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Subject: Jacob Bishop  Date: 11 Feb 1998  From: Barbara Bishop
Seeking information on Jacob Bishop b. 25 Nov 1825, married Elizabeth
Catherine Sumpter in April 1871, Floyd Co, Va.  Any help always appreciated.

Subject: Bishop wills, Sussex Co. VA  Date: 23 Feb 1998
From: Linda Russell Lewis
Wills not fully proved (due to unavailability of witnesses, etc.) or in
Sussex County, VA:
David BISHOP, Nov. 23, 1828. To son Austin Bishop and daughters Meriah
and Mary Bishop, each 15 schillings. To sons Thomas and David and
daughter Lewisey Bishop all the balance of the estate at death of my
wife. Executrix: wife Elizabeth. To Edwin W. Brockwell a young mare
called his. Witnesses: Harrison Bishop, Richard Bishop, Edward W.
Brockwell, Edward (X) Marks. Proved 26 April 1830 by Brockwell and
continued; Augustin Bailey qualified as administrator.
Mary BISHOP, Aug. 18, 1759. To son David Bishop what is left after debts
are paid; daughter Mary to have a quiet living in the estate while
single and at her marriage David to have the whole estate. Executor:
David Bishop, with my son Joseph Bishop. Witnesses: Dan Ellis, Thomas
Bishop, James (X) Bishop. Proved March 1760 by one witness and continued.

Subject: Bishop wills, Sussex Co. Va.  Date: 23 Feb 1998
To: Linda Russell Lewis  From: (Sidney B Schrum)
The 1759 will of Mary Bishop, proved March 1760 in Sussex County, appears
to be the will of Mary Moss Bishop, widow of John Bishop of Surry County
Virginia.  The Ellis family and James Bishop were neighbors of Mary and
John.  Dan Ellis and James Bishop witnessed her will along with Thomas
Bishop, a son who lived in Surry County.  John's will, probated in 1758
in Surry County, was witnessed by James Bishop and Caleb Ellis, and
mentioned sons David and Joseph.  Three other sons of Mary and John lived
in Sussex County - William, Harmon, and John, Jr.  No doubt she was with
one of them at the time of her death.
Thank you for sharing.  I overlooked this one when researching the
family.  I had checked Sussex County wills for a later time period hoping
to find other members of the family, but did not expect to find Mary in
Sussex also.            Mailande Schrum

Subject: James and Ann Bishop - c. 1800  Date:  09 Mar 1998
From: Donna Jo Bishop Wright
I've been looking for my ggggrandparents, James W. and Ann Bishop for some
time with no luck.  I know they were in Prince George, Virginia in 1836,
because my gggrandfather, Joseph A., was born here on June 30th of that
year.  Both Joseph's Confederate military records and his marriage
license in Sussex, VA, state he was born in Prince George, Virginia, so
I have no reason to doubt that he was.
Linda Lewis (thanks again, Linda!) was nice enough to check the
Broderbund 1850 VA census CD's for all the counties in Virginia, and my
James W., Ann and Joseph do not show up anywhere in the state (Joseph
would have been 14 years old in 1850).  I know Joseph enlisted in the
Sussex Light Dragoons on 4/25/1861 in Waverly (Sussex), Virginia and
that he listed his occupation as a farmer but where was he and his
family in 1850?  Do any of you have earlier or later census data which
show this family in Virginia?  Any help or advice would be greatly
appreciated!    Donna Jo Bishop Wright

Subject:         Joseph A. Bishop - b. Prince George, VA 1836  Date: 23 Mar 1998
From: "Irving H. and Donna Wright"
Well, after a year of looking, I have come full circle in my search for
Joseph's parents, James W. and Ann Bishop.  Last May, when I first went
on-line and started my search, I got a lead from a wonderful, helpful,
local Bishop researcher; however, I was too much of a genealogy novice
to understand the significance.  A year later (this weekend) he
mentioned it to me again and it is beginning to take shape and make
perfect sense.
Of late, I've focused attention on why my James W., Ann, and Joseph did
not show up on Prince George County censuses in the mid-1800's when they
should have since Joseph was born in Prince George in 1836.  The 1850
census which lists all members of a household did not reflect them
anywhere in Virginia (Joseph would have been 14 at this time).  My
great-uncle told me years ago that Joseph and his brother boarded the
train from somewhere (perhaps NC?) and Joseph got off in Disputanta
(Prince George County) or Waverly (Sussex County) and his brother
continued westward.  I'd begun to think this story was not true because
if Joseph was born in Prince George, why would he hop a train to the
adjacent county?  I thought perhaps the story applied instead to his
father, James, but this theory was not plausible because the train did
not come through this area until 1854-58.
My friend reminded me Friday that my Joseph does show up on the 1860
Sussex County census living in the household of a George W. Ellis.
Joseph was 25 by then and he and George are both carpenters (George was
36).  At that time, I did not understand the significance of household
census information.  Now, I realize this is an important clue and can
follow up on this Ellis connection.  The Ellis family, by the way, shows
early roots in America - they came to Virginia aboard the "Mary
Margrett" between 1610-1620 and originally settled in James City
County.  Perhaps they shared the acquaintance of our Capt. John Bishop!
My friend just reviewed his 1850 census notes and noticed that George
Ellis (26) was then living with three Bishop's!  They were Erastus
Bishop (22), Louisa V. Bishop (27), and Sarah A. Bishop (24).  My Joseph
named one of his daughters Louisa V. Bishop so he must be directly
related to this group and came back to Virginia to join up with them
when he came of age, or perhaps because his parents died.  These Bishops
could be cousins or even older siblings of my Joseph.
Here's my hypothesis:
1) James W. Bishop (born c. 1800) marries Ann (?) in Prince George, VA c. 1830.
2) Joseph born in Prince George, June 30, 1836 (verified through CSA
records, family Bible and Joseph's marriage license).
3) James W., Ann, Joseph, Joseph's sibling(s) leave Virginia.
4) Joseph returns to VA in late 1850's via new train line, brother
continues on, perhaps to other Bishop relatives further down the line.
My great-uncle once met a Bishop from Roanoke, VA area whose grandfather
told him a story similar to ours - two brothers board a train, etc.
This is why I think Joseph's brother may have gone on to western Va.
5) Joseph moves in with George Ellis in Sussex, Va.  Ellis somehow
connected to the Bishop family - perhaps Joseph's mother was an Ellis,
perhaps George's mother was a Bishop.
6) Joseph names his children: Ida Ann, Joseph Emmett, Louisa Virginia,
Edward W., and Georgie A. (girl-died in infancy).  Are one of these
children named after his brother?
So. . . I'm a little closer but not there yet.  I'll be able to find out
more at the Sussex courthouse with this new Ellis lead to follow.  But,
perhap one of you can now tell me which state James W., Ann, and Joseph
went to in the mid-1800's by reviewing your census data.  Or, perhaps
you are the ancestor of Joseph's brother who continued west (I'm
assuming) on the train whose name could possibly be James, Emmett,
Edward, or W?  There is also a Thomas in the next generation.  I'm
determined to solve this!
Sorry for the long dissertation.  If I'm off in my guess work, I hope
one of you will set me straight.  And if you're new to this genealogy
ride - review your notes often in case something jumps out at you that
has been there all along!               Donna Jo Bishop Wright

Subject: Success Story  Date: 27 Mar 1998  From: Barbara
Persistence does pay off. I have recently found relatives in Va and have
obtained the names of the parents of Jacob Bishop.
Abraham ( Abel ) Bishop b. 30 May 1801 in Montogomery Co, Va.
Married 11 Aug 1821 to Mary Jane (Polly) Hornbarger b. 02 Jan 1807.
Jacob b. 25 Nov 1852
Asa b. 25 Dec 1846.
Asa fought in the civil war, enlisted 26 May 1862, wounded in 1863, was
awarded The Southern Cross Of Honor in June 1906.
Also a John Bishop mentioned. b. 1728, d. 1820 Montgomery Co, Va.
Anyone know this family?
I was given information on a book, "John Bishop, The Settler", by George W.
Brysan Jr. I ordered the book this morning, but I'm so impatient. Thought I
would see if I can find cousins with this new information.

Subject: Re: Bishop family VA-SC-TN-IL  Date: 18 Apr 1998
From: (Sidney B Schrum)  To:
Gladys, I found the information you posted on Benjamin Bishop and family
very interesting  since I have done a lot of work on Bishops of Prince George
and Surry Counties.  Cabin Point is in Surry County near Otterdam Swamp
where some of the Prince George Bishops moved in the seventeen hundreds.
Nathan Bishop of Surry County (later moved to Sussex) had a son named
Benjamin who could have been born about 1750.  I see from your
information that Benjamin had a grandson named Nathan.  The place, time
frame, and names all  make it seem likely that your Benjamin is this son
of Nathan and a descendant of Capt. John Bishop.  My line is through
Nathan's brother John.
I have a copy of the will of a Benjamin Bishop of Chatham County dated
March 21, 1799.  His wife was Hanna and sons Richard and Henry were
legatees.  I am wondering if this is your Benjamin with a second wife.
The sons you named had moved on by 1799, and therefore most likely would
not be named in the will .  A daughter named Lucy Hatley was also
Nathan Bishop died in Sussex  County Virginia in 1792.  In 1793 Benjamin
inventoried the estate of his father.  Possibly he could have traveled
from Edgecomb County to Sussex since the distance is not great.  Other
members of this family had moved into counties near Edgecomb, and one of
them witnessed a deed of a relative in Sussex after they had moved from
there.   My ancestor John was in Hertford County and his brother (also
Nathan's brother), William was in Halifax County, N.C.
Did your information come from a family history?    Mailande Schrum

[Submitted by William F Bishop, May 1998]