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The Virtual Vintage Image

Useful Lynx

I happened to see the lynx above at the San Diego Zoo.  I happen to see the links below by stumbling across them in learning about image restoration and photo editing.  These links represent sites on a variety of topics that I have found helpful and interesting.  I expect this list will grow fairly rapidly, so check back from time to time.  If you know of any great (and relevant) links, please let me know.


Other Images We Have Done

My Wife's Genealogy Site - Where all these images will eventually end up.  Still under construction, but she has an index to photos and an index to postcards.  One of these days she might even name the site.

Hankins-Lawrence Images - Photography by Patty Hankins and Bill Lawrence.


Cyndi's List - if you are into genealogy, you already know this site.  Links to everything genealogic.  The "Photographs and Memories" section has many links to photo conservation and digital image editing.  Finally, after only 18 months of waiting, they finally added a link to the Virtual Vintage Image.

CD-Recordable FAQ - CD-R provides cheap mass storage for those huge uncompressed photo files.  Learn more about them here.

Northern States Conservation Collection - Tough to decide where to file this one.  Numerous articles and links.  Not only on conservation of photographs, documents, ancient statuary, etc, but has a section on conservation of electronic storage media. newsgroup  - not a bad place to lurk or ask questions about digital photography and digital photo editing.  Consult a newsreader near you.  The FAQ can be found here.

Vintage Photo Listserve - Information about joining the mailing list can be found here.

Photography - Digital and Otherwise

Computer Darkroom - Has equipment reviews and some Photoshop tutorials.

DPR Photo Review - extensive digital camera reviews, digital photography news, and glossaries of digital photo terms.

A Few Scanning Tips - despite the name, this is an extensive how-to on scanning.

FRCN Digital Imaging - Some tutorials in digital photography and image editing, including a section on "making old images look new again".

Lars Ekdahl's Favorites - A page of links to many digital imaging sites on the web.

Library of Photography - Links and articles to on a wide range of film and digital photography, including image editing.

Luminous Landscape - primarily a site dedicated to landscape photography (and excellent photography at that), also has excellent essays on use of Photoshop, and various issues in digital photography.

PC World article on digital print longevity - If you print your digital images once you've restored them, this gives a little background on the life expectancy of the prints. - A Yahoo-type interface to many photographic links.

RetouchPro - A site dedicated to image restoration from vintage and modern photos.  Check out their periodic challenges.  Also has a number of links.

Steve's Digicams - digital camera, scanner, and printer reviews.  Also has numerous links to digital photography-related software sites.

Photography - Vintage

The American Museum of Photography - Online galleries include many different types of vintage photos.  The museum also has a primer on different photographic processes, and a set of useful links to other vintage photo related sites.

Baltimore Nineteenth-Century Photographs - A very impressive collection of vintage photos of people from Baltimore.  If you want to get an idea of what the photos should look like, this is a great place to start. - Combines genealogy and vintage photos.  Includes tips on identifying types of photos, identifying people in photos, and discussion forums.  The digital album section is a worthwhile place to visit.

The Daguerrian Society - Has online galleries of Daguerrotypes.

Dead Fred: The Genealogical Photo Archive - A number of vintage photos.  Some identified, some not.  Perhaps you can identify some?

George Eastman House - Museum of photography and film, with examples of a number of different types of vintage photos.

Library of Congress Historic Collections from the National Digital Library - A number of online galleries of different types of historic photos, includes the Civil War collection in the following link.

Library of Congress Selected Civil War Photographs - The selection is over 1,000 (Link updated 4/7/01). - Looks to be a small part of a very large planned site, but has information about vintage photographic processes.

PhotoHistory - Has information about types of vintage photographs and dating photos.


Steve's digicams is also a good source for links to other digital photography software.  I have no do not have any ties to any of the following programs or companies other than as a user of the software.

Picture Window Pro 3.1 (Digital Light and Color) - Image editing program.  This program or prior versions was used for editing all photos on this site.

Q-image Pro - Excellent photo printing software (link updated 6/5/01).

VueScan (Hamrick Software) - Scanning software which I use to control both my flatbed and my slide/negative scanner.

Adobe Photoshop (Adobe) - The de facto standard software of graphic image editing.  Powerful and expensive.  I have been hearing good things about Photoshop Elements (they didn't want to continue calling it a "limited edition" I guess), and the price is much better than the full version of Photoshop.

Paint Shop Pro (Jasc) - Image editing program.  I have not used it, but have heard good things about it on the web.

GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program)- A public domain editor that is very powerful, with full support for layers, and free!  If you try this out, it is really worth your time to look through Grokking the Gimp - available in the documentation section.

Irfanview - A free image viewer and editor.  I have not checked it out yet to see how functional it is for photo editing, but I'm told it does have Lanczos interpolation for resizing images (see Case 7).