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George Washington and Verona Elizabeth (Huffman) Bosley Family

From: Eileen Colgan
To: William F Bishop
Date: Monday, April 16, 2001 9:07 PM
Subject: Parents of Verona Elizabeth Huffman

Bonnie was going through a box of old genealogy data of Bessie Bosley
Paulley and found the names of Verona's parents. I don't know if their
is a Norris - Shelton connection but I find her mothers middle name
interesting. Bessie had the dates for Sarah and the dates of marriage
and dates for John were found from marriage records and newpaper deaths
on    Regards, Eileen

Verona Elizabeth Huffman, Aug 2, 1840 to June 6, 1921.  Born in Albermarle
Co., Va.  Died in Montgomery City, Mo.

Her father:  John Milton Huffman born Oct 8, 1817 in VA.  Died Sept 14, 1901
St Louis, Mo. married January 1, 1838 in Albermarle VA

Her mother:  Sarah Shelton Norris born Mar 22, 1819 in Albermarle Co, Va.
Died Sept 15, 1890 St Louis Co, Mo.

From: Eileen Colgan To: William F Bishop Subject: corrections Date: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 1:36 PM I just received a box of Aunt Bessie's papers and wouldn't you know it, it contained a copy of the family Bible page that had the birthdates of all the children for George & Verona. Bessie was the youngest child and for some of her sibling this was over a 20 year difference so I can understand he making some mistakes. She must have published what she thought was correct before she came into possession of the bible copies. Anyway, I now have all the dates for all the children and some name corrections for Mary & George Jr. Eileen Descendants of George Washington Bosley Generation No. 1 1. GEORGE WASHINGTON6 BOSLEY (WILLIAM STANSBURY5, WILLIAM4, WALTER3, WILLIAM2, WALTER1) was born April 20, 1839 in Baltimore, Maryland, and died June 29, 1918 in Montgomery County, Missouri. He married VERONA ELIZABETH HUFFMAN September 19, 1865 in St. Louis, Missouri, daughter of JOHN HUFFMAN and SARAH NORRIS. She was born August 02, 1844 in Virginia, and died May 06, 1921 in Montgomery County, Missouri. Children of GEORGE BOSLEY and VERONA HUFFMAN are: i. SARAH (SALLY) JOSEPHINE7 BOSLEY, b. March 24, 1867, St. Louis, Missouri; d. May 23, 1960; m. EDWIN SHELTON OLIVER, March 03, 1897; b. 1869; d. September 20, 1935. ii. HOWARD MILTON BOSLEY, b. December 25, 1869, St. Louis, Missouri; d. 1870, Died in infancy. iii. MARY JULIA BOSLEY, b. March 17, 1871, St. Louis, Missouri; d. June 05, 1951, Biloxi, Mississippi; m. CHARLES L EVANS; b. Unknown; d. Aft. 1951. iv. GEORGE ORRICK BOSLEY, b. October 05, 1872, St. Louis, Missouri; d. Abt. 1873, Died in infancy. v. WALTER CASE BOSLEY, b. January 12, 1875, St. Louis, Missouri; d. August 18, 1935, Martinez, Contra Costa Co. California; m. (1) ELIZABETH J. MCDOWELL, Abt. 1903; b. May 26, 1889, Ontario, Malheur Co., OR; d. November 22, 1973, Lafayette, Contra Costa Co., California; m. (2) MABEL WILLIAMS, September 22, 1930, Contra Costa Co., California; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. vi. THOMAS BURHAM BOSLEY, b. June 15, 1876, St. Louis, Missouri; d. January 04, 1964, Missouri; m. LILLIAN HUNTER, Missouri; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. vii. JAMES RUSSELL BOSLEY, b. March 27, 1878, St. Louis, Missouri; d. April 01, 1964; m. NANNIE ORLEE POWELL, January 26, 1905; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. viii. THEODORE BOSLEY, b. February 05, 1879, St. Louis, Missouri; d. April 07, 1879, Died in infancy. ix. CARRIE LOU BOSLEY, b. August 21, 1881, St. Louis, Missouri; d. July 03, 1966, Chicago, Illinois; m. ALEXANDER CLARK GRAHAM, July 24, 1901; b. September 05, 1865, Mineola, Montgomery County, Missouri; d. December 20, 1943, unknown. x. HATTIE BELLE BOSLEY, b. August 03, 1883, St. Louis, Missouri; d. May 26, 1958; m. PETE O MEYER; b. Unknown; d. Unknown. xi. JESSE LEE BOSLEY, b. December 23, 1887, St. Louis, Missouri; d. December 23, 1887, Died in infancy. xii. BESSE ELLEN BOSLEY, b. November 09, 1894, St. Louis, Missouri; d. January 08, 1963; m. BYRON ROSEWELL PAULLEY, November 01, 1921; b. January 24, 1896, Bennington, Indiana; d. Abt. 1988, Tucson, Arizona.