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Subject:  Re: Greenberry Bishop court documents
Date:  27 Dec 97  From: (Nancy L. Lee)

Audrain County Missouri      Circuit Court Records  Till #30  Case #21
property of the Audrain County Genealogical Society, Mexico, MO

Assault with intent to kill------

Deposition made by Samuel Murry...
I made a late burn on my land about six hundred yards from Bishops field
amd a half mile from my own house where my own stock feeds on and Bishop
has been for the last 4 weeks running them off shooting and setting his
dogs at them on last Thursday night the 12th day of August 1852 he Bishop
run my cattle south of my field about one mile from the afore mentioned
Burn and after they had been there one half hour I went to where the cattle
were myself in going around the fence I found it down and it looked as
though it was laid down I listened for some time to see if I could hear any
stock in my field and I heard none I then laid up the fence and got on my
horse at that time Bishop made his appearance and said old man dam you I
have got you know and at that time he poped a cap at me I saw it heard it
and smelt it I said to him you poped a cap at me did you sir and he said no
I did not and at that time I threw the rain of my bridle over my horses
head and took up a stake and made at him and he run like a clever fellow
and he run about fifty yards and stayed long enough to put on another cap
and then returned and said dam you I will Kill you and all your stock I
then thought it was time to be getting a way Bishop said that he was
permanently  settled and he be damed if he didnot have me away from there

 examination by Bishop    is this burn all on your own land
 Mury says it is nearly all on my own land where you made this burn
 this subscribe and sworn to by

signed ---   Samuel Murray

I do certify the written deposition to be a true Copy taken before me a
Justice of the peace for saltriver township Audrain County on the 14 day of
August 1852

signed---  R. Pearson Jus P.

Deposition of Douglas Murry
I do state that G. B. Bishop has been running our stock for some time past
of nights Mr Bishop fince is away low fince our stock is not troublesome
except one steer our stock has been in our own field twice this season to
the best of my knowledge
question ask by Bishop did you ever see me drive your stock a way from my
did not
subscribed by and sworn to by
signed--- Douglass Murray

John G. Muldrow deposition
Mr  Muldrow did you not hear Bishop say that he drove Murrys cattle a way
from that aforesaid burn
I did hear him say that he did
Douglas Murry says further ha has never saw any of there sattle shot or
that has been injured
The testimony is closed on both sides
subscribed and sworn to by
signed--- John G. Muldrow
I do certify that the above deppositions to be a true coppy taken before me
a Justice of the peace for saltriver township Audrain County on the 14 day
of August 1852

signed--- R. Pearson  J.P.

Affidavit filed by Samuel Murry on the 13th day of August 1852 charging ane
Green B, Bishop of shooting at his stock and threatning to kill said Mury
Warrent issued August 13th 1852 and returned duly served on the same day by
bringing the said G. B. Bishop before the undersigned Justice and the trial
was posponed till nine Oclock an the 14th day of August 1852
A supena issued for Douglas Murry and G.W. Willingham and Samuel Hook the
parties appeared on the next day and went in to trial witnefses being sworn
proceded to give there testimony which was all taken down in writing
from the evidence the Justice considered it neserary for the deffendent to
be bound in a reconisence bond for his appearance at the next circuit court
wherefore the deffendent was bound in a bond with security for one hundred
and fifty dollars given under my hand this the 14 day of August 1852

signed---R. Pearson J.P.S.I.
I do certify that this is a true coppy of my docket given under my hand
this 14th day of August 1852

signed----R. Pearson J. P.


State of Missouri vs. G. B. Bishop
Jus cost for issuing     warrent              25
                         affidavit            25
                         for bond             25
                         for supena           15
                         for four oaths       20
                         for judgment         25
                         for number of words an transcript of
docket and depsitions  1075 $1.50

                   Court cost servin warrent  25
                   for 3 supenas              75

State of Missouri Samuel Murray prosecutor plff }
}             Recognizance to keep the peace
G.B. Bishop  Deft                                                   }

The following is the bill of Costs taxed against the prosecutor at the
October Term 1852 of Our Audrain Circuit Court___________
To Richmond Pearson J P ? ?                50
˘ Issuing Bond in cause                    25
˘  Subporing Issued                        15
˘ administering 4 oaths                    20
˘ Judgement Recorded                       25
˘ Transcript of Docket 1075 Words      $ 1.05
                                     pd $2.40
To J.G. Muldrow  Dept. Constable
      Serving Warrant                      25
      Serving Spas (Supeneas?)  on 3 witnesses 75  pd $1.00
To C. H. Hardin Circuit attorney for services in case  $4.00
To Joel Haynes Shff
˘   calling on witness                     05
˘   for Trial of cause before court       1.00       1.05
To J. P. Clark clk
˘ filing 7 papers from J. P.               .35
˘ Order discharging Recognijance           .25
˘ Enticing Judgement for cost              .25
˘ copy of Bill of Costs & filing same      .75       1.60

˘ E & O E  amt due                          $10.05
attest J. P. Clark, clk
     Recd the above Bill of Cost November 4, 1852

signed--- J. P. Clark  clk

County of Audrain } SS
Green B. Bishop and Charles R. Wars acknowledge themselves to owe and be
indebted to the State of Mifsouri in the sum of One Hundred and Fifty
-Dollars to be levied and made of their goods and chattels, lands and
tenements, and chattels real; yet upon condition, that whereas the said
Green B. Bishop, for the consideration of Richmond Pearson a justice of the
peace in and for the County of Audrain aforesaid has been ordered and held
to be and appears in proper person before the Circuit Court in and for  the
said County of Audrain, on the first day of the next term of said Court to
holden at Mexico in said county on the twenty fifth day of October next,
then and there to answer, before the said court to the State of Mifsouri
on a charge of having shot at and used his utmost endeavours to kill the
stock of Saml Murray, and also having bursted a percufsion cap at him on a
pistol and the said Green B. Bishop having been ordered by said justice to
give bail for his appearance before said court to answer said charge in the
sum of One Hundred___________?_____________________ Court at the  _?__ and
place aforesaid then and there to answer said charges and be and remain in
said Court until there discharged in due course of law, then this
recognizance to be void otherwise to be and emain in full force
Given under  our hand and seals in the town of Mexico and County of Audrain
this 14th day of August 1852
G. B. Bishop  (SEAL)

C. R. Ward    (SEAL)
State vs G. B. Bishop    filed October 25/52  J. P. Clark  Clerk
7 papers
Dismissed at cost of Prosecutor    Saml Murray and Bill of cost taxed



John C. Castlio & others In Trust for heirs of Zerelda Bishop--- Recorded
in Book V  # 2 pages 490 & 491
filed May 18, 1867
State of Missouri County of St Charles} I Gustave Bruiere Clerk of the
Court and Ex= Officis recorder for and within said County Certify that the
foregoing instrument of writing was filed May 18th 1867 and has been truly
recorded in Book V #2 pages 490 and 491----------------------In testimony
where of I have set my hand, and affix the seal of said Court this June 3rd
signed-- Gustave Briure, recorder


Inventory of all the real estate , goods chatttels, rights and credits of
John D. Bishop, Zerilda Bishop and Waughtoga Bishop, minor children of
Greenberry Bishop, their curator.

I.    Real Estate
       An interest in the following described real estate, as being
beneficiaries or ____ _____ trust under a deed from John H. Castlio to John
Castlio, Fortunatus Castlio, Jasper N. Castlio, Othaniel C. Castlio, Hiram
B. Castlio and James Bigelow, as trustees for the use and benefit of said
minors, bearing date the 9th day of May, 1867, and recorded in the
RecorderĂs Office of St. Charles County, in Book V no. 2 at page 490, to
wit: The East half of the South East quarter of Section 26 in Township 46
of Range 2 East, containing 80 acres, and twenty acres off the West quarter
of Section 25 in Township 46 of Range 2 East, adjoining the said first
described tract.

II Personal Property---None

State of Missouri       }
County of St. Charles} Sct
     Greeenberry Bishop, curator of the estates of John D. Bishop, Zerilda
Bishop and Waughtoga Bishop, minors, states on oath that the forgoing is a
true inventory of all the real  estate and of all the goods and chattels,
rights and credits of his said wards that have come to his opossession or
knowledge.              signed --- Greenberry Bishop
Subscribed & sworn to before me this 17th day of August 1871        signed
Jo Maker, Clerk


Greenberry Bishop curator of the estatte of John D. Bishop, Zerelda Bishop
and Waughtoga Bishop
In acc. with his wards

1865--------By cash for gate
$ 4.00
˘                 By cash for fruit trees and setting out
˘                 By moving, putting up and covering 1 crib
1866           By cash paid for taxes on land
$  9.75
1867                ˘                 ˘                  ˘
1868           By cash for roofing dwelling house
1868 & 9     By cash for fencing & paling yard & garden
1869          By cash for taxes on land
1869          By cash for Wm A. Alexander  Atty.
1870          By cash for costs in chancery suit
1871          By cash for E. A. Lewis atty. in chancery suit
1871          By cash for costs in supreme court
1871          By cash for support, education, and maintenance
                   of his wards for 5 years @ $50. per ward per year
Served the within subpenea by reading the same to Joseph Dunlap and Caleb
Dunlap on the seventeenth day of May 1872

Signed    John C. Castlio
Sworn before me this 18th day of May 1872------  Signed Jo Maher, clerk


G.B. Bishop Guar. of the person & estate of Jno. D., Zerelda, & Watoga
Bishop, minors in acc. with his wards
The statute defining the duties and obligations undertaken by Guardians of
the personal estate of minors requires the court having jurisdictionof
probate matters to see thatthat such guardians give annually a detailed
statement of how he has discharged the duties of the trust and the
financial condition of the estate. In the performance of those duties, the
court will require the exercise of that ordinary care and diligence, which
a good business man would exercise in the discharge of similar
transactions, and satisfied of those facts, will credit him with all costs
and expenses incurred therein, in his annual  statement.
The character and extent of these powers are set forth in Wgner(?) stat
chap 6. In determining the haracter of BishopĂs administration of the
estate of his wards, and the propriety of giving him credit for the items
of account filed and the last term of this court, it becomes necessary to
examine the facts, on which the suit in chancery was brought, and why the
suit was continued after execution of the deed of trust to Jno. C. Castlio
and others. The only record evidence pertinent to the issue is the pleading
in that suit, the evidence preserved in the bill of exceptionssigned by the
courtand the deed itself. From them we learn the _?__ facts.  John H.
Castlio was the father of BishopĂs wife Zerelda, and proposed to Bishop and
wife to give the land, on which he (Castlio) then resided to BishopĂs wife
as an advancement of the entire interest of her and heirs in his estate, in
consideration of Bishop moving his family from Audrain county, where the
presence of military forces rendered life unpleasant if not uncertain, and
living on said farm.The proposition was accepted by Bishop, who without
unnecessary delay moved down and Castlio gave them, according to contract,
full possession of the premises, and caused the land to be assessed to
BishopĂs wife, and Bishop refunded the taxes paid by Castlio for that year,
1865. He, Castlio, then went to C. B. Dunlap Esq. and ask him to write a
deed for the premises in accordance with the foregoing facts.  Dunlap
refered him to Jas. W. Savage(?) Esq. as a suitable person to prepare such
a deed. Savage lived some miles away, Castlio was an old man, and the deed
was not then executed. About this time Castlio was taken sick and made his
will, in which those premises were secured to the wife of Bishop, a fact of
which she was duly informed by Castlio. Shortly after BishopĂs wife died.
Bishop remained in possession under the curtesy for about a year, and then
ascertaing that there was no deed from Castlio, according to contract, he
sues Castlio for specific performance, and Castlio
with the original contract. As this deed carefully avoids the conveyance of
any absolute or certain interest in fee, either present or future, and
absolutely deprives the minors the minors of any certain interest in the
rents and profits as they accrue, Bishop refuses to accept the deed as a
sufficient performance of the contract on the  part of Castlio and
prosecutes the suit. The suit finally went off the docket on a technicality
and was not determined on its merits. As an advancement, Bishop and his
wife were entitled to the rents and profits as they acrued during the
curtesy, which gave him the rents and profits to aid in the support,
maintenance and education of the minors, in whom the title in fee must
eventually vest. vide Wag. stat. chap. 94- Sec13- Mo. R. vol 17 p. 223--
The deed executed to Jno. C. Castlio et al. as trustees admits the premises
in suit to have been given as an advancement, which was to constitute the
entire interest of ishopĂs wife in her fatherĂs (Jno. H. Castlio) estate;
and the right of actual possession and the immediate use of the rents and
profits ae the neccessary concomitants of an advancement. If the deed,
executed as aforesaid, shall be construed (?)  as conveying such immediate
interest for the use and benefit of the minors and surviving consort of
Zerelda Castlio, deceased, the court will then determine whether the
apparently inconsistent provisions in th edeed were not sufficient
justification for the GuardianĂs refusal to accept as sufficient, an
instrument of that character, until at least its legal effect had been
determined by th ecourt. If ordinary diligence in protecting their interest
demanded of the guardian such action, then he is entitled t credit for all
legitimate expenditures in the performance of his duties. On the contrary
if the provisions of the deed will not admit of such construction, there
cannot be a question as ________?__________________
_______?_________ if he would not prove himself false to the interest of
his wards, and regardless of the obligations imposed on him by the trust.
The same reasons, which imperatively demanded that he should invoke the
strong arm of the law in protecting the threatened interests of the minors,
still existed in  unimpaired (although partially veiled) force, and justice
to the weak(?),  as well as, the demand of his duties as a faithful
guardian forbade other action than that taken by him. The admissionsof
Castlio, preserved in the bill of exceptions are conclusive as to the
existence of a contract between Jno. H. Castlio and G. B. Bishop. He agreed
to give ˘the farm to his daughter (Mrs. Bishop) and her heirs÷ and
acknowledges that Bishop fully performed his part-- and th subsequent
attempt to change its character is obviously an afterthought, which crept
into his mind after her death. Whether the money expended by Bishop is ever
refunded or no, cannot affect his right to be credited with the items
filed. How, if ever, that money is to be refunded is a question to be
hereafter settled.

signed--- T. W.  Cinman   Atty. for guar.

Know all men by these presents that, I, the undersigned, John H. Castlio of
St. Charles County, Mifsouri, for and in consideration of the trust
hereinafter mentioned and created, as well of the sum of one dollar to me
in hand paid, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have this day
granted bargained and sold, and by these presents do grant bargain and sell
unto  John C.. Castlio, Fortunatus Castlio, Jasper N. Castlio, Othaniel C.
Castlio, Hiram B. Castlio, and James Bigelow, all of the County of St.
Charles, & State of Missouri, the following described tracts or parcels of
land, situated in said County of St. Charles and known as the East half of
the South East quarter of Section 26 in Township 46, range 2 East,
containing eighty acres and twenty acres off of the West half of the South
West quarter of section 25, in Township 46, Range 2 East, adjoining the
just described tract. To have and to hold the same, to them, or the
survivor, or survivors of them, and their fsignes forever.
In trust never the less, for the use and benefit of my three grandchildren,
vsb(?), John Daniel Bishop, Zerelda A. Bishop, and Watoga Bishop, all
minors, and being the children of my daughter Zerelda Bishop, now deceased,
formerly wife of Greenbury Bishop. Said Trustees are to have & to hold the
tracts of land above conveyed, with all the improvements, rights,
priviledges and appertenances there to belonging or in any wise
appertaining; and shall have the full and lawful authority and rights as
such trustees, to manage and control said real estate, and the rents and
profits thereof, according to the best judgement of them or a majority of
them, for the benefit and best interests of said minor children. And said
trustees or a majority thereof or in case of the death of any or either of
them, then a majority of the survivors, shall have full power & authority-
if their judgement, it shall be deemed best for the interest of said minors
to sell and convey, in fee simple, any part or all of said real setate, and
loan out or invest the money arising therefrom in other property, as they
may think best for the said children, and to hold & control the same untill
said children shall arrive at the age of twenty one years, and when they,
or either of them shall attain to said age of twenty one years, whatever,
of their respective shares thereof, shall remain in either property or
money, shall be conveyed and transfered by said trustees, or the survivor
thereof, to said grandchildren respectively in fee simple.
And in case of the death of either of said three grandchildren, the share
of such deceased, shall revert back, and pass to my children in equal
parts, and not to the survivor or survivors of said three grandchildren. I
make this provision in consideration of the fact that the land hereby
conveyed in trust for said 3 grandchildren, is a larger proporton of my
estate, than I am able to give to either of my other children. And this
conveyance of said real estate for the same reason, id to be in full, of
all my estate, both real & personal, to which said grandchildren shall be
And in as much as the said Greenbury Bishop, the father of said children is
prosecuting an unjust suit against me, the said John H. Castlio, in regard
to the Estate hereby conveyed, said trustees, are hereby instructed topay
any costs or attorney fees that they may have to pay touching said suit out
of the rents and poffits of said real estate-
Nothing in the foregoing deed shall be so constructed, as to prevent said
trustees or the survivor of them, from expending so much of said estate, or
the rents, interests, or profits thereof, as they may deem needful and
proper for the support and education of said grandchildren-
In witness whereof I have hereto subscribed my name and affixed my seal, at
St. Charles Mo., this 9th day of May A.D. 1867

signed-- John H. Castlio  (SEAL)

State of Missouri      }     ss
County of St Charles}

           Be it remembered that on this ninth day of May 1867 before me a
notary Public duly commifsioned and qualified within and for the county and
state of aforesaid personally appeared John H. Castlio who is personally
known to me to be the same person whose name is subscribed to the foregoing
instrument of writing as party thereto and acknowledged the same to be his
act and deed for the purposes therein mentioned
          In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and notarial
seal th e day an year above written

signed A. H. Edwards  Notary Public
 State of Missouri

To G. B. Dunlap and Joseph Trundley. You are hereby commanded to be and
appear personally before the Probate Court of St Charles at the Court house
of said county on Saturday the 18th day of May 1872 at the hour of 9
oĂclock A.M. of that day to testify in a cause wherein Greenbury Bishop is
plaintiff and John C. Castlio and others, trustees for the Bishop heirs are
defendants in behalf of defendants and hereof
fail not at your peril
given under my hand this 16th day of May 1872

signed-- C.B. Dunlap J.P.

May the 15th 1871
Mr John C. Castlio
I am going to petition the probate court to morrow the 14th of May to allow
me means bee longing to John Daniel Bishop Zerelda Bishop and Watoga Bishop
the children of Zerelda Bishop to pay for there raseing, schooling, & all
so money that I have spent of mine for there benefit as there gardeen

signed---    G.B. Bishop
Records in referance to suits---------------

Mr Bishop --
says that he paid 4 or 5 $ for the gate---
trees cost 17$
crib-- donĂt know what it cost
Roofing the house- bought from Nabur 3300 boards $1.25-- but dont know how
much the actual cost was.
Paling-- donĂt know how much it cost- 2/3 oak-- 1/3 pine
Reset 3/4 of a mile of fence 4-5-600 new rails bought them of son


Walter Bradley---
 says that there was a gate but dont know who hung the gate- 9 faat long-
painted red- worth 4 or 5 dollars
DonĂt know who put out the trees --25 or 30- donĂt know the cost- perhaps
50 or 75 cts. per tree (including cost of trees)
DonĂt know anything about the corn crib- work done in 1866- moving, putting
up & covering the crib worth 25 or 30 dollars
Roof the house 50 feet- putt on donĂt know when- worth about 40$ for the
boards a would take about 4 days to put them on -
       2$ per day-- @$ worth of nails--
fencing garden & yard-- donĂt know who did it- worth about 2$ per panel
(including lumber) not lefs than 30 panels--
Repairing fencing-- Napoleon Bishop got witnefs to do the work- (son of
claimant)-- (son had rented part of the place of his father)-- Nobody has
paid witnefs for this work-- work worth 10$ (one string)
In 1869 reset & made new rails worth about $30.oo besides the new rails-
which are worth 15$ ( 500 of them )
May not be correct in my recollection--
This witnefs says that the resetting of the fence by Bishop  ( broom(?)
fence ) was worth about 7 or 8 $----
Spring of 1868-- was of no improvement to the place.


Mr. Castlio--- Doc--
age of children- oldest about 13- next about 8 going on 9- next 7 going on
Mr Bishop moved on the place in the fall of 1864 & left in the spring of
1871- in consequence of judgement suit--

Condition of the place- much worse when Bishop left than when he went
there-- thinks that it would take 400$ to put it in as good condition as it
was when he went on it--
Fruit trees worth 25 cts. a piece set out 25 of them in one day--


Bernard Sembeman(?)
 says- in question about 10 years- since Bishop moved his things -- often
at the place since Bishop move on the place --saw him make the gate- worth
about $ to 8$--
Fruit trees- donĂt know any thing about it--
Knows that he (Bishop) repaired & moved the corn crib- worth about 15 to 20
$ exclusive of boards & nails worth about $12.50-
Roofing house (65 or 70 feet)--take about 6000 boards- cost $1.25 per
hundred (not including the hauling)-- nails about 5$-- labor of putting on
boards worth about  2.50 day 15 days--
Fencing- paling  _?_  _?_ made about 60 yards (8 ft. yo pair) (22 or 23
pair) - worth about 1.25 per hundred for oak-- (all oak) (except 5 or 6
pair of pine) -- (800 feet)-- pine just about 1/5 or 1/4 -- 4$ per hundred-
scantlin? $2 to 3$- 300 feet- posts 25 cts. over 60-- yard planked in worth
10 to 15$-- fencing-- repairing-- worth 40 or 45$---
Board of children- worth 50 $ per child- per year to board, clothe &

tax receipts -  1866-- 1867-- 1869----

costs as per receipt of shff

AttyĂs fee--- Wm. A. Alexander    1870

M.E. Lee of E. A. Lewis-- pd on acct of this suit-- chancy suit same as the
one in  which the costs of 183 $ as above

Record-- appointment-- inventory--- deed


Caleb Dunlap---
Knows the farm-- Bishop went there in the spring of 1865-- farm was not in
as good a condition when Bishop left as when he went there--

continuation of Caleb Dunlap statement
roof is in a bad condition in Feb 1872-- Roof of this kind ought to last 10
or 12 yrs--
2 cribs when he went there only one when he eft- 2 worth more than one-
one string of paling- 12 pann--resetting the fence worth from 10 to 15$
Donĺt think that this was any permanent improvement-
Thinks that Danl has been worth his board for the last 3 years-


Fortunatus Castello--
Says that the relatives of these children offered to take them, clothe  and
educate free of any charge abst. children or their property--
Thinks that 2 cribs worth more than one crib which Bishop built--
Roofing- sustains other witnefses- 30 to 33$- including work & nails-
Knows that clothes were made for the children by relatives


John C. Castleello--
Says that he & his wife are and have been willing all the time to take care
& support of the little girl-- kept her until Bishop took her away--
Makes the same statement that the other witnefses do as to improvements--
2 cribs when he went ther- only one when he left-- worth of the crib built
by Bishop not more than 1/2 as much as the 2 cribs on the place when he
went there-
Dimensions of the building 40 by 20- covered- worth about 33$ including
nails. Donĺt know any thing as to the kind of roof-- roof leaks- new, ought
to last 10to 12 years- if it was put on in 1868 it ought to be goodnow
Paling 60 yards all thay\t I know of been put there by Bishop worth about
$9-- broom fence worth 10$ But Bishop thinks the removal of this fence was
not a permanentimprovement to the place.--
Mrs. Bishop died in April 1866-- Bishop lived on the place till the Spring
of 1871---

Jas. W. Howell---
Says that one of the wards  (Danl. Bishop) harvested for him last yr--
trees 20 cts. done in a day
crib woth - donĺt know-
Bishop left the farm in a worse condition than it was when I first saw it
which was in 1865--
5 cts. a foot -- paling



Inventory & petition for sale of Real Estate
Order of Publication
Filed November 11, 1875                   signed---- Jo Maker   Clerk

County of St. Charles}
Peter  Mades
Louis  Shaifer
W. T.  Angelbrake
Being apointed to appraise the Real Estate of Greenbury Bishop, deceased,
before  entering on their duties, make oath and say that  they are not
interested, nor kin of any person interested in the estate, as heirs or
devisee and they will , to the best of their ability, view and appraise all
the Real Estate to them produced.
and sealed by---------      Peter Macis, Louis Schaefer, W. F. Angelbrake
Subscribed and sworn to me this the   day of    1876

signed---- C. B. Dunlap J. P.

To Hon W W Edwards Judge of the Probate Court of St Charles County
  Your petitioner Thos S. Cunningham Public Administrator in charge of the
Estate of Greenbury Bishop, deceased, respectfully prays the court to make
an order for the sale of the real Estate , see inventory hereto annexed, of
said deceased for the reason that there was no personal property left by
said deceased with which the debts of said estate could be paid. Your
petitioner further represents that, the Probate Court of this County has
allowed the claim of John C. Castlio et al against said estate for the sum
of ______________dollars, see list of claims herewith filed, and unless
said Real Estate is sold our petitioner will have nothing with which to pay
said claim.

signed-- Thos. S Cunningham
Admin in charge of the Estate of Greenbury Bishop deceased


John C. Castlio et al         $149.18
John C. Castlio et all          81.20
Millie Dudlly Bishop             4.20



Cash                              none
Notes                             none
Personal Property                 none

Two acres of ground more or less, in the town of Mechanicsville, upon which
is situated a frame dwelling house, said lot being bounded on the West &
South by lots of Sam Dunlap  East by property of the Union Church and North
by Howell Street

signed---- Thos. S. Cunningham    Administrator

State of Missouri}
County of St. Charles}    SS

      Thos. S. Cunningham Administrator of the estate of Greenbury Bishop,
desceased says that the foregoing is a full inventory and description of
all the money goods chattels and estate Real and personal Books paprers and
evidence of debt and of title of desceased and of all debts due and to
become due so far as he can ascertain and that he is not indebted or bound
in any contract to the deceased at the time of his death except as stated
in said inventory

signed--- Thos S Cunningham   Administrator
Subscribed & sworn to before this the 10th day of Nov 1875

signed ---- Jo Maker    Clerk

To the Hon Probate Court of St Charles County Mifsouri

   The undersigned Public Administrator for the County aforesaid
Respectfully reports that having in charge the estate of Greenbury Bishop
decd. did in pursuance of an order of sale. Made by this court at the March
term, 1876, expose for sale at Public Venue for cash on Tuesday March 26,
1876, at the Court House door. And during the session of the Circuit Court,
for the County of St. Charles, all th eright title and interest of the said
Greenbury Bishop in and to the following described Real Estate to wit, Two
acres of ground more or less in the town of Mechanicsville (County of St
Charles and State of Mifsouri)
Upon which is a frame Dwelling house said lot being bounded on the west and
south by Sam Dunlap East by property of Union Church and North by Howell
Street and upon the sale of said Real Estate John C. Castlio being the
highest bidder the same was stricken off to him for the sum of one hundred
andsixty seven dollars. the appraisement made by three disinterested
hoseholders value this property at one hundred and thirty five dollars
(which said certificate of appraisement together with the sale bill is
hereto attached

signed--- Thos S Cunningham   Pub Admin

State of Mifsouri       }
County of St Charles }     SS

          Thos S Cunningham Pub Admin in charge of the Estate of Greenbury
Bishop deceased makes oath and says that he is not interested directly in
the purchase of the property heretofore described or any part there of or
any interest therein except as stated in the foregoing report

signed --- Thos S Cunningham   Pub Admin
Sworn to before me this the 12th day of May 1876

signed --- Jo Maker    Clerk


[Submitted by Nancy (Hale) Lee, Dec 1997]