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Memories of Days Gone Bye

in Shamrock, Missouri

1883 population of 30, mail
semiweekly, JS Lail postmaster
Post Office 1833-61 & 1863-1954
Growing to 71 in 1895

1883 Business Directory:
Dr BD Brown druggist
David Garver wagonmaker
TW Hanes justice of the peace
JDW Hudson flour mill
HE Hunce saw mill
J Sam Lail general store

Shamrock Rural Schools
Shamrock High School 1921-28
Churches and Cemeteries
Bios, Genealogies & Obits
Shamrock Village in 1885 (looking northwest, Nine-Mile Prairie Township, Callaway county, Missouri). A copy of this picture was donated to Judge Hugh P Williamson, for the Callaway County Historical Society, by Mrs Margaret Hale Palmer of Fulton. The picture was taken from the front porch of the Yates (later John Arnold) home. At right is what was known as the Sam Lail/ Ed Arnold/ Bill Armstrong General Store, and is the only building of the group still standing, although it has been closed for some time. At the time of the above picture the store was operated by Bill Armstrong's father-in-law, Mr J Sam Lail. The building at the left was the John Arnold General Store once operated by James Lail and later Charlie Lail. It was destroyed by fire about 1900. The building in the center where a number of people are standing on the porch and beside the building was the drugstore operated by Mr Edward Poage. It was torn down in about the 1950s. The building west (ie left) of the drug store was a barn to house Mr Poage's team. The building north of the drug store (ie to the right and further back) was a blacksmith shop. There were several different "Smithies" thru the years. Mr David Garver operated a blacksmith shop east of Armstrong's store (not shown in the picture). Some of the blacksmiths known to have operated in years past were: Walter Boswell, William Smith, Pete Owens, Kyle Scholl and Oscar Potts. John Thurman operated a tabacco factory. The little Shamrock School House was located a half mile to the east of the village. In the 1920s the building once housing the Fred Garver business a short distance east of the J Sam Lail General Store became the Shamrock High School. [click image to see larger view] [Fulton Sun-Gazette, 27 September 1967]

J. J. [James of Montgomery City] Douglass left for Shamrock Tuesday to build a 11 room residence for John Arnold of that place - from the Standard. [Auxvasse Review, Auxvasse, Missouri 10 July 1890]