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Descendants of Shields B. Martin


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I have more questions than answers on Shields B. Martin family. I recently made to trip to South Carolina to research the line and was a little dissapointed that the state did not require the registration of marriages until the early 1900s. The trip was rewarding when I located the probate packet for Shields. Hindsight tells me the other things I should have checked while I was there. Oh well, the people in the area were very pleasant. I foresee another trip to the Golden Corners area!


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Shields B. Martin was born between 1799 - 1801. According to a few census records, he was born in South Carolina; at least one, and those for his children, indicate he was born in Virginia . I do not find Shields in the 1820 census. It is possible he was still living at home and listed in that record with his parents. Shields B. Martin was living in the Pickens District (formed from Pendleton district) when the 1830 census was enumerated.

1830 Pickens District Census -Shields B. Martin household : 1 male born between 1801 - 1810. According to later census records, Shields B. was born between 1799 - 1801
1830 Pickens District Census -Shields B. Martin household : 1 female in the household born between 1791 - 1800. The age of his wife in the census does not indicate Cinthia as being the wife. Was this his first wife?
1830 Pickens District Census -Shields B. Martin household : 1 male child and 2 female children were born between 1826 - 1830. Elizabeth and John's ages would place them in this census. I cannot account for the second female child unless it was Harriet and I do not believe it was.

Apparently, the older female in the household was not living with him in 1840. Was this his first wife and children? If so, did she die before 1840?

Shields B. Martin married Cynthia Frumpkin1/ Cynthia Lumpkin. She was born between 1804 - 1820 in South Carolina. I believe Cynthia may have been the daughter of John and Lucretia (Martin) Lumpkin; was still home in 1830 and she married Shields after June of 1830.

Shields Martin was enumerated in the 1840 Pickens District census. Members of the household were: a male and female born between 1801 - 1810; 1 female born between 1811 - 1820; 1 male and 2 females born between 1826 - 1830; a male and female born between 1831 - 1835; 1 male and 3 females born between 1836 - 1840.

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  • Elizabeth A. Martin was born between 1826 - 1827 and died between 1880 - 1900. She married William Harvey before 1847. He was born between 1820 - 1822 and most likely the son of Hugh Harvey. Elizabeth Martin Harvey lived in Western District of Pickens County in 1850; Regiment 2 of Pickens county in 1860; Seneca in Oconee county in 1870; and in Tugaloo, Oconee county in 1880. I do not find Elizabeth or William in the 1900 census. Elizabeth A. Harvey was mentioned in Shields' will.
  • John Martin was born about 1829 and died before May 1879. John was enumerated with Shields and Cynthia in the 1850 census. He was most likely the male child who live d in Shields' household in the 1830 & 1840 census. We find a Larkin Martin living with Shields and Cinthia in the 1860 census. He was born about the same time as John Martin. John is mentioned in Shields' will as John C. Martin, deceased. The "heirs at-law" of John were referred to as "Unknown" and "non-resident" in the Petition and Complaint to prove Will in due form of law in his father's estate on 19 May 1879.
    Was John still alive in 1860? Was he the John Martin who hanged himself at the W. T. Hollands plantation on 23 July 1859? The plantation was near Warsaw Post Office in Pickens District. Elizabeth Martin was his wife and they had children. Elizabeth Martin referred to D. L. Lumpkin as "uncle".

    Children of SHIELDS B. MARTIN and CYNTHIA are:

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      1.     Harriet M. Martin was born between 1830 - 1834 and died after 1880. We do not know if she ever married. She was missing from her parent's household in the 1870 census but living with Cinthia in the 1880 census; listed as Cinthia's daughter and noted as single at that time. If Harriet married she must have married another Martin. Harriet M. Martin was named in Shields Martin's will as one of four daughters living with him when his will was witnessed.


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      2.   Emily Martin was born about 1836. She married Jesse Harris by 1860. Emily was a "non-resident" in the Petition and Complaint to prove Will in due form of law in her father's estate on 19 May 1879. Emily lived in Cashiers Valley, Jackson County, North Carolina in 1880. She was widowed circa 1876. Nothing further on Emily.


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      3.     James Martin was born about 1837. James is added here because he was listed in the household in 1850. Nothing else is known about him.


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      4.   William Henry Martin was born 1838. He married Sarah Ann Frances Honea on 05 May 1859 in South Carolina.
    Keowee Courier
    Vol: 10 # 42
    Page: 3, col: A

    On the 5th instant, by E. P. Verner, Esq., Mr. Wm MARTIN to Miss Sarah Ann Frances, daughter of Mary Honea, of Pickens.

    William and Sarah lived in Regiment 2, Pickens, SC in June of 1860 when the census was enumerated. William, along with his brother Francis M. Martin, enlisted in the War Between the States in 1861. According to an article published in the Keowee Courier on August 10, 1861, they were assigned to South Carolina's 1st Infantry Regiment Rifles (Orr's Rifles) Company F. William died 29 August 1862 at the 2nd battle of Manassas in Virginia. His young widow married his brother, Dickinson M. Martin, and in later years filed for William's CSA pension in Brown County, Texas.



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      5.     Mary E. Martin was born about 1840. Her age, as well as the rest of the family members, varies on the census records. She was living with Cinthia in the 1880 census; listed as Cinthia's daughter and noted as single at that time. Mary E. Martin was also named in Shields Martin's will as one of four daughters living with him when his will was witnessed.


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      6.     Lucinda C. Martin was born about 1840. Lucinda was enumerated in the census with her parents from 1850 - 1880. The 1880 census has her listed as single. Lucinda M. Martin, along with her mother, Cinthia Martin, was named as Executrix in Shields B. Martin's will. Where was Lucinda in 1900? Was she the Lucinda Martin living with married daughter, Nancy Martin Stoddard, in Center Township? This Lucinda was a widow. Lucinda and Nancy's ages would correspond with the family members in the Shields Marin household in the 1880 census. This Nancy was living with her husband and children in Madison County, Georgia when the 1910 census was taken. In 1910, Lucinda Martin lived with her sister, Cynthia Adeline (Martin) Hardin, in her nephew's household. They lived in Seneca in Oconee County.
    Farm and Factory
    Page: 8, col: A
    Tuesday, 16 May 1911

    Miss Lucinda Martin, for many years a resident of Oconee, died at the home of her sister, near Seneca, May the 8th. Miss Martin was about eighty years of age and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shields Martin. She leaves one sister and a number of friends and relatives to mourn her death. The remains were laid to rest at Return cemetery, Rev. John Stone conducted the services.

    NOTE: I did not find a tombstone for Lucinda at Return Baptist Cemetery.


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      7.     Francis M. Martin was born between between 1841 - 1843 in South Carolina. There were 2 Francis M. Martin's born about the same time . The other Francis M. was the son of Bird Martin.

    I, however, believe the following information is on the son of Shields Martin:
    Francis M Martin was living at home in Oconee District when he enlisted in the War Between the States in July 1861. Orr's 1st South Carolina Rifles, Company F. It is quite possible he saw his brother, William, killed the 2nd battle of Manassas in Virginia. He was discharged for service 11 April 1865 at Appomatex.

    Francis Martin married 1) Mary (surname unknown) by 1870. They made their home in Center Township, Oconee County, South Carolina and were still living there when the 1880 census was taken. There were no children listed for this marriage.

    Francis M. Martin married Harriet Eliza Pitts 09 July 1888. She was the daughter of William Pitts and Francis Norris. (Death Certificate) Harriett was born 23 October 1843 in South Carolina. Harriett and Francis M. must have known each other for years. The families were enumerated in very close proximity since 1860. William Pitts was a witness to Shields B. Martin's will.

    The obituary below has "Miss Harriet E. Pitts" marrying Francis but was living with her father in 1800 and had a son named W. Oscar Pitts.

    Francis M. Martin died 21 March 1916 in Oconee County, South Carolina

    Keowee Courier
    5 April 1916
    Page: 8, Col: A

    Francis M. Martin died at his home in Belmont School District on Tuesday, March 21st, at the age of 81 years. Mr. Martin was well known in Oconee, and had many friends who will learn with regret of his death. He was a Confederate veteran, having served throughout the Civil War in the service of the Confederacy. He was an honest, industrious man, and had lived in the mountain section of Oconee for the past 28 years. Prior to that time he had resided in the Oakway section . Twenty-six years ago he was happily married to Miss Harriet E. Pitts, who survives him. He was a consistent member of the Baptist church, with which he had long been identified. Funeral services were conducted Thursday, March 23d, the interment following at Double Springs burying ground.

    Harriet E. Martin filed for Francis M. Martin's CSA pension. The appication can be viewed by clicking here. francis_csa.htm

    Harriet Eliza Pitts Martin died 19 December 1919. According to her Death Certificate, she was interred 22 December 1919 in Double Sprngs, South Carolina. Oscar Pitts was the informant on this record.



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      8.     Lucretia R. Martin was born 5 MAY 1844 in Pickens, South Carolina and died about 1885. She married Lewis Cain2 in 1865. He was the son of William Cain and Mary Polly Mason. Lewis was born 1846 and died 19 January 1873 in South Carolina. He apparently froze to death and that was documented by an article in the Keowee Courier - Page: 2 Col D on 24 Jan 1873. Lewis was buried in Center Methodist Church Cemetery in Oakway, South Carolina


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      9.     Dickison / Dickinson / Dickerson Moore Martin was born 06 August 1846 in Pickens County, South Carolina and died 06 February 1927 in Brown County, Texas (McInnis Funeral Home Records) . He married Sarah Ann Frances Honea 08 August 1866 in Pickens County, South Carolina3. She was the daughter of -?- HONEA and Mary Hardin. Sarah Ann was born 17 July 1845 in Pickens County, South Carolina and died 16 November 1940 in Brown County, Texas ( Book 19, Page: 87).


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      10.     Robert Anderson Martin was born August 1848 in South Carolina and died 13 August 1920 in Lubbock County, Texas. He married Laura Charlotte Cain about 1871. She was the daughter of Aaron Cain and Marian E. Cole. Laura was born March 1854 in Pickens County, South Carolina and died 27 November 1954 in Lubbock County, Texas.


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      11.     Jane Martin was born about 1849. I cannot document Jane as being their child, she was in the 1850 census with them and missing when the 1860 census was taken.


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      12.     Martha L. Martin was born about 1850, she married a Lumpkin between 1870-1880. She and 5 year old Ellen Lumpkin lived with Cynthia in 1880 and was enumerated as single. Martha L. Lumpkin was named in Shields Martin's will as one of four daughters living with him when his will was witnessed. I have not found Martha Lumpkn in the 1900 census.


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      13.     Cynthia Adeline Martin was born about 1851 - 1852 and died 19 November 1928 in Seneca, Oconee County, South Carolina. She married W. R. Harden between 1870 - 1871. She was buried at the Return Baptist Church, Seneca, Oconee, South Carolina. Her son, William Harden, is buried there as well.

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    Shields B. Martin's Last Will and Testament was prepared and dated 26 Novenber 1878. Winesses to the document were S. H. Johns, William Pitts and W. H. Hunt.

    Shields B. Martin died 11 May 1879 in Oconee County, South Carolina.

    Cynthia (Frumpkin/ Lumpkin) Martin died after 1886. Cynthia J. Martin filed a Coplaint for Dower May 1886 against Aaron Eubanks in Oconee County, South Carolina. Her attorney was N. B. Cory. Cynthia was asking for "one equal undivided third" of 32 acres, more or less, situated "in the county and state aforesaid on head branches of Snow Creek, waters of Conneross Creek waters of Seneca river, adjoining land of Andrew Bearden Crop land and others being the same conveyed to T. F. Moore by Shields B. Martin on the 26th day of Nov 1877 and that Defendant is in possession of said premises".

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    source bullet jpg 1According to the J.P. report on Dickinson Martin's death, his mother's maiden name was Frumpkin. I think it was very likely Lumpkin.
    source bullet jpg 2 The Family Tree of Donna Burnside Hanvy and census records
    source bullet jpg 3 William Martin CSA Pension application filed by Sarah Ann Francis Martin
    source bullet jpg Shields B. Martin will and probate packet
    source bullet jpg Notes for LUCRETIA MARTIN:
    1870 Center, Oconee County, SC - Page: 19A, Line: 38
    1880 Center, Oconee County, SC - Page: 312B, Line: 8
    source bullet jpg Notes for ROBERT A. MARTIN:
    1880 Texas Valley, Floyd County, Georgia - Page: 224C, Line: 32
    1900 Justice Precinct 2, Rains, Texas - Page: 284A, Line: 31
    1910 Justice Precinct 4, Runnels County, Texas
    1920 Slaton, Lubbock County, Texas
    Texas Death Index, 1903-2000
      Notes for EMILY MARTIN:
    1880 Cashiers Valley, Jackson County, North Carolina

    1850 Western Division, Pickens County, S. C.
    Page: 413B & 414A Line: 36

    634/ 668
    Martin, Shields 50 M Farmer North Carolina
                 Cinthia 30 F South Carolina
                 John 21 M Farmer South Carolina (1829)
                 Harriet 16 F South Carolina (ca 1834)
                 Emily 14 F South Carolina (ca 1836)
                 James 13 M South Carolina (1837)
                 William 12 M South Carolina (ca 1838)
                 Mary 10 F South Carolina (ca 1840)
                 Lucinda 9 F South Carolina (ca 1841)
                 Francis M 7 M South Carolina (ca 1843)
                 Dickinson 6 M South Carolina (ca 1844)
                 Robert 3 M South Carolina (ca 1847)
                 Jane 1 F South Carolina (ca 1849)

      1860 Regiment 2, Pickens County, S. C.
    Page: 95B & 96A, Line 37
    Post Office: Bachelors Retreat on page 95B
    but Warsaw is listed on page 96A

    Martin , S B 60 MW Farmer 2300/1200 So Ca
                  Cintha 53 FW So Ca
                  Harriet M 30 FW So Ca
                  Larkin 28/29 MW Farming So Ca
                  Mary 24 FW So Ca
                  Lucinda 20 FW So Ca
                  Francis M 19 MF Farmer So Ca
                   Lucretia 18 FW So Ca
                   Dickson 14 MW So Ca
                   Robert A 12 MW So Ca
                   Martha L 10 FW So Ca
                   Cintha A 9 FW So Ca
                    Mary C 2 FW So Ca

    Oconee was formed in 1868 from Pickens District. The county seat is Walhalla.
    1870 Center Township, Oconee County, SC
    Page 19B & 20A, Line:36
    Martin, Shiles 70 WM Farmer Virginia
                 Cyntha 65 WF Keeping House S. C.
                 Mary 30 WF At Home S. C.
                 Lucinda 25 WF At Home S. C.
                 Martha 18 WF At Home S. C.
                 R A 21 WM At Home S. C.
    Page 20A, Line: 2
    Martin, Harriett 38 WM At Home 1831 S. C.
                 S E 12 WF At Home 1857 S. C.
                 Wm D 9 WM At Home 1860 S. C.

    1870 Center Township, Oconee County, SC
    Page 8A, Line: 3
    Francis Martin abt 1840 S. C.
    Mary Martin abt 1845 S. C.

      1880 Center, Oconee, SC
    Page:310B, Line: 5
    Martin, Cinthia 70 WF Self Keeping house S. C. Va Va
                 Harriett 48 WF Daughter S. C.
                 Mary 45 WF Daughter S. C.
                  Lucinda 42 WF Daughter S. C.
    Lumpkin, Martha 30 WF Daughter S. C.
    Martin, W. Davis 19 WM Grandson S. C.
                  Nancy C. 7 WF Granddaughter S. C.
                  Martha M. 4 WF Granddaughter S. C.
    Lumpkin, Ellen 5 WF Granddaughter S. C.
    NOTE: Cinthia was a widow.
    Harriet, Mary and Lucinda were single
    Martha Lumpkin was married

    1880 Center, Oconee, SC
    Page: 314A, Line: 4
    Francis M. Martin abt 1841 South Carolina Self (Head)
    Mary M. Martin abt 1851 South Carolina Wife
    Robert Buzby abt 1866 South Carolina
    Ellen Carroll abt 1879 South Carolina


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