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Case 5 - Clone Your Ancestors!

Original Photo

In this section we'll briefly cover using cloning to remove defects from the image.  Be warned, while this section is short, actually doing the work takes time, effort, and a lot of trial and error.

Similar to the photo in the last case, this image is scanned from a recent black and white photograph taken of the original photo.  I'm not sure about what type of photo the original would be, but my guess is that it was a cabinet card.  As you can see, the (original) photograph had extensive damage, possibly due to mold, which has caused numerous white spots across the woman's face.  This photo has enough damage to the face to make it distracting, and was important enough to us that it was worth while trying to get rid of some of it.

I'll give some hints here which I have learned the hard way, but if you are interesting doing this on a photo, I would recommend doing some practice work first.  Also, plan on spending some time doing this.  The work on this photo took several hours (done in several sessions - I tend to go a little batty working at the pixel level for too long).

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