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Chapter Five

World War Two (1941 - 1945)

Dora made her own contribution to the War Effort, in sending three sons and three sons-in-law into the Armed Forces. She was proud to display the flag with the stars on it in her window, and thankfully, she never had to display a black star, as everyone returned home safely. Ballard joined the Sea Bees and said he hauled troops and supplies to the Pacific Theatre. Tom joined the U. S. Navy and served out the War in the Hawaiian Islands stationed in Honolulu. He brought back a Japanese rifle and bayonet and other trophies of war. John joined the Army, serving in the 182nd Paratroop Division of the Army. He was also an instructor at Fort Bragg, NC. Gordon Hawkins joined the Marines and served in the Pacific Theatre. He was heavy weight boxing champion of the Pacific fleet and was injured there, but not in combat. A. Theodore Tuttle also joined the Marines, serving in the Pacific Theatre. He became a Lieutenant and commanded the squad that raised the flag on Iwo Jima. Lewis Griffin was in the U.S. Army later, and Bob and Dick were in the National Guard. Each in his own way, contributed to the war effort, while we at home were experiencing Rationing, Shortages, War Bond Drives, air-raid drills and black-outs. Wilford Sr. also worked in the ship-yards at Bremerton, WN. as a riveter.

President George Albert Smith was the Prophet from 1945-1951.

July 4, 1945 Spent this afternoon in Toppenish with family, also Marné's and Ballard's family where we went to rodeo and carnival. Children enjoyed the day. We took a freezer of homemade ice cream, fried chicken, sandwiches, etc. It was good to get away from work awhile. Gordon and Yvonne are on a honeymoon of a kind. Gordon is convalescing from a back injury received in the war.

Thursday, July 5, 1945 All busy picking beans. I picked 450 lbs. today. We are interested in buying a ranch in Ellensburg, about 35 miles north of Yakima from Lee Farrell, a LDS church member. It will be good to get away from truck farming. It is such hard work.

July 9, 1945, Monday, Ellensburg Been married 26 yrs. 9 children and four grandchildren. We bought a big ranch and a lovely home in Ellensburg. We can have children's friends and husbands without worry. Lg. Kitchen, dining room and parlor, 3 bedrooms, attic and basement. So happy. Sheep and hay mostly.

Ellensburg, Wn. Saturday, April 3, 1949(R. M. Pratt)Drove to Wenatchee at 7 AM to meet John [Zitting] and Hurley [Carr] to go to Ellensburg to visit the branch. Had dinner with Bro and Sis David Gibb and spent time with the young Branch President Walton trying to help him solve some serious problems. He is a good young man but very little experience. (We were destined to return to Ellensburg several more times as the problem escalated.)

Ellensburg, Wn., Nov. 16, 1949, Wed. 8 PM Dear Diary, Nearly 40 years since I started a diary. Dick and Bob are 11 yrs. Old. Wilford (Jr.) is 15. John is in So. America on a mission. John will be home in the summer of 1950. Jean was married in Sept. To Lewis Griffin. He will graduate from the BYU in June. Marné expects her third baby in April. Her David and Diane so dear and pretty. Laron, my brother and wife are expecting in April. Richard Boyce is on a mission so this baby is almost a miracle. 22 yrs. Since Evelyn had a baby. Marné and Yvonne and Jean are so are away. I get so homesick to see them. I've lived away from my folks for so long. I am happy with my dear husband and the boys. Tom was married to Marjorie RACH in July of 1948, we love them. John left for his mission to S.A. in 1949. He is so sincere and sweet.

Ellensburg, Sunday Jan 8, 1950 - (R. M. Pratt)Drove to Ellensburg with John and Hurley where we attended Sunday School and Priesthood. Had dinner with Dave Gibb (2nd councilor) and family. After dinner we held a District presidency meeting and then met with the Branch Presidency at 2:30 and held forth until 6 PM trying to help them solve their problems.

Richard Marden Pratt, a descendant of Parley P. Pratt, was in the Wenatchee District Presidency, along with Pres. John Zitting and Hurley Carr. He wrote his "Autobiography" and a short "History of the Wenatchee District of the LDS Church". Brother Pratt and his wife served an LDS Mission to the Island of Kiribati 1978-1980 and sent his writings to the library there, where Dora's son Richard Whitaker and his wife LeeAnn, found them, as they were also serving an LDS Mission there in 2002-2004.

Ephrata, Wn. Sunday, Feb 5, 1950 (R.M. Pratt) Held District Conference at Ephrata. John had me conduct the morning session and also act as the first speaker, 226 people were present, less than usual due to the slick roads and cold weather, but better than expected. President Richard and wife were present and Bro. David Gibbs conducted the afternoon session. Got home at 9:30 PM>

Mon. Feb. 6, 1950 Wilford and I went to conference in Ephrata yesterday. Our choir from Ellensburg sang four numbers. We received many compliments. Wilford is the leader. We sent Doran W. & Diane Tuttle a toy for their birthdays. Doran's is 22 and Dan.'s 24 Feb. No school for two weeks because of a coal strike--no coal on hand. We have had ten days of 20-30 below. We surely appreciate our lovely home and coal furnace. We miss the children who are married and away. John will be home from his mission in South America next summer. Lewis and Jean expect their first baby in July. Would love to visit them next fall. Sent a Round Robin but can't tell when it will return.

Ephrata, Wn. Sunday, Feb 26, 1950 (R.M. Pratt) Took all my family to Ephrata to S.S. Had dinner with my folks. Went to Union meeting at 3 PM. Then met with the Ellensburg Branch Presidency at 5 PM with President Zitting and tried to help them smooth out a rift that has developed between some of the brethren there. Adjourned at 8 PM. Got home at 10 PM.

Ellensburg. Friday March 3, 1950 (R.M. Pratt) Have been considering thoughtfully and prayerfully, the past few days, the trouble the Ellensburg Branch is having. They are split over a building site. Mission President joel Richards has approved the present location but some are not pleased with it, and until they have unity, they will not have a building. We, the District Presidency, are meeting with them Sunday for the fourth time to try to unify them. I am afraid we may become unpopular with the ones that want to change the location as we are in complete harmony with President Richards and will try to unify them to that and get them start building. /p

Ellensburg. Sunday March 5, 1950 (R.M. Pratt) Left home at 6 AM, met John and Hurley in Wenatchee and headed for Ellensburg. Drove right to Dave Gibb's home, arriving there at 8:30 AM. Held a presidency meeting in Bro Gibb's parlor until 9:30. Then we drove over and looked at the proposed building site. (Note: a real problem had developed in the Branch on where to build a chapel. About 1/2 wanted it built on a hilltop to enjoy the view, and the other 1/2 on a level place where they could have a baseball field. Feelings had become so strong that even the inactives were active.) The hall they met in had an aisle down the middle and each faction sat on their own side. Most of the inactives were coming out now and were about 50 - 50 on one side or the other.

(R.M. Pratt) We were a few minutes late for Sunday School. Immediately following S.S. the time was turned over to testimony meeting for a short time and then the balance of the time to the District Presidency. John had me speak first for about 20 minutes, addressing the problem. President Zitting then took the podium and warned, in a very forcible manner, the consequences of going against authority; another meeting was called for 3:30.

(R.M. Pratt) Reconvened at 3:30. Sang "Who's on the Lord's Side." John asked me to speak. I did so as I was moved by the Spirit for about 25 minutes. Speaking plainly and bluntly, I warned them that they had an evil spirit in their midst. Warning that no building would be built until they repented. Many were moved to tears. Each of the District Presidency spoke along the same lines. Then the meeting was opened for questions. I had to arise several times to answer questions thrown at me. A good spirit was manifest and gradually we seemed to be winning them over. John was absolutely masterful in his conducting. We sang one verse of "We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet" and adjourned at 5:30.

We immediately went into a meeting with the Branch Presidency and some of those at fault which lasted til 6:15. but our hope was in vain. Soon we were back again. President Zitting declared that this time the problem would be solved as we would cut the whole Branch off from the church. We also decided our only hope was to reorganize the Branch. The Spirit guided us to old Brother Wilford Woodruff Whitaker, in his sixties. and a sheepman, truly a shepherd. He had not joined with either faction and was highly respected by all.

Ellensburg. Sunday May 21, 1950 (R.M. Pratt) Had dinner with Bro and Sister Zitting after our Wenatchee Branch meetings. Then John, Hurley Carr and I drove to Ellensburg. (David Gibb, the 2nd Councilor lived there.) Picking him up, we went to Brother Whitaker's and called him to be the new Branch president. He very, very reluctantly accepted, and he couldn't be blamed for he knew the mess he was being called to clean up.

(R.M. Pratt) We then went to the appointed meeting. I believe every member was there including some who hadn't been to church in ages. The "Yeas" sat on their side of the aisle and the "Nays" on theirs. After the opening exercises, President Zitting briefly stated the purpose of the meeting and asked if there were any questions. A young man in the back row jumped to his feet and in a loud voice said, "If I can come to the podium, I can break this problem wide open." John invited him up and sat down.

(R.M. Pratt) There were two or three other brothers between us, so we were unable to whisper counsel to each other. I thought and felt that if he spoke it would ruin this, our last chance to save the Branch for it was obvious that he was in the grip of the prevailing bitter spirit. The thought came to me, use the Priesthood that you hold. So I bowed my head and quickly throught these words, "Heavenly Father, by the power of that Holy Priesthood in me vested, I command in the name of jesus Christ that this man's tongue be bound so that he cannot speak."

(R.M. Pratt) By this time he had reached the stand. He stood behind the pulpit, grabbed both sides with his hands, leaned confidently forward and opened his mouth. He was noted for his gift of speaking. But nothing -- nothing came out, no sound of any kind. He stood there for what seemed an endless time, coughed, cleared his throat and returned to his seat. After the meeting he tried to explain it but couldn't other than to say, I could not talk." Afterward, when we could compare notes, President Zitting said that he had experienced the same inspiration and had uttered silently the same words. Truly the power of God was manifest that day.

(R.M. Pratt) President Zitting then returned to the pulpit and without further interruption went forward with releasing the officers of the Branch and presenting Bro Whitaker as President. The voting was unanimous in the affirmative. For the first time in months the Branch was united. And that great old man President Whitaker proved to be worthy of his name sake Wilford Woodruff, the fourth President of the church.

(R.M. Pratt) The activated inactives soon returned to their inactivity. The actives of both factions repented and were soon loved back into harmony by the fatherly love of pres. Whitaker. (Side note: He remained president til the District was disorganized 4 years later and became part of the Grand Coulee Stake newly organized. The chapel was built under him and when the Branch reached the status of a ward in the new stake, the young man whose tongue was bound, became the first Bishop -- and a good one. I withhold his name to avoid any possible offense. It was a tremendous growing experience for all of us but one I wouldn't want to repeat.

Ellensburg. Sunday May 28 1950. (R.M. Pratt) Left with John at 8 AM for Ellensburg. Finished the reorganizing of this Branch. Had dinner with the Whitakers, audited the branch records and got home about 8 PM. Our almost weekly visits to Ellensburg were over.

Ellensburg. Thursday July 27, 1950. (R.M. Pratt) Back to Ellensburg in the afternoon with John and hurley to meet with the Branch presidency and some of the disaffected Brethren. Got home at 2:30 AM, but found all was well.

Sat. Oct. 21, 1950 The twins Robert (Bob) and Richard (Dick) were born 12 years ago. We had a birthday party for them yesterday. There were 20 youngsters here. Wilford is Branch President. Farrell Francom and Darrel Burns are his counselors. We will hold conference in the Kittitas Grade School Nov. 26th and the Relief Society sisters will serve dinner to 250 people. Jean's boy Richard was born July 8 and Tom's girl Alice Annette was born on 25th Sept. And Ballard's boy Fred was born the 2nd October. We were in Utah for conference. Saw all the new grandchildren. We took Paloma , Grace and Melba to St. George to see Clara, their sister who at 69 was recently married. We enjoyed the trip so much in our lovely new De Sota, first new car we ever owned. I hope Ballard and Tom make every effort to take their families to the temple. Tom lives in Logan where he is going to college. Mrs. Schnebly, the twin´s school teacher, came to the twins party. We had a nice visit. Such lovely weather.

Ellensburg. Sunday Nov 26, 1950 (R.M. Pratt)Held district conference at Ellensburg. Pres and Sis Richards being there. I spoke for about 20 minutes at the afternoon session. Had two sessions 10 AM - 12 and 2 - 4 PM as well as Priesthood and Relief Society from 9 - 10 AM.

Ellensburg. Sunday Feb 4, 1951 (R.M. Pratt) This is my first entry for District business in the new year. We attended all our Wenatchee Branch meetings, then John, Hurley and I drove to Ellensburg to hold a branch conference 7:30 PM to 9:15. I spoke for about 1/2 hour.

(R.M. Pratt) Afterwards, we held a request meeting with the Branch Presidency and three brethren who had requested it ... Jesse Gibb, messenger and Croshaw. They are under the feeling that we have not dealt with a certain erring brother. We did our best to show them that they were also erring but to no avail. Got home at 1:30. And we had thought that problem was solved!

Wed. Feb. 14, 1951 Once more a few lines. Today is Valentine Day. Got some lovely chocolates from Lewis and Jean. Also Wilford Sr. remembered us all with a lovely box of candy. I went to a "Happy Thought" club meeting at Mrs. Ettles. All wore costumes--some were so cute Indian Squaws, Raggedy Ann, and Valentine girls. Some fun. We are beginning work on a new chapel. We need one so badly. There has been friction among the members, but it seems peaceful now, over the site for the church. Tom, Marjorie and her parents spent Thanksgiving with us. We also had President Joel Richards and wife stay with us over the weekend. District Conference was held in the Kittitas Schoolhouse. We also entertained my club members and their husbands with a pot luck supper. They were playing cards, smoking and drinking coffee when Bro. Richards and wife drove in. We were honored but rather worried. We explained what it was and he said it was fine as long as we didn't do the same. Smoke, drink coffee and etc. They stayed two nights with us. Tonight is our square dance night but we aren't going. We have to breathe so much tobacco smoke all evening we may not go much more. Wilford Jr., Dick and Bob are in Roslyn playing B.ball with the 8th grade there. They are growing so fast, I'm afraid we will soon be alone. Becky Gibb was operated on for cancer of the breast at the Swedish hospital in Seattle. We expect her home Sunday. She is Relief Society President. I'm her first counselor and Arvilla Goodwin is her 2nd counselor. Dist. Conference in Ephrata next Sunday. Today on my way home from the mail box--½ mile from house, I met a car load of people coming down the lane. It was Elder and Sister McMurrin, Elder Barlow and two lady missionaries. Pres. McMurrin took Pres. Richards place as Mission President of Northwestern States. Headquarters in Portland, Oregon. They wouldn't come in. They were on their way to Dist. Conference in Moses Lake and Ephrata.

President David O. McKay was the Prophet from 1951-1970.

Ellensburg. June 17, 1951. (R.M. Pratt) Held Branch Conference in Ellensburg.

10 Feb. 1952 Went to conference in Moses Lake's new church. Over 600 were there. Pres. [James] McMurrin and wife gave splendid talks. We must keep our covenants and commandments every day of our lives. Also a Dr. Bro. Stratford talked. He saw Marne's picture and was so sure he had met her somewhere. They spent a few hours in our home. We are so worried over Ballard. He isn't living right to hold the Priesthood--in other words he doesn't honor it. Lydia is so sweet and brave we love her and know she is trying to bring her children up right.

Tues. June 20, 1952 Time flies on wings of lightening. Summer is here but today there is a cold no. West wind blowing. It looks like rain but the wind will blow it away. We have a poor hay crop. Will be cutting it in a few days. We gave our collie Pal to Bro. Ellis. Two little pups from Tom's dog--one of Tiko's pups--Gordon and Yvonne's dog. Chase all over. John and Thelma won't be home this summer. Yvonne and Jean may come up. Conference in Moses Lake Sun. Our chapel will be finished next winter. We have all worked on it. Ballard is repentant and takes his family to church. I wish every Sun. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God." How very important these words. Gordy and Von are moving into their new home in Provo.

Aug. 9, 1953, Sunday Morning 7:30 AM Just a phone call from Becky Gibb to make an announcement in church to hold R. Society Tues. She is going to Seattle to visit Willard Gibb who is dying of cancer. He was taken ill before Christmas in 1952. Hodgkins disease of lymph glands. He is worse after so many treatments. He has a wonderful philosophy. He comes to church whenever he can. Cheerful and so uncomplaining. Bea knows she will be alone soon with her three little girls. Poor dear, death is wonderful! Another entirely new experience--if one could pass on without so much pain and suffering. Sister Mae Messenger was our Relief Society president, died last year of cancer. She suffered so. Pearl died of cancer too, last June and Lylia Quist a few weeks before from general debility. She hadn't been well since breaking her hip two years ago. John, Thelma and baby spent the 4th of July with us. John was in Fort Lewis for 2 weeks. We missed them when they left for Utah. He will finish college during 1953-4. They went through Yellowstone Park and will live in a prefab near the college. I am listening to KXLE to a "New Witness for Christ." I wish Bob and Dick would show more interest in the church and study the gospel. They read so many funny books. Some day they will wish they had paid more heed to our wishes. It is such a responsibility to raise a family. They reflect our mistakes so often. If any of them fail to live right it is because we as parents failed in our job. I am a failure as a wife and mother so often. I still teach the 2nd Inter. Class in Sunday School. Wilford Sr. is Bbranch president but he is away with his truck. I haven't heard from him for a week so must hurry over to the church and see if things are ready. So easy to send a card. Darrel and Don are in the presidency with Wilford and can be depended on.

Aug. 9, 1953 Ballard and family live (works) on a big cattle ranch in Ellensburg. Have been there for 6 months. Lydia was cooking for 9 men but they gave it up last week. Their things are at Tom's. The family went to White Swan. I hoped they would find somewhere else to live rather than Yakima. Wilford Jr. and Mary Jane McCulley were married the first of May 1953. They live at the Robbins apt. They are so happy. I hope she joins the church soon--O dear!! A reflection on us! We were born under the covenant yet can't teach our children to overcome the world. Marne is in Manti. Ted is going to school in Salt Lake at the U. of U. They lived in Reno last year where he taught Seminary. Tom and Wilford Jr. run the ranch. We live in Ellensburg. Ballard and Lydia were divorced. They have seven children--5 boys and 2 girls.

Jan. 4, 1954, - 202 So. Sprague, Ellensburg We have lived in here a year. We are alone except Wilford (Jr.) and Mary Jane came home from California Christmas Eve. They had been working there a few months. Tom has leased the farm. Mary Jane is so sweet but too quiet. So is Wilford (Jr.). I hope they talk more to each other. It isn't so lonely now they are here. She expects her baby in April. The twins are in Nephi living with Ted and Marne helping her run the motel so it has been lonely. Tom and Marjories third child was a boy named Ryan Dee. He is nearly two months old. John returned from his mission and took the 1stterm at BY then transferred to Logan where Tom and Marjorie live. Tom is attending the A.C. John and Tom will graduate from college. Tom and Marjorie were married in the Logan temple. Also Wilford (Jr.) and Mary Jane in Idaho Falls Temple.

Ellensburg. Sunday Feb 14 [1954] (R.M. Pratt) We had a very spiritual meeting of two hours. . . I spoke for about 30 minutes on "The Signs that follow them that Believe". After the conference [at Quincy, Wn] we drove to Ellensburg and held conference there. I talked 25 minutes on "Getting and Keeping the spirit of the Lord".

Undated? (Sunday, May 30, 1954?) Tom's birthday was the 20 May. Marjorie's birthday. Tom and Wilford (Jr.)'s family had dinner with us after S. School. We are living in Ellensburg--202 So. Sprague. The children are growing so fast. Doran is five, Annette three, Danny two and baby Ryan 7 mo. Wilford (Jr.) and Mary Jane's baby is only 3 mo. Old. She is cuddly and sweet. We all need a private cemetery to bury the faults of our friends and especially our own faults. A failure establishes only this that our determination to succeed wasn't strong enough.

Undated? (Monday, May 31, 1954?) We went to Yakima to see our newest grandson--Lydia felt pretty good. Baby Albert LeRoy is so tiny. Lots of black hair and big black eyes. I wish Ballard would see the necessity of getting those lovely children to Sunday School and etc. Ronald, Carol and Jimmy should be in MIA. Davey and Freddy in Primary. What a pity we can't appeal to their parents at all.


There is always time to find
Ways of being sweet and kind,
Time to send the frowns away
Time a gentle word to say
Time for helpfulness and time
To help the weak to climb.
But there is no time to spare
For unkindness anywhere


All teachers fall into 3 classes:
Those who are forgotten,
Those who are forgiven,
Those who are a cherished memory.


Three gates for gossip to pass:
Is it kind?
Is it true?
Is it fruitful?

Undated? (Tuesday, June 1, 1954) Sister Walter Messenger, meaning Phyllis and Walter Sr. new wife, took me to Moses Lake to a meeting with two sisters from the Gen. Board. They were here on their way home from Spokane where they had attended Stake Conference.


Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more.
Whine less, breathe more, talk less, say more,
Hate less, love more, frown less, smile more
And all good things are yours.


I say my prayers each day and I repeat them every night,
Because I know that when I do my life will be alright.
Somehow they seem to comfort me whenever I have tears.
And always they encourage me to overcome my fears.

They lend a more enchanting touch to every smile and song.

And help me keep a steady stride when anything goes wrong.
My prayers inspire me to give the best there is in me
And to consider everyone with love and sympathy.

I try to say them slowly and to mean each word I say

Because I want Almighty God to hear me when I pray.


He profits most who serves best.

We are too anxious to judge ourselves by what others do.

God will judge you.
The sins we commit two by two
We have to pay for one by one.

21 July 1962


I am getting old and feeble
My hair is thin and grey
My steps a bit unsteady
As I totter on my way.

My eyesight's getting dimmer

My hearing's kinda bad
And these teeth that I'm a wearing
Ain't the first ones that I've had.

I've got the old lumbago, dyspesia and the gout

My appendix and my tonsils
Have both been taken out.
I suffer in the winter cause

My blood is getting thin:

But believe me,
I'm still a darn good man


The sculptor may chip the marble block,
The painter a blot erase,
But the teacher who wounds a little child
May never that scar efface.

Oh hesitate then thou thoughtless one

In moulding a plastic soul.
The blight you cause, The scar you make
May meet you at Judgement's roll.

Undated? Spent today in Quincy, Wn. Wilford wants a farm over that way but after seeing what the wind does to the sand he isn't so enthused. It will surely take real pioneer grit and determination to make a success in some places. The wind fills the ditches with sand, covers new seeding, but some farms are beautiful. Heavy grain, wheat, alfalfa and peas--good ground when held down. Ate supper with Nelsons. She has been thru an operation in Feb. But expects her baby in Sept. She is awfully thin but she feels fine. They have a comfortable house, cow, 2 lambs, 6 mo. old calf, a good garden, red raspberries and strawberries. They have 3 children home. Thad is in the air force. LaFawn is married--lives in Utah and Sherron is in Walla Walla for the summer. I wish Ballard was as well situated.

Undated This 12:00 N is just another day of blowing wind, cloudy skies, but the sun is shining. Kept Cathy Lynn a few hours last night while Mary Jane and Wilford (Jr.) went to a cottage meeting at Croshaws. We enjoyed her. Wilford Sr. is out at the ranch. I hope we have good crops and prices so we can go on a mission this fall. I am sure we need one.

Tuesday, June 13, 1961, American Fork, Utah Today Ted, Marne and family also Lewis, Jean and family had dinner here from 6 o'clock on. Lewis and family went to Escalante--Lewis' hometown for a week or two. Ted, Marne and family leave for South America the first of August. They have 7 children. A baby boy born in May. Jean and Yvonnes' born in Feb. And March. Carol, our granddaughter has been living with us for a year and a half. They, she and Carl Hales, were married on the fifth. We had a reception in the church recreation hall for them on the 9th. The got many lovely gifts. Ballard, Tom, Marjorie, Wilford (Jr.), Mary Jane and Bob came from Washington on the 8th and left Sunday, 11th. Mary Lou took care of the children at Tom's in Spokane. Dick has a school in Corona Cal. Next winter. He and Wilford (Jr.) graduate from college in August. I wish Bob had his degree.

Wed., June 14, 1961, my birthday, 65 years This above note is the last I find in here so will try to add a little each day. I am 65 years old--look and feel it most of the time. I've surely been lame today. Some days better and some days worse. Arthritis--I hope there will be found a cure before long. I take a cortisone derivative, but it doesn't help much--I am in worse pain if I neglect taking it. My knees have been so lame all winter, now it's in my toes and ankles. Always in my hands and shoulders. I've no strength in my legs--back of legs give way when I walk a little. Oh dear, I hate to groan so much. Wilford thinks I'm just lazy. I don't do much--iron a little, wash a few dishes, vacuum once or twice a seek. Every move is such an effort. I am a boob, I know. So disgusted with myself, can't do anything I want to do. Darn! Darn! Darn!

Aug. 1961 Another dull day. I mean I am so dull. Ted and Marne left for So. America.

Aug. 31, American Fork, 1961 This summer has been quite eventful. We had a lovely reception for Carol, Ballard's daughter in the 4th and 9th ward recreation hall on the 9th of June. Open house. People from both wards attended as Carl Hales is from the 4th. They live a few blocks South west of us. We have lived here in a lovely 6 room modern home for 3 years. We thought by buying here we could get to the temple and library often. This crazy dose of aches and pains keeps me from going. Ted, Marne and family were called to labor as missionaries in South America. They had a lovely new home in Pleasant Grove and had lived in it about 22 months. They hated to sell it but the church comes first. They caught a jet plane in Salt Lake and flew to New York. They attended the Hill Cumorah Pagaent. Caught the boat for Uruguay on the 12 August so should be there about now. It will be winter there. Summer begins in Jan. No snow but damp, cold rains. We surely miss them already. The baby, Boyd Jeremy, was less than 3 months old. I hope they all stay well and "fat and sassy." Their ward gave them a lovely "send off"--parties and farewells. They are well liked. Five general authorities were at the testimonial in the ward house. Pres. Anthony W. Ivins, Bro. Burton, Bro. S. Dilworth Young.

Oct. 24, 1961 Today is Jean's birthday. I invited Wilford and I over there for dinner this evening. I'll take pies, salad and cake. The last two nights it has frozen. Our "mums" look pretty sick. A few petunias trying to keep up. Jean is 31 and has 5 children--four boys and a girl--Jolene. They are all healthy, husky youngsters. Lewis teaches in Pleasant Grove and commutes. They own a home in Provo on 9th East and 420 so. They seem quite happy.

Oct. 28, 1961, first snow storm This morning we are having our first snowstorm in the valley. It has been snowing in the mountains off and on since September. A number of hunters have been caught from camp in blizzards and found frozen after parties hunted days for them. In Idaho, No. Utah and East of Ogden. Lewis spent last weekend in Escalante and brought his deer home Sunday. We had some for dinner. Oct. 24th at Jean's birthday dinner. Ted and Marne are keeping busy. Spring has "sprung" there as we are getting a taste of winter. They flew to Lima, Peru and Santiago, Chili where Ted helped divide the mission. Last week they flew to the So. Brazilian mission. They leave the family in good hands. The older ones in an English school and Bob and Clari has a tutor until they move into the mission home next year. I wish Dave and Diane would write a newsy letter to tell us how they like school and etc. I just called Elma Fugal. Her mother-in-law answered to say Elma and John are on a trip with his seminary pupils--they are following an old pioneer trail into Wyoming. They will be home tonight. Carol just put the storm windows in. Wilford ran a sliver, an inch long, into the palm of his had last night and had to have the doctor extract it. Novacaine shot hurt worse than extracting the sliver. Last Sunday was Stake conference. Wilford sang with the Melch. Chorus. He practices with them every Sun. Morning at 7:00 AM

Nov. 12, 1961 Marcelle Skinner, Gordon's mother and I are going to Bakersfield. We will catch the bus tomorrow then if the weather permits we will fly home. I know we will have fun in spite of our lameness--me especially.

Dec. 16, 1961 We got back from California a week ago and had a lovely visit with Von and children. Marcelle is lots of fun and a great old trouper--never gives in to pain. I wish I were as jolly but when pain his I lose all interest in life. Boy does it hurt!! I visited a few days with Dick and John's families. They were all so sweet to me and so busy. The girls, Thelma and Mary Lou are good mothers and wives. They help their husbands. Dick teaches 147 pupils in higher math each day so there are many papers to correct each day, also church activities keep Dick and John more than busy. Yvonne is a lovely mother.

Dec. 24, Sunday morning, 7 AM Wilford has gone to practice with the Stake Mel. Choir. He gets up around 5:00 AM to open up our meetinghouse and fire the furnace first. He is investing in a mine near Wendover. I hope it pays off and we don't lose such hard won money. John and Thelma surprised us last Monday. They were here until Friday then left to visit her folks in Salt Lake and Idaho. The children are growing so fast and they are kept busy with them. This is the best chance John has to be with them--otherwise he works so much he can spend but little time with them. Haven't heard from Bob. Hope he comes for a visit. I've done nothing toward Christmas this year. Too poor and too lazy. Thelma gave us a miniature Christmas tree she made in R. Society or learned--pom poms of net, edges dipped in glue and glitter, fastened to standard with covered pipe cleaners. The tree stands on a Styrofoam base, covered with tiny silver balls, tiny colored lights and etc. It is very delicate and pretty. Bob hasn't written for over a month. It is strange.

Jan. 3, 1962 Hattie Whatcott, Tom's wife (one of Wilford's best friends) is dying of cancer of the brain. He was going to retire next spring then they wanted to travel a little. Too late for her poor dear.

Feb. 28, 1962 Grant was operated on for gall stones. Grace is with Mose so she can go to the hospital every day. He is doing fine.

Wed. March 21, 1962 This morning it is snowing and blowing Sunday and Monday. 18th and 19th it was so warm and still we thought spring had come. I raked for about an hour, now I have a silly cough--should have worn a scarf on my head. I'm such a hot house plant a cool breeze causes the sniffles. Leona is visiting her girls and Jean Mabel Laron and Ben. She said Jean is worse. Poor soul! Why can't she be relieved of her suffering!! Ben is so thin, too. Hattie is still lingering on but her doctor said she could go anytime. Ted and Marne are coming home from Uruguay for conference. They will arrive Sunday, April the first. We are anxiously waiting for them and expect to meet them at the airport. Yvonne and Gordie will be here on the 4th. We and Marcelle will meet them at 6:00 PM. Gordy comes from New York and Von from Bakersfield. She is leaving the children. Would love to seem them.

April 29, Sunday, 7:30 AM So much has happened since writing here. Ted and Marne were here for conference. She and Elma Fugal took me to the Dr. when I told her about a tiny lump on my breast. I've been harboring a viper in my breast for nearly a year but told no one. Cancer couldn't happen that easily thot I. No pain except arthritis--and it was os painful I thought of nothing else. Anyway after x-rays I entered the hospital Thursday and went into surgery Fri., Apr. 6 at 9:00 AM. Yvonne and Marne took me in to hospital. Wilford would have if the girls hadn't been here. I am so blessed to have such a lovely family. Jean came in Friday morning before surgery and stayed until I came out about 2:30 PM after spending some time in the recovery room. It was so good to have her there. Then Wilford came in soon after. Everything was pretty hazy Fri. Tom, Marj and Bob came the next day. Also Jean on Sunday. Ted and Boyd Packer with Wilford administered to me Sat. Evening. I was lucky to have two general authorities administer to me. The doctor thinks I got along exceptionally well. I came home the following Thursday. I am glad to be alive. No one wants to die really. They know it is inevitable so accept it as coming sometime but not right now. With so many praying for me, it just wasn't my time I guess. We met Ted and Marne on the 1st April at the airport. Elma and John Fugal, Ted's sister June and Clifford Gee were there too and others. Then Wed. We took Marcel to meet Yvonne and Gordie coming from New York. His plane was late so he came home with Ted and Marne after a banquet. So being in the hospital I had to do my visiting with the kids there. Tom and Marj and Bob came Sat. So we had quite a reunion Sunday. Ted gave a wonderful talk Sunday afternoon in conference. I had a television in my room so heard most of the speakers. I was so fortunate to go when I did. Had I put it off longer anything could have happened.

April 29, 1962 Last Monday at 1:30 our first great grandchild was born. Carl and Carol's baby daughter Corinne, 8 lbs. A beautiful black thick hair and dark eyes. Carol had a few hours of misery. The Dr. had to help with forceps and surgery. She didn't dilate enough. She was so tiny and the baby so large. She came home yesterday. His mother will help her a few days. Carol nurses her. Mary Lou's little girl was born by caesarean Apr. 2 and they got along fine. Von and Gordie sent us a beautiful Easter lily--also while in the hospital the kids sent in a beautiful white azalea and a pot of bronze chrysanthemums. Will transplant outside when it quits freezing. It was 29 degrees last night in Utah valley so I guess lots of the fruit was frozen. Jean and Lewis went to Escalante so haven't seen them for a few days. It is good to know she isn't far away and we can visit occasionally. I got my hair cared for Friday in a beauty parlor. Now I'm blue-haired. Imagine. The kids left for S.A. 17th.

Thursday, May 24, 1962 This morning Scott Carpenter was launched into orbit. At 7:48 he is going into his second orbit. We really can't realize the preparations that has gone before. 2 hours and over Australia the second time. Wilford went in to work in the temple. He may get in two sessions. I wish I could go with him. He is getting used to going without me--which might be best--one never knows. I spend so many lonely hours but it would be worse were I a widow. We went to Ben's funeral this last Monday. He has been too ill for two years to have any fight left. It was sad but a blessing he could be relieved of his suffering. Jean and Aunt Lizzie (over a 100 years) of age were there. She seems almost as young as I am--more spry really. Aunt Lizzie I mean. Carl and Carol's little one is a month old. Her name is Corinne. A beautiful baby--blue eyes so far and black thick hair. Carol got along pretty well-- such a big baby, over 8 lbs. She is so smart.

July 5, 1962 Yesterday we were home all day. Watched the Provo Parade on TV. Would loved to have seen the fireworks after the panorama at BYU. Lewis, Jean and children came over for a bar-b-qued chicken about 5:30. Grace and Paloma were here about an hour after the parade. Grace is to have a cataract removed from her eyes when it is ripe enough. Wilford's foot still bothers him. Dr. Kezerine x-rayed it last week and a spur is growing on the bottom of his heel. He has had his shoes fixed to relieve the pressure--he may have to have it removed and the bone scraped. Always something. Tom, Marjorie and family, Bob and June, Dick and Mary Lou and two little ones, Wilford (Jr.), Mary Jane and family were here for MIA conference. The children enjoyed sleeping in a tent. Went to the Homestead one afternoon. Jean and Lewis were with us too, so there was a lovely group. Wilford Jr. spent a month working in Gen. Library. Mary is so dear.

Aug. 7, 1962 Another month has gone and Marne's 42nd birthday yesterday. Ballard is 40 yrs. And married Maudean in May. Milton- 75, Clara 82, Mamie 75 and Herman 70, Lillian 65 (they were married last winter). Paloma and Jean and Lewis had ice cream and melons with us last Monday, then to Paloma's Friday for a barbecue. Saw Doug's new baby girl, then Sunday we went to Herman and Lillian's in Bountiful. The quartet, Mose, Milt, Herman and Wilford sang in fast meeting. "Daddy" and Pale in the amber West. The week of the 24th Wilford went to Kanosh for two funerals and spent the 24th in the canyon with the Ward. Milt and Clara were there, also Mose and Herman so they practiced old songs. Last night we spent at Lagoon with Herman's High Priests of the stake and families. We were served a lovely lunch and the boys sang. Oldest, heaviest and best singing.

Sept. 1, 1962 Thursday morning at 6:25 an earthquake hit Logan and Richmond. Severe enough to collapse buildings and break plate glass windows. The business district was hit the hardest. The temple will need work done to restore it also and LDS chapel or two. We felt it here but worse in Salt Lake City. L The Red Cross declared it a disaster area. A fierce fire has been raging in Northern and Southern California. Millions of dollars damage done. Actor Gene Authrey's ranch nearly wiped out. What God won't do man can easily finish. So many are so careless and mean. Wilford had a dozen tables fall on his back two weeks ago. An x-ray showed no bones broken but an awful bruise. His fat saved him this time. It swelled up like a big cantaloupe and so black. It is nearly well now. Bob came home and helped a week but is working at the "Big Rock Candy Mt." now. He won a trip to San Francisco next wk. So hope he will go.

Oct. 29th, 1962 This has been quite an eventful month. Ted and Marne arrived by jet from S.A. on Sept. 29th bringing baby Boyd with them. He stayed with us while his folks were in Salt Lake. Marne was here two weekends and Ted a few nights out of the three weeks. They returned to S. America on Wednesday the 17th. We hated to see them go but their sweet family were waiting for them in a strange far away country. John and Thelma have a new baby girl. Gordon and Von are moving to LA or Hollywood. Gordon has his office there now and goes home on weekends. Yvonne and children will join him when they sell their lovely home in Bakersfield. They are considering a home in Encino. Bob works for Littons in Salt Lake.