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Melvin Roy and Ruby Ann (Sims) Bishop Family

From: John and Kathy Bishop
To: William F Bishop
Subject: your 1025 & 1158 AM today
Date: Sunday, April 15, 2001 5:06 PM

BUD (b 13Aug46 WI) AND BECKY (b 03Nov__ ) BISHOP, m 07Aug1972
(Bud is Public Relations Mgr for a food chain, Becky is an insurance
claims adjuster)

Son, Michael Ray Bishop b. 12Mar1969, m. Lucy Ethel ____
               dau, Anna ____ b. 08Jun1992
(Mike has his Master's degree and has been in the US Army since about
1995.  He and his family currently reside in the Ft Myers, VA vicinity)

Son, Marc ____ b. 29Mar1970 m?______
                son, Chris_____ b. 23Apr1989
                son, Justin_____ b. 01Jul1992
                son, Alex______ b. 15Nov1993
                son, Marcus Jr__ b. 23Dec1994
(Marc and his family reside in Yukon (suburb of OKC), OK)

Son, Jon _____ b. 21Jul1973 m Tanya _____
                dau, Taylor _____b. 24Mar1997
                son, Braden_____b. _____2000
(Jon and his family reside in the OKC area)

Son, Wesley ___b.  07Jun1977 m. Lynette______b. 16Nov1977
                son, Devon_____b. 06Oct1995
                son, Colton _____b. 07Aug1998

JIM (b. 03Oct47 WI)AND ROSE BISHOP (b. 05Feb__), m. 05Apr19__
(Jim retired from the USArmy in 1986?, He holds a Master's degree, both
he and Rose work for State of Oklahoma)

dau, Paula_____  b. 30Apr1966 m. Brad Kerner, b. ______
                 son, Richard_______ b ______
                 dau, Brittany________b______
(Both Paula and Brad are Adolescent Psych Nurses (RNs), they share the
custody of the children with the children's mother.)

(Ken is a CPA and works for MO DOC, Jeana is a RN)

Ken (b 07Nov49 CA) and Lorraine (b 11Aug__) Bishop, m ___ div ___
(Lorraine is a RN)

dau, Tracey Lynn Bishop b 08Feb1974 m. ______ to Taylen ___Brown b _____
(Tracey has a BA in Acctg and works for State of MO, Taylen is a farmer
and General Contractor building houses.)

                   dau, Jennifer ___Brown b. 25Aug1994
                   ___, __________Brown, b ______2000

son, Kenneth Lyle Bishop Jr, b 11Jun1977  m. 20Apr1996 Columbia, Mo to
Tonya __ Robinson b.________ (Ken joined the US Army immediately following
HS and is progressing quickly.)
                    dau, Kirsten Hope Bishop b 30Jan1999

dau, Lisa ____ Bishop, b 26Oct1980

Ken and Jeana _______ (b 05Apr__) Bishop, m 12Sep1998
                     Jeana has adult children, son, York Rehklau
                     (unknown other(s), and grandchildren)

Linda (b 24Oct54 OK) m Freddie  ___Ortiz b. 13Jan__, div
son, Robert ____ Ortiz, b. 15Jan1971

Son, Jeremy ____ Ortiz, b. 28Mar1975 OK m?
                    dau, Kapresia _______ b. 16Mar___
                    son, (Fer)Nando(?) ____b. 16Jan1995
                    son, Damien ________ b. 19Feb1996
                    dau, Autumn Paige ____ b. 12Nov1997

Dau, Brandy ____ Ortiz, b. 08Mar1977 OK
                   son, Gavin _____ b. 25Jun1996

Dau, Crystal _____ Ortiz, b. 22Mar1979 OK
                     Dau, Kristen ____ b. 05Nov1996
                     Son, Cordell William ____ b. 01Feb1999

Linda and David ___ Phillips, b ___, m ____, div. ___
                     (David had children, I have no info.)

 DEBBIE BISHOP, b. 06May1958 CO, AND BARRY ___ FITZGERALD, b. 09Oct__, m.
19May__  (Deb has a Bachelor's in Business and works for a hospital,
Barry enjoys a career with Goodyear Tires.)
dau, Casey ____ Fitzgerald, b. 15Jan1982 OK

dau, Kelsey ____ Fitzgerald, b. 30Aug1989 OK

JOHN (16May1944 MO) & KATHY (02Feb1949 OK) Since retiring from the USArmy,
I have my Master's in Education Administration and work as an Aircraft
Electrician at Tinker AFB, Kathy is an Aircraft Painter.