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        Note: Perhaps why Bishop is in Troth-Matlack Bible.

    William Garwood, of Chalmondston, County Suffolk, England, married
first Sarah Rowe and had two sons, Thomas and John.  Me married second, in
London, 1680, by Friends' Ceremony, Jane Stevens.  William Garwood was a
mariner and died in 1687.  His widow, Jane, died 1690-1692.  The estates
of both were settled in Burlington.

    Thomas Garwood was born in England in 1667, and died in 1745 in
Evesham Township.  In 1690, as the late servant of Elias Farr, he purchased
from Elias Farr 100 acres of land.  He married first, about 1693, Jane
White, daughter of Peter White.  Their children were William, and Sarah, who
married Richard Eayre, son of Richard Eayre.  Thomas Garwood married second,
1705, by Friends' Ceremony, Margaret Hancock, daughter of Richard Hancock.
Their children were Elizabeth, married Amariah Ballinger, son of Henry
Ballinger; Thomas; Isaiah; Ann, married John Hopper; Daniel; Mary, married
John Antrim, son of James Antrim; John; Mercy; and Ester.

    John Garwood was born in England in 1675.  In 1701, with Pestore
Lippincott, he purchased 2,000 acres of land on the North Branch of the
Northampton River, near Mt. Pisgah.  The name of his wife is unknown.  Their
children were Jacob; John; Samuel; Hannah; Elizabeth; Ann; Joseph; and Job.

    William Garwood, son of Thomas, was born in 1696 and died in 1767 in
Evesham Township.  He married in 1725, by Friends' Ceremony, Jane Troth,
daughter of William Troth.  Their children were Solomon, died in Evesham
Township in 1752, probably unmarried; Abraham, died young; Jane, married
John Prickett; Sarah, married Thomas Bishop; Rebecca; William; and Joseph,
married first Mary Pancoast and married second Mary (Smallwood) Hillman,
daughter of William Smallwood and widow of James Hillman.

    Thomas Garwood, son of Thomas, was born in 1707 and died in 1796.
He married in 1733, by Friends' Ceremony, Mary Ballinger, daughter of
Henry Ballinger.  Their children were Elizabeth; Abigail, married David
Mason; Hannah, married David Mapes; Margaret, married John Adams; and
Joshua, married Rebecca Dole, daughter of Joseph Dole.

    John Garwood, son of Thomas, died in Evesham Township in 1752.  He
married in 1746, by Friends' Ceremony, Charity Wright, daughter of Josiah
Wright.  Their children were Hope, probably unmarried; Priscilla, married
John Wright; and Israel, whose wife was Elizabeth.