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John William and Lula (Lail) Bishop Family

From: Bishop, Ken L
To: Shirley Keller 
Date: Friday, April 13, 2001 10:47 AM
Subject: RE: Bishop genealogy

Hello Shirley,

How nice to hear from you.  You are correct, my dad is Glen Bishop who now
is semi-retired and lives in Troy, Missouri.  My Aunt Lou Eva is retired and
living in New Mexico.  Uncle Jimmy passed away several years ago in NM.

My great-great Grandfather (Jefferson Bishop) died when my great Grandfather
was only 9 years old.  As he was raised by a step-father, he did not have
any contact with the Bishop family (cousins/etc).  Until I began doing
research into the Bishop family, we had no idea that the linkages between
the different Bishop groups in Lincoln, Montgomery, St. Charles, and
Callaway counties existed.

I have been so busy the last year my research has been greatly curtailed.
Thanks to folks like Bill, I am gathering lots of info for when I can get
back to it.

Hope you are enjoying Florida.  It is finally getting very nice in Mid MO.

Ken L. Bishop     Executive Director     MOSBA MOCSW
Missouri Division of Professional Registration

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From: []
Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2001 9:33 AM
To: Bishop, Ken
Subject: Bishop genealogy

Dear Ken - I have been in Florida all winter and I am just now getting to the
point where I am reading a mountain of e-mails that came through from Bill
Bishop, etc. throughout the winter.

Just noticed in your correspondence with him that your Grandfather was
Claude Bishop.  We, my brother Don and I, grew up near the Claude
Bishops place.  I think it was right at the bend after our Uncle Lon
Bishop's farm with the big lake.  I remember Jimmy and Lou Eva and
maybe there was another sibling.   Just thought it was interesting to run
across this bit of nostalgia.  When we were growing up out there, I never
thought about being related to anyone - and it looks like the more we
learn - everyone was related to everyone.

I went to William Woods in the l950s and the name Tuttle rings a bell.  I
will read more of this correspondence and see what this is all about.  Would
love to meet you and wonder who your father was - probably the name that I
can't remember.  Glen maybe?     Shirley Bishop Keller