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        Timeline of events for the Joseph Bishop family (Charlottesville, Albemarle Co, Virginia):

1739 Sep:  "New Jersey Archives, First Series, Volume XI, Newspaper Extracts Volume I, 1704-1739"
        Township of Chester, Burlington County S.S.
                WHEREAS in the American Weekly Mercury, No.1022 - In giving the
        melancholy Account of one James Sherwin, late of our said Township, It is
        said he was shot at twice before, by the same Person, and badly Wounded, but
        through Mercy escaped with Life. These are to certify, that we whose Names
        are here under written (some of us being on the Coroner's Inquest)
        Neighbours, are well satisfied the Person never shot at nor wounded the said
        James Sherwin as above, before the time he received his mortal Wound. AS
        Witness our Hands the 6th of 7th Month 1739.
                N.B. those with this Mark* were on the Coroner's Inquest.
        Edward Hollinshead, Jonathan Borden, Hugh Sharp, Joseph Claypoole, William
        Hollinshead, *Samuel Atkinson, Joseph Budden, Samuel Hollinshead, Joshua
        Wright, Jacob Taylor, John Hollinshead, jun, Nehemiah Haines, Thomas Moore,
        John King, Joseph Bray, Francis Dualey, Nathan Middleton, *Arthur
        Borradaill, *Edward Clemens, Joseph Fennimore, William Hooton, *John
        Hollinshead, John Seeds, *Matthew Allen, ROBERT BISHOP, *Henry Warrington,
        *John Millbourn, Peter Philips, Ezekiel Harden, *Andrew Conro, Richard
        Borden, William Sharp, Benjamin Allen, Hugh Hollinshead.
        --- The Pennsylvania Gazette, Sept. 13-20, 1739

1757 ---:  Fredericksville Parish Vestry Book 1742-1787, p1-2
        The northern part of St Anne's Parish in Albemarle County was added
        to the Fredericksville Parish an act passed in 1757.  "That from and after
        the twentieth day of July next all that part of the parish of St. Anne which
        lies on the north side of the Rivanna River and above a northeast line to be
        drawn from King's Ford to the line of Fredericksville Parish, and from the said
        Ford up the said river to Secretary's Ford, and thence by the main road leading to
        Wood's Gap, in the Great Mountain, be added to the said parish of Fredericksville
        and made a part thereof."  [Thus the north part of Albemarle County was Fredericksville
        Parish and the south part was St Anne's Parish-wfb]

1782 ---:  "An 18th Century Perspective - Culpeper County; Mary Stevens Jones; 1976" p.98ff
        Chapter X: Stevensburg, an  Ancient Town of Renown
                There was a very early settlement of Quakers (Friends) at
        Stevensburg. Their meetinghouse, called Southland, is said to have been
        located near the site of present-day Stevensburg Methodist Church. JONATHAN
        BISHOP, leader of this meeting, and perhaps other Friends lived near Mount
        Pony as early as 1782. Today this area is commonly known as The Flats.
        Southland and Culpeper Meetings were among those included in the Hopewell
        yearly meeting.
                Tradition says the town grew and prospered as long as the Quakers
        remained there - from circa 1788 to circa 1820, it began to decline when
        they pulled up staked and left because the town had grown too wicked, or so
        the story goes. There is evidence that by 1820 most of the Friends disturbed
        by the issue of slavery, had moved to Ohio. the Quakers strongly opposed
        slavery. Among the Friends who migrated to Ohio with this group were members
        of the Inskeep family who had moved to Culpeper from Camden, NJ,
        and Philadelphia and settled in the Mount Pony area.

1799 ---:  History of Albemarle County Virginia by Edgar Woods
        Terrell - ... John Terrell who it is believed was a brother of Reuben
        and Robert, and a son of Edmund Terrell and Margaret Willis, purchased
        in 1799 from Robert Carter more than twelve hundred acres in the Biscuit
        Run Valley.  In the first years of the century, Terrell's Shop was a
        familiar waymark on the road from Charlottesville to Carter's Bridge.
        He and his wife Rebecca sold his property in Albemarle, and about 1806
        removed to Greenup County, Kentucky.  His mother died in 1812, and his
        sisters were Nancy, the wife of Thomas Henderson, Jane, the wife of Joseph
        Bishop, Frances, the wife of Charles C. Lacy, and Lucy.

1800 ---:  Virginia Genealogist, Vol 3, St Ann's Parish, Albemarle County, 1800 Tax List
        Joseph Bishop, 1 white males, 2 horses, 2 slaves 12-16, 1 slaves over 16

1803 ---:  History of Albemarle County, Virginia, by Edgar Woods, p 143-144
        At the end of the century Joseph Bishop purchased land in various
        localities particularly Biscuit Run Valley and vicinity of D.S.
        [Three Notched Road west and thru Charlottesville].  In 1803 he bought
        12 acres on the west side of Charlotesville and extending from the
        Staunton to the Whitehall Road.  Established a tanyard at the west end
        of Main Street.  Joseph Bishop died in 1825.  Joseph Monroe Bishop b1766 d 1825
        left wife m 1793 Jane (Terrell) b 1774 and nine children:
        Joseph Monroe Jr Bishop  [babt1805 dabt1890 Stuart, VA]
        James Monroe Bishop      [babt1794 Culpeper Co, VA]
        John Terrell Bishop      [b1790 m1820 Mary Ann (Jeffries) to
                                        Dearborn Co, IN, died MO]
        Jackson Bishop
        Mary Willis Bishop       [m1826 William Young]
        Ann C "Nancy" Bishop     [m1818 Johnson W Pitts ]
        Patience Monroe Bishop   m1821 Gustavus Adolphus Parsons, moved to
                                        Cole County, MO abt 1835]
        Lucy Jane P Bishop       [m1826 Ezra M Wolfe]
        Sarah Bishop
        Mary Bishop
        Margaret Bishop
        Frances Bishop
        Jonathan S J Bishop      [to Marion Co, MO]

1810 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle, Fredericksville Parrish
        Joseph Bishop   M 123103  F 101004

1818 Dec:  Albemarle County Marriages 1780-1853, p381-382
        Bishop, Ann C & Johnson W. Pitts, 9 Dec 1818
                dau- Joseph Bishop

1820 ---:  Albemarle County Historical Papers, X-24
        Joseph Bishop had tan yard in Fredericksville Parish, Albemarle County in 1820.

1820 --:  "Albemarle, Jefferson’s County, 1727-1976"; John Hammond Moore, p95-96 & 103
                These sawmills produced nearly 900,000 feet of lumber each year,
        although most of these operations appear to have been small, part-time
        affairs with only one employee. The flour mills ground 126,000 bushels of
        wheat annually. At least one local miller thought everyone should grind his
        own wheat. In 1820, JOSEPH BISHOP inserted a notice in the Central Gazette
        stating he had operated his mill for sixteen years and had often ground for
        others "toll free." "During this time I had to rebuild the mill - I have
        again rebuilt it and will not grind on any terms whatsoever - Every person
        who has anything to grind, may have a mill at small expense - it wants no
        bed stone, only a runner, a crank, and a small frame - will go by either
        wind or water."
                The annual output of Albemarle’s tanneries was valued at $15,650.
        JOSEPH BISHOP’s twenty-five vats, located near Vinegar Hill, produced 18,000
        pounds of leather per year.
                Two less prestigious female institutions, one at the foot of Vinegar
        Hill and the other at the top, also were operating in the early 1820s. A
        Mrs. Spencer conducted classes for girls under twelve years of age near the
        base "opposite Mr. BISHOP’s tannery."

1820 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle , Fredericksville Parish
        BISHOP, Joseph  [b1766 Joseph Monroe m1792 b1744 Jane (Terrell)]
        males -   00-10 - 3; 10-16 - 1; 16-26 - 0; 26-45 - 0; 45+ - 1
        females - 00-10 - 3; 10-16 - 0; 16-26 - 1; 26-45 - 1; 45+ - 0
        3 persons engaging in manufacturing,
        slaves: males - 45+ - 2; females - 00-14 - 1; 14-26 - 1; 45+ - 1

1820 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle , Fredericksville Parish
        BISHOP, John    [b1790 John Terrell m1820 b1800 Mary Ann (Jeffries)]
        males -   00-10 - 0; 10-16 - 0; 16-26 - 1; 26-45 - 0; 45+ - 0
        females - 00-10 - 0; 10-16 - 0; 16-26 - 1; 26-45 - 0; 45+ - 0
        slaves: males - 00-14 - 2; females - 00-14 -1

1820 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle , Fredericksville Parish
        BISHOP, James   [b1794 James Monroe m? Mary "Polly" (Shackleford)]
        males -   00-10 - 1; 10-16 - 0; 16-26 - 1; 26-45 - 0; 45+ - 0
        females - 00-10 - 0; 10-16 - 0; 16-26 - 1; 26-45 - 0; 45+ - 0
        slaves: males - 00-14 - 1;

1821 May:  Albemarle County Marriages 1780-1853, p381-382
        Bishop, Patience M & Adolphus Parsons, 10 May 1821
                bond- Joseph Bishop

1825 ---:  History of Albemarle County, Virginia, by Edgar Woods, p 143-144
        Joseph Bishop owner of tanyard of Charlottesville died in 1825.

1826 ---:  Miscellaneous Papers - Albemarle County, Virginia
        1826 - BISHOP - Joseph Sr. - Will - WB 8, p.222
        Bishop, Jane - w/o Joseph nee Terrill
        Bishop, Jno. T.; Joseph; James M. - sons of Joseph Bishop
        Bishop, Frances - dau. of Joseph Bishop
        Pitts, Ann C. - dau. of Joseph Bishop (wife of Johnson W. Pitts)
        Parsons, Patience W.  - dau. of Joseph Bishop (wife of Gustavis A. Parsons)
        Young, Mary - dau. of Joseph Bishop (wife of Wm. Young)
        Wolfe, Lou Jane - dau. of Joseph Bishop (wife of Ezra M. Wolfe)

1826 Jan:  Albemarle County Marriages 1780-1853, p381-382
        Bishop, Lucy J P & Ezra M Wolfe, 5 Jan 1826
                dau- James M Bishop

1826 Aug:  Albemarle County Marriages 1780-1853, p381-382
        Bishop, Mary P & William Young, 31 Aug 1826
                bond- Gustavus A Parsons

1830 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle
        Years M F       Comments
        00-05 0 1
        05-10 1 1
        10-15 1 0
        15-20 0 0
        20-30 0 0
        30-40 1 1       [b1794 James Monroe Bishop
                                m? Mary "Polly" (Shackleford)]

1830 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle
        Years M F       Comments
        00-05 2 1
        05-10 0 0
        10-15 1 1
        15-20 0 0
        20-30 1 1       [b1805 Joseph Monroe Bishop
                                m1825 Elizabeth Morton (Terrell)]

1840 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle, Fredericksville Parish
        Years M F       Comments
        00-05 1 1
        05-10 1 2
        10-15 1 0
        15-20 1 0
        20-30 0 0
        30-40 1 1       [b1805 Joseph Monroe Bishop
                                m1825 Elizabeth Morton (Terrell)]
        slaves: males 00-05 - 1; 55-100 - 1; females - 10-15 - 1
        12 persons total, 2 persons work in manufacturing

1840 ---:  Missouri Census, Cole County
        Years M F       Comments
        00-05 0 1
        05-10 0 2
        10-15 1 2
        15-20 0 1
        20-30 0 0
        30-40 1 1 [b1801 Gustavus A Parsons m1821 b1802 Patience M (Bishop)]

1847 Dec:  Albemarle County Marriages 1780-1853, p381-382
        Bishop, Patience & William Pullen, 22 Dec 1847
                bond- James M Bishop

1850 ---:  Missouri Census, Cole County
        Gustavus A Bishop 49 M VA [b1801 Gustavus Adolphus m1821 Patience
                                        Monroe (Bishop)]
          Patience M    48 F VA [b1802 Patience Monroe (Bishop)]
          Moseby M      27 M VA [b1823 Moseby Monroe m1850 b1830 Mary (Wells)]
          Virginia T    18 F VA [b1831 Virginia T m1855 Green C Berry]
          Sarah M       16 F VA [b1833 Sarah Mildred m? Austin M Standish]
          Julia M       13 F MO [b1837 Julia M m1857 E L Trickey]
          Missouri       8 F MO [b1840 Missouri P m1868 Dr Stephen D Turner]
          Gustaavus      5 M MO [b1845 Gustavus Adolphus]
        John G Fackler  28 M VA
        Thomas M Dearmon18 M MO
        M L Jefferson   35 M VA
        Ephraim L Ewing 19 M MO

1850 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle county, #267
        JEFFRIES, James 82 - Farmer - Personal $3000.00 - b. VA
        JEFFRIES, Henrietta 74 - b. VA
        BISHOP, Mary    40 F VA [b1800 Mary Ann (Jeffries)
                                        m1820 b1790 John Terrell Bishop]

1850 Sep:  VA Census, Albemarle County, Charlottesville, p208
        James Bishop    56 M VA [b1794 James Monroe m Mary (Shackleford)] tanner
          Mary          50 F VA [b1800 Mary (Shackleford)]
          Ann           15 F VA [b1835 Ann]
          Robert        13 M VA [b1837 Robert]
          John          11 M VA [b1839 John]
          Thomas         6 M VA [b1844 Thomas]

1852 Apr:  Albemarle County Marriages 1780-1853, p381-382
        Bishop, Mildred A & William Cheatham, 20 Apr 1852
                bond- E M Wolfe

1855 Dec:  Marriages Bonds of Albemarle County Virginia
        James Bishop and Mildred P Moseley on 3 Dec 1855

1858 Aug:  Marriages Bonds of Albemarle County Virginia
        William O Bishop and Nancy Wood on 9 Aug 1858

1858 Sep:  Marriages Bonds of Albemarle County Virginia
        Joseph Bishop and Fanny M Garath on 25 Sep 1858

1860 ---:  VA Census, Albemarle County, p529
        James M Bishop  65 M VA [b1794 James Monroe m Mary (Shackleford)] Orange Co farmer
          Mary I        60 F VA [b1800 Mary I]
          Jonathan      19 M VA [b1841 Jonathan]

1860 Jul:  MO Census, Cole County, Jefferson City
        G A Parsons     59 M VA [b1801 Gustavus Adolphus m1821 Patience Monroe
                                  (Bishop)]  Clerk County & Circuit Court
          Patience      58 F VA [b1802 Patience Monroe]
          Mikousi       18 F MO [b1840 Missouri m1868 Dr Stephen D Turner]
          Gus. A        15 M MO [b1845 Gustavus Adolphus]

1860 Jul:  VA Census, Albemarle County, Fredericksville Parrish, PO Charlottesville, p377
        J M Bishop      40 M VA [b1820 J M m M S (?)] jur shoemaker
          M S           30 F VA [b1830 M S]
          A D           18 M VA [b1842 A D] app shoemaker
          Eveline       14 F VA [b1846 Eveline]
          J M           13 M VA [b1847 J M]
          S A           10 F VA [b1850 S A]
          Joseph M       6 M VA [b1854 Joseph M]
          Susan          5 F VA [b1855 Susan]
          L J            4 F VA [b1856 L J]
          Emma           2 F VA [b1858 Emma]

1860 Jul:  VA Census, Albemarle County, St Ann's Parrish,
        Joseph Bishop   33 M VA [b1857 Joseph m1858 Fanny M (Garath)] overseer
          Fanny         24 F VA [b1836 Fanny]
          William    10/12 M VA [b1859 William]

1860 Jul:  VA Census, Albemarle County, St Ann's Parrish, p579
        James J Bishop  29 M VA [b1831 James m1855 Mildred P (Moseley)] overseer
          Mildred P     27 F VA [b1833 Mildred P]
          Anna M         4 F VA [b1856 Anna M]
          Susan          3 F VA [b1857 Susan]
          James R    10/12 M VA [b1859 James R]
          David         25 M VA [b1835 David] laborer

1860 Aug:  VA Census, Albemarle County, St Ann's Parrish,
        William O Bishop23 M VA [b1837 William m 1858 Nancy (Wood)] cooper
          Nancy D       22 F VA [b1838 Nancy D]
          Charles    10/12 M VA [b1859 Charles]

1870 Jun:  MO Census, Cole County, Jefferson City
        Gustavus Parsons 69 M VA [b1801 Gustavus Adolphus m1821 Patience Monroe
                                        (Bishop)]  Clerk Circuit Court
          Patience       67 F VA [b1802 Patience Monroe]  housekeeping

1880 ---:  Miscellaneous Papers - Albemarle County, Virginia
        1880 BISHOP, James G. (son of Reuben)
        Bishop, Mildred, wife of James G. Bishop
        Bishop, James R.; Henry J.; George W.; Francis - sons of Jas. G. Bishop
        Goening, Nannie - dau. of Jas. G. Bishop (w/o Chas. Goening)
        Barnett, Susan Helen - dau. of Jas. G. Bishop (w/o Lewis Barnett)

1882 ---:  Miscellaneous Papers - Albemarle County, Virginia
        1882 BISHOP, Reuben - Will - WB 29 p.391
        Bishop, Wm. H; David; Joseph & Shadrack - sons of Reuben Bishop
        Bishop, James, George & Elijah (killed in war & unmarried)
        Barnett, Helen - granddau. of Reuben Bishop
        Bishop, James; Henry; George - grandsons of Reuben Bishop
        Goering, Nannie - grandau of Reuben Bishop

1882 Jan: Woodland Cemetery, Row 1-1, Lot 59, Jefferson City, Cole County, MO
        Parsons, G A - Father; Gustavus A Parsons; Born in Va June 15, 1801; Died Jan 15, 1882

1884 Jan: Woodland Cemetery, Row 1-1, Lot 59, Jefferson City, Cole County, MO
        Parsons, P M - Mother; Patience Monroe Parsons; Born in Va Nov 25, 1802; Died Jan 30, 1884

1910 ---:  Miscellaneous Papers - Albemarle County, Virginia
        1910 BISHOP, Josephine (dau. of Joshua Lilly)
        Bishop, J.H. - husband of Josephine Bishop
        Bishop, Sarah; Rebecca; Joseph; Leah -children of Josephine Bishop

Robert Bishop
        babt1706 d1753 NJ
        m1727 Mary Hall NJ
        Mary Bishop m1756 Andrew Bosworth NJ
        Hannah Bishop
        Daniel Bishop (he had son John Bishop)
        Thomas Bishop
        Robert Bishop b1732
        Jonathan Bishop b1739

Robert Bishop s/o Robert b1723 NJ d1791
        b1732 d1791 Delanco twp, Burlington Co, ?NY?
        m1759 Jane Haines d/o Carlisle and Sarah (Matlack) Haines
        Eber Bishop b1759 m 1782 Mary Crispin
        Mary Bishop b1761 m Benjamin Samson
        Joshua Bishop b1762
        Timothy Bishop b1765 d1853 m Sarah Fenimore
        Hannah Bishop b1769
        Robert Haines Bishop b1772 m Lucy Ridgeway
        William Bishop b1773
        Jane Bishop b1776 m -- Bennett
        John bishop b1778 m1 Mary Ridgeway

Carlisle Haines, babt1700, dabt1774, s/o Richard Haines
        m1721 at Evesham meeting, Sarah Matlack, babt1704, dabt1774,
        d/o William Matlack and Mary Hancock.
        Ezekiel Haines b1721, m Abigail Kemble
        Rachel Haines babt1722 d1767 m1746 Vespasian Kemble
        Ruth Haines m1746 Joseph Heritage Jr d1773
        Rebecca Haines m1746 John Pettit
        Solomon Haines b1728 m1 Rebecca Sharp m2 Marcy (Collins) Thomas
                m3 Rachel Gaskill Merritt Curtis
        Elizabeth Haines b1730 m1752 Allen Sharp Philadelphia d Logan County Ohio
        Levi Haines dage16
        Mary Haines b1734 m1753 Samuel Warner
        Sarah Haines m1756 Amos Wilkins
        Jane Haines b1738 d1823 m1789 Robert Bishop s/o Robert and Mary Hall Bishop
        Achsah Haines m1764 Obadiah Eldridge
        John Haines b1742 m Martha Eayre
        Esther Haines b1745 d1811 Logan County Ohio m1764 John Garwood Burlington County NJ
        Levi Haines b1746 d1811 Logan County Ohio m Elizabeth Andrews

Jonathan Bishop, s/o Robert
        b1739 dbef1818 Culpeper Co, VA
        m1762 Patience Monrow (Minroe, Munrow)
        In 1763 Johathan Bishop was received into membership in the
        Society of Friends (Evesham MM Minutes Book 1 p 72)
        Hannah Bishop b1763 m Samuel Hague (3 children)
        ***Josiah Bishop b1764 m Susan Inskeep (13 children; Ohio)
        Joseph Bishop b1766 m1 Nancy Clark m2 Jane Terrill (8 children)
        Thomas Bishop b1768 m Betsy Morris (5 children)
        John Bishop b1771 m1 Nancy Stokes m2 Nancy Segar (6 children; Logan Co, Ohio)
        *Mary Bishop b1774 m Daniel Garwood (6 children)
        Johnathan Bishop b1780 m Nancy Cobbler (4 children; Bedford Co, VA)
        Patience Bishop b1784 m Job Inskeep (7 children)

Joseph Monroe Bishop s/o Jonathan s/o Robert
        b1766 NJ (Quaker) d1825 Charlottesville, VA
        1m1791 Ann Clark
        2m1793 Jane Terrell Albemarle Co b1774
        In 1794 Joseph Bishop removed to near Maysville, KY, and returned to Charlottesville, VA in 1799.
        In his will, 1825, he mentions that he owned 200 acres of land in Kentucky.
        Joseph Bishop established a tanyard at the west end of Main St, Charlettesville.
        He gave lots on Vinegar Hill to most of his children.
children (13):
        (1)Joseph Monroe (Jr) Bishop babt1805 dabt1890 Stuart, VA
        (2)James Monroe Bishop babt1794 Culpeper Co, VA
        (3)John Terrell Bishop b1790 m1820 Mary Ann Jeffries (Dearborn Co, IN; died MO)
        (4)Jackson Bishop
        (5?)Mary Willis Bishop m1826 William Young
        (6)Ann C "Nancy" Bishop m1818 Johnson Pitts
        (7)Patience Monroe Bishop m1821 Gustavus Adolphus Parsons (Jefferson City, Cole Co, MO)
        (8)Lucy Jane P. Bishop m1826 Ezra M Wolfe
        (9)Sarah Bishop
        (10?)Mary Bishop
        (11)Margaret Bishop
        (12)Frances Bishop
        (13)Jonathan S.J. Bishop (Marion Co, Missouri)

James Monroe Bishop s/o Joseph s/o Jonathan s/o Robert
        b1794 Culpeper Co VA
        m Mary "Polly" Shackleford
        Born at "Glade Lands" between Ely's Ford and Stevensburg, Culpeper Co, VA.
        He was a tanner and served in the War of 1812.
        Mary Bishop M Young
        Joseph Monroe Bishop b1827 Albemarle VA
        Patience Bishop m William Fuller
        James Monroe (Jr) Bishop m Rebecca (2 sons Joseph M & Judson Bishop)
        Evelyn Terrell Bishop m W Briten/Balton (2 children)
        Billy Bishop m Letitia Marksley
        Ann Bishop b1835 m Roby H Yearman (5 children)
        Robert Bishop b1837
        Thomas Bishop b1844
        John or Johnathan Bishop b1839

Joseph Monroe (Jr) Bishop s/o Joseph Monroe s/o Joseph s/o Jonathan s/o Robert
        b1805 d1890 Stuart, Patrick Co, VA
        m1825 Elizabeth Morton Terrell
        He was an MD and removed to Patrick Co, VA in 1844 from Charlottesville, VA.
children (9): (three doctor sons)
        (1)George W Bishop babt1827 (physician)
        **(2)Mildred Anne Bishop babt1830 dabt1878 m1852 William Cheatham
        (4)Frances Morton Bishop b1832 Charlottesville d1874 Stuart, Patrick Co m WFB Taylor MD
        (5)John Terrell Bishop b1836 (son John D Bishop, dau Francis Will McIntosh)
        (6)Susan Jane Bishop babt1839
        (7)Bettie Terrell Bishop, babt1840
        (8)Jonathan Terrell Bishop, babt1884?
        (9)H Clay Bishop, babt1846
        (3)Joseph Monroe Bishop babt1831 Albemarle Co m Martha Ann Finley
                Adolphus Glenroy Bishop b1842 Augusta Co m1 Annie Craven Watson 2m1878 Margaret Ann Scantling
                    children: (by Annie)
                        Mary Emmet Bishop b1872
                        Lilly Imogen b1873 (by 2nd wife Margaret)
                        Charles William Bishop b1879
                        Bottie Bell Bishop b1881
                        Margaret Lee Bishop b1884

James Bishop, History Of Albemarle by Wood, p143-144, (400 acres, 1782)
Daniel Garwood & Mary Bishop - Ancestors David Walden Burt
Janes Haines & Robert Bishop - Ancestors David Walden Burt
Timothy Bishop & Sarah Fenimore - Ancestors of Marion Fenimore Engle
Joseph & Elizabeth Bishop, Deed, Albemarle/Culpepper Co, VA, May 1828, Proved Sept 1829
James M & Mary Bishop, Deed, Albemarle/Culpepper Co, VA, May 1828, Proved Sept 1829
Albemarle County, Va - BISHOP / BROWN Indenture - 1829

*Marguerite N Lambert, 1200 Earhart Road, #419, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, Aug 1984     (descends thru Mary Bishop b 1774 m Daniel Garwood)
**Ann Boos,, 120 Virginia Avenue, Danville, Va 24542-3726, Nov 1997     (descends thru Dr Joseph M (Jr) Bishop b 1805 dau Mildred Anne Bishop)
***Robert A Bishop,, Fairfax Station, VA, Nov 1997     (descends thru Josiah Bishop 1764 m Susan Inskeep, moved to Ohio)

    George B "Butch" Miller,, Raleigh, North Carolina, MAY be connected thru an ancestor in the Joseph Bishop group. He says: My ggGF James M Bishop was a shoemaker in Staunton, Va, when my GF was born. I remember him telling me, GF, along with my mother (Ruth Mae Bishop) that his father left the family when my GF was a teenager, and my GF had to go to work to support the family and help raise the children which were girls. It is not known what happen to James M after he left. In age, he would have been about 50, as it is believed he was born in 1833?. My uncle, who is now around 80 and the only one of the children of George Hormer still living, use to tell one of his children that his GF (James M) was raised on Meachum River there in Albemarle County. Va., in fact my uncle still lives in Charlottesville, VA.
Descendants George W. BISHOP (Augusta Co VA 1830s-1840s)
Notes from George B Miller, Raleigh, North Carolina