dedicating chapels. An organ was presented to his mother in memory of her. He gave it to the chapel he just dedicated in her birthplace in Scotland. He and his wife are being honored all over the country by phone calls, telegrams and etc. A very perfect man. An example for all to follow. Dick, Bob and Shaunna live on 11th Ave. in Dr. Clawson's home and really like it. Shaunna is much better. Dick was here yesterday to wash and iron. He seems much happier. Mary Lou is waking up rather late I'm afraid. Poor kid--so mixed up.

Sunday, Oct. 13 Last Sunday we watched and listened to General Conference on TV. So many wonderful inspirational talks. Bro. Eldon Tanner was put in as 2nd counselor to the first presidency. Bro. Henry D. Moyle passed away a few weeks before while in Florida. Joel, Disc, Laron and Ira Judd came in Sat. During con. broadcast. It was so good to see them. Maybe Ted and Marne will be home for conference in April.

Nov. 22, 1963 Pres. John F. Kennedy was assassinated at 1 PM today in Dallas, Texas where he and his wife were visiting. We watched it all on TV. When riding along the street with Gov. Connelly of Texas three shots rang out above the ovation of the crowd and Pres. Kennedy was hit in the head and fell over against his wife unconscious and died a few minutes after they reached the hospital--a 5 minute ride. The whole country is in mourning. Monday 25th Nov. is set aside as a holiday and to pay respect to him and his funeral will be at noon Monday. He will be buried in the Arlington Cemetery. Vice Pres. Lyndon Johnson has been sworn in as Pres. Of the US of America. He is an able man and has been a member of the Senate for years before he was vice president. He is about 50 years old. Pres. Kennedy was 45 or near that. A big fine looking man from Texas. All day yesterday, today, tomorrow and Monday the TV and radio have had no programs but accounts of the murder and an autobiography of both men and families. Why? In the prime of life and cut down by a sniper from a 3 or 4th story window--perfect aim. Gov. Connelly was hit by a bullet in the side and is getting better. The police have a young man 25 years old as the assassin. He killed a policeman while trying to get away. Dick works after school at Safeways, so we won't see him very often. He is trying to get out of debt. Mary Lou was so extravagant. Bob and Shaunna were here Sunday and Sat. Afternoon. She is so much better. Baby in January. Carol expects in May. First frost 2 weeks ago. It is getting colder all the time.

Jan. 2, 1964 Christmas and New Year gone by and tonight Pres. David O. McKay and wife are celebrating their 63rd wedding anniversary. He is 90 and she is 88 and they live in the Hotel Utah. He hasn't been very well lately. Isn't it wonderful!! The children all remembered us and we could do so little for our 40 odd. We love them all and pray for them constantly. Ted and family are all well, busy and happy. Sixteen of us were together yesterday. Dick spent Christmas in California with John, Yvonne and his little girls--Melody and Monica. He spent a couple of days with us this week. It was so good to see him and enjoy his sweet presence. Shaunna expects her baby the end of this month. She and Carol are so cute. She expects in April, Thelma in April or May and Barbara in May. Zion is growing--so is our family.

Feb. 10 Tom Whatcott called and said Hattie Whitaker Whatcott, his wife, died after a long illness. It is wonderful death can release us of an old worn out body and pain (Jean accompanied him.) We will go to the funeral in Fillmore. Tom wants Wilford to sing "My Faith in Thee." Though sad to lose her it is a relief to the family after seeing her suffer so long. Ted and Marne are so busy. They were gone 3 weeks or more visiting branches in Chili, Peru and Argentina and Paraguay. Diane is a lovely girl--so pretty. Elder Bench was here showing films of the family--he was there in their home often.

Friday, Feb. 21, 1964 Bob and Shaunna's boy 7 lb 5 oz. Arrived at 6:20 PM. Bob called us about 7:30 and was so happy. She went to the hospital about 3 AM. She had a bad time and had to have 3 pts. blood infusion but Emilene (Dick's girlfriend) saw her Sat. Also the tiny one. Dick is fine.

March 5, 1964 Blizzards, sun, snow and stays cold but spring isn't far away. Birds whistling and chirping all over the place. I'm so tired of the house. Thank goodness we have on during this stormy weather.

March 19 Bro. Boyd Packer called last night. He said Ted and Marne would be home for conference. It will be so good to see them. Gordy and Von may be here too and bring his mother home. She has been there since December. It is blowing and snowing this morning--blizzard--then every few minutes the sun shines so typical March weather. We saw Bob's boy 10 days ago. So tiny and helpless. Dick won a scholarship to a college in Chicago, IL. He must be there by 29thJune. He will be gone a year and is so thrilled about it--just what he has been praying for.

Easter Sunday, March 29, 1964 We met Ted and Marne at the airport last Sat. With his sister's family and friends. It is so good to have them home. They are so tired. Still sleeping at 9:00 AM. It is a beautiful morning. Birds singing and the snow has nearly gone. They are so busy.

April 21, 1964 Ted and Marne left for New York yesterday at 7:00 AM. They will see the World's Fair with Apostle Lee who has the church display in charge--a replica of the beautiful LDS temple, murals, etc. Then on to Uruguay and home Friday. I know the children are anxiously waiting for them. We have enjoyed their visit also tom, Marjorie and children, and Gordie and Von and Diane. All left too soon but such is life. We all were together at Jean's while Tom was here--he left early on Sunday after Conference. Then a week ago Sunday while Gordie and Von were here we got together for a turkey dinner at Carl and Carol's. Bob, Shaunna and Dick & Aileen were with us at Carols. Last Sunday Bob and Shaunna went to the Grove Ward with all of us where Wilford Sr. sang a solo, "My Faith In Thee" and Marne and Jean sang and Ted and Marne spoke in Sacrament meeting. Very refreshing Sun, rain, thunder and lightening then sun again. April showers bring May flowers.

May 5--Dan's birthday A lovely rainstorm this morning mixed with snow. Also some thunder and lightening. Am busy copying 7 sheets--3 generations called for by the genealogy assoc. Must send Yvonne some records.

May 19, 1965 Our garden comprising of 2 rows of peas, beets, peppers, carrots and etc. are growing. Also must transplant sweet peas soon. Our neighbors the Smiths are very friendly. I planted the sweet peas 27th April. Some of the children will be home in June. Dick and Eilene will take his little girls for the summer. He will be teaching in Moses Lake summer and winter of 1965-6.

Sunday, May 26 Freezing. Baby is growing. Snow rain, Bob and Shaunna here so fast. We met Ted and Marne on the 1st April at the airport. Elma and John Fugal, Ted's sister June and Clifford Gee were there too and others. Then Wed. We took Marcel to meet Yvonne and Gordie coming from New York. His plane was late so he came home with Ted and Marne after a banquet. So being in the hospital I had to do my visiting with the kids there. Tom and Marj and Bob came Sat. So we had quite a reunion Sunday. Ted gave a wonderful talk Sunday afternoon in conference. I had a television in my room so heard most of the speakers. I was so fortunate to go when I did. Had I put it off longer anything could have happened.

June 7, Laron's Birthday Dick and Eilene came in Saturday evening from Chicago. All; Bob, Shaunna, Dick, Eilene, Carol, Carl, Jean, Lewis and families were here yesterday for dinner. Fried chicken, new potatoes and peas, angel food cake and ice cream. We are watching the astronauts come down from a four day space flight. They have landed in the sea off Bermuda. The Wasp is coming in to pick them up with a band, red carpet and razor--1,690,000 miles long--the trip they have just completed. Both men are in a raft waiting for the ship to pick them up. They were strapped into their space ships last Thursday, four days ago. Both fellows in good condition. Helicopters picked up the spacecraft after the fellows were taken out by helicopter. Ray Sabin (Paul and Phyllis Sabin Walton) father's funeral tomorrow in Salem. Velma's ex- husband--guess we will go over. Gladys Despain, Porter Judd stopped by Friday with her son and wife from Richland. They met Wilford (Jr.) and Mary Jane. Gladys lives in Mexico.

June 11, 1965 No letters. Wonder when Ted and family will be released. Hope Ballard and family can come down for the reunion-- Whitakers--3 & 4 July in Kanosh. Saw Paul, Helen, Ron and Phyllis at Ray Sabin's funeral. They look well and prosperous--$990.00 ton for potatoes last year. Still cloudy and cool. So darn lame. Poor Verna is in so much pain. Can't eat or help herself in any way. Edith walks around the temple at night for comfort and solace.

June 12th Carol's tiny one was born at noon.

Monday, June 14, 1965, 69th birthday Flag Day but so few flags are out on display. Still cold, cloudy and stormy.

Tuesday Bro. Wilkinson brought me a bowl of freshly picked strawberries. They have two short rows but have picked over a case. They are ever-bearers. So good. Bob saw Herman at Minnie's. Lillian has a bad back. She can't sit so must stand or lie down. That is no fun. Tom and Margie may be here tonight or tomorrow. They are bringing a dancing group to perform at U of U for the June conference dance festival. Jean and family brought over a birthday cake and lipstick and a teflon fry pan. Yvonne sent money for a dressy dress. Must get Dad something for father's day. He got me a lovely pair of house slippers.

June 29, 1965 Tom and family were here last week. Doran and Annette danced in MIA dance festival. 8000 girls and boys on the floor or grass in so many beautiful colored costumes. John and Thelma flew in Thursday for a BY High class reunion and flew back to Pacoima Sun.

Friday, July 2 Ballard and David came in last night from Yakima. David has grown so tall I hardly knew him. It is so good to have the children visit if only for a few days. Yvonne next then Ted and Marne and family after the 20th.

July 9, 1965--46th wedding anniversary Been alone all evening. Wilford and Bob went to S. Lake to a wedding of Milton's grandchild, Louise's daughter.

July 12 Waited up till 2 when he came home after a show at the drive-in. Marcele's best friend died suddenly from a heart attack. Elzina Robinson--used to run a little store in Timpanogos Entrance. She took it hard. A wonderful way to go. Poor Verna?? Still so helpless and suffers so--why can't she be called home? Why?

July 16 Yvonne and Gordy came in Tuesday Eve. Went to Vernal Thursday until Sun. For Hawkins reunion. Expect Ted and family Monday or Tuesday. Home Yvonne can stay until they come.

Friday afternoon 3 PM Wilford and I are going to a High Priests party held in a park in Alpine--a few miles north of us at 5 PM. 10:00 PM--It stormed all evening. Had to hold banquet indoors.

Aug. 4, 1965 We met Ted, Marne and family at the airport Tues. 20th July at 8:40 PM. It was so good to see them all home safe and sound. They have been with us until Tues. 3rd then all left for S. Lake to see Boyd Packer and family on plane for Boston. Ted's family will live in his home until they find something for themselves. The homecoming in P. Grove was lovely. The boys and Ted and Marne bore their testimonies and the four little ones, Clari, Joni, Lisa and Boyd sang 2 songs in Spanish. We enjoy them so much. Ted, Dad and the boys have insulated my fruit room--now I can use my bedroom for a bedroom instead of a storeroom. They worked so hard.

Aug. 23, Monday Verna passed away Aug. 17, 1965. Funeral Friday, Aug. 20. We had a prayer and fast day Aug. 8 asking for her release. Poor dear, she suffered so the last 2 wks. Erma Clark and Edith wrote me--also Naomi from Daly City, Cal. I'm so glad Laron flew down. He was the only representative of us--he gave the prayer in the family circle. Also sent flowers from all of us. Wilford Jr. and family left for Prosser this morning. He worked in the Gen. Library most of the 2 wks he was here. Baby Cynthia--4-1/2 months old is so bright and a beautiful child. Jean and Lewis are home from Escalante. We all ate dinner at Bob and Shaunna's yesterday. It was so good. Baking bread now. It is warm in spite of thunder and rain all week. "The Despain Log Chain" Wilford (Jr.) puts out once a month is wonderful and he spends so much time on it for no pay and he may not have money enough to publish September's issue.

Tuesday, 11th Jan. 1966 No snow, but windy and cold. It is cloudy and may snow soon. Got a nice newsy letter from Edith Reeder--Verna's daughter. She seems so alone. She said she opened her gifts Christmas Eve and no one was with her. This is her first Christmas without her mother. She lives in a cozy home left to her by her mother. Too bad she doesn't have a very good lady friend or relative to come in and stay with her.

Thurs. Jan. 20, 1966 The fog is over the hills but clear in the valleys. Babies are all growing so fast. Michelle with 2 teeth at 6 months. Cynthia cutting hers at 9 months. This Endocine I'm taking along with hot packs and 8 aspirin a day holds off the pain but no strength in my limbs yet--more exercise, more exercise. Will be glad when I won't need to go to the Drs. I've had a fool cold since the first of the year. I don't know why I can't throw it off.

Wed. Feb. 9, 1966 We are getting a little snow and it stays cold. I've still got a dumb cold. I am the dumb one--I hate to go anywhere I look so awful. Ugly face and hair. I'm home so much I'm afraid of my shadow. Wilford sings in the S.L. Tabernacle with a choir from here. Jack Larsen is the leader. Gorin will sing with them. It is to raise money for medical supplies for the State Training School. Wilford (Jr.) works up there 19 hrs. A week in the grandfather program. The boy he works with can't talk or even feed himself--so many unfortunate ones up there. It is so sad.

Wed. Feb. 16, 1966 It is cold--6 above last night and 26 degrees now. Diane's birthday is 24th. She will be getting married in May to David Hoopes in California. They are going to the Y. He met her in Uruguay when on his mission--a fine fellow. Ted is in Mexico until next week. I wish I could feel better, darn.

Monday, March 7, 1966 On Tuesday and Wed, Mar. 1 we had a big snow storm (6-12 inches) and zero weather. Today the snow is melting fast-- birds are chirping and all is beautiful. The snow in the Dakotas and tornado in Miss. has caused disaster areas. Animals and people frozen in their own back yards--trying to get from the chicken coop to the house--lost in fog and drifts. Now the floods. The war in Vietnam is still going on. David Whitaker was drafted and is in training--was at Fort Ord a month ago. Diane Tuttle will be married to David Hoops on 25th May. Hope Dad and Jean can go to the temple with them. I would love to go. He is a returned missionary and a college graduate. Are so happy. Ted and Marne were in Arizona last week. He is in Idaho this last weekend. Mabel is pretty well. How important it is to keep all the commandments. Our new chapel was dedicated on 27 February. Apostle Lee dedicated the building.

21 March 1966 Cold wind and snow flurry. Went to Erma Clark's funeral Sat. Saw Wallace and family. He looks so old. Uncle Ezra Clark 101 years old, father of Harold Clark, professor at BYU for years. Jean took us in her new Buick. It was a lovely ride.

13 April Conference weather was delightful. Conference messages were so inspirational. Why can't even Mormons keep God's commandments better than we do. We are admonished by our leaders to prepare for the coming of the Lord by living the gospel and pray day and night. So much carnage on the highways--war, earthquakes, famine, hurricanes, predictions coming true every day. Pres. McKay--92 years but able to speak from the rostrum--trying to wake us up. Over 2 million. About or less of the church membership are active. We saw Wilford Jr. Thursday. I went to the genealogy library with him. There is so much to do and study before we can accomplish much in genealogy.

Friday, April 22, 1966 Clara Whitaker Rollins died this morning. She had a stroke a week ago and was in the hospital just a few days. Very little suffering. She is happy with her husband Roy and father, mother, Mose, Jessie, Charles, Bert, Caroll, Leah Paul_____. Ted would like Dad to get away for a month and go up with Bob and David and show them how to stretch a six mile fence. He could get them up in the morning, cook for them and keep them going by encouraging them. Ted will discuss it with him soon. He will be in Mexico this weekend. Diane and Marne flew to Oakland, California last night to visit with Hoops--also their friend is giving Diane a shower. The children will be alone until Monday. It teaches them responsibility. Visited with her yesterday while Jean went to the temple with Jane and friend.

Sat. April 30, 1966 Bob and Shaunna were here last Saturday and today. My hair looks awful. Jimmy Whitaker married a widow with a 6 year old and 4 others. Divorced. I hope he keeps working and is happier than Ron and Barbra seem to be. David Whitaker will be in Viet Nam in a few months. Earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and an erupting volcano covered villages and many people were killed. The greatest carnage is on the high or freeways. Every paper is so depressing to read. Marne and Diane were in California last weekend for a shower for Diane. A pretty expensive shower! She gets married the 25th of May. Candy Hansen married 5 May and Gunthers Paul had a reception last night in Lehi.

May 4th Tomorrow is Dan Boyce's birthday (68). Wonderfully warm so early--80 degrees and higher. Lilacs are blooming this year. Frost took all the fruit but lilacs were later I guess. We just planted calla lilies, glad and many varieties of flowers. Hope they all come up and bloom.

6 May 1966 Wilford and I went to "Bye Bye Birdie" put on at Bob Tuttle's high school. He played a violin in the orchestra. Saturday night I went to the opera "Aida" at the BY. Dave Tuttle was one of the guards. Jean and Marne took me. I surely enjoyed it. I know Wilf and any of the family hate to be with me in public. I look like a frog ready to jump with these fool knees. Tried on dresses but too short. Jean and I spent yesterday helping Marne get the reception notices out for Diane's wedding reception. Heard from all the kids but Wilford (Jr.). Hope they aren't sick.

June 8, 1966 We went to Diane's wedding and reception on 25th May. Everything was lovely. Ted married them. David Hoopes folks are very friendly. His father is a bishop. He also is vice president of Safeway Co. Many of the authorities were at the reception; S. Dilworth Young, Ezra Taft Benson, Romney and others. Yvonne and Gordy went thru the temple again after 20 years.

Thurs. June 16, 1966 70 years young??? Today is Ira's birthday. He would have been 86. Tuesday the 14th was flag day and so few flags were displayed. Also it was my birthday. Dick and Eilene and Erin were here on their way to California to pick up his girls. They will keep them for the summer. Eilene isn't very strong and expects another one in Sept. Some trouble with Rx factor. Bob, Shaunna, Marne, Jean and Carl and Carol were here for ice cream and cake. It was good to have people around. I get lonesome for the family. John and family will be here Sunday and Tom and family tomorrow or tonight. Diane and Dave are in Provo for summer school. Ted's boys Dave and Bob are in Idaho with Richard. They are putting in 6 miles of fence on a big ranch they have invested in. Marne was in California for Diane's and David's open house. John and Thelma flew to Oakland to attend reception. Ted and Marne were in N. Mexico last weekend and in Idaho with the boys right now. Wilford (Jr.) and Mary Jane may get vacations later. Ballard may come for Whitaker Reunion. David W. was with Carol overnight Sunday the 5th June on Carol's 5th wedding anniversary. On the way to visit his folks, then to Viet Nam. So sad to see so many young boys sacrificing their lives so needlessly.

June 30th, 1966 Yesterday was Wilford Jr. birthday. He was 32. Mary Jane is pregnant--also is Thelma. This will be Wilford (Jr.)'s sixth and John's eighth. John and family left for home yesterday morning at 4 AM. They expect to stay over night in Las Vegas and take in a show. They were in Utah 10 days. Here part of the time. They have their hands full with all of those babies. Tom went home a week ago. We had a family night at Marne's after dinner. Carl and Carol, Dave and Diane left early. Tom and John's children sang and played guitar, violin and piano. All the children sang primary songs. So good to all be together. Poor little Carol. She is hot and uncomfortable. Her baby is expected soon. They want a boy. I'm so lame--darn.

July 7, 1966, Wed. So hot--99 degrees yesterday. Sat. 9 we will have been married 47 years.

Sunday, July 10 Light rain last night. Why not a good sod soaker? It is so badly needed. Yesterday we were married 47 years. Some days I feel every one of them. Why can't I just get up and go everywhere with Wilford? Some mornings he is stiff and lame but soon snaps out of it. Jean and Marne furnished a lovely fish dinner Friday. We ate here but Bob and Shaunna couldn't come. It is so good to have Ted around when he has time to stay an hour or two and is more relaxed. He has 3 farms to keep track of. Carol expects her boy any time. Four little ones under five will keep her more than busy. Hope Eilene keeps well. They have Melody and Monica with them and expect another in Sept. Hope all are well. David W. is in Viet Nam. Carol heard from him. Such a senseless war! Time to go to Sunday School. Wish I could go! On the 25th June, Ted, Marne and family, Bob and family, John and family met at Como Resort with other Boyces. Jean Clark Christiansen called us together. Ben's family were represented, also Ira's Mabel's and Leona's, Laron and Joel. We are the last leaves on the parent tree. Leona may be here this month, Jeanell said. So good to be together with children and grandchildren, nephew and nieces.

July 29 Last Saturday we went to Kanosh for Whitaker reunion. Big crowd. Bob was appointed president of the organization. They will hold the reunion in Provo or Salt Lake next year. It was so good to meet old friends again. This 100 degree plus weather is hard on we old folks as well as young. Wilford went to Mrs. Larsen's funeral. She was a foster grandparent. She and some of her grandchildren were parked in Flaming Gorge area, when the car's brakes gave way and it slid into 20 ft deep river. Very sudden and sad. Marcelle is recovering slowly. LaMar should take her home with him for a change. It is cooler in Vernal too. Milt, Paloma, Maxine and Donna were here for dinner Tuesday. Also Ted, Marne, Lewis, Jean and Carl, Carol and families. Ted's 23rd anniversary. We expect Wilford (Jr.) and family here next week. The heat wave is broken--clouds and breeze occasionally. Still in the 90's. Tomatoes are ripening slowly. Raspberries are a disappointment. Only about case all month. None to bottle, few to freeze. War all over the earth is fermenting Jews and Arabs over water. So. Viet Nam--all so useless.

Wed. Aug. 24, 1966 Wilford Jr. and family left for home yesterday. They were here for 2 weeks. He spent most of the time in the Gen. Library so not much vacation for him. Lovely rain last week that broke our 90 to 100 degree hot spell. Tomatoes are coming on. We have nearly 50 quarts canned. Newsy letter from Thelma, Marjorie and Eilene. All are well and more than busy. Eilene expects her boy on Dad's birthday--4th September. Mary Jane in Dec. And Thelma and Jean next. All are well. An earthquake in Turkey took many lives and destroyed many small villages. Famine may be sooner than we realize--foodstuffs getting scarcer and higher. We must get more food and etc. on reserve--at least 1 year supply. Must write to Leona and the kids.

August 31 Nice quiet rain--cloudy all over. Eilene expects her baby by next Sunday. Wilford Sr. birthday September 4. Hope and pray all goes well and a lovely healthy baby boy is born. Lovely letters from Thelma, Marge and Eilene--owe them letters, also Leona. Got our tomatoes bottled--now pears but no peaches this year or cherries.

Sat. Sept. 3 Received a phone call from Dick. Eilene is in the hospital--an 8 lb 13 oz boy was born Sept. 2. Missed Dad's birthday by two days. All doing well.

Sept. 14, Wed. Joel and Disc just left. They were here for a hour. It is raining hard and they should have stayed over nits but Joel wanted to get back to California. He has been gone 4 months. Had a nice dinner up to Marne's on Dad's birthday. Carl named his 4th girl the same day. They look well and happy. He named her Tracey Yvonne Hales. Must write to Thelma and Mary Jane soon.

Monday, Sept. 26, 1966 Dan and Echo stopped by for hour. It was good to see them. They look well and happy. Their boy Bob is getting married soon. Eugenia and Bob will graduate in May they hope. Bob and Shaunna may go up to Dick's today. He thinks he can get work that will pay regularly. The wind just began to blow and it is cold. No frost yet. Flowers are lovely especially mums and petunias. Clouds are heavy and dark but high. All well. The Boyce reunion is Thursday night at Rhea's and Earl Maws noon. Dan and Echo visited an hour Tuesday on their way to Laron's. They will work in the genealogy library a few days. Jean and I will go to the reunion tonight. Marne was laid low with a migraine headache. Jean and I were over there when she got home from the Gee wedding and breakfast in Utah Hotel's sky room. June, the mother, is Ted's sister. I wish Marne would take hormones to help whatever ails her.

Oct. 13, 1966 Our big storm is here. Wind, rain and snow and frost expected tonight. I wish Ted's apples were all under the shed. I'm afraid this wind will bring them on the ground. I wish I could help Bob and Shaunna.

Oct. 19 Tomorrow is Bob and Dick's birthday. Monday 24th is Jean's. She feels fine. We are having wonderful weather. Flowers looked pretty--especially the dahlias and mums but nearly gone now.

Oct. 24 Jean's birthday. The twins are 28 and she is 36. How the time flies, yet each day is so long when one is as inactive as I am. If my knees would only relax a little. Brother Peters, a widower across the street I can see wile sitting here, is pruning his ornamental trees. Marcelle, Gordy's mother, is in the hospital again with phlebitis, arthritis and neuritis all in one leg. Very, very painful. Gordy and Von will be here for BY homecoming in Nov. They will stay in a motel near the campus so we won't see much of them. Flowers are all gone but it is lovely and sunny in the daytime. Wilford has been custodian for Pulley's while they went East to bring Andrea home from her mission. Carl's sister Janice left last week for England as a missionary. Lois, his older sister is in Germany on a mission. I hope Bob finds something to make a good living at soon. I'm afraid they are going hungry part of the time. Why do I worry so much over them. Hours and hours in the night I can't sleep--so stupid.

Nov. 9, 1966 Gordy and Von have come and gone. They came for BYU homecoming. They were here about 2 hours Friday evening when Marne, Ted, Lewis and Jean and Carol and all ate ice cream. We thought they would call Sunday before they left for California. Yesterday we voted and Gov. Brown was defeated by Ronald Reagan as governor of California. Republicans made a good showing all over the country.

Nov 17 We just bought a 1962 Grand Prix Pontiac--$1500. Hope it gives as good service as our 1957 DeSota we have had so long.

Friday, Dec. 9, 1966 We are happy to report Carol and Carl's Tracy is home from the hospital where she was four days. A sever case of diarrhea. Poor little tyke so dehydrated she was given oxygen also glucose intravenously. All are well. Tom Whatcott will be here tonight. He and Wilford will sing at a funeral tomorrow. Christmas is near. Such a beautiful time of the year. Light snow fell yesterday. Sunny this morning.

Tues. Jan. 3, 1967 Christmas has come and gone. Dick and Eilene were here for New Years. Also Dave and Diane were with her folks for New Years. She looks so cute--she expects in April. Mary Jane's daughter was born Dec. 21. She weighted 7 lbs. 10-3/4 oz.

Tues. Jan. 10 We expect to hear from John anytime announcing the arrival of their latest. Have 6-8 inches of snow on the ground. It is too cold to melt. Bob has a job. Shaunna must be operated on soon for piles. Jean has 4 or 5 weeks yet. They would like another girl. Dad is on jury duty.

Thursday, 12th, 5 PM The sun looks like a big pink balloon. It's foggy and it has looked like the moon when we could see it. My writ begins to feel a little less painful. I fell on it as week ago and it has hurt and been so lame all week I could scarcely hold anything. A note from Yvonne. She is sorry I told Marcelle what Gordy told me on the phone. $125,000 home made a lovely Christmas present. She had to give advice to them that they won't accept. They feel it is their own business. My big mouth opens too often.

Jan. 25 Carol's birthday was last Sunday 22nd. John and Thelma's tiny daughter was born Mon. 23rd, 1967. Heavy snow--12 inches out there. Slippery and dangerous to drive. Everything, trees, roofs, bushes--just beautiful, pure white clouds just left the sky--fell all at once. Jean in 3 weeks then Diane in April. All are well.

Tues. 20 Feb. 1967 Ted and Marne returned from Guatemala Friday evening. They were gone nearly 3 weeks. We kept Boyd with us and really enjoyed him. He is such a live wire and so sweet--he knows most of his letters and numbers. Jean expects her baby by Saturday or before--she feels fine. We went with Jean and Lewis up Provo Canyon thru Heber and on to Park City, through Parley's Canyon and home. It was very enjoyable. We watched the skiers for a little while. It looks like so much fun. Communism that has been filtering into USA for fifty years is paying off. Many teachers, even in the grammar grades, are teaching it and that is one reason there is so much revolt and disregard for law--thousands of babies are born every day out of wedlock. Other thousands Asian-Americans, sire by the service men--beautiful, intelligent children--abandoned. Starving and homeless. Just as in Korea when the men were there.

March 6, 1967 Just a phone call from Jean from Provo hospital. Her ten pound boy was born last night at 11:45 PM. Lewis is home today. Bob just called in. He may get on at the dairy-cream of Weber where Carl works. It is cold and windy.

Wed. 8th Ted and Marne left last night for Central America--Guatemala where they were last month at this time.

Mon. March 20th Shaunna and Bob called in and said Marne was home and expected Ted today. All are well. Carol, Clara Steed, her son Gary and his wife called on us yesterday. I still can't remember her last name. I must write it down the next time I see her. Bob works for the Cream of Weber dairy. The farmers are dumping milk--striking for higher prices in Idaho and the Eastern States, so the middle man won't or can't make all the profits. It is so senseless. Wilford (Jr.) and Cathy may be here for conference in April.

March 28th Easter was Sunday. Ate dinner at Carl and Carol's, visited with Marne, Bob and June Gee and families. All are fine. Ted speaks at the BYU this morning.

Tuesday, April 11, 1967 Marne called to say Diane and David had a lovely boy born Friday. Marne went down Sunday and Ted goes Wednesday to tour the Spanish and Mexican mission in California. We had a splendid conference this weekend. Oh! If all LDS people would live our religion, nothing could stop us. Only 33 to 35 years before the end of the world. All must go through trials and tribulation in the meantime. Will we be able to endure to the end? Forsake evil and do the best we can every day. Ballard and Maudeen are having trouble--why can't he be honest with her and show his love? Tom, Annette, Dan and Ryan were here two nights then Sat. & Sunday with Marne. Wilford (Jr.), Cathy and Billy were here all last week leaving Sunday morning. Jean left the baby with us over night last Tuesday--will leave him a few hours Friday.

Sunday, April 23 A beautiful snowstorm came in this morning--2 or 3 inches fell in 2 or 3 hours. Maudeen was baptized 2 weeks ago. They could be so happy now if Ballard was honoring his priesthood and was the man God expects him to be--also what we his parents hope and prays for. Gordon and Von are having their problems--haven't sold their home yet, taxes are so high on both large homes. Jean taught school 3 days last week and left the baby with Jolene and Dean. We have a 1966 Plymouth--a lovely car. We expect it to last the rest of our driving days--Wilford's I mean. Ten years or so--who knows. He will be 70 in September. Never a sick day in his life--thank goodness! Over TV panels have been discussing abortions pro and con. Why not control the birthrate at its source and operate on the men rather than commit murder by killing innocent babies. Why are we becoming a God-less nation? As a nation we will pay. 18 tornadoes in Missouri, two towns destroyed, hundred injured and scores killed. Millions of dollars in damages. We are facing the fulfillment of prophecy every day. Corinne is five. We will eat dinner with them today.

Saturday, April 29 Never remember such a cold, windy and stormy April. Trees in bud, lilacs will be beautiful if they don't freeze. Thousands of buds but they just stay a tight little bud--too cold to develop. Wilford has been chosen to return to work at the training school when they need him so will go into the Northwest and visit the children next week. Hope to see Ballard and Maudeen especially. They are having difficulties--wish we could help them!! Oh how we pray for them all the time. The church is buying more land in Missouri. They will begin work on 24 temples before many years. If anyone refuses a call to help build up Missouri they will be controlled by the devil henceforth. Our children and grandchildren may be called to that mission someday.

May 19, 1967 Friday We left for the Northwest on the 5th of May. Stopped in Baker, Oregon then on to Wilford (Jr.)'s in Prosser. They were surprised. Then saw Lydia, Jim, Patty Ann and Albert. All are well. Then on to Maudeen in Yakima--she is broken- hearted since Ballard moved out. Saw Ballard and Fred in Ellensburg. Fred goes to high school and works in Safeway. He plays 2nd choir in high school and a trumpet player. Ballard is inn love with Mrs. Joan Christofferson with 4 children--twins, a boy and girl are Fed's age--a girl 13 and a married daughter. They live in a nice home and she gets so much for each child. Her husband was killed in an accident last year. Dick, Eilene and family have a nice home also Wilford (Jr.) has a lovely home, and Tom too, in Spokane among the beautiful pine trees. All are well and busy.

May 29 Memorial Day the 30th. Also Tom's birthday 20th and Marjorie's 30th tomorrow. Saturday Boyce get together. Dan and Echo and Marba were at BYU Friday night for Robert and Eugenia's graduation. Also Marden's wife Bessie graduated. Carol Steed, Jean Christiansen and Von and family, all at the reunion. It was good to see Wallace and so many of his family--Boyce, Harlan Marden, Leon's wife.

June 1st, 1967 It is cold and cloudy and it has been all of April and May. Just a few sunny days. This weather doesn't help me any. I'm so darn lame I could howl every time I move!! It is so discouraging and frustrating.

June 5th, 1967 The United Nations are meeting again to try to settle a dispute between Arab forces and Israeli troops. Each accuses other of beginning the fight that is now going on since early this morning. All persons of US are asked to leave. It looks and sounds serious. Watching on TV.

June 14 Still cloudy and rainy. We have had a cold storm Spring. No sunshine all month and May. Debbie will fly up this weekend to attend BYU for 2 weeks and stay with Marne and her grandparents this summer. Hope we can help her. Ballard gets married Saturday. He seems so happy. I hope they are converted to the church--his new family and his own. 71 today--feel fine except???

July 1967 Time passes. Whitaker reunion at the Swiss Chalet July 1 in Heber. We had 44 of our clan there. Von and Gordy and kids, Tom and Marjorie and family, Ted and Marne and family, John, Thelma, baby Dora and Johnny. Jean and children, Bob, Shaunna and family, Carl, Carol and family and Dad and I. Mrs. Chipman's husband was killed in a car accident a few weeks before but she was there. She is the genealogist. A lovely person. Bert's wife Clara, 90 years old, was there. She is mentally alert and ok physically. Charles Herman's boy from Fallon and Herman and Lillian and her sister, Melba and Owen Ferrin, Judge, Russel and families. Also Milton, Paloma, Doug and family and many on the Taylor side. Sophia and Harriet grandfather W. sisters married Pres. John Taylor. Yvonne and Tom stayed over the 4th July. Enjoyed "Promised Valley" across from the Temple. Wish I could see it and temple grounds again. Florence Abraham is in the hospital at American Fork. Doctors are experimenting on her--nearly starving her--but she feels better. Some of the family may go to Kanosh Centennial July 22nd.

July 20, 1967 Got a letter from Ballard. They, he and Joann were wed 8 June. He sounds very happy. He will come July 30th for one day. A tight schedule he says. We will be glad to see them. I hope he writes to Carol so there will be good feelings all around. Lydia, Albert and Patty have gone to California with David. Florence will leave the hospital tomorrow. She had her gall bladder removed.

Aug. 7th Marne's birthday yesterday. Ballard and Joann and Julia were here last Sunday. We all got together at Ted and Marne's Our new daughter is a lovely capable person and Julie is sweet 13 y.o. It rained hard yesterday. Ted and family are spending a week at "Timp Haven." It is cloudy now. It is a relief it has been in the 90's for two weeks or more. We are never satisfied. Too hot or too cold.

Aug. 26, 1967 We had the Despain reunion last Saturday. Wilford (Jr.) and Mary Jane were here a few days. I wonder if all we old folks wouldn't be much happier if Wilford (Jr.) would take all the records he has of grandfather Solomon J. Despain's three families and all their children, records, pictures, histories--it would make a wonderful book. But going back to the unknown--of course we must do genealogy and find all these people but-- Ted and Marne have been gone all week in CourDeLane and British Columbia, then Ted must be in Burley, Idaho tonight and Sunday. Marne may be back now. Carol and Eilene expect in January and Feb. Hope all are ok. David T. left yesterday with a group from BYU language group. They are going to study an Indian language called Cachi-Quel spoken by a million Indians, and are traveling by bus and car to Guatemala. Some great experiences worth while. They will be gone a month.

Monday, Sept. 4, 1967 Wilford Sr. is 70 years old today. He has excellent health. Lucky boy. We spent today or evening at Ted and Marne's-- 25 of us. Lewis, Carl and Bob's families and dad and I. He got some lovely gifts. Bob Tuttle is taking voice lessons. Dick and Eilene will be here soon. Melody and Monica will be with them. They will fly to Los Angeles. For two months we have had 90 degree weather--cooler mornings and evenings. Kennecott strike has been on for weeks--hurting the economy of the country. We put up 16 quarts of tomatoes today. Saltair was burned down yesterday except for the pavilion--a Moorish architecture--world recognized. Some are working to bring it back to what it was. Mr. Brewster is head of it--quite anxious to have enthusiastic supporters.

Sep. 17 Dick and Eilene were here from Tuesday until Friday. They visited with their folks in Buhl, Idaho and got home Monday. Dick's little girls, Melody and Monica are so sweet and growing so fast. Marne and Ted are in Butte, Montana today. All well at home.

Thursday, Sept. 21, 1967 Ted and Marne returned from New Mexico and Colorado Tuesday. They left a week ago. They had a lovely trip. The weather was ideal. Very little frost here--still picking tomatoes and etc. Been putting up peaches and tomatoes. I like peaches ripened on the tree which these Elberta's weren't but look pretty in the bottles. Lovely letter from Leona my youngest sister. She told of a family get together--41 present at her son John's lovely home. John, Thelma and family and Leona's children and grandchildren.

Oct. 10 Conference has come and gone and really we received a spiritual feast. Nothing new--we must keep the commandments of the Lord right to the end. Not a little coffee here or tea there because I'm an old lady and it doesn't matter now--not true--maintain vigilance right to our last breath. Diane and Dave and baby were with Ted and Mother during conference. Baby is growing so fast. All are well.

Oct. 24, 1967 Today is Jean's birthday. She is 37 years old. Bob and Dick were 29 years old last Friday. Time has gone by so swiftly. All of us are getting older--such is life. Ted was in New Mexico last week and Marne goes to Mexico City with Ted next week for 5 or 6 days. Hope a woman comes in to help the girls get off to school and get dinners. Debbie is adjusting nicely.

Nov. 2, 1967 Ted and Marne are in Mexico City and will be gone til Sunday or Monday. The weather is cold and clear and windy. The "hippy movement" isn't quite so popular but it is a disgrace to the country as are the big demonstrations against the government.

Nov. 22 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We will eat dinner with Ted and Marne's family and June and Clifford Gee. Ted is in Mexico touring the mission. He will be home after 1st December. Doran will be with us. Mary Jane was operated on a month ago for appendicitis. Tom and family are busy. His home is coming along well. It is big job and keeps him busy financing it.

December 19, 1967 Snow and wind--drifts and cold--some roads closed. Christmas next Monday a week away. Its a beautiful custom. Most families have a trimmed tree-the children should have the fun of trimming it but no--they mustn't even touch it-- some parents are that way. Carol left two of the little ones an hour or two while she and Lois went to Provo. Jean is teaching today inn Pleasant Grove. It surely is snowing hard. In Flagstaff, Arizona over 4 feet of snow--many Indians in trouble--marooned without a way to get help except by helicopters.

December 21, 1967 The man died this morning that had a heart transplant in So. Africa Dec. 3. Imagine!! His heart was still going strong but died of pneumonia. The Kennecott strike is still on. People are becoming anxious. Still snowing--about 8 inches on the ground--4 degrees last night, 20 degrees daylight.

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 1967 Christmas was lovely. The kids all remembered us--too well. We don't deserve it. Getting home from Ted and Marne's last night. It was raining and foggy and black ice. Wilford said we got home by the "skin of our teeth." He host 3 years. He hates to drive at night--only 6:30 when we got home. We passed a bad "crack up" at the point of the mountain. An elderly couple were killed from Washington--tragic. We enjoyed the record Johnnie sent--his first record. The only difference--the rest of the grandchildren need some one to push and help them. They all have splendid voices. Shawn, Corinne, Boyd, Allen and all the rest--older ones too.

Jan. 8, 1968 A beautiful sunny cold day--few clouds, little fog. All are well except Carol's children and all have colds. Hope the flu doesn't keep children home from school as it is doing. Had dinner with Jean and family. Have seen so little of them

Jan. 16, 1968 Ted and Marne left this morning to tour the Mexican mission. They will be in Guatemala first. Doran is at the BYU. He may go on a mission soon. Carol expects her baby any day. They have all had bad colds and coughs. It is clear and cold.