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Edward Carter and Mary Elizabeth (Oliver) Poindexter Family

From: Rosalie Wertz To: Sent: Friday, September 14, 2007 5:58 PM
Subject: have some photos you might like.....

Hi! Bill,  my name is Rosalie Poindexter Wertz, daughter of Sam Poindexter, grand-daughter of Frank Poindexter and gr-gr
grand-daughter of Edw. and Mary Eliz. (Oliver) Poindexter.  I have an old tin-type album that was my grandpa Frank's and
I found some old photos of Bishops and Olivers in it.  Thought if you would like to see them, I can email them to you.
(there are also some Maupins in the album, don't know if any kin or just friends or neighbors.  I think Edw. Poindexter
worked for a Maupin when he moved to Mo. from Va.)

I have a photo of Shelton Oliver (has some dark spots on it)  There is a picture of Jennie Bishop next to the one of Shelton
that might be his wife, Jennie Bishop when she was a young woman,   There is also another Jennie Bishop and it says daughter
of Uncle Add Bishop.  Another one is of "Grandfather Bishop".  Could it be Samuel Bishop, Jennie Bishop's father?  Also have
a picture of "Uncle Tyra and Uncle Dave Bishop" as young men.  Dave has his hand on Tyra's left shoulder.  There is also a
photo of my gr-grandpa Edw. Poindexter and a photo of a young Mary Eliz, "Molly".   I have a large wedding photo of Edw. and
Molly that belongs to my dad, Sam Poindexter.  He lives in an apartment and didn't have room for it so he left it at my house.
He got the picture from Mabel Updyke, dad's cousin on her death.  She had promised it to him.  It is on canvas and tacked to
a wooden frame.  I made copies with my digital camera and they turned out very good.

Please let me know if you would like for me to email and of these pictures to you.  I scanned them into my computer and used
my Adobe program to try to enhance them some.  The one of "Grandfather Bishop" is "rough".  Perhaps a photo shop could do
something with it.  (The face is very pale.  I tried to darken his face on the picture, but was not very happy with the results.)

I have visited your Bishop family website and was interested in the Bishop and Peery connection as some of the Peery family
is related by marriage to my late mother-in-law's sister Marie Daschke who married David Leroy Peery.  Also Helen Ward, dau.
of Nellie Peery Ward and I were classmates and friends in high school at Montgomery City.

Rosalie  Poindexter Wertz

From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 9:08 PM Subject: have some photos you might like..... Hello, Bill, sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. We drove my parents to Denver, Co. to help my youngest brother Tom Poindexter celebrate his 50th birthday. sending some of the photos from the old tin-type album with this email. The one of "grandpa Bishop" is very pale and even tho I worked some with my adobe program, it is not very good, so I think next trip to Columbia, I will take it to Columbia Photo and see if they can enhance it for me. If so, will send it later. (If these pictures are too large, let me know and I will make them smaller for you.) Rosalie
From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 9:14 PM Subject: "Grandfather Bishop" (not very clear and Ed and Mollie Oliver Poindexter wedding photo Bill, sending the tin-type copy labeled "Grandfather Bishop". It is very pale and I still want to take it to Columbia Photo or somewhere to see if it can be enhanced. The second photo is Edwary C. Poindexter and Mary Eliz. Oliver on their wedding in 1874. They were my great-grandparents. Rosalie
From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 11:29 AM Subject: Re: "Grandfather Bishop" (not very clear and Ed and Mollie Oliver Poindexter wedding photo Hi! Bill, Sorry about the garbled titles. I did the emails last evening late and should have put the titles in the email body as I usually do. Sitting at the computer desk the last few days has been rough as I am having some back pain at this time. I am a retired nurse and had received a couple of back strains while working at Audrain Medical Center here in Mexico over 16 years ago. While at my brother's house in Denver on Sunday I felt a distinctive "pop" and also heard it pop. Some days it feels pretty good and others not so good. Anyway to get back to the titles, Yes, my great-grandparents Edward Carter Poindexter and Mary Elizabeth Oliver were married in 1874 (obviously I hit the wrong date!) And the other photo was of my great-grandfather Edward C. Poindexter as a young man, probably taken before he came to Mo. from Va. (My dad said it was Grandpa Ed, but he looks younger than in his wedding photo) I also have a picture of his younger sister Emma from Va. I am almost certain that the tin-type album belonged to Ed and Mollie since pictures of both families are in it. If you would like, sometime when we are in Columbia, I could bring the little album and show it to you. I just wish it still looked like my dad said it did when he was a boy.......every page had a picture in it back then. I also have a couple more photos you might like, but I haven't scanned them yet. One is of Anna Bishop, who we believe to be dau. of David J. Bishop. And an unidentified couple, who look like a younger version of Joseph Jones Clement and Mary Ann Spears Bishop Clement that you have on your website. Maybe you could give an opinion on them. Thanks for the quick reply re: the pictures I emailed you. I would like to see about getting the picture of Shelton Oliver cleaned up a bit as well as the enhancement of Grandfather Bishop's picture. Also would pass along that we know the Jonesburg Bishop family. My dad remembers David's dad quite well and I went to school with his brothers Sammy and Charlie. Sam was a year ahead of me and Charlie was a year behind me. I don't know David as well as I knew his brothers. Rosalie
From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Friday, September 28, 2007 12:00 PM Subject: two more photos Anna Bishop, perhaps dau. of David J. Bishop. And unidentified couple, who look like younger version of a photo you have on your website of Joseph Jones Clement and wife, Mary Ann Spears Bishop, widow of Granville Bishop. Wish there had been a name on this picture. (My children are related to descendant of Joseph Clement and wife Mary Ann through the Lonnie Brower family.) Rosalie
From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Sunday, September 30, 2007 3:58 PM Subject: Re: Cemetery Bethel - 1966, Montgomery, Missouri Hi! Bill, Thank you for adding my comments via email to your website, as well as some photos. I am glad to be a contributer to your Bishop and Friends effort. And yes, Frank and Lena Poindexter were my dad's parents and my grandparents. I have a Family Tree Maker program where I have info on the Poindexter's, as well as the Oliver's and some of the Bishop families. If you would like more information, let me know and I can send it to you. My dad, Sam Poindexter asked me to let him know your parents and grandparents names so he can try to place them with the Bishops he knew. He is 89 years old and still likes to tell some of the family stories that he heard from his father. We go to a Dixon/Frye reunion in Wellsville every summer and one man named Sam Harrelson (who comes with his wife who was a Frye), is also a Bishop descendant. He is a great-grandson of Elliott (or Eliud) Bishop. I think his mother or grandmother was a Bishop. He and my dad enjoy talking about family. Rosalie
From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007 10:58 AM Subject: Re: Cemetery Bethel - 1966, Montgomery, Missouri Bill, thank you for making a page for my Poindexter family (related to Bishops and Olivers). Attached is the wedding picture of my grandparents, Frank and Lena Mitchell Poindexter if you have room for it on their page. They married 10-26-1910 in Montgomery City, Mo. Lena Alma Mitchell's parents were Andrew Jackson Wright Mitchell and Etta Agnes Gibson. Edward and Mary Elizabeth "Molly" Oliver Poindexter married 3-1-1874 in Montg. Co. Mo. Edward's parents were Willis Garth Poindexter and Emily Poindexter Slaughter of near Richmond, Va. After Molly's death in 1888 when my grandpa Frank was about 9 months old, (and after a succession of helpers in the family to care for him, including his 4 older sisters), Grandpa Edward remarried in April, 1889 to Nancy Jane Boswell and they had 3 children. I have not submitted my files to the FTM online data base yet, but someone whom I evidently shared my file with did put it on There is a link below for that URL. When I found it there, it didn't have the name of the person who contributed it, but I recognized my file format and notes. At least the person who submitted it didn't take credit for it! If the link doesn't work, let me know. [note: apparently need account to view] Will ask my dad if he knew your Aunt Nettie and William Wyss from the Shamrock area. I know he went to dances in Shamrock upstairs in the Armstrong Store when he was a young man. Rosalie From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007 6:37 PM Subject: Re: Cemetery Bethel - 1966, Montgomery, Missouri Bill, The unknown man is in fact, Edward C. Poindexter. I believe the photo may have been taken either before the left Va. or shortly after he arrived in Montgomery Co., Mo. He does look somewhat younger than in his wedding photo of March 1, 1874. I think he came to Mo. when he was about 17 years old. BTW, Edward C. Poindexter was born March 15, 1851 and died Aug. 29, 1914. One of his brothers, Joseph Poindexter also lived in Montg. Co. for a time. When Ed and Molly were young marrieds, they shared a "double" or dog-trot cabin with Joseph and his wife. (Joseph and family later moved to the Mt. Pleasant, Tx. area where 4 of his 5 children died of diptheria. Only one daughter Pearl survived. I have a couple of photos of her when she was small and one when she was grown.) Mary E. Oliver Poindexter was born March 1, 1858 and died March 5, 1888. Frank and Lena Poindexter married Oct. 26, 1910 so that would be about the date when their picture was taken. I guess I forgot a person needs a subscription to access the family trees on I have a subscription this year. I have not uploaded my files to FTM yet, guess I should do that. So far the only place I have ever sent the family files is to the Poindexter Descendant's Assoiciation a few years ago. Now, THEY have now changed their rules so that to view the database, a person must join the group there!! Children of Edward and Molly Oliver Poindexter were: Lillian Oliver Poindexter b. 1-8-1876 d. 7-17-1957 married Eugene E. Updyke (1874-1942) Mary Virginia Poindexter b. 5-31-1879 d. 4-27-1951 married William Luther Fipps (1873-1957) Ivah Garth Poindexter b. 9-19-1880 d. 4-11-1961 married Edward Peveler (1880-1955) Ella Poindexter b. 6-19-1882 d. 1-23-1975 married James Turner Frank Graves b. 6-9-1887 d. 9-14-1975 married Lena A. Mitchell (b. 8-6-1893 d. 5-22-1955) Children of Frank and Lena Poindexter: Alice Hudson Poindexter b. 8-5-1912 d. 11-19-2004 married Albert V. Strube Hubert Graves Poindexter b. 11-23-1914 d. 1-20-1981 married Pauline Robinson Karl Garth Poindexter b. 8-30-1916 d. 1-2-1989 married Neva Boicourt Samuel Marland Poindexter b. 8-19-1918 married Ruth Helen Frye Donald Franklin Poindexter b. 7-15-1920 d. 5-11-1981 married Elnora Boicourt Joseph Richard Poindexter b. 4-20-1927 d. 5-29-1991 married Margaret Siebold Rosalie
From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 4:38 PM Subject: Fw: Edward Carter and Mary Elizabeth (Oliver) Poindexter Family Line Photos Subject: Re: Edward Carter and Mary Elizabeth (Oliver) Poindexter Family Line Photos Hi! Bill, I don't have a 100% answer about Minnie Oliver and Jennie Bishop. However, I think Minnie Oliver was the dau. of William Samuel Oliver and Lucy Ward Oliver. You have 2 daughters listed on your page for them........Minnie Oliver who married Milton Oliver and Mattie Oliver who married Clarence Powell. The picture of Minne Oliver was taken at a studio in Montgomery City. As for Jennie Bishop, I initally thought she was Granville Addison Bishop's daughter, but you didn't think anyone called him Addison. So the other choice would be dau. of Samuel Addison Bishop who also had a dau. named Sarah Virginia Oliver. It gets real confusing when 2 brothers have daughters named given the same name as the girls' aunt Sarah Virginia Bishop Oliver!! My grandpa could have called either of the men, Uncle Add. Alas, so many Sam Bishops, so many Jennie Bishops, so may Granville Bishops!! Another mystery.........the picture I sent you of "Jennie Bishop" that I thought was Sarah Virginia Bishop Oliver as a young woman.........I pulled the picture out of the album to see a studio name on the back, it was taken in San Jose, Ca. so THAT probably IS Samuel Addison's daughter Jennie. The other Jennie Bishop does not have a studio name on the back. They resemble, but there are differences. Hair style is different, (one has lighter, curly hair, the other has darker, less curly hair) tho both have pierced earrings on. This dark haired Jennie remains unknown unless someone else recognizes her. Rosalie
From: Rosalie Wertz To: William F Bishop Sent: Saturday, October 06, 2007 5:04 PM Subject: picture of David H. Bishop's airplane Bill, in 1958 or '59. David H. Bishop, son of Elliott Bishop, took my parents Sam and Ruth Poindexter and brother David for a ride in his airplane. I don't know if this is the same plane he ditched in Lake Michigan or not. My parents said my youngest brother, Tom kicked, cried, and generally had a "fit" when they tried to put him in the plane, so someone on the ground took him while Dave Bishop flew Sam, Ruth and David over Montgomery County. I almost forgot this picture until we were talking about the plane ride recently. As a footnote, the boy who refused to ride in the plane is now 50 years old and has been a pilot of small aircraft in Denver, Co.!!