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Heathfolk Revisited


The author wishes to place on record his indebtedness to the following people and organisations:

Mrs Sally Hall (the author’s daughter), whose idea it was to explore the history of the Heath family.  Her painstaking research in various institutions and via the Internet has been the source of much of the material in this website.

Mr Leslie Pickering of Crewe, who brought Chaloner’s book to Mrs Hall’s attention and provided much relevant information.

Mrs Brenda Smith of High Lane, Cheshire, for many helpful suggestions and for providing names and addresses of useful contacts.

Mr Peter Ollerhead of Crewe, for his advice on Primitive Methodism in the Crewe area.

Miss Rachel Lees of Market Drayton, who discovered several details of the Hale family in the church registers.

Rev Dr William Simpson of Buxworth, for his recollections of Samuel Heath II and for providing relevant literature.

Mrs Margaret Ann Hermann of Waupun, Wisconsin, USA, (a great-grand-daughter of John Heath of Fond du Lac) for information about the American branch of the Heath family.

Ms Elaine O Hoffman, a researcher for the Fond du Lac County Genealogical Society, Wisconsin, USA, for extracts from the births, marriages and deaths registers in that city, and for providing the address of Mrs Hermann.

Mr A Bosson of Burnthouse, Cornwall, who provided the details of the marriage of John Heath to Catherine Stockton in 1790.

Mrs Glennis Powell of Abbeydore, for details of the Powell family, and for providing the address of Anthony Powell in Australia.

Mr Richard M M Powell Heath of Ashby de la Zouch, (a grandson of Thomas Henry Heath) for providing several snippets of information about the Heath family.

Mrs C Baker of Stoke-on-Trent, for supplying the location of the Hall o’ the Heath, where the Heath family is believed to have originated.

Mr & Mrs D Gilbert of Hall o’ the Heath Farm, Haslington, for showing the author the site of the original hall, and for their hospitality in the present farmhouse.

Mr W Anthony Heath of Brecon (a grandson of Thomas Henry Heath) for providing details of the lives of himself, his father (Walter Ewart) and his brother (Peter).

Mr James L Hansen, Reference Librarian of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, for providing a biography of John Heath of Fond du Lac as well as other recorded information.

Mr Mal Chapman of Wamberal, New South Wales, for information concerning Revs Thomas and William Powell.

Mrs Rona Hayles of Christchurch, New Zealand, for providing the inscription on John Heath’s gravestone and other details of his family.

Mrs Anne Hearle of Mellor, for advice on the whereabouts of various preserved records, some of which she willingly consulted.

Dr Caroline Roche of London SW19 (a grand-daughter of the John Heath who emigrated to New Zealand), for details of her family.

Mr Benjamin Wild Heath of Newport Beach, California (a grandson of John Heath of Fond du Lac), for information about his own branch of the family, and for several old photographs from the album of his father Frank Heath.

Mr Anthony Powell of Brisbane, Australia (a grandson of Rev William Powell), for providing details of William Powell’s family, and for supplying the address of Mr Wilfred Powell.

Mr Wilfred (‘Kitch’) Powell of Rockhampton, Queensland (a grandson of Thomas and Mary Alice Powell), for providing much information about his ancestors, including some old photographs.  Kitch died on 21 May 1999, while this website was being prepared.

Miss Elizabeth Bradford of Wellington, New Zealand, a grand-daughter of Cissie Powell, for details of her branch of the family.

Mrs Antionette Powell of Tillington, Hereford, for supplying the Powell family tree and several old photographs.

Mrs Nancy Emmert of Madison, Wisconsin, who willingly looked up records in the State Historical Library and supplied much useful information.

Mr Marcus Harrod-Wild of Oswestry, Shropshire (a great-great-grandson of Henry Wild), for information about the Wild family.

Mr David Smith of Paddock Wood, Kent (a grandson of Gladys Hudson), for a great deal of information about the Hudsons.

Miss Judith Marston of Sonoita, Arizona (a grand-daughter of Nathan Richard Heath), for information about her ancestry.

Mr Michael Heath Patrick of Wisconsin (a great-grandson of John Heath), his daughter Kelly of Indianapolis and his wife Beverly, for details of the Patrick family.

Mr David Reade of Lydney, Gloucestershire, (Chairman and Archivist of the Stockton Society) for details of Catherine Stockton’s ancestry.

Mr Herbert Harrison of Timaru, New Zealand, who willingly looked up details of the Powell family in newspaper files, and provided photographs.

Mrs Pamela Yeo of Wadhurst, East Sussex, a grand-daughter of Thomas Henry Heath, for information about her family.

The Saxone Shoe Company of Kilmarnock for the service record of Reginald Armitt, who was their advertising manager.

Professor Roger Bryant of New Mills, for translating the Latin manuscripts relating to the Hall o’Heath.

Chris Bowden of Skelton-in-Cleveland, for helpful information about the Boden family.

Mrs Karen Paradise of Utah, USA, for supplying the monumental inscriptions relating to the family of Thomas Heath of Warrington.

Mrs Helen Parsonage of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA, for information about Hannah, the sister of Samuel Heath I.

Mrs Sue Antrobus of Bury St Edmunds for drawing the author’s attention to Antrobus Pedigrees.

Mr John Parker of Mellor (the author’s brother-in-law) for photographs of houses associated with the Heath family in Mellor.

Mr Cyril Blount of Huddersfield, for supplying a list of the Mayors of Crewe.

Mrs Beryl Bass of Sechelt, British Columbia, Canada, for discovering the marriage of Thomas Heath to Hannah Steele.

Ms L Rigby of Rainhill, for allowing the author to photograph the house (‘Brightside’) and garden once belonging to his grandparents William Henry and Lilian Heath.

Mr David Boardman of Ontario, Canada, for the picture of Ivy Chapel in Chapter 7.

Mr Jack Perry of Crewe, for drawing the author’s attention to the picture of the Heath Memorial Church found in Images of England – Crewe.  The Second Selection by Brian Edge.  Published by Tempus Publishers Limited, 1999.

Mr Brian Edge of Wistaston, the author of the above book, for his permission to reproduce the pictures of the Heath Memorial Church, 6 Heathfield Avenue and the Wedgwood Chapel in Heath Street, Crewe. The last-named picture appears in Mr Edge’s first selection of pictures of Crewe, published in 1994.

Mr John Bennett of Northwich, for information about the two marriages and family of Samuel, the presumed grandfather of Martin Heath.

Mrs Deborah Story of Torrance, California, for the transcription of the death certificate of Sadith Elizabeth Baerresen, the daughter of Minnie Gertrude Parker.

Mrs Judy Powell of Santee, California, for details of Minnie Gertrude Parker’s family from the 1900, 1910 and 1920 censuses in Illinois.

Mr Danny Redmond of San Diego, California, for information about Phyllis Parker and her husband Francis Cederlof.

Mr Charles Parker (a grandson of Minnie Gertrude Heath) of Plymouth, Minnesota, for a great deal of information about Minnie’s family, together with several photographs.

Mrs Elizabeth (‘Betsey’) Walsh (a daughter of Benjamin Wild Heath) of West Hartford, Connecticut, for the photograph of herself and her younger son.

Miss Janet Heath (a daughter of Benjamin Wild Heath) of Newport Beach, California, for information about her siblings.

Mr William Buckley (‘Buck’) Heath (a son of Benjamin Wild Heath) of Overland Park, Kansas City, for photographs of himself, his father and mother.

Mrs Pamela Palmer (a daughter of Benjamin Wild Heath) of Avon, Connecticut, for information about her family.

Mr James Buckley Heath (the eldest son of Benjamin Wild Heath) of Norfolk, Connecticut, for details of the Buckley family.

Frau Peggy Henker (a grand-daughter of Minnie Gertrude Heath) of Germany, for information about her father Ernest James Parker and photographs of her parents.

Mr G J C Griffiths of Sandbach, Cheshire, for details of his MA thesis Winsford Methodism.

Mrs Leah Tourond of British Columbia, Canada, for the picture of Martin Heath in his mayoral robes and details of the descendants of Martin’s siblings.

Mr Chris Sumner of Yuma, Arizona, for drawing the author’s attention to the entries concerning Thomas del Heath and Richard Heath in History of Town & Parish of Nantwich.

Mrs Beverly Patrick, the wife of Michael Heath Patrick, for various photographs of the Heath family in Fond du Lac in the early years of the 20th century.

Mr Brent Scoble of Affordable Antiques, for his permission to publish the portrait of William Powell Heath.

Mr Michael Dawson of Guildford, Surrey, for information about the Ainsworth family, from which he is descended.

The staffs of John Rylands Library (Manchester), the Cheshire Record Office (Chester), the Derbyshire Record Office (Matlock), the Lancashire Record Office (Preston) and the Local Studies Units in the libraries at Crewe, Manchester (Central), Stockport (Central), New Mills, Kilmarnock and Salford, for their patience and helpfulness.

The staffs of the General Register Office (Southport) and the Register Offices in Crewe, Liverpool, Manchester, Northwich, Trafford, Chester, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Salford and Stoke-on-Trent for their speedy responses to requests for certificates of births, marriages and deaths.

Further Sections:



Chapter 1: Early Days (1321 – 1790)

Chapter 2: Samuel Heath I (1816 – 1882)

Chapter 3: Martin Heath (1810 – 1887)

Chapter 4: Samuel Heath II (1837 – 1922)

Chapter 5: The Heath Family in America

Chapter 6: Mary Alice & Thomas Henry Heath

Chapter 7: William Henry Heath (1862 – 1943)

Chapter 8: Samuel Percy Heath (1893 – 1977)

Chapter 9: William Geoffrey Heath (b 1924)

Appendix: The Will of Thomas Heath