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Date: 23 Dec 1997  From: Gail Haferkamp
To:   William F Bishop

Recently got in touch with a Nancy Lee to have her look up some information
for me in Montgomery Co. (she is with the historical society there).  Found
out were she and I are related on the Clements line through Robert's dau., and
Joseph Jones sister, Elizabeth who married a Dye.  She sent me much information.

She checked out your web page and thought it looked great.  She has a Bishop
also in her family and sent me this information. (She said she tried to send
it to you, but it didn't go through).  Nancy Lee sent the following:  Her
email address is:

I tried the Bishop web page you sent last night. I thought it was just great.
Much easier to follow than another page I had tried. I called Beverly and told
her to turn on the computer and go to the address and look at her family. I
tried to contact William Bishop and my letter was returned. I have a Bishop
line too but I don't know if they connect. Mine came from Va to Audrain Co
before 1850. IThe furtherest back I know is Daniel Bishop, believed to be my
3 great grandfather. His son Greenberry Bishop was married twice. #1 was
Eliza ? They had several children. Shelby W. and Napoleon lived to adulthood.
Eliza is buried in thte old Pioneer cem. in Mexico Mo Greenberry was a rough
man. I have traced him through history and wonder a lot about him. He married
#2 Zerrelda Castlio. Whose mother was the widow of Capt. James Callaway. Grandson
of Daniel Boone. Zerrelda was disowned for a period of time for her marriage
but was back in St. Charles CO where she died in 1861. She and Greenberry had
first come to Audrain CO where he was a horseracer and slave trader. He was in
on the attempt to raise the seccessionist flag in Mexico. They named half
their children Indian names. 3 children survived. Zerrelda who married Ed Lewis
and lived at Benton City. Her daughter died leaving no heirs. A son Daniel
Bishop married into thte Moore family and moved to Howell Co where the family
did quite well. I have corresponded with a member of this line. Last to survive
was my great grndmother Watoga Pocahontus Bishop (see what I mean) Not the
cool name to give the granddaughter of the widow of the great Indian fighter.
Greenberry died also before the children were raised and they were split apart
and raised by various people. Watoga was rased by the Caurother's family near
Wentzville. I know of no relation ship and next to nothing about them. Shel;by
and Napoleon were not know to our line. I believe I have found Shelby's grave
and Napoleon may have married his widow. Zerrelda and Greenberry lived in New
Melle. I have been there once years ago. A summer goal is to head that way and

Date: 23 Dec 1997 To: Gail Haferkamp CC: Nancy Lee Gail, am glad to get your info about Nancy Lee... will get in touch with her via email for followup... she mentions "the old Pioneer cem. in Mexico Mo"... I wonder if by that she means the Old Village Cemetery in the north central part of town... which is now a park with the gravestones in the wall... can't remember the street intersection where it is located... I know there are several Bishop names there... and years ago I wrote them down so have that info around somewhere... the curious thing is that I was just the last few days thinking about those Bishop folks buried there... and was slowly moving in the direction of finding out who they were... by following up with tracking Bishop lines in the Audrain County area... I haven't quite gotten thru it all yet but was slowly moving in that direction... :-)... wonder who Nancy Lee meant by "Beverley"?... and what this Beverley's email address is?... Also was at the State Historical Society last Saturday... am just now in the process of typing up that info as webdocuments and placing online with links on the "Source & Reference - Missouri" webpage... also have placed some info on the "BISHOP Related Census/Marriages/Wills/Miscellaneous - Missouri" webpage... in the process of doing that I am also being able to relate a few things together... for example if you look at the "BISHOP Related Census/Marriages/Wills/Miscellaneous - Missouri" webpage... and notice the "Montgomery County - 1876 Census" section... there you will find bunched together several people who seem perhaps to have been living together in 1876: BISHOP, BA 23 M ie Beverley Allen Bishop - Granville's son EJ 22 F ie Eliza Jane Coil (his wife) SMITH, J 18 M BISHOP, GW 10 M ie who would this be? G 5 M ie who would this be? CLEMMENTS, MA 42 F ie Mary Ann Clements - Granville's widow BISHOP, AJ 7 F ie who would this be? Ellen 3 F ie who would this be? if you can identify these folks let me know...
Date: 23 Dec 1997 Contact: Anne Baker Sex: M Born: CIR 1760 Died: 25 JUN 1841 in Mercer Co., Ky.1 Buried: in New Providence Presbyterian Church Cem. Children: 1.Jacob Bishop, b. CIR 1784 2.Valentine Bishop, b. CIR 1785 3.Greenberry Bishop, b. 1775-1794 4.Daniel Bishop, b. BEF 1795 5.John Bishop 6.Thomas Jefferson Bishop, b. 22 DEC 1799 7.Absolum B. Bishop, b. BEF 1800 8.Isaac Bishop, b. CIR 1806 in Mercer Co., Ky. 9.Vachel Bishop, b. CIR 1808 10.Sarah "Sally" Bishop, b. 1800-1810 11.Wesley Bishop, b. 1800-1810 in Mercer Co., Ky. 12.Margaret Bishop, b. CIR 1812 in Mercer Co., Ky.
Audrain County - 1850 Census Audrain County - 1860 Census BISHOP, GB 33 M KY BISHOP, GB 42 M KY Ann E 23 F KY L E 32 F MO Napoleon B 6 M KY N 16 M KY James W 2/12 M MO Shelby R 7 M MO John D 2 M MO St Charles County - 1868 Census St Charles County- 1870 Census (Dardene Township) BISHOP, Green B. 45+ M BISHOP, Green 40 M KY farmer Napeleon 21-45 M Willie G 30 F KY keeping house Mrs N. 21-45 F Oglesby -10 M Shelby 10-18 M Shelby 17 M KY none John D 10-18 M Daniel 12 M MO Sieral--? -10 F Zerrelda 7 F MO Watpka -10 F Watoga 6 F MO Daniel 76 M KY farmer
Old Village Cemetery - Mexico, Missouri BISHOP, Allie Osceola, dau. of G.B. & A.E. Bishop d May 3 1862, aged 1 yr, 8 mo, 16 da Ann Eliza, wife of G.B. Bishop d April 14, 1853, in her 25th year of age Daniel Foster, son of G.B. & A.E. Bishop Mary Isabel, dau. of G.B. & A.E. Bishop b July 13, 1846, d Oct 6, 1847, aged 1 yr, 2 mo, 23 da James Wallace, son of G.B. & A.E. Bishop b April 14, 1840, d Aug 10, 1851 ---- Subject: Greenbury Bishop of St Charles County, Missouri Date: 27 Dec 1997 To: Jean Cotton CC: Nancy L Lee, Anne Baker Jean Cotton, just curious... do you have more information about Greenbury Bishop (who married Zerelda Emeline CASTLIO) per your Cotton Website?... such as previous marriage, children, family connections, births & deaths, locations... thanks... ---- Subject: Re: Greenbury Bishop of St Charles County, Missouri Date: 27 Dec 1997 From: Jean Cotton Org: The Cotton Family Web Page This is what I have on Greenbury Biship that is not in the webpage database. The material comes from the book "Some Boone Descendants and Kindred of the St. Charles District", by Lillian Hays Oliver, pages 222 and 223. It lists only once child for Greenbury and Zeralda Castlio Bishop..but there could be more. Hope this helps you, Jean Cotton Zeralda Emeline (Elizabeth?) Castlio b. May 10, 1828 Howell's Prairie, St. Charles Co., MO. d. April 25, 1866 m. June 24, 1855 by Reb. Thomas Watson, St. Charles Co., MO. Greenbury Bishop of St. Charles Co., Missouri Children of Zerelda and Greenbury Bishop list only one son: John Daniel Bishop b. May 27, 1858 Audrain Co., MO. d. March 5, 1920. Buried in Smith Cemetery, Alton, MO> m. November 5, 1876 Nannie A. Moore, daughter of Elizabeth McGown and John Moore b. June 24, 1854 Mary Tommie Bishop b. November 2, 1877 m. November 17, 1909 Corwin S. Gohn, banker of Alton, MO. b. December 6, 1876, Danville, IL. Dwight Bishop Gohn b. December 23, 1910 George Daniel Gohn b. December 25, 1913 Nannie Frances Gohn, twin to George b. December 25, 1913 Corwin S. Gohn, Jr. b. June 20, 1916 Osceola Bishop b. February 17, 1860; d. May 3, 1862 Zerelda Bishop b. February 28, 1863 m. Edward Lewis Edna Lewis; d. November 1, 1907 Watoga Bishop b. July 21, 1865 m. April 26, 1892 Elmer Johnson, a stock dealer Elmer Carl Johnson b. December 12, 1893 Olan Beverly Johnson, prominent Missouri auctioneer of pure bred stock, Martinsburg, MO. b. April 25, 1895 Finley Bishop Johnson b. January 19, 1897 ---- Subject: Re: Greenberry Bishop Date: 27 Dec 97 From: (Nancy L. Lee) I survived Christmas and spent all day installing my new scanner. Now all I have to do is find the time to learn to operate it. I have been following your search for my Greenberry Bishop. I really appreciate it. I am curious as to your location. I no longer work and try to get to Columbia to do genealogy every couple of weeks at least. I see I must have miss spelled New Melle. It is located south of Wentzville. I will look it up in my new Rand McNally atlas....I must have been good this year??!! New Melle is in St. Charles County. I will see if I have some of the other documents on Greenberry typed and what I decided to file them under and get them to you. I knew that there were other Greenberry Bishops prior to my Greenberry but can't tie them together in my old research. Years and years ago I wrote to the Bishop Family Assoc. or what ever it was called. I believe this was 1969... I recently donated the old newsletters to the Montgomery County Genealogical Society. I need to make mention of some thoughts now before I forget. The Old Village Cem. record is incorrect is the statement that Allie Osceola was from the first marriage of Greenberry. She was a full sister to Watoga. Zerrelda's initials were misread as L.E. on the tombstone there. I don't know why Watoga and her husband were buried in Mexico at Elmwood. Two of their son's are buried there and the other son at East Lawn in Mexico. My grandmother said it was because they were influential people and didn't like the idea of the country cemetery. But I wonder ... Watoga's in law's are at Liberty here at Shamrock. I have Zerrelda's autograph book dating from the Civil War era. There is one signature from Hopkinsville, Ky. Jean Cotton and I recently found each other online. Isn't it a small world?? Did you know the Audrain County Genealogical Society recently rescued a number of circuit court packets that were about to be pitched dating from prior to the Civil War. I have read a number of these and copied some pertaining to Greenberry. I this is THINK that John S. Bishop was his brother... I will see if I can find those files yet tonight and send them. Grrenberry doesn't come out in a very good light. There were more. In one he beat some man's clothes off of him... Another he and Daniel and John Bishop are chased to Ky with slaves they haven't paid for. Why I didn't copy these is beyond me. I under stand they are off being microfilmed now. I read on the web site that you are interested in the location of land belonging to Liberty Church... I gave a presentation on the history of the Church there this past summer. My brother was married there 2 years ago. The first wedding there in years. I remember as a child that a local realator sold land on the north ide of the road to a man from St. Louis. He fenced it all in and then learned from some of the older church members that they didn't care if he wanted to use it but wanted him to realize that the current road does NOT mark the north border of their property. I guess it was a mess. This realator had a reputation for selling land and worrying about the lay of the property later. He built his own morton building on land in Martinsburg and then discovered he put the corner of his building on State property. I have permission from Marj Miller to use any of her cemetery records for my newsletter or the Montgomery County Web site. I will see if she personally researched any of the cemeteried you are looking for. As I understand it this clears any infringements on copyrite if Marj has done the research and then tells me ok. I ask Beverly Robinson if she had a copy of the Oliver cemetery and she doesn't. Beverly's husband descends from Wilburn's and Bishop's. Shelton Allen Oliver and Sarah Virginia Bishop were his 3 great grand parents on one side and St. Clair Wilburn and Susan Coil on another side. I will have to dig Zerrelda's book out and see what other names I can find in it. Oh yes. I found this recently and wondered if it could be Greenberry's son on the 1900 census for Audrain Co MO, Prairie Twsp., postoffice Laddonia, MO Shelby Bishop age 44 born 1-56 married 8 yrs MO/MO/ Ky day laborer out of work 2 mo. Rental house Powettan M Bishop age 28 born 1-72 married 8 yrs MO/MO/MO 1 child 0 living Dollie Bishop dau age 15 born 1-85 MO/MO/MO Mattie Bishop AGE 13 born 4-89 MO/MO/MO Brown, Claud (Boarder) age 24 I checked all the surrounding cemeteries and no trace of them....I haven't gone as far as land records on them yet Thanks for looking for my line. Nancy ---- Subject: Re: Elisha Bishop Date: 29 Dec 1997 From: Anne Baker To: Tolman1, Jean Cotton, Nancy L Lee CC: Mike Bishop, Jeff & Sally Received the .rtf just fine. Thank you. I have been picking up some interesting things in Ky., alas only pieces of the puzzle at this time. Mike Bishop & William Bishop also located on line the family of Thomas Bishop, Jr. The thread throughout all of this is the name Greenberry Bishop.. Mike sent to me awhile back some interesting census records for several different Greenberry Bishops.. one shows up as late as 1860 in Berkeley Co WV. There are ties, as yet unknown to Bishops who went to SC & central/south Va..right now I can't see the forest for the trees The Vachel Bishop, Mike and I are specifically looking for had 12 children born 1780's - 1810..10 sons..only 2 sons are documented (have the names and marriages..just don't know what happened to them) and only the most vague records to date..including a Greenberry who m 1817. There are Greenberry Bishop (s) in western Ky census and in INdiana. And possibly the Greenberry Bishop of St. Charles, Mo. At this time I think there must be a whole lot of Bishops who are related in some way. William Bishop is providing a great site for BISHOP information I will try to get some of this misc. information in a little order and get it to all of you. Anne Tolman1 wrote: > Attached is what I have on Thomas Bishop. I do not have all of his children's > names. Vaschel could possibly be a nephew or other close relative. Thomas > was in the Berekley/Frederick County in 1782 where he appears on the tax list > probably before 1775. ---- Subject: Greenberry and Daniel Bishop Date: 31 Dec 97 From: (Nancy L. Lee) As you can tell I have no life. It is New Years Eve at 10:30 and I am doing genealogy and living about 156 years ago right now! I went to the Audrain County Genealogical Society today and blew all my extra money on photo copies of the court packets. It looks like I need to make a trip to the court house and to Callaway county courthouse (same distance, about 20 miles or so) Greenberry and Daniel Bishop were definitely in TRIGG county KY in 1842. I will type up the documents and e mail them to you as soon as I get a chance. Apparently they borrowed $200. and used the money to buy 3 slaves...surely they had to put money with it... anyhow the note was overdue and the holder of the note sued the two Bishops (no relationship ever stated) and a John S. Fisher, I believe the security on the note. A few years roll by and they whole bunch including the note holder Collins Bradley move to callaway County Missouri where he loans them more money and they still don't pay him. Finally Bradley must end up getting his money but they suit has turned into only a suit against Greenberry at this point. No clue in these papers as to what has become of Daniel. In a later suit against Greenberry there appear to be connections to Montgomery CO and in one a mention of a G G Bishop as a witness. One note I did have jump right out at me Barba Collins son Morgan H Collins signs bond for Greenberry Bishop in one suit. Greenberry is my 2 great granddfather on my Mother's side and Morgan Collins is my 2 great grandfather on my father's side. Wonder how they knew each other... also could this be a connection to the Shamrock area by Greenberry? I definitely have a lot of typing to do and I may leave out some of the repetitious pages... What do you think? much mumbo jumbo to say who is suing who and for what and what dates and who are who's witnesses. Also should I spell things the way it is on the original? I think so. It is a little harder to is written as fs...but more acurate. Please advise. I also wanted to tell you where I found the article stating Greenberries southern sympathies in Audrain Co. A HISTORY OF NORTHEAST MISSOURI Vol. 1, edited by Walter Williams, The Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago, New York, 1913 page 211.... Early in the spring of 1861 when the lines between union and secession were beginniing to be drawn, the people of the county were about equally divided, there being, however, a strong secessionist sentiment in and around Mexico.The divided sentiment is well illustrated by an effort which was made to raise a secession flag in Mexico that spring. William O. Johnson, Green Bishop, James and Roobert Carter and Joe Inlow were the leaders of the participants on the part of the secessionist. On the other hand were George W. Fentom, Samuel Fentem, Harry Estes and W. H. White, the leaders of the opposition. It was undertaken to put the flag on the Bell and Everrett pole of the fall campaign still standing. This resulted in a general fight in which no one was killed but several badly hurt. The secessionist were compelled to retire without ever getting the flag on the pole and the secession flag never floated in Mexico. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Green berry and family moved to St. Charles county shortly after this. This is supported by Zerrelda's death there in the Fall of 1861. In the book the Crow's Nest there is a story related of an event in the Civil War where a neighbor of southern sympathies ran to Zerrelda's home for protection from the militia that was after him. She hid him under her bed and as she sat at her spinning wheel they came in and killed him. We suppose this happened in St. Charles Co.... Doesn't sound like a much safer place to have resided. I also have the articles where about 1843 or a little later Green and John Bishop were horse racers in Mexico from an old newspaper. You can expect that tomorrow after my boyfriend's grandbaby goes home.. Hard to type witha 15 month old running through and pulling everything down. Goodnight. Maybe I can be asleep for the year's end. Nancy ---- Subject: more Greenberry Bishop in Audrain Co MO Date: 01 Jan 98 From: (Nancy L. Lee) Well the baby went home and I had to check the mail for the Montgomery County Genealogical Society so Will, my 6 yr. old and I went to luck would have it he pee'd his pants before we even got to town for the promised soda. Did I tell you Will has Down Syndrome? He does pretty good but still has accidents especially if he wears pull ups instead of big boy pants. I also have 2 grown children. My daughter lives in Columbia behind Regional Hospital and works with her boyfriend at Widman's Bar on 8th and Broadway. He owns it and she helps him. I live about 3/4 of a mile north of Shamrock. I haven't made it too far since the first of my ancestors came here about 1826. Actually I left once for about 12 years but no place else felt like home. So 7 years ago Will's father Gale Stuart and I both wanted back in the hills south of Martinsburg and bought this place. Gale and I grew up about 3-4 miles apart but never knew each other. He is 7 years older than I am and went to country school and then quit when he got out of 8th grade. I guess that is why we never met until about 8 years ago. But we always knew who the other was as adults because my first husband is also named Gail, just a different spelling. We all lived in Wellsville through the 70's. I enjoyed hearing about your family. It is nice to have a better picture of the person you correspond with than only a lot of facts and figures. You ask my connection to the Wilburn family... I wish I knew! No joke! For 3 generations my father's family claimed kin and Lawrence Wilburn's kids and my siblings grew up calling each other cousin instead of our names. But about 2 years ago Beverly Robinson and her husband Larry were broke down in Shamrock at my brothers. She ask him, as he was fixing the truck, to explain the family connection. He said he didn't know but to use his phone and call me and save herself a long distance call. She did and we sat up a time to sit down and look at each other's paperwork and try to figure it out. I called my uncle Don Hale who told me no one was ever sure how we connected but he thought it was through John Board, my 3 great grandfather who built the big brick house about a mile southwest of Shamrock as you head to Williamsburg. So far we have found about 9 connections to people in comman but no comman ancestry. We both connect to the name Bishop, Maupin, Via, Norris, Hamilton, my br. in law turned out to be her cousin through the Boicourt's or Deardorff's,(I've forgotten now) and several other ways I can't recall right now. The closest near miss we have is that Noah Wilburn had 2 wives. They descend through the second. Our connection was his first wife was John Board's granddaughter. So as usual we have relatives in comman. Another was Ed Lewis from Benton City and later Martinsburg had several wives. One of whom was Greenberry Bishop's daughter Zerrelda. After his death he married Margaret Wilburn. Again no blood kin. Druary Maupin's second wife that we descend from, Martha Board, had been married previously to Wm Norris, buried at Augusta. I don't remeber how her connection to that line goes. But it is there. Another of Larry Robinson's ancestors ?(I've forgatten the name) Ward was raised by the Maupin famiy that lived north of Bethel Church and married into the Walker's..Phoebe Dye, my 2 great grandmother's sister was married to one of the Walker family and so we are related to all these people in commas. Robinson's relate to the Dickey's and Johnson's that lived near Bethel great grandfather's brother married one of the Dickey girls and so again we have relatives in comman. It just goes on and on. We keep threatening to keep track of it...if we have enough paper! We will be at a library and she will whisper.."Have you heard of so and so?" and I will say "sure..why?" and she will tell me and I roll my eyes (which I do alot) and she will say who is he and I will say "my great great grandfather's brother or whatever the relationship is" Then we both sit there in shock AGain. My larangitis seems to be trying to sneak back in and my ears hurt so I am off to bed. Here are a few goodies I did manage to get typed. Nancy ---- Subject: Bishops Date: 03 Jan 1998 From: Anne Baker To: William F Bishop, Mike Bishop I have attatched some records I put together on a Samuel Bishop of Ky & Mo. I am not, at least at this time, interested in this family..but I though you might be able to use it & it might help someone. Trash it if you like. Mike Bishop found these "sightings" for Greenberry Bishop Mike Bishop Found Maryland Greenbery Bishop 1790 Md. Ann Adrundal Co census 1778 Md Oath of Loyality Greenbury Bishop Kentucky Greenberry Bishop 1820 Ky. census Mercer Co. 1860 Ky. census Owen Co. 1860 & 1870 Ky. census Henry Co. Lockport PO Indiana - Greenberry Bishop 1850 Ind. census Jay Co. West Virginia Greenberry Bishop 1860 & 1870 Wv. census Berkeley Co. Shanghaei PO Virginia Greenberry Bishop 1810 Va. Census Frederick Co. Greenbury Bishop These are for Valentine..Our Vachel Bishop had a son Valentine who died in MErcer Co., Ky....Father of Wesley Bishop 1820 Ky census Valentine Bishop Mercer Co. (Valentine dad to Wesley) Possible reslatives of the above Valentine: 1860 Ind. census Valentine Bishop Posey Co. Black Twp. 1870 Ky. census Valentine Bishop Hopkins Co. Charleston Pct.#5 ===== I searched in Ancestry under Missouri Deaths of Calloway, Cass & Montgomery for the surname Bybee and found several. Wesley Bishop married Mary Bybee & his sister Mary Nelson Bishop m 1831 John of Mary Bybee. It is possible that this brother/sister duo moved together. Anne Baker SAMUEL BISHOP - TEMPERANCE A. NORTHINGTON NOTE: Age of Samuel Bishop not given but if he served in the War of 1812 he was surely born before 1794. Temperance was born cir 1801. ========================= War of 1812 Pension WC24481 Widow's pension filed 8 May 1879 at Quincy, Hickory Co., Missouri. State of Missouri, County of BENTON, 23 July 1878, Temperance A. Bishop, aged 77, & a resident of sd county being duly sworn declares she is the widow of Samuel Bishop who enlisted in Capt. James Hall's Company of Kentucky Militia at Glasgow [Barren Co] Ky. May 1812. He was a private in this company of the 3rd Ky Infantry from May 1812 til 25 Dec 1812 when he was discharged at Harrodsburg, [Mercer Co]Ky. Aza McKenzie & Henry F. Ferguson testified to the widow's identity. The soldier, Samuel Bishop died 29 Oct 1844 Benton Co., Mo. as shown by the affidavit of Nancy D. Matthews and T. H. Alexander who also testified that Temperance had continued widowhood. Christian Co., Ky. Marriage bond, certified: Samuel Bishop - Temperance A. Northington, dated 28 Oct 1824. 22 Feb 1852: S. S. Lindsey declares at Trigg Co., Ky. that he was aquainted with Samuel Bishop & Temperance Northington & that they were married on or about 23 Oct 1824 in Christain Co., Ky. and continued to live together & they removed to the State of Missouri in the year 1839. 28 Feb 1852: Thomas C. Bishop [relationship to Samuel not given] declared at Trigg Co., Ky. he was personally aquainted with Samuel Bishop in his lifetime & that sd Samuel was a volunteer in Capt Hall's Ky Militia and that Temperance A. Bishop is his widow. P.D. Logan, PM wrote to the Special Examiner of Topeka, Kansas that "Temperance A. Bishop died in the spring of 1883 but as to the exact date I cannot tell you" ============================ Notes: One Thomas Bishop, Pvt also served in Capt James Hall's Com, 3rd Ky Detatched Militia. Same as below??? Trigg Co., Ky 1850 Census 39 BISHOP THOMAS C 56 FARMER VA (bc 1794) SARAH 44 KY FRANCES 10 KY JOSEPH 9 KY JOHN 8 KY BIRDY 5 KY ROBERT 3 KY REBECCA 1 KY 123 NORTHINGTON WILLIAM J 27 TAILOR KY MARTHA E 23 VA LINDSAY LIVINGSTON 23 PHYSICIAN KY 268 LINDSAY S S 49 FARMER NC MARY 44 NC ALBERT G 21 KY WILLIAM N 19 KY ROMULUS 17 FARMER KY JAMES 15 KY ---- Subject: Maryland Bishops Date: 06 Jan 1998 From: (Mailande Bishop Schrum) CC: Dear William, Thank you for posting correspondence with Ann Baker. I believe one of my Bishop lines (I have two) is a branch of the family you are researching, but have no proof. I am a descendant of John Bishop and his son John, Jr. (born 1799), both of whom migrated from Edgefield District South Carolina to Wayne County Mississippi in 1818. Also migrating from Edgefield County in 1818 to Wayne County were Thomas and Esias Bishop, who were brothers according to Pat Edwards of Purvis, Mississippi. Thomas and Esias were still living in 1850 and gave their place of birth as Maryland. They were born c.1778 and c.1780. I believe my John was a brother also. My John, Jr. (born 1799) moved from Wayne County Mississippi to Hinds County Mississippi to Lauderdale County Mississippi, where he died, and where he was listed as John G. Bishop on one tax list. He named a son John Greenberry Bishop, leading me to believe the "G" stood for Greenberry. Another son of John G. Bishop named a son John Greenberry (my grandfather). Possibly John, Sr. was also John Greenberry since his son John G. was spoken of in family history as John, Jr. I'm sure you saw the information Pat Bishop Obrist posted on Frederick County Virginia Bishops and her chart showing descendants of Thomas Bishop. I assume the Greenberry Bishop born 1786 is the one you have found in Missouri. Right? I am wondering if the elder Greenberry (son of Thomas) of Anne Arundel County Maryland and Frederick County Virginia could be the father of my John and of Thomas and Esias. Thomas and Esias both named sons Thomas T. Bishop. (The middle name of one of them is on a deed and is Tillman.) The time frame, names, and Maryland connection all fit. There is an estate inventory for Greenberry Bishop, dated 1815, in Berkeley County Virginia (now West Virginia). Elisha Bishop born c.1760 applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1833 in Henry County Kentucky. He stated he was born in Anne Arundel County Maryland and had lived in Berkeley County Virginia. Information from LDS church states that Elisha Bishop married Elizabeth Ellis in 1786 in Frederick County Virginia. No doubt Elisha was another member of this family. Scribbled on the back of a photograph of my great grandparents is a name which I can't read, but under it is written :"Dekalb, West Virgnia". I don't know the significance, but in light of the clues we have, I wonder if it were the name of a relative. We have a lot of pieces that appear to fit together. If you make any progress, I should like to know about it, and I will do the same. Mailande Bishop Schrum, 111 Overbrook Road, Goldsboro, North Carolina 27534-4309 ---- Subject: Greenberry Bishops Date: 07 Jan 1998 From: Anne Baker To: Sidney B Schrum, Mike Bishop CC: Nancy L Lee, Tolman1, The name Greenberry Bishop must hold a clue for all of us. I thought I would abstract a few items as I have them. I have not found the site of Pat Bishop Crist & would apreciate the URL? FAMILY #1 Tolman has this: Thomas Bishop bc 1730 migrates to Frederick & Berkeley Co., Va. His sons born in AA Co Maryland: Elisha bc 1760 (ARW pensioner) to Henry Co., Va. Joshua to Henry/Carroll Co Ky Solomon bc 1755 (ARW pensioner) bc 1755 to Nelson Co., Ky. Thomas, Jr m Elizabeth Crow in Washington Co., Va. (Solomon had a land grant in Washington Co Va (See William Bishops page on this land grant) BISHOP Related Census/Marriages/Wills/Miscellaneous - Virginia This Thomas Bishop b 1730 was in Frederick/Berkely Co Va when Elisha enlisted in ARW service. There are Greenberrys in the next generations of this line. 1782 Tax list has Thomas Bishop, Adam Bishop, George Bishop, William Bishop in Frederick & Berkley Va. NFD on Adam, George, William.. did one of them go to Albermarle Co? #2 AA Co Maryland Will of Solomon Bishop in 1788. Mentions but does not name is mother, his children & Names his brother Greenberry Bishop as his executor. #3 Vachel Bishop (who Mike & I are researching) bc 1760 , wife Margaret. appears on the Frederick Co., Maryland in 1790 with himself, 2 sons, & a 1792 he is in Lincoln Co., Ky & in 1803 he moves to Mercer Co., Ky. (Harrodsburg) where he dies in 1841. The division of his estate shows twelve children..only sons Isaac & Thomas Jefferson remanined in the Mercer Co., Ky area. Sons: Jacob m 1811 Elizabeth Keller; Valentine m Mary Eve Horine; GREENBERRY m 1817 Elizabeth Hayes; John m ?; Absolem B. m 1826 Zenia Barnett in Jennings Co Ind, Daniel m 1826 Sophia Harris in Clark Co Ind, Isaac m 1828 Rosa Burks, Thomas Jefferson m 1829 Priscilla Cummins, Wesley Bishop m 1830 Lucretia Higgins,Vachel Jr m 1829 Eleanor K. Horine, Sarah m William Parrish & Margaret m Benjamin Froman. NOte: Valentine Bishop & Mary Eve Horine had a son (among others) Wesley Bishop m Mary Bybee & ended up in Calloway Co Mo and his records William Bishop has up on his page. Mike Bishop found these Maryland Greenbery Bishop 1790 Md. Ann Adrundal Co census 1778 Md Oath of Loyality, Maryland Greenbury Bishop Kentucky Greenberry Bishop 1820 Ky. census Mercer Co. (Greenberry son of Vachel) 1860 Ky. census Owen Co. 1860 & 1870 Ky. census Henry Co. Lockport PO Indiana - Greenberry Bishop 1850 Ind. census Jay Co. West Virginia Greenberry Bishop 1860 & 1870 Wv. census Berkeley Co. Shanghaei PO Virginia Greenberry Bishop 1810 Va. Census Frederick Co. Greenbury Bishop 1820 Ky census Valentine Bishop Mercer Co. 1860 Ind. census Valentine Bishop Posey Co. Black Twp. 1870 Ky. census Valentine Bishop Hopkins Co. Charleston Pct.#5 ---- Subject: Greenberry Bishops Date: 07 Jan 1998 From: (Mailande Schrum) To:, CC:, Dear Anne, Many thanks for additional information on Greenberry Bishops. Too bad Solomon Bishop's will did not name his children or mother. I suppose someone has looked for an estate settlement that might name children? I assume that Greenberry Bishop found on 1790 census of A.A. County is the same Greenberry found on 1810 census of Frederick County Virginia since he disappears from Maryland census and is listed in 1810 as 46+. What is your opinion? And is he the same Greenberry whose estate was inventoried in Berkeley County in 1815? In looking over my notes, I came across an interesting tid-bit: Col. Charles Hammond married Mrs. Rachel Greenberry widow of Col. Charles Greenberry. His will (Col. Hammond's) 1772, named William, Ann,and Hamutal Bishop children of his granddaughter Rebecca Bishop. Hamutal married David Kerr in 1773, so this William Bishop may have been grown in 1772. I doubt that the Hammond-Greenberry marriage had anything to do with the naming of Greenberry Bishop, but it appears the Bishops and Greenberrys did know each other. Thanks again, Mailande Schrum ---- Subject: Re: Galen E Bishop - History of Buchanan County, Missouri, 1881 Date: 09 Jan 1998 From: Anne Baker William F Bishop wrote: > Greenberry Bishop and John S Bishop > (possible brother to Greenberry) visited Trigg Co to purchase a slave at > one time... also Zerelda was in Hopkinsville (Christian Co) where she > got the "signature" in the autograph book... in the 1849 Kentucky > Census Index there are four Daniel Bishops: Trigg p288, Jeff p155, Wash > p126, Wash p126... There was only 1 Daniel Bishop in Washington Co., Ky. I have that census in front of me he does not have a son Greenberry or Green or Berry in 1850. This Daniel is the son of Solomon ARW pensioner of Nelson Co., Ky & a brother of Elisha Bishop ARW pensioner..both sons of Thomas Bishop and they were born in AA Co Maryland. The Daniel Bishop on the Jefferson Co (Louisville) Ky census is possibly/probably the son of Vachel Bishop of Mercer Co Ky - who I am seeking. This son Daniel of whom I know almost nothing married Sophia Harris 10/4/1826 in Clark Co Ind. which is just across the river from Jefferson Co Ky. Daniel & Sophia were both alive in 1844 when they sold land inherited from his father Vachel Bishop. From Tax lists Daniel, son of Vachel, was born cir 1792-3 which is certainly in the ball game for the Daniel in Green Bishops household. The Wesley Bishop of Calloway Co Mo was the son of Valentine Bishop who was a brother of the above Daniel. I found the two census records you sent below confusing. As yet I don't have anything on those Bishops in Christian and/or Trigg Cos in Ky. > Dardene Township 1870 St Charles MO Census there is the following: > Bishop, Green 40 M KY farmer > Willie G 30 F KY keeping house > Shelby 17 M KY none > Daniel 12 M MO > Zerrelda 7 F MO > Watoga 6 F MO > Daniel 76 M KY farmer --- NOTE!!!! > Yet in the 1868 St Charles MO Census: > Bishop, Green B. 45+ M > Napeleon 21-45 M > Mrs N. 21-45 F > Oglesby -10 M > Shelby 10-18 M > John D 10-18 M > Sieral--? -10 F > Watpka -10 F > The Daniel that is 76 in 1870 would have been born in Kentucky about > 1794... Nancy Lee seems to think he might be Greenberry's dad... but > could possibly be another older relative... any way you know of to > check this "Daniel Bishop bc 1794 then shows up in St Charles MO in > 1868-1870" lead from your end?... also what if any connections exist > between your Bishops and Trigg & Christian Counties in Kentucky?... ---- Subject: Re: Bishop, Greenberry Date: 9 Jan 1998 From: Pat Bishop Obrist William, I have seen a few references to Greenberry Bishop and thought you might like to see this item which I posted about six months ago. These Bishops are descendants of Joshua BISHOP, but I find my Rezin Laury BISHOP in this same area between 1800-1805. My Rezin BISHOP was born in Maryland, resided in Fred. Co, Va, married in Maury Co, TN and settled in Perry Co, MO. Wonder if these Bishops are related to the Greenberry BISHOP you have named. BTW my two children graduated from the J. School at Mizzou and I was in Columbia many times between 1990-1995. I live in St. Charles, MO. There are lots of resources here, actually so many books in the St. Charles Library, Linnemann Branch on Elm Street, that I do not feel knowledgeable. Best of luck! Pat Bishop Obrist BISHOPS in the Index to Frederick Co., VA Deeds 7 Aug 1770 Bishop, Joshua from Edm. Lindsey Lease Bk. 13, p. 353 7 May 1776 Bishop, John to James Wood P/Atty Bk 17, p. 123 2 Nov 1779 Bishop, John to Sam. Bishop Deed Bk. 18, p. 348 2 Nov 1779 Bishop, Samuel from John Bishop Deed Bk. 18, p 348 5 Sep 1780 Bishop, Samuel to Solomon Bishop Assignment Bk. 19, p. 143 5 Sep 1780 Bishop, Soloman from Samuel Bishop Assignment Bk. 19, p. 143 7 Mar 1786 Bishop, Sol to Gordon Rowland Lease Bk. 21 p. 255 23 Apr 1793 Bishop, ux John to Martin Bowman Deed SC2, p. 27 25 Apr 1793 Bishop, John from Denny Fairfax Lease SC2, p. 34 6 Sep 1796 Bishop, ux Joshua to Honour Mahew Deed Bk. 24, p. 528 4 Sep 1798 Bishop, Joshua from John Butler ux Deed Bk. 25, p. 456 1 Sep 1800 Bishop, Joshua from Thomas Karr Deed Bk. 26, p. 433 1 Feb 1802 Bishop, ux Joshua to Alex Mahew Deed Bk. 27 p. 417 20 Apr 1803 Bishop, Greenberry from John Miller Deed SC4 p. 557 2 Apr 1805 Bishop, Thomas from John Fisher ux Deed ---- Subject: Re: Colonial America Census Index Date: 17 Jan 1998 From: "Gail Haferkamp" Will gather what info I can on the Bishop's in St. Charles and St. Charles Co. As far as I can tell, it looks as though there were maybe one or two families. In the probate records I do recall seeing a John Bishop and a Green(brg)? Bishop. I do have the following bits on Bishop's at hand: Baptisms - Friedens Church - 1833 - 1964: Bishop, Gordon Pierce b. 4 Sep 1927, bap. 9 Oct., Parents: Edgar & Victoria Peirce Bishop. Bishop, Joan Ann b. 11 Sep 1935, bap. 13 Sep , Parents: Elmer & Leora Schneider Bishop St. John's UCC, St. Charles, Marriages: Bishop, Elmer O. to Schneider, Leora 9 Jun 1928 Friedens Church in St. Charles is the oldest Catholic church in St. Charles County from what I have been told. ---- Subject: St. Charles Co. Date: 2 Feb 1998 From: "Gail Haferkamp" Attached is some information I got from the St. Charles County Historical Society. I am sending a copy to Nancy Hale Lee and I also made copies of the probate records to mail to her. From the St. Charles County Historical Society Probate Records: BISHOP, Greenburg File #247 BISHOP, John D. File #248 File #248: John D. Bishop: Filed August 17, 1871: Greenbury Bishop, curator of the estate of John D. Bishop, Zerelda Bishop and Waughtoga Bishop, minors, states on oath that the foregoing is a true inventory of all the real estate of all the goods and chattels, rights and credits of his said wards that have come to his possession or knowledge. (Note: apparently there was some sort of law suit between Greenbury Bishop and the Castlio heirs. Zerelda was the only dau. of John Harrison Castlio and Nancy Callaway Howell. Zerelda was the wife of Greenbury Bishop. The suit had to do with some land that was owned by John Harrison Castlio and in 1865 he apparently offered it to Greenbury and wife if they would move from Audrain Co. to St. Charles Co.) ---- File #247: Greenburg Bishop This file did not contain very much information. There was a copy of the "Order of Publcation" where Thos. S. Cunningham, Public Administrator of St. Charles County was in charge of the estate of Greenberry Bishop, deceased for sale of real estate, lists and inventory and affidavit required by law. It stated that the personal estate of Greenberry was not sufficient to pay his debts, etc. This is dated November 11, 1875. ---- Old Dardenne Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Dardenne Township, St Charles, MO: Zebelda E. Wife of G.B. Bishop died April 25, 1866 aged 38 yr. 11 mo 20 da. "Dear Papa, I've come home to die And be near those who are justly right, My friends to me are very dear, and may they all be buried here, So that when we arise We will meet our Savior in the skies." (only dau. of John Harrison Castlio and his wife, Nancy Callaway Howell, wife of Greenbury Bishop, ref. pg. 140, Pioneer Families of Missouri) ---- 1850 and 1860 Census of St. Charles County listed no Bishop's. 1868 Missouri State Census: No. Name Age Sex 148 Bishop, Green B. 45+ M 148 Bishop, Napolean 21-45 M 148 Bishop, Mrs. N. 21-45 F 148 Bishop, Oglesby -10 M 148 Bishop, Shelby 10-18 M 148 Bishop, John D. 10-18 M 148 Bishop, Sleral--? -10 F 148 Bishop, Watpka -10 F ---- 1870 Census, Dardenne Township, St. Charles County: 135 Bishop, Green 40 M b. KY Farmer Willie G. 30 F b. KY Keep House Shelby 17 M b. KY Daniel 12 M b. MO Zerrelda 7 F b. MO Watoga 6 F b. MO Daniel 76 M b. KY Farmer ---- St. Charles Borromeo Church, St. Charles MO, Baptisms 1851 - 1925: Name Birthdate Baptism Date Father Mother/maiden name Bishop, Ellen Elizabeth 23 Feb 1898 13 March Jno. R. Rosalie Ferguson Ethel Marie 29 Nov 1922 Rufus Bertie Boston Gilbert Wilfred 10 Jan 1908 20 Jan. John Rosa L. Furguson Irene Margaret 10 Apr 1905 2 Jun John R. Rosalie Agnes Furguson John R. 1 Nov 1874 8 Dec 1895 John R. Ellen S. Sheets Joseph Jefferson 16 Mar 1873 3 Apr 1896 Jno R. Ellen S. Sheets Leona Marie 2 Oct 1923 7 Oct Omer Dora Hoechenstenbach Leona Mary 20 Sep 1896 2 Oct John Rose Furgeson Sarah Alva 19 Mar 1900 2 Apr John R. Rosalie Agnes Ferguson Viola Agnes 11 Aor 1904 8 Nov 1922 Rufus Birdie Boston Bizelli, Frank Vincent 24 Jul 1920 27 Jul Loudo Ellen Bishop Gerald Anthony 22 Jul 1925 26 Jul Lando Ellen Bishop John Glennon 9 Nov 1917 11 Nov Londo Ellen Bishop Lillian Elizabeth 25 Jan 1922 5 Feb Alonzo Ellen Bishop Maurice Leo 27 Sep 1923 30 Sep Alonzo Ellen Bishop Omer Bernard 4 Sep 1920 5 Sep Albert Alva Bishop Rose Mary 31 Jan 1918 31 Jan Albert Elva Bishop Shirley Ann 1 Nov 1922 1 Nov Albert Alva Sarah Bishop Francis Clifton 7 Mar 1919 16 Mar Alonzo Elizabeth Bishop Saettele, James Edward 3 Mar 1924 3 Mar Herbert Irene Bishop Duncan, Dolores Catherine 3 Apr 1925 26 Apr Elmer Viola Bishop ---- St. John's U.C.C. Cemetery Records, St. Charles (United Church of Christ): Name Death Date Lot #/Other informatin Bishop, Edgar R. 2 May 1969 C-265A Edgar 1969 C-365A West Elmer O. 7 Nov 1975 B-204B Elmer O. 1975 B-204B Leora 10 Feb 1984 B-204B e.1/2 Leora 1984 B0204B Victoria 1982 C-365A Victoria 15 Mar 1982 c-365A ---- St. Paul's Evangelical Protestant Cemetery, St. Charles: (NOTE: Church no longer exist, Cemetery next to St. John's U.C.C. and St. John's took over this cemetery and records) On same stone: Edgar R. Bishop Oct 31, 1899 - May 2, 1969 Victoria L. Bishop May 13, 1902 - May 5, 1982 ---- Oak Grove Cemetery, St. Charles (City cemetery): Name Death date Parents &/or Comments Bishop, Birtie 20 Dec 1962 83y Jefferson 4 Apr 1953 80y 18d coronary occlusion Marvin 18 Arp 1977 69y ruptur, adomin aort. Oscar A. 19 Oct 1971 64y heart disease Rufus W. 12 Jul 1949 78y cerebral hemorrh. Eleanora Aug 1936 63y 3m18d infant son 2 Jun 1923 d. St. Louis Co. stillborn Oscar Avery 20 Dec 1924 47y d. St. Louis stomach cancer Daba M (f) 14 Nov 1896 Charles & Nora 5y2m4d typhoid pneumon. infant son 13 Oct 1897 Charles & Nora stillborn ---- Obituaries from the St. Charles Cosmos-Monitor: May 25, 1945 Mrs. Rose Bishop (nee Ferguson), wife of John Bishop of St. Charles, RR 1, died May 25, 1945 at St. Joseph Hosp. Besides her husband, she is survived by the following children: Mrs. Ellen Bizelli, Mrs. Alvie Bizelli, Omar and Gilbert Bishop of this city; 2 sister, Mrs. Iantha Dapron and Mrs. Daniel Crane of this city and 1 brother, Charles Ferguson of St. Louis. funeral arrangements are uncertain, but will probably be Monday in the Borromeo church, with burial in the church cemetery. the body will be at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Albert Bizelli, 2025 W. Clay, St. ---- Warren County, Missouri Cemeteries: Hickory Grove Churchyard: Christian Church organized Oct 1847. Just across the St. Charles Co. line - Meriadan Rd. near Booneslick Rd. Frame church standing, but not in use, May 15, 1926: Napoleon Bishop died March 2, 1878, age 33 yr 8mo. 11 da. Marthan, wife of Shelby W. Bishop b. Nov. 1, 1846, d. Feb 18, 1890, age 43 yr. 3mo. 18da.

[Submitted by William F Bishop, Dec 1997]