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William Frank and Marjorie Frances (Baker) Bishop Family

From: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. To: William F Bishop Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 12:38 PM
Subject: RE: Vox Magazine Restaurants - J.R. Barton's Southern Kitchen & BBQ

	My father was first generation American. Both his parents were born in Germany.

	My momís family came from Illinois and Arkansas. My momís paternal family tree has been established for years
with very few holes so I am spoiled somewhat. I do have lots of work to do on her momís family from Arkansas.
The families are predominantly Scotch-Irish with some Cherokee and Euro thrown in for seasoning! None came this
way before my parents and we have no relatives over here that I know of.

But I love doing the genealogy stuff!!    Jacquee

From: William F Bishop To: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 2:55 PM Subject: Re: Vox Magazine Restaurants - J.R. Barton's Southern Kitchen & BBQ maybe it's the Scotch-Irish in your mom's line that i'm noticing in you... i'm thinking you are like Nettie Marie (Wyss) Brown in your looks and features and the way you talk and think and use humour and express yourself... i haven't pinned it down just yet where i've seen this kind of thing before but you certainly have it honed very sharply i see... :-)
From: William F Bishop To: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 7:40 PM Subject: Germany where in Germany did your paternal grandparents come from?... have you ever visited Germany?... i spent 2 1/2 years (1967-69) in the Kaiserslautern area of Germany when i was in the Air Force... stationed right on the outskirts of K-town near Siegelbach at 2005 Communication Squadron... curiously when i went to the University of Missouri (Fall1961-Jan1966) i took German never suspecting that one day (and very soon) i would live there (tho in the barracks on a 10 acre military site)... also perhaps i have lived a previous life in Germany... :-)... i certainly liked it over there and was sad when it was time to return to the states in September 1969 tho not sad to be getting out of the military... i did get to travel while in Germany... took a 12 day trip to the British Isles... took a 12 day trip down thru Austria and Switzerland into Italy and visited Venice, Rome, Naples, Pompeii and other Italian towns... also went to Heidelberg a number of times... spent a Christmas in the Black Forest in southern Germany in Garmish by the Zugspitze Mountain... visited Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich... i also took the train to Amsterdam a good many times on 3-day weekends...
From: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. To: William F Bishop Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 9:59 AM Subject: RE: Germany Actually my fatherís family came from the Frankfort area, I think. I havenít spent much time with that side yet. I am holding the records and stories I have collected for when I have more time! I seem to be the only branch of our family tree in America who is interested. Wilhelm Fieseler brought his daughter, Anna the eldest of eight, and his son Henry, the youngest at 17, to America, leaving the rest in Germany. I donít have their names yet. Anna was meant to care for her widowed father but instead met a Jew named Capstick, whom she married when they arrived in St. Charles. They settled at Okawville, IL and raised a large family. Wilhelm changed his name to William and also settled at Okawville with Henry but sent back to Germany for a young girl to keep house. He was wealthy so purchased several farms and homes in the area over time. He eventually married his son to the daughter of one of his share-cropperís named Mary Elizabeth Wilkens. Oddly, many women had that name in those days, whether English or not! She was from a large sized family and the Fieselerís were not. I have been told that my sister Georgia is the closest resemblence to her in looks and after meeting my cousin in FL a couple of years ago, realize the two could be twins. Anyway, my grandparents had a daughter, Mary born with a physical defect and never walked, and died the night the Titanic sank; three sons, Walter William, 12/26/00 m.Sadie, 1 daugher who died; Ervin (later changed to Erwin), born 1903-m.Bertha and had five children-William, Carol, David (dec.), John, Gloria and all live in Florida; (my dad) Arthur John, 03/30/05 married Georgia Fern McNail, B. 02/02/17, Ashley, IL, 2nd child of George and Mary Elizabeth Braswell McNail. The three Fieseler boys changed the spelling of their name to Fiesler sometime during the 20ís or 30ís, we think. They werenít sure. The Florida family even pronounce it differently. Some of my siblings were born in Illinois and some MO. My brother and I were born when I parents were living in Laddonia and that is were we grew up.
From: William F Bishop To: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 11:08 AM Subject: Re: Germany Nettie Marie Wyss's paternal grandparents (Jonathan Gottlieb and Caroline (Goretz) Wyss Family) were from Germany... and uncle Bill and aunt Nettie (Bishop) Wyss (William B and Nettie (Bishop) Wyss Family) and daughters, Marie, Katherine & Minnie, lived on a farm just couple miles from Laddonia, Missouri, for many years... and you say you and your brother were born in Laddonia and grew up with your parents there... what years did you all live in Laddonia?... was it on a farm or in town?... what year were you and your brother born?... :-)... my parents (William Frank and Marjorie Frances (Baker) Bishop Family) and my middle brother, Bobby, and i lived for a while on a rental farm near Laddonia in the late 1940s and often visited with uncle Bill and aunt Nettie as dad and uncle Bill farmed together and dad borrowed uncle Bill's farm equipment... in fact i went to Laddonia Grade School for most of my first grade in 1949 before dad moved in March 1950 to a 240 acre farm in western Audrain county about 9 miles northwest of Centralia... i finished out the last month or so of 1st grade at Friendship Country School near the farm... the Laddonia 1st grade teacher's name was Mrs Christian... i suspect you likely knew her at some time if you went to the Laddonia Grade School too... Nancy Hale knew Mrs Christian as i learned just a few years ago in a conversation with Nancy... :-) maybe you remind me so much of Marie Wyss because of your common German background... i don't suppose you went to Laddonia Grade School in 1949 did you?... i don't think you are quite as old as i am (born Jan 1944)... i have a first cousin, James W Bradley (James William and Mary Edna (Long) Bradley Family), who is a grandson of Bill and Nettie Wyss... he lives near Hallsville, Missouri... Bill
From: William F Bishop To: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 11:26 AM Subject: Re: Germany i've been looking online for any info about you and your parents living in the Laddonia area when you were born and grew up there... but haven't found any so far (e.g. on Welcome to Audrain County Missouri Journal of Genealogy and History)... 1) did your Arthur John & Georgia Fern (McNail) Fiesler family live in Laddonia or on a farm nearby (what years)?... 2) apparently you were born about 1951 and i was in first grade at Laddonia Grade School in the fall/spring of 1949-50 so you would have gone to grade school there after our family left the area in March 1950... did you attend Laddonia Grade School (what years and was Mrs Christian ever your teacher)?... 3) how many brothers and sisters do you have (are you the oldest)?... Bill
From: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. To: William F Bishop Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 12:30 PM Subject: RE: Germany Mom and Dad moved to Laddonia from Farber about 1947. They moved from St. Louis after the war ended. Yes. Mrs. Christian was my teacher. I have 4 older sisters and had 1 brother: Bonnie Sue B. June 24, 1940; M. Larry E. Rouse, Columbia 06/29/1963; two children RaShelle, B. 10/13/1964 & Laura Sue, B. 11/19/1969 Mary Jo B. March 26, 1942; M. Theodore Green, DO 06/1963 Div. 03/1967; no children Frances Nadine B. October 26, 1944; M. Billy W. Robison, Vandalia, 2/27/1964(?); one child Lisa Rae, B. 07/29/1967 Georgia Fern B. September 2, 1946 M. Dale Hackmann, Benton City, 04/05/1969; three children: Kimberly D. 1/31/74; Steven D. 3/9/1978; Aaron J. 3/17/82 Arthur John Fiesler, Jr. B. April 1, 1948 D. Oct. 27, 1976 (I think!) M. Margaret (?) Charleston, SC no children Jacquelyne Marie, M. April 7, 1951; M. James L. Cope, Martinsburg, 06/28?1969; 3 children Cassandra Rhae, B. 02/19/70; Paul D.A. 7/15/72; Clent R. 2/2/74. Bill: I grew up on John St. which was the street that started at the end of the front sidewalk in front of the grade school and went to the depot. I lived in the third house from the school. It has since burned down, I believe. My dad was mayor of Laddonia when I was about 10 or so and he and mom were active in Masons and Eastern Star. In fact, my mom spent an entire evening with ex-President Truman at a lodge function dinner. He was there for his sister, I believe. The kicker was that she didnít know who he was and he didnít tell her! He completely enjoyed his evening chatting with her about her family and her activities! She wasnít a reader (duh!) because she didnít have time! She was too busy and too good at her job of Mom! And it was before TV so she had only seen pictures of him on posters or in magazines. A family story!
From: William F Bishop To: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 5:51 PM Subject: Re: Germany Jacquee, i wonder if my aunt Mary (dad's sister: William Byron and Mary Frances (Bishop) Bales Family) knows personally any of your family names or is familiar with any of this 1940s Laddonia history you talk about?... their mother, Clara Bishop (Frank Lyle and Clara Odessa (Anderson) Bishop Family) and maternal grandpaterents (William Henry and Effie Elizabeth (White) Anderson Family) lived in the Farber and Laddonia area... are you by any chance related by marriage to the Cope/Brower (Julius Hoss Cope & Flossie Jane (Brower) Family Line Photos & Emery Milton Brower & Permelia Jane (Clement) Family Line Photos) line?... you may also know Gail Haferkamp of St Peters/St Charles area (Notes Marcia Gail (Cope) Haferkamp - St Peters, Missouri)... they are connected to the Joseph Jones and Mary Ann (Spears-Bishop) Clement Family... Bill
From: Nancy Hale To: William F Bishop Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 7:05 PM Subject: RE: Germany You do remember that Mrs. Christian was my father's cousin. Her mother was my grandfather Hale's sister. Nancy
From: Nancy Hale To: William F Bishop Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 9:33 PM Subject: RE: Germany [how long did she teach at Laddonia Grade School?...] Until retirement. Before that she taught at Rush Hill I think. Somewhere in all the family tree stuff I have letters from her from back in the 1960's. She lived in a house about a block or two east of Hwy 19 on the south side of the tracks. In later years my father and his second wife lived in the same house. Nancy
From: William F Bishop To: Jacquelyne M Fiesler Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 6:16 PM Subject: BishopWilliamFJrReportCard&100Merits1stGradeLaddoniaGradeSchool1949-50.jpg Jacquee, i was in Laddonia Grade School in the first grade from the beginning of the school year till about the first part of March 1950 at which time dad William Frank and Marjorie Frances (Baker) Bishop Family) moved his family to a 240 acre farm in western Audrain county ( 9 miles northwest of Centralia) where i finished out the last few weeks of the school year at Friendship School getting out about the week of 21 April 1950... as you can see, Mrs Christian's name is on both documents... i remember that i liked her a lot... i remember her classroom was a large room with lots of windows and tables for us to work with our art supplies laying about... i can almost remember the windows being open and the breezes blowing into and thru the class room... and the scissors and paper and paste scattered about... :-) Bill
From: William F Bishop To: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2007 11:14 PM Subject: Re: Germany Jacquee, i see John Street on the north side of Young St and on the south side of North St... can you see where your house was?... above Young St or below North St?... is a house still where you lived?... on the first picture below i put a long rectangle with "Laddonia Grade School" inside about where i remember the school to be located (ie between Yount and North Sts)... how far off am i?... even tho i was only 7 years old (and in the 1st grade) at the time in March of 1950 while i was still going to Laddonia Grade School i sometimes walked home from school if the old family car wasn't available for mom or dad to pick me up after school... i would get out of school and walk east along North St to the street curve and go around the two large grain bins onto North Locust Street, cross the railroad tracks and immediately turn east to walk along the road (East First Street) that ran beside (south side of) the railroad tracks... i still remember looking at the two large bins every time i walked home as they were interesting to me... i would walk eastward along that road (E First St & CR658) that parallelled the tracks until i got to the first road that crossed across the railroad tracks again on the north (Audrain Road 509) and i would turn north and walk across those tracks... northward i would continue along the gravel road until i reached the farm house on the east side of the road where we rented... i remember there was a family named Garrott that lived in the farm house just a little further north but on the west side of the road across from the side we lived on... sometimes dad would go over there and visit... i remember they had a horse that almost kicked me one time as i was standing too close to it's legs... i suddenly realized that this might happen so to my 6 year old mind i quickly wrapped my arms around the horse's leg and hugged it close thinking that if i was wrapped tightly against it and holding on with both arms wrapped around, then the horse couldn't hurt me if it kicked since i would be attached to the horse's leg... dad of course did NOT see it that way and quickly came over and removed me from around the horse's leg... :-) all together i think the distance from the school to home was about a mile and half... walking along the road that parallelled the railroad tracks i remember sometimes a man (neighbor in the area) would come along with a horse and wagon headed east and offer to give me a lift part way to the road that crossed the tracks to the north but i was shy and would always say no even tho i was tired and didn't want to have to walk all that way home... on the last day of my school (since we were moving within a day or so to our new western Audrain county farm] i had to walk home from school and it was bitterly cold (early March windy blustery day!!!)... when i got to the road that crossed the railroad tracks i was very unhappy and cold... when i walked across the tracks the wind blew my speller? workbook that i had in my arms and i had to go get it... i was crying and crying and very upset... eventually when i shortly got home mom picked me up and tried to sooth my tears... i then found out why they hadn't been at school to pick me up after school was out since it was soooo cold... dad had the car over to uncle Bill's farm nearby and had borrowed his large truck to haul a large load of our belongings that day to the new farm 9 miles north of Centralia...
From: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. To: William F Bishop Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 3:24 PM Subject: RE: Germany I donít know if any of my family knows any Bishops from around Laddonia. My mom would have known, but she has passed, I will try to find out if any of my sister do. I heard the name Julius Hoss Cope mentioned by family members in Jimís family. His grandparents talked about them. I do not recognize the other names. She [Mrs Christian] retired when I was in the 4th grade, or when I was about 9 or so.
From: William F Bishop To: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 3:52 PM Subject: Re: Germany Mrs Christian would have retired from teaching in about 1951 + 9 or 1960 then... which would also have been 10 years after i was in 1st grade at Laddonia Grade School... in 1960-61 i was a senior at Centralia High School tho we were still living on the family farm northwest of Friendship Christian Church (9 miles northwest of Centralia)...
From: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. To: William F Bishop Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 3:54 PM Subject: RE: Germany Yes I lived on John St. I was unaware itís name was recorded anywhere, because we (my siblings and I) found it in the house papers when we were kids. I knew that route well. My best friend lived a couple of blocks along there on North St. and we spent a lot of time on our bicycles up and down that gravel road outside of town. Just a little ways north of the railroad tracks there was a dirt road along the edge of the tree line that followed the tracks. It was between the trees and the tracks. Hobos used to keep a camp in a grove of trees in there. My friend and I were never afraid of anything or anyone, so we would ride our bikes along North St. and straight along the dirt road to the trees, then walk thru the trees to the edge of the camp. Sometimes there would be hobos and sometimes not. If not, we would search the area for treasure, if so, we would creep around until we got behind them so we could listen to where they had been or what they had been up to. We were only discovered once and only asked to come in and join them for awhile. We declined and ran. Our momís would have had a fit if we had been caught! Later someone bought the property along that gravel road about a half mile along that gravel road and used it to dump trash on. That was a treasure trove, indeed! I once found a perfectly good home perm in there, and because I had four older sisters, I knew all about them! I gave all the dollies we had perms! It kept Linda and me busy for hours! We found lots of good stuff in there! Along the road where you lived, was the only black family, who lived anywhere close to Laddonia, as far as I knew. All we knew them as, was Nigger Abbeyís. Mr. Abbey had a wagon and horse and brought his wife and daughter Tina to town in it. Mrs. Abbey cleaned my neighborís house across the street. I had never seen a black person before and found her fascinating, so I would always go play with Tina when her mama was over to clean. There was much to this story that I found out later. I was only 6 or 7 at the time they moved away and my dad had hired Mr. Abbey to help with our house remodeling. Only the two did everything, much to the surprise of the townspeople! Because both my parents came from free states, they didnít see the race issue quite the same as the locals. The Garrettís that were your neighbors, were later mostly killed at the corner known as Baysinger Corner, Highwayís 19 & 54, when a car crossed the center line hit them head on. I was only 10 or 12, but I remember riding my bicycle with my friend to the place where the car was towed. It was a crumpled mess, and the mess had torn clothing and toys all over it. The father and the oldest son were the only survivors but only because they werenít in the car, but were instead at home, I think. The son was the same age as my brother. They were fun and full of laughter before that accident, and afterward never left the farm much anymore. The son was always somber and I donít even remember if he finished high school with us. I donít remember what became of them. It was so sad. Jacquee
From: William F Bishop To: Fiesler, Jacquelyne M. Sent: Friday, October 19, 2007 4:53 PM Subject: Re: Germany I never knew about the Hobo area and "treasure"... course i was only 6-7 at the time i was in first grade... i think we lived at the rented Bishop farm for maybe 3-4 years while dad farmed the fields around it using borrowed equipment from uncle Bill's nearby farm... he was working toward saying enough money to buy a farm which he did in the early spring of 1950 over near Friendship Christian Church in western Audrain county. i remember mom telling me in later years that maybe the year before i started first grade at Laddonia at age 6 (since my birthday was 25 January and i was eligible to start school younger) that the Garrett kids (i think it was) took me one day to their school (which i guess must have been Laddonia Grade School)... i don't remember any of this but she said: that while i was there with the kids at school i peed my pants since i didn't know how or was too shy to ask about going to the bathroom so i guess i embarrassed myself pretty good... :-) i remember the black man with the horse and wagon because he sometimes drove by me when i was walking home along the gravel road by the railroad tracks... he was nice and would ask me if i wanted a lift part way but i was too shy to say yes even tho i didn't want to walk all that way... also mom had always warned me not to talk to strangers so i was heeding that as well... he would then continue on his way with his horse and wagon... i do remember that mom and dad knew the black family and mom has told me that they once went over to their house and played cards with them one time... at the farm (east side of CR509)where we lived i remember the house, outhouse, barn, barnyard, and in the field to the south was a small pond... mom loved to fish with a cane pole... one day she left dad in charge of me and my brother, Bobby, and took her bait and pole and walked over the plowed field to the pond to fish... dad having worked in the field was tired so he laid down in the house with a newspaper over his head to keep out the light and took a nap... Bob and i decided to explore the hog wallow out in the barnyard near the barn... at first we just poked and prodded along the edge of it but soon we were wading in it then completely sitting and laying down in it till we were cover from head to toe black with mud... Bob must have gotten mud in his eyes cause he started crying and got out of the hog wallow... i sensed there was going to be trouble so i headed for the barn to hide... mom heard someone crying from way down by the pond so she started walking over the plowed ground back up to the house... she said she couldn't see anybody but the closer she got to the barnyard the louder the crying got... still she couldn't see anything but the crying was loud now... suddenly she could see the whites of two eyes looking at her and she recognized 4 year old Bobby tho he was covered completely with mud... well, the shit hit the fan then!!!... i don't remember any of the details... but she went into the house and found dad asleep with a newspaper over his head and proceeded to give him hell because he was suppose to be watching the two of us boys... i'm pretty sure we got whippings for that little adventure tho i don't have any memory of it... and we certainly got baths... i remember one time in the winter when it was very cold... it was dark at night... dad had to go to the outhouse so he put on his coat and went out the back door and closed it behind him... within seconds he opened the door again and came running inside closing the door... he grabbed his rifle which he kept over the back door and headed back outside again... when he had gone out before and was walking to the outhouse he had been startled by a raccoon up in the tree beside him and it was making a lot of racket hissing and growling at him... he was afraid there was something wrong with the coon such as rabies so he came in and got the rifle and took it out and shot the raccoon... another time i remember being out in the barnyard in the winter when it was cold... dad had a small fire going in the barnyard burning something or nother such as small branches... i being about 6 years old couldn't help but play in the edge of the fire with a stick poking it... after doing that for a while it was time to go somewhere perhaps off to school that morning... it was then that i noticed that the cuff on my coat sleeve was alight with embers as i must have gotten my sleeve too close to the ashes and the sleeve cuff started burning tho more smoldering... i quickly put out the ashes and didn't burn my wrist but from then on my coat sleeve cuff had a burn area in it... another thing i remember was that in town (i.e. in Laddonia) mom would sometimes push a stroller i believe (my brother Bobby was 2 years younger than me so it had to be with him)... and she had a friend who was a mother pushing a stroller also along with her... i remember there was a boy about my age named Bud but that is all i remember... i remember that i liked Bud and he was my friend... i have no idea now who the mother and Bud were... i think Bud is the only kid i remember from there except of course my cousins that we played with over at uncle Bill's farm from time to time...