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Color Balancing

Typically I will look at brightness and contrast before I do the color balancing.   In this case, the brightness and contrast are not too far off, so I wanted to get the colors a little closer to real before I changed them (the yellow makes the picture in general look a little dimmer to my eye, and I wanted to get rid of this before messing with brightness).  As in the first photo, I'm going to use the Color Balance command.   See the screenshot below:

The photo has a distinct yellow cast, and the colors are faded.  For the yellow cast, I used the color balance command.  The original is on the left above, and the balanced photo is on the right.  I clicked on the Remove highlight in the color balance dialog box above.  This brings up a color picker dialog, including a sampler icon to sample the color you want to remove.  I clicked on the sampler, and then sampled the border of the photo (I'll crop the border out later - I left it in just for this purpose).  This essentially tells picture window to remove the color cast in that area, and bring it to a neutral color (white, in this case).  As you can see on the right, the colors look much more realistic (though faded).  The image so far:

Now that the color is better, I think the picture could use a bit more contrast, and the face is a little too light, so we will correct the brightness.

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