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Robert D. Fort in Newspaper 1869 and 1870
Robert D. Fort in Newspaper June 3, 1869
The Press, Hernando, MS June 3, 1969.
County Officer
As a matter of curiosity, together for the information of our people, we have taken the pains of extracting from the record of the county the names of those county officers who have qualified and given bond or bonds. Also, the amount of the bond and their securities. Before giving the ??? thereof, it is to be remembered that all of them were appointed by Judge Vance to their respective offices approved by Gen. Ames, and the duty, devolved upon the Judge, was the approval of their bonds which he did in the following cases.

Coutny Treasurer - R A Fort, Bond (county) $10,000, bond (school) $17,000, bond (Chickasaw school fund) $23,553.08. Total, $56,554.68. Bondsmen John T. Mosley, Jas. H. Senifo and Geo. E. Harris.

In the same paper there is an editorial about Judge Vance (who appointed R. Fort to Treasurer).
The recruiting Seargeant has been promoted from Judge of Probate to Circuit Judge. So then, J. W. Vance, of Hernando, has received from the commanding General the appointment Judge of the 7th Judicial District of the State of Mississippi, and is to be respected as such. This as a matter of course, is the reward of meritorious conduct and gallant services rendered in the service of the Radical party.
High up on the ladder of fame has our townsman reached in the course of a few days. He has grown as rapidly as Jonas' goard. But more than all this he declared in the presence of several gentleman on the corner of one of our (unreadable) ago that he had seen the day, when the offices of the county were filled by "Old Line Whigs," which made him so happey that he was ready to die. He must feel thrice happeir now than then for two reasons. First because he didn't die when he was ready, secondly because he has seen the day when, he was made Judge of the Circuit Court, and has no iea in the world (at present) when he will be ready to die.

Eric's (webmaster) comments: I have long suspected that Robert Fort was a Whig. He named a son, DeWitt Clinton Fort, after the Whig Governor of New York. The fact that this editorial mentions that Whigs now filled all the offices and that R. Fort filled an office also points to him being a Whig. The fact that R. Fort's middle initial (the treasurer) is listed as 'A' is probably a mistake because later in the same issue of the paper the Treasurer's name is listed as R. T. Fort. There is also a record in the Mississippi Archives that shows Robert D. Fort "Received a Commission as Treasurer of DeSoto County on March 25, 1867 (RG28MF4, Secy State Record of Commissions, 1865-1869). In 1870 paper below the Treasurer is listed as Robert D. Fort.

Robert D. Fort in Newspaper Nov 11, 1869
The Press, Hernando, MS Nov 11, 1969.
Registration Notice.
Notice is hereby given that in compliance with order from Headquarters, 4th Military District, the Registration Books of the Fifth Police District --- Precincts of DeSoto County, will be revised at Hernando, commencing on the 16th day of November, 1869, and contining for a period of five days. Upon personal application to the Board of Registration, the name of any person not already registered who is qualified to vote under the Reconstruction Acts, will be added to the registry.
Upon being satisfied that say person not satisfied thereto, has been registered, the Board will strike his name from the list. The Registration books will be open from 8 A. M. till 5 P. M. each day. R. D. Fort, President, Board of Registration.

Below we publish the list of Registration boards for DeSoto County, on Tuesday next books will be opened in every Police beat and continue open 5 days only. Let our friends see to it that not a man fails to get a certificate.
Dist. No. 5 - Hernando, R. D. Fort.

Robert D. Fort in Newspaper June 9, 1870
The Hernando Press, Thursday, June 9, 1870, Vol 5, Number 8.
County Officers
The old county officers, with few exceptions, it will be seen, have been reappointed. Below will be found the names of those that have been confimred by the legislature.
Sheriff, Josiah Daily; Treasurer, Robert D. Fort, ....

Robert D. Fort in Newspaper Oct 13, 1870
The Hernando Press, Oct 13, 1870
Board of Supervisors Out Term
Appropriations ordered Payable out of the County Fund
R. D. Fort for removing and repairing the Treasurer's Safe ...5.25.

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