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Composite Images

One problem that we have run into in reproducing our photo album was that, while the photos might be in acceptable shape (most of them, fortunately), in some cases the album pages were in poor condition.  Our primary goal was the accurate restoration of the photos, and our secondary goal was to display them as pages in the original  album.  We occasionally "cheated" on the album pages.  If the page was historically unimportant to us (i.e. if no one had written names, dates, etc. on it), then we used the Composite command to overlay the photo onto an album page in good shape.  We masked the photo window of the album page, and then using the composite command, applied the image with the photo of interest to overlay the original image (with the mask, we could set it that the new photo only overlaid the original album page photo in the masked area, so the photo would be seen in the photo window).

The image to the left shows an example of this using a photo of the supervisor (and official corporate logo) of Stunning Cat Productions.   We masked the album page photo window, and applied the composite command only to the masked area, so the photo appears as if it had been inserted into an album page.

You can actually use this command to insert figures into a photo, although I don't use this function in restoration.  Since I'm trying to accurately portray the original photo, I do not want to change the photo by adding subjects.  This command still can be very helpful for issues of fixing borders and such.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief review of image restoration.  Please let me know if you have comments, and whether it would be worthwhile expanding this site in the future.

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