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Subject: new Bishop info to muddy the waters a bit  Date: 28 Mar 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)  To:
You know how I like to stir the waters.... It appears that old Shelby
Bishop was the father of Doll and Mattie and Martha Young Bishop was their
mother.  Not long after Martha died Shelby married agian. I have located
him in Audrain County in 1900.  Info on Shelby Bishop:
1880 Federal Census -  Warren County, MO, Hickory Grove South Township
June 9, 1880 - page 728
# 101   Young,  Milton          53      MO      VA      VA      Farmer
                Louisa          51      MO                      Keeping house
                George M.       25      MO                      Trading
                John E.         22      MO                      Framing
                Beulah  I       20      MO
                Oglesby         18      MO
                Joseph P.       15      MO
                Halie           13      MO      (female)
                Sarah F.        12      MO
# 102   Oberlag, Catherine,
                 Carry A.
                 Edward H.
                 Lizzie A.
# 103   Bishop, Shelby          27      MO      KY      KY      Farmer
                Martha N.       33      MO
                Oglesby 18      MO
                Maggie          11      MO
                Poly R.          4      MO  (Napoleon?)
                William A.       1      MO
        Bishop, John F.         18      MO (no relation stated) Farm hand

1900 Federal Census - Audrain County, MO, Prairie Township -
6 June 1900 - page 85 B
# 118   Bishop, Shelby (R?)     age 44  born Jan 1856   MO      MO      KY  head of household       daylaborer
                Powettan M.     age 28  born Jan 1872   MO      MO      MO  wife
 (Powettan states she has had I child and ) living- They have been married 8 years)
                Dollie          age 15  born Jan 1885   MO      MO      MO  daughter        in school
                Mattie          age 13  born Apr 1889   MO      MO      MO  daughter        in school
        Brown, Claud                    born April 1876 ( Boarder - telegraph operator - no relationship stated)
I remembered I had seen someone I thought might be him there on a census a
year or so ago. The girls prove to me this is our Shelby, son of Greenberry
and Ann Eliza Bishop. The census people had scribbled over the middle
initial so I couldn't make it out for sure.
        I wonder if the state Historical Society might have City
directories for St. Louis. I bet they do.
        I wrote the Maddox website on the family story I told you at the
library the other day. They had background info on the father of Pocahuntas
Maddox, my great grandfather's first wife who is supposed to have run off
with my great grandmother's first husband, the bounty hunter... Art and
Billie, this is a great story!!! I just heard the scandel from my father's
family they kept hidden for 130 years!!
Nancy Hale Lee		/~wfbishop/nlhale/

Subject: Oglesby & Shelby Bishop Family 1900/1910/1920 Soundex Missouri
Date: 30 Mar 1998  From: William F Bishop
To: "Nancy (Hale) Lee"
Nancy,  this morning I was at the Missouri State Historical Society here
in Columbia... I was looking thru the Missouri Soundex microfilm...
found the following information that will be of interest to you...
1900    Montgomery, New Florence, 64 62 1 44
Bishop, Oglesby Y       H Mar 1868 32 MO
  Ida G                 W Oct 1873 26 MO
  Zelma L               D Jun 1899 11/12 MO
1900    Audrain, Laddonia, 3 7 5 83
Bishop, Shelby R        H Jan 1856 44 MO
  Powettan M            W Jan 1872 28 MO
  Dollie                D Jan 1885 15 MO
  Mattie                D Apr 1887 13 MO
1910    Montgomery, New Florence, 70 102 98
Bishop, Oglesby         H 43 MO
  Ida G                 W 36 MO
  Zelma L               D 10 MO
1910    St Charles, St Charles, 85 167 81
Bishop, Shelby          H 52 MO
  Powhahaw              W 37 MO
  Doll                  D 25 MO
  Martha                D 22 MO
1920    Montgomery, New Florence, 70 115 8 93
Bishop, Oge             52 MO   with E.C. Gott (son-in-law)
1920    Montgomery, New Florence, 70 115 8 94
Bishop, Ida             46 MO   with E.C. Gott (daughter)
1920    St Louis, 104 590 17 93
Bishop, Powhattan       43      with Masonic Home (employee)
1920    St Louis, Kingshighway, 104 455 15 96
Bishop, Doll            35 MO   with Martha Bishop 32 (sister)
1920    St Louis, Kingshighway, 104 455 15 97
Bishop, Martha          32      with Doll Bishop (sister)
[Note:  Looked for 1920 Shelby Bishop but didn't see him, so suspect
that he died after 1910 but before 1920.  Since he and family were
living in St Charles in the 1910 Census wouldn't he be likely to be
buried in the St Charles area? - Bill]

Subject: Fw: Treasure....Family Bible  Date: 01 Apr 98
From: (Nancy L. Lee)
I am forwarding this on for your information!! What a great find! I have
just skimmed it and won't get a chance to play with it this week, I'm sure.
But will print it off and study it later.  Now It looks like we have many
more dates and names we KNOW all tie together somehow.
Nancy Hale Lee		/~wfbishop/nlhale/

> Date: Wednesday, April 01, 1998 20:05:32
> From: nickimeyer
> To:
> Subject: Treasure....Family Bible
> ... got my hands on the family Bible and Bill can slow his pace somewhat
> but I have people that I haven't connected yet so here goes.

> Napoleon Bishop b. 6/21/1844,
> Shelby Wright Bishop b. 1/20/1853
> Powellton Fitts abd Shelby Bishop married 11/3/1892
> Martha Young Bishop b. 11/1/1846
> Oglesby Young Bishop b.3/1/1867
> Margret Ann Bishop b.3/18/1869
> Charles H Bishop b. 7/19/1872.     Don't know this guy.
> Martha F, Bishop b.10/29/18??
> Robert Napoleon Bishop  b. 4/26/1876
> Wm. Oscar Bishop b. 5/6/1819   d. 7/11/1881.    Don't know this guy
> Daniel S. Bishop b. 11/11/1882.  Don't know this guy
> Dollie Bishop b. 1/6/1885
> Mattie Bishop b. 4/22/1887
> Napoleon Bishop and Martha Young were married 5/10/1866
> Mat and Shelby Bishop were married 9/29/1878
> Miss Powellan  Fitts and Shelby Bishop were married 11/3/1892
> Charles Bishop died 7/5/????   Don't know this guy
> Martha F. Bishop died 4/17/1875
> Napoleon Bishop died 3/2/1878
> Martha N,. Bishop died 2/18/1890
> William Oscar Bishop died 7/11/1881
> Shelby Wright Bishop died 3/26/1918
> Daniel S Bishop died 12/9/1954    Don't know this guy.
> 		Billie and the Marthasville Crew

[Submitted by Nancy (Hale) Lee, Mar 1998]