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Date:   Fri, 21 Nov 1997    From:   Robert A Bishop

Regarding the Burlington Friends Burial Grounds: it is located in downtown
Burlington, NJ, behind the Burlington Friends Meeting House. They have a map
of the graves in the meeting house that I was able to look at. I did
misspeak about the progenitor of the ID'd graves. After checking my file, and
not relying on fallible memory, I can tell you that these Bishop's desceded
from an Isaac Bishop, who was killed by lightning in Mt Holly, July 1769.

This is that line, as I understand it:
1  Isaac Bishop, b abt 1743 d 7/1769
   + Mary Corbit, md 1/2/1769, Burl MM
 2   Job Bishop, b12/31/1769, Mt Holly MM, d2/21/1851, Mt Holly
      +  Sarah Jones b12/11/1769 Haddonfield MM, d.3/26/1806, Mt Holly MM md. 4/16/1795, Mt Holly MM
     3   Isaac Bishop, b.7/24/1796, Mt Holly MM, d.10/214/1805
     3   William Bishop, b.7/17/1798, d.5/13/1887, Burlington Friends Burial Ground*(BFBG)
          +  Elizabeth Ridgway, b.12/31/1794, md.9/4/1834, d.4/30/1843 (BFBG)
               (father=William Ridgway, mother=Mary Fowler)
           4   William Ridgway Bishop, b. 7/3/1836, d.3/22/1915 (BFBG)
                 +Mary Louisa Lee, b.7/15/1840, md.2/16/1860, d.2/3/1911(BFBG)
                    (father=Samuel Lee, mother=Jane C. Wright)
                  5   Louisa Horner Bishop, b.9/1/1860, d.5/23/1883(BFBG)
                  5   Elizabeth Ridgway Bishop, b.7/16/1866, d.6/28/1941(BFBG)
           +Mary Mershon, b.1803, md9/7/1848, d.6/8/1883(BFBG)
              (father=John Mershon, mother=Theodocia)
      3   Mary Bishop, b10/2/1800, d.10/2/1842
      3   Isaac Bishop, b.aft1805
      3   Edward Bishop, b.4/22/1803
        2nd wife of Job Bishop
       +   Hannah Durrell, b.abt1769, md3/2/1809, d.bef 1836
             (father=Daniel Durrell, mother=Elizabeth)
      3   John Ridgway Bishop, b.8/29/1810 md 11/26/1835
        3rd wife of Job Bishop
       +   Hannah Eayre Moore, b.2/7/1784, md.6/6/1836, d.5/23/1852
             (father=John Moore, mother=Hannah Eayre)

The only other Isaac Bishop that I know of born about the same time period
(1740's?) is the son of Nathaniel and Mary Bishop, of Cohansey, Salem County,
NJ. (NJ Wills) I have no idea if they are the same person.

I do have good photos of the grave markers, if anyone is interested.