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Alexander Hannay and Margaret McMillan

Alexander Hannay born 9 Aug 1749 Girthon Kirkcudbright married
Margaret McMillan abt 1779.
Alexander was recorded as a Master Joiner/Carpenter on the Kirkdale Estate.

Please Note: Some information may not be confirmed


1) Alexander Hannay born 6 Jan 1780 Minnigaff married Jane Rae 7 Jan 1818 Dundee Scotland.
Alexander and Jane Rae were living in Kirkcudbright in 1882.
Alexander was recoreded as a Grain Miller in Dundee.
- Jane Hannay born 3 Mar 1816 Kirkcudbright.
- Catherine Hannay born 31 Jul 1818 Kirkcudbright.
- Janet Hannay born 13 Aug 1820 Kirkcudbright.
- Dr. Alexander Hannay born Feb 1822 Dundee married Mary Agnes Hawson 12 Jul 1848 Dundee.
Alexander Hannay was born in Kirkmabreck on Feb 27th 1882.
He, early in his life, showed his ability as an orator and a leader. Always interested in Politics he used to tell with glee that one of his earliest recolections was standing on a form and haranguing his playmates on the Reform Bill. He was in due time apprenticed to a printer and a publisher in Dumfries. However, he decided to become a Minister and entered Glasgow University and the Theological Hall of the Scottish Congregationalist where he remained from 1841 to 1846, martriculating in 1843.
In 1846 he accepted the charge of the Church at Princess Street, Dundee, where his fervour, energy, and eloquence made a notable mark on the City.
He moved to London in 1862 and took the Pastorate of the City Road Church. During this time, the strain on his voice proved too great for him. When looking at his portrait one can imagine this huge man booming forth his carefully thought out and eloquent sermons.
As a result of his trouble he moved in 1866 to West Croydon. In 1867 he was appointed the Seceratary of the Colonial Missionary Society, and he acquitted himself so well that on the death of Dr. George Smith in 1870 he succeeded as Seceratary of the Congregational Church of England and Wales.
He had of necessity to give up his pastorate in Croyden. His work for his body was magnificent and he guided his denomination through many troubled seas.
His greatest work was probably the foundation of Mansfield College at Oxford. The course of his work took him to America, Canada, and Australia and in 1880 he was made a Doctor of Divinity at Yale University. He died on November 12, 1890. During his rein was built Memorial Hall, the building which houses the present headquarters of the Congregational Union in Farrington Street, London, where the First Edition was published and where his portrait now hangs.
"here was a powerful, elequent man who had great organizing ability, and a gift of advancing"
Published by Stewart Francis `The Hannays of Sorbie 1961

Recorded children (IGI) of Dr. Alexander Hannay and Mary Agnes Hawson:
Alexander Arnold Hannay born 26 Jan 1858 Dundee, Angus, Scotland married Alice Howard.
I have interest in this family.
Michael Hannay

Jane Rae Hannay born 1853 Scotland.
Alfred L. Hannay born 1863 Islington, London, England.

- Nicholas Rae Hannay born 1827 married Alexander Cochrane Wood 30 May 1847.
Children of Alexander Cochran Wood and Nicholas Rae Hannay:
- Jane Rae Wood married William Wilson Dobbie.
- Nicholas Rae Hannay Wood.
I have interest in this family.
Kitty Fox

2) John Hannay born 27 Nov 1782 Minnigaff.
3) William Hannay born 10 Jan 1784 Minnigaff.
4) William Hannay born 10 Nov 1785.
5) Johnstone Hannay born 12 Apr 1787 Minnigaff.
6) Samuel Hannay born abt 1787.
7) Susan Hannay born abt 1792.
8) Janet Hannay born 1795 never married.
9) Thomas Hannay born Oct 1795 Kirkmabreck.

10) Ramsay Hannay born 17 Apr 1798 Barholm Kirkmabreck married Mary Glen 7 Oct 1832 Glasgow Lanark.
Ramsay was the beginning of the "Hannay`s of Leeds" Branch of the family. It is recorded that Ramsay set up his sister Mary (Dressmaker), and either Janet or Jane, his other sisters in a Haberdashers business in Rothesay, and was probably visiting them when he died 20 Mar 1877 at Columshill Place, Rothesay Glasgow. It is also recorded that Ramsay was a Baker (Journeyman).
- Elizabeth Hannay born 9 Jul 1833 married Peter Wright.
- William Hannay born 25 Dec 1834 married Isabella Campbell 28 Dec 1860 Blythswood Glasgow.
- Alexander Hannay born 31 Jul 1836 died 19 Apr 1837.
- Alexander Hannay born 6 Jul 1839 died 20 Nov 1845.
- Margaret Hannay born 2 Jul 1842.
- Mary Hannay born 2 Jul 1842.
- John Hannay born 13 Oct 1844 Glasgow married Helen Broadfoot 7 Oct 1872 Blythswood Glasgow.
Children of John Hannay and Helen Broadfoot.
- James Ramsay Hannay born 9 Aug 1873 married Elizabeth Anne Johnstone.
- Mary Glen Hannay born abt 1876 died 3 Feb 1946 Glasgow.
- John Broadfoot Hannay born abt 1877 married Elizabeth (unknown)
- Isabel Clark Hannay born abt 1879 married James McEachern.
- William Hannay born abt 1881 married Eliza (Lila) Jane Milne.
- Ramsay Young Hannay born abt 1887 and died 12 Jul 1958.
- Helen Broadfoot Hannay born 30 Dec 1880 died 8 Aug 1966.
- Ewan Broadfoot Hannay born abt 1889 died 3 Sep 1929.
- Alexander Johnstone Hannay born 18 Jul 1891 married Alice Margaret Law 16 Jul 1919.
- Henrietta Margaret Hannay born abt 1895 married 1st Robert Dunsuir 2nd Ebenezer Wilson.
- Robert Albert (Bertie) Hannay born 1883.

- Johnstone Hannay born 16 Feb 1847.
- Jane Hannay born 2 Mar 1848.
- Janet Hannay 2 Mar 1849.
Wayne Hannay
Margaret Hannay born 1760 Stoneykirk, dau of Thomas Hannay 1733-1824, and
Elizabeth McGill 1737-1827, married James Sprott (var Sproat) 19 Apr 1779 in
Stoneykirk Parish Wigtownshire.
James was a tenant at the farm of Caldon Park Stoneykirk.
Several children:
- John Sprott born 3 Feb 1780 died 15 Sep 1869 Nova Scotia Canada.
- Elizabeth Sprott born 28 Dec 1780.
- Robert Sprott born 12 Nov 1782 died 9 Jun 1818.
- James Sprott born 18 Sep 1785 died 7 Feb 1837 Nova Scotia Canada.
- William Sprott born 25 Sep 1789 died 30 Jun 1871, married
Margaret Hannay 25 May 1825, dau of Hugh Hannay and Marian Kerr.
- Elizabeth Sprott born 23 Dec 1792 died 23 Dec 1825 married James Hannay
24 Feb 1821, son of Alexander Hannay and Jean McMaster.
Sonia Sprott Verrochi

Hugh (Hew) Hannay born circa 1673, died 26 Oct 1761 `Back of Wall Farm,
Old Luce Parish Wigtownshire married to
Jannet McCracken b.c. 1678, died 9 Mar 1764 Back of Wall.
Two children re IGI:
1) Margaret Hannay b.c. 1709, died 18 Jan 1740 Bridgemill,
married Robert Kellie 20 Feb 1735 at Back of Wall.
Robert Kellie born c. 1708, died 30 May 1756 Maol.
- Charles Kellie b 15 Feb 1736 Bridgemill, married Agnes Stenhouse 26 Jan 1761. Had issue.
- Andrew Killie born 26 Oct 1730 Bridgemill.

2)Agnes Hannay married 18 Jun 1766 Back of Wall to John McMuldroch.
- Hugh McMuldroch born 18 Mar 1747 Borland.

Robert Kellie married again 26 Dec 1740 Back of The Wall to
Grace Hannay daughter of William Hannay in Mains of Park. Grace was born c 1714
and died 19 May 1753 Maol.
- Jannet Kellie b. 17 Jan 1742 Bridgemill and married Thomas Milroy 6 Apr 1769.
- Marion Kellie b. 15 Dec 1743 Bridgemill.
- Jean Kellie b. 12 May 1746 Bridgemill.
Fraser Hamilton

Jannet Hannay born abt 1724 Old Luce Parish Wigtownshire married
Alexander Milwain abt 1746 Old Luce Parish.
One child recorded
John Milwain born 3 Nov 1748 Old Luce Parish.
Karen Emery

Marion (May) Hannay born 1772 `of Wigtown Parish and died 13 Jun 1854 Wigtown.
Family MI in Old Wigtown Kirkyard.
Marion married Archibald McQueen abt 1808 Wigtown I presume.
Several children recorded:
- Margaret McQueen born 1809 Wigtown.
- Peter Hannay McQueen born 2 Jan 1812 Wigtown and died 22 Apr 1885.
Peter married Jane Rogers.
- Alexander McQueen born 11 Jun 1814 Wigtown and died 16 Feb 1827 Wigtown.
- Mary McQueen born 1817 Wigtown and died 13 Jul 1872 Wigtown.
Barb McLean

Elizabeth Hannay born 1809 Barhoise Mill Kirkcowan and died 20 Feb 1882 Kirkcowan Parish, married William Milroy 12 June 1848 Kirkcowan Parish Wigtownshire.
William Milroy was one son of Robert Milroy and Janet Masterton.
There is one recorded child, William Milroy born 21 Mar 1838 Kirkcowan Parish Wig.
William married Alexandra Murry McClymont, dau of John McClymont of Kirkcowan Parish.
Several children:
- William Milroy born 15 Mar 1864 Kirkcowan.
- John Milroy born 03 Apr 1866 Kirkcowan.
- John Milroy born 11 Dec 1868 Kirkcowan.
- James Milroy born 29 May 1871 Kirkcowan.
- Robert Milroy born 17 Feb 1873 Kirkcowan.
- Inglis Milroy born 30 Nov 1874 Kirkcowan.
- Alexander Scott Milroy born 02 Sept 1876.
- Jane (Jeanie) Milroy born 12 Dec 1877.
- Jessie Inglis Milroy born 12 Mar 1879.
Karen Peters

Ann Hannay born cir 1801 Kirkcowan Parish Wigtownshire and died
1871 Cedar Grove, Markham, Ontario, Canada.
Ann married Robert Milroy 25 Feb 1834 Kirkcowan Parish.
Robert Milroy and brother William Milroy were founders of Waulk Mills `of Kirkcowan.
Robert Milroy was son of Robert Milroy (1751-1814) and Janet Masterton (1753- ).
Ann Hannay and Robert Milroy had several children:
- Agnes Milroy born 03 May 1824 Kirkcowan Parish married (--?--) Davidson.
- James Milroy born 16 Nov 1821 Kirkcowan married Celia Anthony.
- Robert Milroy born cir 1834 Markham, Ontario married Elizabeth Reesor.
- John Milroy born 16 Mar 1837 Markham Ontario Canada married Mary Anthony.
Karen Peters

John Hannah born 20 Sept 1736 Whithorn Parish Wigtownshire married
Ephuma (Euphemia) Stewart 5 May 1768 in Glasserton Parish.
- Robert Hanna born 17 Feb 1769 Glasserton Parish.
- Mary Hannah born 6 Apr 1771 Glasserton Parish married John Miller.
- Samuel (Samwel) Hannah born 26 Jan 1778 Glasserton Parish.
- Margaret Hannah born 1787 Glasserton Parish married John Wilson 29 Nov. 1808 Whitehaven England.
- John Hannah abt 1772 Glasserton I presume.
Crawford MacKeand
Wayne Hannay

Robert Kerr Hannay who succeeded to Rusco, was the son of Robert Hannay and Janet Kerr, born Feb 3 1807. He served as D.L. and J.P., and was an industrial magnate.
He married Bridget Smith, daughter of Thomas Smith of London Jan 24 1834. Robert Kerr Hannay died at Springfield, Ulverston Sept 30 1874. Bridget died at Ulverston April 20 1879. They had issue:
Robert Kerr Hannay born Mar 20 1836 and died Oct 31 1874 unmarried.
Janet Kerr Hannay born Sept 18 1837 died June 25 1843.
Bridget Smith Hannay born Aug 6 1839 married 1868 Harry Taroudin.
Thomas Hannay married Elizabeth MacDowell Nov 15 1886, 3rd daughter of the Rev`d Peter MacDowell of Alloa.
John Hannay married 1st Mary Rodwell, 2nd, Helen Slavin.
George Kerr Hannay born 1848 married Harriet Alice Park.
Sarah Ann Hannay born Aug 27 1850 married 1873 J.E.H. Clark.
Clive Park

Andrew Hannay born 1774 Whithorn Wigtownshire and died 2 Jul 1855 Cauldside Whithorn.
Andrew married Harriet Robb 12 Jun 1798 Whithorn Parish.
Recorded children:
- William Hannay born abt 1800 died infancy.
- Jane Hannay born Mar 15 1801 Parish of Whithorn Wigtownshire and died March 30 1891 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, at the home of her daughter Mrs McCradey.
Jane Hannah married Robert McConnell 25 Dec 1829 in Whithorn Parish.
Children of Robert McConnell and Jane Hannah all born in Wigtownshire:
- John McConnel
- William McConnell
- Andrew McConnell
- Jane McConnell
- Robert McConnell
- Jacobina McConnell
On Jane`s death certificate her fathers name was recorded as
Andrew Hannahan
- John Hannay died 21 yrs.
- Alexander Hannay died infancy.
- Alexander Hannayborn 1809 Whithorn Parish.
Informant for fathers death.(see below)
- Andrew Hannay 47 yrs no further info.
- James Hannay died 2 yrs.
- Jacobina Hannay born 1814 recorded with father in the 1841 census.
Recorded as not married and died 18 Oct 1896 Whithorn Parish age 82 yrs.
- Mary Hannay died in infancy.
Alexander Hannay born 1809 Whithorn married Mary Love born 1811 Mochrum Parish.
Mary Love was recorded daughter of Hugh Love and Janet Hershell.
In the 1851 census Alexander is a labourer at Balcraig Farm.
They were living in the Parish of Glasserton in 1851 and on the 1881 census are living at Whithorn Parish.
Any info on this family apprecisted.
Blaine Little

John Hannay born abt 1779 `of Kirkcowan Parish Wigtownshire, recorded as a Corn Miller, married
Janet Milligan abt 1804 I presume in Kirkcowan Parish.
Several children:
- Robert Hannay born 11 Jan 1805 Kirkcowan Parish.
- John Hannay born 15 Dec 1806 Kirkcowan Parish.
- Alexander Hannay born 11 Sep 1809 Kirkcowan Parish.
- James Hannay born 21 May 1812 Kirkcowan Parish.
- Andrew Hannay born 3 Jul 1814 Kirkcowan Parish.
- Peter Hannay born 12 Oct 1819 Kirkcowan Parish.
- William Hannay born 28 Aug 1817 Kirkcowan Parish married Ann Miller abt 1837 possibly in Penninghame Parish.
Family MI in Old Clachan of Penninghame Kirkyard.
William Hannay was recorded as a Flour Miller/Corn Miller.
Ann Miller was dau of John Miller and Mary Hannah.
William Hannay and Ann Miller had several children:
- Marion Hannay born 1838 Penninghame Parish died 1840.
- Jessie Hannay born 27 Mar 1843 Penninghame Parish married
Henry Ross and died 1876 Ayrshire.
- John Miller Hannay born 1845 Penninghame Parish married
Jane Green

5 Jun 1869 Kirkcowan Parish. (see below)
- Mary Hannay born 24 Jan 1847 Penninghame Parish.
- Annie Henderson Hannay born 25 Jun 1849 Penninghame Parish and died as an infant.
- William Hannay born 2 May 1851 Penninghame Parish and died 1872 in Newton Stewart.
- Jane Hannay born 1 May 1854 Penninghame Parish and died in 1908 in Glasgow Lanarkshire.
- George Miller Hannay born 10 Dec 1857 Penninghame Parish and died in infancy.

John Miller Hannay was recorded as a Cabinet Maker/ Joiner Journeyman Retired. He married
Jane Green dau of John Green and Janet McHarg of Kirkcowan Parish..
There were several children:
- William A. Hannay born 17 Aug 1868 Kirkcowan Parish married
Mary Mortinson 18 May 1898.
- John Hannay born 14 Jun 1870 Tradeston, Glasgow, Lanarkshire.
- Alexander Hannay born 31 Aug 1872 Govan Lanarkshire.
- Annie Jane Hannay born 18 Sept 1874 Govan Lanarkshire.
- Jessie McHarg Hannay born 12 Jul 1878 Govan Lanarkshire married Frank D. Turnbull 1 Sept 1904.

Any cousins ? ....
Pete Wallner

John Hannay born 16 Dec 1807 Borland Home Kirkcowan and died 21 Oct 1881 Borgue Mill Kirkcowan married Jane Gordon 16 Jan 1835 Parish of Rerrick. Jane Gordon was dau of William Gordon and Jane Sproat. (no children found)
Jill Dakin
John Hannay born 27 Nov 1773 Mosshill Ayrshire and died 23 Sep 1827 Mosshill Ayrshire, married Elizabeth Dick 6 Aug 1791 Ayr Scotland.Children:
Elizabeth Dick was dau of Quinton Dick and Elizabeth McCklewraith (or) McKlew.
Children of John Hannay and Elizabeth Dick:
-Elizabeth Hannay born 22 Jun 1792 Ayrshire married Robert McConnochie.
-John Hannay born 28 Dec 1795 `of Bonston, Ayr Scotland married Mary Thom 30 Jun 1829 Dalrymple Ayrshire.
-Margaret Hannay born 4 Feb 1800 Maybole Ayrshire and died Apr 1818 Maybole Ayrshire.
-William Hannay born 25 Mar 1802 and died 31 Aug 1831.
-Robert Hannay born 1804 and died May 1812.
-May Hannay born 1804 and died May 1812.
-Thomas Hannay born 1 Aug 1806.
-Hugh Hannay born 8 Dec 1808.
Sue Halloway

William Hannay born 4 Dec 1793 Creetown Kirkcudbright Scotland, was recorded as a Farmer and a Merchant and migrated to Kent Co. NB Canada in 1830.
William married Mary (May) Murray abt 1815 presume in Creetown.
Mary was born April 1791 and died December 05 1869.
There are nine children recorded, some born in Kirkcudbright Scotland and some born in New Brunswick Canada:

1) James Hannay born 20 Jan 1816 born Creetown married Christabel Brunskull Cail abt 1845. James died 16 Sept 1883 Kingston, Kent Co, New Brunswick, Canada, burial; Rexton, New Brunswick, Canada.
James was recorded as a Merchant and a Hotelier.
Christabel was born 1822 in West Branch, Weldford Parish, Kent Co., New Brunswick, Canada, and died Jan 26, 1892 in Kingston, Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada.
Children of James Hannay and Christabel Brunskull Cail:
- William Hannay born Jan 26 1843 NB Canada.
- Sarah Hannay born October 1843 NB Canada.
- Christabel Hannay born October 31 1844 NB Canada.
- James Jonathan Hannay born November 30 1847 NB Canada.
- Ernest Hannay born 1850 NB Canada.
- Thomas Hannay born 1852 NB Canada.
- John Hannay born October 13 1853 NB Canada.
- Mary Elizabeth Hannay born December 07 1855 NB Canada.
- Charles Brown Hannay born December 06 1858 NB Canada.
- Edward (Ned) Hannay born December 10 1860 NB Canada.
- Elizabeth Hannay born 1862 NB Canada.
- Bessie Hannay born November 15 1862 NB Canada.
- Elinor Louise Hannay born February 18 1865 NB Canada.
- Mary Elizabeth Hannay born 1868 NB Canada.

2) Elizabeth (Lizzy) Hannay born 15 Jan 1817 Creetown married James Glendenning. Elizabeth died 1 Mar 1902 Kent Co. NB Canada.
James, it is said, ran away with his wife`s sister Margaret, and nothing more was heard of them. He left his wife Elizabeth with two young children to support:
- Mary Elizabeth Glendenning married Alexander Mundle.
- Sarah Jane Glendenning born 1847 Kent Co. NB. Canada, married Robert T. Ferguson.

3) Robert Hannay born 22 May 1819 Creetown married 1st Sarah Agnes Hudson 2nd Mary Hudson. Robert died 7 Mar 1864 Kent Co. NB Canada.

4) William Carson Hannay born 24 Aug 1821 Creetown. William died 18 Jul 1887 in West Branch New Brunswick Canada.
He married 1st Elizabeth Richardson who was born 12 Aug 1825 England and died 02 Mar 1902 CA USA.
Elizabeth was the daughter of John Richardson and Mary Ann ?.

Child of William Carson Hannah and Elizabeth Richardson was:
- John Cuthburn Mason Hannah born June 20 1843 Weldford Parish/Kent County New Brunswick, Canada and died April 18, 1910, Waterloo, CA.
John Cuthburn Mason Hannah married Jessie Elspeth Mitchell Jan 4 1871 Kent County, New Brunswick Canada.

William Carson Hannah married 2nd Mary Mundle Nov 4 1852. Mary was born 1835 in Annan, Scotland and died 1912 in New Brunswick, Canada.
William Carson Hannay was Buried at Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery as was Mary Mundle.

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Children of William Carson Hannay and Mary Mundle are:
- David Hannay born Dec 18 1853 and died 1885.
- Jessie Hannay born Jan 27 1855 West Branch NB died Jan 31 1916.
- James Frederick Hannay born Sept 20 1856 NB died Mar 29 1936.
- William Clark Hannay born Sept 24 1859 NB died Aug 13 1929.
- Robert Wark Hannay born June 9 1860 NB died Apr 2 1939 NB Canada.
- Alexander Hannay born Aug 17 1862 NB died Jan 24 1936 NB Canada.
- Margaret Agnes Hannay born Nov 7 1864 NB died Jul 31 1929.
- Sarah Jane Hannay born Fen 27 1866 NB died Jan 20 1930 NB.
- George Edward Hannay born Jun 13 1868 NB died Sep 18 1916 married Harriet Smart.
- Margaret Evelyn Hannay born Jun 01 1870 NB died Apr 14 1944.
- Elizabeth Hannay born 4 Nov 1873.
- Jeptha Gillead Ross Hannay born Dec 6 1875 NB died Jan 23 1930.

5) John Hannay born 5 Jul 1823 Creetown Kirkcudbrightshire.
It is recorded that John never married.

6) Mary Hannay born 21 Apr 1827 Glasgow Lanark married John Mundle.

7) Margaret Hannay born 17 Jan 1828 Glasgow Lanark.
It is recorded that Margaret absconded with her brother in law James Glendinning. Her family disowner her.

8) Euphemia (Fanny) Sophia Hannay born 5 Jun 1830 Galway, Kent Co., NB. Canada and died 1926 in West Branch, Kent County, New Brunswick, Canada.
She married David Mundle Dec 1867 in West Branch, Weldford Parish, New Brunswick, Canada. David was born in Annan Scotland and died in 1923 in West Branch, Kent Co. NB, Canada.
Euphemia, or Fanny was burried at Zion Presbyterian Church Cemetery.
Children of Fanny and David:
- William Edward Mundle.
- John Mundle.
- Mary Room Mundle.

9) Jessie Hannay born 28 Aug 1832 New Brunswick Canada.
It is recorded that Jessie never married.

Bruce S. Hannah
Janet McCartney