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I want to increase the contrast in the photo, since the face seems "washed out" to me, although this is both a function of contrast and of faded colors.   We'll fix the contrast first.


The photo on the left is the same as that on the last page; the one on the right is brightness corrected.  To do this, I again used the Brightness Curve command, and altered the histogram of the brightness levels.  Please refer to Case 1 Brightness and Contrast (found here) should you want details and a screen shot of the command.  Essentially, I set control points to:

a) bring the lowest level closer to pure black (there is still no pure black, even in the corrected photo), to increase the overall range of brightness in the photo.

b) I set a control point for the highlight in the forehead, and dropped the level a little to help differentiate forehead from hair.

c) Set a control point for the shadows in the cheeks, and darkened them a bit to increase contrast with the facial highlights.  This also served to darken the background a bit, so her hairstyle does not fade quite so much into the background.

d) set a control point on the highlights of her dress and lightened it a bit.   When I set the darkest point closer to black, the dress started getting dark enough that it looked dingy.

This command increased the contrast in the photo, and I think brought out the contrast and texture in her face.  The colors are still faded, so we are going to fix that next.

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