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Case 4 - Some Notes on Using a Flatbed Scanner

Original Photo

This section has some brief notes on using a flatbed scanner to obtain images of your vintage photos.  I'll leave out most of the details on editing - for more information on the editing, see the first 3 cases.  Also, as of December 2001 I have added Case 7, which is another scanning-related section.

The image above is from a wedding photo originally taken in 1884.  This image was scanned from a modern black-and-white photograph taken of the original photo.  I do not have the original photo, and do not know what type of photo it originally was.  The image above, taken unedited from the scan, is reasonably representative of the actual photo.  There are areas that are bright enough that detail is lost, losing some overall contrast to the image. Nonetheless, this is much better than my original scan, and I'll show you how I did it.

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