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Heathfolk Revisited

The History
of a Cheshire Family
by William Geoffrey Heath

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This history is dedicated to the women
who, during the last three hundred years and more,
have become the mothers of successive generations
of one line of the Heath family:

Sarah (d 1695)
Hannah (d 1704)
The unknown wife of William Heath
Elizabeth (1732 – 1800)
Catherine (1772 – 1850)
Martha (1819 – 1855)
Sarah (1839 – 1884)
Ada Louisa (1867 – 1895)
Florence Eleanor (1895 – 1979)
and Joan (b 1921)

This website is illustrated, but in order to speed up the downloading process, the pictures are in separate files.  They may be viewed at will by clicking on the appropriate highlighted words.  They are seen at their best in ‘full screen’ mode.

There are also plenty of footnotes which amplify the text and reveal the sources of the material.  These are accessed by clicking on the figures in superscript.

It is recommended that the Preface is read first of all, even if later chapters have a greater appeal.

Copies of this history in book form have been deposited with the Cheshire Family History Society, the South Cheshire Family History Society, Crewe Library and the Cheshire Record Office in Chester.



Chapter 1: Early Days (1321 – 1790)

Chapter 2: Samuel Heath I (1816 – 1882)

Chapter 3: Martin Heath (1810 – 1887)

Chapter 4: Samuel Heath II (1837 – 1922)

Chapter 5: The Heath Family in America

Chapter 6: Mary Alice & Thomas Henry Heath

Chapter 7: William Henry Heath (1862 – 1943)

Chapter 8: Samuel Percy Heath (1893 – 1977)

Chapter 9: William Geoffrey Heath (b 1924)

Appendix: The Will of Thomas Heath



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