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Subject: Re: Descendants of Richard Bishop (1605-1674) of Ipswich, England
Date: 09 Feb 1998  From: "Pamela D. Lucas"
I have a strong suspicion (but no proof) that my ancestor, Hope Bishop
(b. ca. 1765, d. ca 1810 in Salem, NJ) was of this Bishop group
mentioned below. I think her father was Joseph Bishop, and mother was
Ann Harris. Anyone out there recognize any of these names?
Thanks in advance,  Pamela Lucas
William F Bishop wrote:
> Jere,  have begun placing your info on the website on the Massachusetts page...
> hope to add more info there over the next few days...  :-)...  you asked for
> feedback...  not much yet but one thing I might comment on is the following:
>         Have traced our ancestor, James Bishop, (1744-1833) back to the Burlington
> County, New Jersey area...  he was born across the Deleware River from Philadelphia in
> New Jersey...  abt 1767 he married Elizabeth "Betsy" Penn (c1753-c1833) who was raised in
> Philadelphia...  so far there is no evidence James Bishop was a Quaker but he was associated
> with the Quaker Thomas Bishop family of Burlington County...  this is shown from a Thomas
> Bishop Day Book handed down thru our Bishop branch thru the generations...  it appears that
> the Bishops in the area of New Jersey just east of Philadelphia may have come from the the
> Connecticut and Long Island, New York area...
>     "History of Cumberland Co., N.J., p 512, 513.
> Nathaniel Bishop settled at Greenwich, from New England, settled in Lower part of Hopewell twp.
> John Bishop was from Conn., and Easthampton and Southampton, Long Island.
> In 1694 and 1697 settlers came from Fairfield, Conn.  They settled east
> of Tweed or Back Creek on John Beller's two surveys, taking the land
> from his agent, Thomas Budd.  It was called Fairfield twp. in May 1697."
>         I think there is a possibility that the Thomas Bishop family may have arrived
> from the same region as he first shows up in Burlington County in 1704 as buying land
> from the Indians...  in a census in 1709 he is shown as married and has a family of
> several children...  the result of all this is that there is some thought that the parents
> of James Bishop, whoever they were, may have come from the Connecticut and Long Island, New
> York area...  and thus be related to the Bishops there...
>         One of James Bishop's descendants, greatgrandson Samuel Calvin Bishop, died
> in Montgomery County, Missouri, in July 1931...  the following incident is recorded
> by a family member at that time:
>     "...  Some of the items Barb quoted to me from your letters ties
> in with something our Grandmother Alice Hayden Bishop, Mrs. Samuel C., said
> to two of us the time of Samuel C.'s death.  She was being asked about items
> for the obituary.  She said "they never talked much about family". She
> turned to us later and said "they say they came from the Courts", and this
> in a whisper [English Courts I think is meant here - William Bishop]."
>         In my mind there is only ONE connection to courts in Bishop history...  and
> that is of the Richard Bishop merchant connection with James I and Charles I of England...
> which is the subject matter of the material you sent to me...  if Samuel Calvin Bishop's
> wife, Alice (Hayden) Bishop, was right in what was recorded...  and the merchant Richard
> Bishop's association with the courts of London in the 1600s is the only Bishop connection
> with courts of England...  then our James Bishop line is related to the Richard Bishop
> family line...  and James Bishop of New Jersey can only be a couple generations or so away
> from that Richard Bishop person...  all we have to do is ferret out the detail to show it
> is either so...  or it ain't so...  :-)...

Subject: Job Henry and Sally (Emley) Bishop, Burlington Co, NJ
Date: 16 Feb 1998  From: Carolh@InfoAve.Net (CAROL HOLT)
  I have looked at the "Bishop Data Presented by Judith Olsen."  It is very
interesting.  Is she on-line?   It doesn't list the Bishops I am related to
as far as I can make out at this time but I would like to talk to her as my
Bishops may tie in with hers.
  Talked to a first cousin tonight by phone.  Other cousins are putting
information together to send me a copy.  Hopefully, it will help pin more
relatives down as really related.
  I have sent for my Grandfather's Death Certificate (Allen T. Bishop)  for
1927.  This should show who for sure my Great Grandparents are.
They should be Job Henry  Bishop b 9/1/1846 died 1881
and Sally (Emley) Bishop b 8/28/1846 died 1892.
They were married 12/28/1868.  They had six children:
James E. Bishop born dead on March 26, 1870
Lizzie E. Bishop born 8/7/1871 died 1872
William G. Bishop born 6/6/1873 died 1906
married Mary Collom 4/25/1901
Job Henry Bishop (Harry) born 8/28/1875 died 1913
married Louise Pike 6/20/1905
Allen T. Bishop born 9/5/1878 died 1927 married Mary Foulks 12/19/1900
Ann Bishop born 10/18/1880 died 1980 married
William H. Spencer 6/12/1918
  Job Bishop's father - my Great Great Grandfather should be
Captain Daniel Bishop who sailed Rancocas Creek.
This above information came from a Family Bible.  It was copied and sent to me.

Subject: Re: Job Henry and Sally (Emley) Bishop - Burlington Co, NJ
Date: 17 Feb 1998  From: William F Bishop
To: Robert A Bishop  CC: Carol Holt Bishop carolh@InfoAve.Net
Robert A Bishop wrote:
> I believe you [Carol Holt Bishop] must be descended from Thomas Bishop
> and Ann Hunter of Northampton [Burlington County, New Jersey]...
> 1 Thomas Bishop 1665-1746 Northampton
> 2 John Bishop 1713-1761 Northampton
> 3 William 1742-1791 Northampton
> 4 Job 1785-1845 Vincentown
> 5 Daniel Joyce 1816-1901 Vincentown
> 6 Job (yours)
        Where did you get the maiden name Hunter for Thomas Bishop's wife
Ann?...  also could you fill out more detail in this line you have
briefly outlined for Carol and my benefit?...  thanks...
> I did some poking around Lumberton, Burlington Co, NJ, last June and
> discovered a cemetary on the east side of town where many of Daniel and his
> family are buried.
        Haven't done much work on the NJ or VA areas lately...  been working on
the Missouri Bishops for the last few months...  still going strong with
that...  :-)...  hope you are making progress tho in your areas...
> I am still searching for the elusive Robert Bishop, father of Robert,
> Jonathan, Mary, etc., and wife of Mary Hall, of Evesham Twp.

Subject: Re: BISHOP, Thomas  Date: 25 Feb 1998
To: Gary Haines Doebler
Gary  Haines  Doebler wrote:
>   Came  across your  E-mail  to  R. Bishop and cc C.H. Bishop
>   I  am  a  descendent  of  Thomas BISHOP  b.  circa  1812  probably
> in  Burlington  County  NJ.
>   In  1833  he  m.  Anne  Elizabeth  HUNTER b. circa  1813  who
> according  to  Capt.  J.W. Haines  was  a  daughter  of  William
> Washington  Hunter.
>   The  1850  census  finds  him  living  in  Chester  Township with
> his  family  including  my  Great Grandmother  Phoebe  Ann who
> m.  Thomas  Haines.  My  Grandfather  was  Walter  Bishop  Haines.
>   I  have  been  collecting  Bishop  data  for  15  years,  but  have  been
> unable  to  connect  Thomas BISHOP  to  any  of  the  Burlington
> County  lines.  I  have  assumed  that  he is  a  descendent  of  Thomas
> mentioned  in  your  E-mail  hence  this  query .
>   Any  information  or  direction  you  may  be  able  to  provide  will
> Be  sincerely  appreciated.  Thank  You.    Gary  Haines  Doebler
        I'm wondering about Robert A Bishop's information which I extracted from a small
GEDCOM he sent to me...  reference the "Bishop Ancestors of Allen T Bishop (1878-1927) -
New Jersey" page...  which can be found via "Bishop/Allied Families of Burlington County
& New Jersey" page and the "Burlington County NJ Bishops" link thereon...  :-)...  the
GEDCOM information refers to "Ann Elizabeth Hunter" being married to Thomas Bishop
(1665-1746)...  this of course would mean that "Anne Elizabeth Hunter" b. circa 1813 in
your above information would have to be a different person...  I wonder how confident
Robert Bishop is of his source data?...  Carol Holt Bishop is another online person that
is connected with this Bishop line of New Jersey which Robert has put together...  both
Robert and Carol have contributed some information and are still working together on
it...  Robert recently sent me a fairly large GEDCOM of his Bishop ancestry...  but when
I tried to use my Win-Family program to import the data I encountered an error and could
not proceed further...  but have not gotten back yet to discuss this with Robert...  you
might find it fruitful to contact him...  and perhaps he could also send you a copy of
the GEDCOM file...  perhaps your genealogy program would be more successful than mine...
:-)...  another person who is a descendent of NJ Bishops is Anne Boos of Virginia (see
cc: for her email address)...  she has done a lot of genealogy work and might be helpful
too...  I am personally interested in your 15 years of Bishop genealogy work...  and
would like to know more...  will get back to you in the next day or so with more
information and questions...  in the meantime you may find useful information on our
website - url below...  also can you email me some more detail about your own Bishop
connections...  my Bishop line can be traced down from James and Elizabeth (Penn)
Bishop) which is a link on the New Jersey "West Jersey Pioneer Family of Thomas and Ann
Bishop" page...  also I am found if you look on the "Bishop/Allied Families of
Montgomery County & Missouri" page at the Sixth Generation:  "William Frank Jr and
Patricia Ann (Mulholland) Bishop Family"...  ttyl...

Subject: Re: BISHOP, Thomas  Date: 28 Feb 1998
From: Gary Haines Doebler
To:  CC:
I sent you  an  e-mail  with  some  bad info
Anne Elizabeth  Hunter  b. circa 1813
        m.  17  Oct   1833
Ner  Haines  b, circa 1810
Sorry  thats  what  happens  when  you  write  from
before  you  look it  up......

Subject: Bishop  Date: 25 Feb 1998  From: Carolh@InfoAve.Net (CAROL HOLT)
  I really appreciated the information that Robert Bishop posted on the Bishop
Line I am trying to research.  It is hard since I am in Tennessee and the
records are in Burlington County, New Jersey.
  The Bishop Line is my adopted line and I am researching it for myself as
well as my daughter.
  My Grandfather was Allen T. Bishop [have sent for Death Certificate from NJ
for both my grandparents and their marriage record.  NJ is slow, but they do
come through.]
  My Grandparents:
Allen T. Bishop  b. 9/5/1878  d. 1927
Allen m Mary Foulks 12/19/1900
Mary Foulks b. 1881  d. 1916
[Just the years are on their tombstones at Odds Fellow Cemetery,
Beverly Road, Burlington, NJ.  Allen's full birth date and marriage record
was in family Bible record.]
Wilber Allan Bishop  b. 1902   d. 1952
[Just the years are on his tombstone at Odds Fellow Cemetery, Beverly Road,
Burlington, NJ.
Wilber m Mary Collom 4/25/1901
[ Wilber's marriage record was in family Bible record.]
George Emley Bishop  b. 2/15/1905  d. 11/22/1966
George m Mildred Reed Everett 9/15/1935
[From documents I have seen as these are my adopted parents.]
  My Great Grandparents:
Job Henry Bishop  b. 9/1/1846  d. 1881
Job m. Sally Emley 12/28/1868.  Married by Rev. P. L. Davis
Sally Emley b. 8/28/1846  d. 1892
[Above information from family Bible record.]
James E. Bishop b. 3/26/1870  Born dead.
Lizzie E. Bishop (Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bishop) b. 8/7/1871  d. 1872
William G. Bishop b. 6/6/1873  d. 1906
William m. Mary Collom 4/25/1901
Job Henry Bishop (Harry) b. 8/28/1875  d. 1913
(Harry) m. Louisa K. Pike 6/20/1905
Allen T. Bishop b. 9/5/1878 d. 1927
Allen m. Mary Foulks 12/19/1900
Ann L. F. Bishop b. 10/18/1880  d. 1980
Ann m. H. Spencer 6/12/1918
[Children information was from family Bible record.]
  My Great Great Grandfather:
Capt. Daniel J. Bishop
Daniel m. Ann
Daniel was very tall man.  Sailed boat up Rancocas Creek.
[from family Bible record.]
  My Great Great Great Grandfather:
Job Bishop
Job m. Hannah
[from family Bible record.]

Subject: Re: Isaac Bishop of New Jersey - Killed by Lightening circa 1769
Date: 07 Mar 1998  To: CAROL HOLT Carolh@InfoAve.Net
> Found this at the library today locally in Winchester, Tennessee:
>   This volume was prepared and edited by authority of the State of
> New Jersey, at the request of the New Jersey Historical Society, and under
> the direction of the following Committee of the Society:
>   PHILADELPHIA.  On Saturday afternoon last, seven people who were making hay
> in a meadow the plantation of Samuel Crips, about one mile from Mount
> Holley, New-Jersey, on the approach of a gust took shelter
> under a tree, when one of them named Stewart, being at a little distance
> from the rest, was struck with lightning; the other six ran to him, thinking
> him dead, when by a second clap they were all knocked down, and four of
> them, viz. Isaac Bishop, John Parker, ___________Stewart, brother to him
> that was first struck, and one other were killed on the spot; the other
> three, viz. the first struck Stewart, __________ Norton, and one other, are
> likely to recover, tho' much hurt.
>   ___ The Pennsylvania Journal, No. 1490, June 27, 1771.
>   When I lived in New Jersey it was Mount Holly, New Jersey.  Name either was
> mispelled or changed since the article appeared.
> The underlines are really long dashes which I couldn't do in my e-mail version.
> I made a photocopy of the article and the cover page of the book.
> I do not know if Isaac Bishop is related to me or not at this point and time.
> Carol (Bishop) Holt 
        The Isaac Bishop below who was killed by lightening circa 1769 is
the same Isaac Bishop in your Philadelphia article killed by lightening in
Mount Holly prior to 1771... you can find this article on our website
(url below) on the link "Sources & References - New Jersey"...  :-)...
check the information in the William Bishop article to see how it might
relate to your family line...  btw the copy of the William Bishop article
that I used to type the text from has a picture of William Bishop on it...
              William Bishop - Burlington County (1883),
          History of Burlington & Mercer Counties, NJ, p173-4

        Tradition in this family says that seven brothers of Quaker origin
came from England about the middle of the last century and settled in New
Jersey.  Isaac, grandfather of our subject, resided at Mount Holly, where he
was killed by lightning a short time after his marriage.  His only child,
Job Bishop, born in 1769, six months after his father's death, was a mechanic,
spent his life at Mount Holly, and died in February, 1852.  Job Bishops's
first wife, Sarah Jones, of Haddonfield, died in 1806, by whom he had children,--
Isaac, died young; William, born July 17, 1798; Mary and Edward, died unmarried.
By a second marriage he had one son, John R., a merchant tailor in Philadelphia.
        William, son of Job Bishop, upon the death of his mother when he was
only seven years old, spent he following seven years on the farm of a relative
near his native place, and returned home.  In May, 1814, he came to Burlington,
where, dependent upon his own resources, he engaged as a clerk in the store
of William Ridgway, where he remained until the death of that gentleman in
1833, when he became a partner in the business with Robert Thomas, a step-son
of Mr. Ridgway.  These business relations continued until 1850, when he
retired from active business.
        Mr. Bishop has been a director of the Mechanics' National Bank of
Burlington for thirty years, and is now its oldest director.  In 1857, upon
the establishment of the savings institution in Burlington, he was chosen
its vice-president, and three months later, upon the death of its president,
Ira B. Underhill, he was made president, which position he has honorably held
since.  It is a notable fact in the history of this institution that by the
careful management of its officials it shows a greater percentage of surplus
than any other similar institution in the State.  Probably no man connected
with the financial and business interests of Burlington in the past has been
more constant, more painstaking, and more scrupulously upright than Mr.
Bishop, who, although now in the eighty-fifth year of his age, is steady in
his attendance upon meetings of bank officials and other business.  For many
years he was one of the directors of the Burlington Library, and he has always
been interested in the prosperity of the city and the welfare of its citizens.
Like his ancestors he belongs to the Society of Friends, and has led a quiet
and unostentatious life.
        His first wife, Eliza, daughter of William Ridgway, of Burlington,
before alluded to, died in 1843, aged forty-six years, leaving one child,
William R. Bishop, who is a coal, fertilizer, and seed dealer in Burlington.
His present wife, whom he married in 1848, was Mrs. Mary M., widow of the
late Thomas Booth.

Subject: Re: BISHOP, Thomas of Burlington Cty  Date: 28 Mar 1998
To: Gary Haines Doebler
Gary,  don't know what you mean by post...  but will 1) place on my New
Jersey page and 2) place out on the Bishop Email List...  you can place
a query yourself if 3) you use the "Vince Bishop - Bishop Query" link on
the main webpage (url below)...
Dear  Mr  Bishop,
   I would like to post the below request for information.
   I am trying to prove a Burlington County THOMAS BISHOP
line.  My proven Great, Great, Grandfather was:
        THOMAS BISHOP          Mary Ann Wells
        b. circa 1812          b. 11 Jan 1815
        d. 10 Mar 1902
                 Cinnaminson  Township
My Great Grandmother Phoebe Ann Bishop was born in 1842.
The 1850 Census finds the family in Township of Chester.
In 1860 & 1870 Census the Township has changed to Cinnaminson.
    The 1830 Chester Census lists 5 Bishop households.  Only  the
family of Thomas Jr. has an entry that could be GGGF Thomas.
This plus the obvious passing of the name leads me to believe
this to be my line.
Thomas Jr.        Male                      Female
20/30yrs.                       1  20-30yrs.          1
15-20yrs.                       1  15-20yrs.          1
Under 5                         1  Under 5            1
  I have to assume that Thomas married for a second time so
I would be looking for his first wife's name.
50-60yrs.                       1  50-60yrs.          1
20/30yrs.                       1  20-30yrs.          1
   The same type of asumption would follow, Thomas Jr. the
son and second Thomas the father.               Gary  Haines  Doebler

Subject: Bishop Family from Burlington County, NJ
Date: 02 May 1998  From: Carol Holt Carolh@InfoAve.Net
  My Grandfather was:
Allen Tatem Bishop
He was born September 5, 1878
He died March 29, 1927 at 49 years old
He was married at age 22 years 3 months
[From Death Certificate and Marriage Return]
  Name of Father:  Job H. Bishop born in Lumberton, NJ [H stands for Henry]
  Name of Mother:  Sarah Emley born in Camden, NJ
  Allen Bishop  married Mary Foulks on December 19, 1900
She was born February 17, 1881
She died November 17, 1916 at 35 years old
She was married at age 20 years
  Name of Father:  John Foulks
  Name of Mother:  Kate Mintzer
Both Allen and Mary Bishop were buried at Odd Fellows Cemetery
Beverly Road, Burlington, New Jersey
  My Great Grandfather was Job Henry Bishop
I am working on obtaining his documents next.
  My Grandparents were from Florence, New Jersey which is in
Burlington County, New Jersey
  My father was George Emley Bishop who was born February 15, 1905.
He died November 22, 1966.
He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hamilton Township,
Trenton, New Jersey [Mercer County]
  Now I know that my father was probably named after his Great Grandfather,
George Emley.
  Sarah Sallie Emley is my Great Grandmother.
Sarah's parents are George Emley and Elizabeth Somers.
They were married in Gloucester County on May 28, 1843
according to the Gloucester County Marriage Book by H. Stanley Craig.
  Looking for birth and death dates on George Emley and where he
is buried.
  He didn't have a will, but did have a series of transactions that looked
like it involved the sale of property to settle his estate.  These papers
were filed initially on May 12, 1874, which was probably right after he
died.  Papers couldn't be found in Surrogate's Office in
Camden, NJ by someone researching for me.
  Elizabeth (Somers) Emley  died on December 5, 1910.
Funeral services were conducted by Reverend Daniel Bishop.
[He was Job Henry Bishop's brother.]  Reverend Daniel Bishop was a
Circuit Riding Preacher on horseback according to a first cousin of mine.
  Elizabeth (Somers) Emley  had a daughter Anna who married  someone of the
Surname Tatem.
  Anna had a son named James [possibly his father's name]
who was Sergeant of Police in Camden, NJ in 1910 when his grandmother died.
  As I find out additional information will post to the Bishop List.

                [Submitted by William F Bishop, Feb 1998]