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Case 2 - Color Print

Original Photo

This is a color photo of a relative taken in 1963.   Unfortunately, the photo has faded over time, and yellowed with age.  We are fortunate, however, that the photograph is in reasonably good shape other than the color changes.  Unfortunately, I do not have access to the original print or negative, so I cannot say what the original film or photographic paper was.

The photo was scanned on our flatbed scanner at 300 dpi to make the initial image.  As in case 1, I am presenting images on the website at 72 dpi for monitor display and to minimize the size of the download files.

In addition to the photo having color problems, you will notice that it appears very grainy and noisy.  Zooming in on the photo below shows the problem - this photo was printed on textured paper, and the scanner is picking up some of the texture.

close up at corner of mouth

Now in the overview section I noted that I like printing older monochrome images on textured paper.  This example should provide a warning, however: do not print on textured paper if you might have to scan the print.  I keep the original files in case I need to print them again.  As you can see, scanning a textured photo can provide a problematic image.

We'll deal with the image quality due to the texturing first, and then look at color correction.

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