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Final Photo

The image was a bit rotated, as it is sometimes hard to get the image completely straight on a flatbed scanner.  While Picture Window has a Mirror/Rotate command for rotating in 90 degree increments, the Warp command is used for rotation of less than right angles.  I used the Warp command on this photo - the command provides a series of guide lines in a frame.  I simply lined up the guide lines so they were parallel to the border of the photo, and the Warp command provided a straight image.  This command can also be used when the image is rotated in the borders of the photo (i.e. the camera was held at an angle to the scene), and can be used for correcting perspective effects.

I then cropped the white border off of the photo.  The Crop command lets you choose aspect ratios for common photo sizes (e.g. 4x6 or 8x10 portrait or landscape).  In this case, I used an arbitrary aspect ratio and cropped to immediately inside the borders of the photograph.

Once again for comparison, take a look at the original, to see how much we have gained in the editing.

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