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01/15/01 05:49PM Shirley (Bishop) Keller
Bill - didn't I tell you yesterday that I felt like a link. My other best high school friend was Billie Sue Armstrong. Armstrong's store WAS the general store. It was called Armstrong store because the Armstrongs ran it. I know Billie Sue was married at Liberty with a reception somewhere around Shamrock, at home I thought, in 1955. I was in Chicago and didn't attend, but the store was still in operation at that time. Probably until Mr. Armstrong died. Billie Sue's mother was Ethel Lail. They sold everything - a grocery line, shoes, lots of things for the house. When I was young we had a few dances upstairs of the store - and that was really popular in my Mother and Dad's time. Shamrock dance on Friday night. The other Armstrong children that I knew were Betty and Bud. Bud is dead and I understood he had all of the pictures, etc. Heard they may have gone to the Callaway County Historical Society in Fulton. Mr. Armstrong had a little post office in back and would receive lots of letters to cancel on St. Patrick's day. - Shirley K

01/15/01 08:15PM Shirley (Bishop) Keller
Bill - Mr. Armstrong's name was Bill. I would certainly assume that the general store had been in the Lail family - the Lail house was the second house just down a lane at the west end of Shamrock - it is still standing. The Armstrong's house was right by the store and it has just been torn down in the last couple of years. Bill Armstrong had a brother who lived in Auxvasse, and I think maybe a sister that married into the Bishop family - I think Anna was her name. In Auntie's [Viola (Bishop) Keele] pictures there was a photo of Ethel and Bill Armstrong dressed in old fashioned clothes for some kind of a parade in Martinsburg - I sent it to Billie Sue when I was going through the pictures. - Shirley K

01/16/01 12:26AM William F Bishop
Shirley, my great-grandfather Sinclair Jefferson Bishop had a brother Fount Bishop who married Anna Armstrong... no doubt you are talking about Fount and Anna Bishop!... I never knew Sink Bishop but did know his widowed wife as "Nanel" when I was a young boy... she lived in Mexico in the later years of her life and died in 1957... both she and Sink Bishop are buried in the Liberty Church cemetery... I never knew either Fount Bishop or his wife Anna... didn't even know of them till I started researching my Bishop family history... my dad did know that his family background was from Shamrock tho and I knew of his grandfather Sink and wife Nanel... I'm sure that Nanel put me on her knee in the second half of the 1940s and early 1950s when I was a little boy and told me things about our Bishop family and Shamrock but I don't remember any of what she might have said...

You mention that "the Lail house was the second house just down a lane at the west end of Shamrock" and is still standing... where in the Shamrock 1885 picture on 'Memories of Days Gone Bye - Shamrock, Missouri' would that be?... and you think that the Armstrong Store had also been in the Lail family before Bill had it...

You state that the "Armstrong's house was right by the store and it has just been torn down in the last couple of years"... I'm looking at the picture now and see what looks like a house to the right of the store behind the large leaf-filled tree... there is a nice looking horse tied up to the wooden fence by the street in front of that tree... that would seem to be the Bill Armstrong house but this picture was taken in 1885 so don't know who would have owned it then?... however Fount and Anna (Armstrong) Bishop were married in January 1881 so probably the house would be owned by Bill Armstrong!... wonder what if any was the business relationship between J Sam Lail who ran a general store and Bill Armstrong who apparently ran the same general store?... ought to be some articles in the Martinsburg newspaper at the time I would think... wonder when the store was first built and if J Sam Lail built it or not?...

And you say Bill Armstrong had a brother who lived in Auxvasse... and his sister Anna may be the one who married my great-granddad's brother Fount Bishop... which connects my Bishop line to the village of Shamrock, the Armstrong Store, and to the Bill Armstrong family by one marriage back three generations ago... and also you are saying that Bill Armstrong's wife was named Ethel?... - Bill Bishop

01/16/01 02:26AM William F Bishop
Shirley, found the following on the Net...

Husband's Name  James S LAIL (AFN:12R3-155)
 Born:  20 Oct 1846  Place:  Martinsburg, Callaway Co., Mo
 Died:  28 Feb 1889  Place:  , Callaway, Missouri
 Buried:  1889  Place:  Liberty Cemetery, Callaway, Missouri
 Married:  15 Feb 1870  Place:  Montgomery Co., Mo
 Father:  Elijah LAIL (AFN:12R3-44G)
 Mother:  Harriet ALLEN (AFN:12R3-0ZX)
Wife's Name
 Born:  Abt. 1849  Place:  Montgomery Co., Mo
 Married:  15 Feb 1870  Place:  Montgomery Co., Mo
1.  Sex  Name   M  Andrew B. LAIL (AFN:1MD8-ZJ0)
 Born:  Abt. 1871   Place:  Montgomery Co., Mo
2.  Sex  Name
 F  Leila M. LAIL (AFN:1MD8-ZK6)
 Born:  Abt. 1873   Place:  Montgomery Co., Mo
3.  Sex  Name
 M  Henry L. LAIL (AFN:1MD8-ZLD)
 Born:  Abt. 1875   Place:  Montgomery Co., Mo
4.  Sex  Name
 M  Montie C. LAIL (AFN:1MD8-ZML)
 Born:  Abt. 1877   Place:  Montgomery Co., Mo
I think maybe this might be the J Sam Lail who has the general store in Shamrock in 1883... but the list doesn't show any daughter named Ethel Lail... maybe Ethel (Lail) Armstrong is one generation later... noticed J Sam Lail's wife is named Susan C Covington... - Bill Bishop

01/16/01 10:04PM William F Bishop
Shirley, was looking for more information about Anna P Armstrong of Fountain W and Anna P (Armstrong) Bishop Family... in her October 1943 obit from the Montgomery Standard/Auxvasse Review is the below information... apparently Anna's parents were John and Virginia (Garner) Armstrong who lived on a farm east of Bachelor in 1858 and for years as she was reared in that community... she was one of five girls and two boys... the boys were named Charles D Armstrong of Iowa and W S Armstrong of Shamrock in 1943...

Implication: her brother W S Armstrong of Shamrock is the Bill Armstrong who ran the general store in Shamrock... note the obit refers to nephew pallbearer W S Armstrong of Shamrock so maybe there were two men (her brother and a nephew) with that name... - Bill Bishop
"Annie Armstrong, daughter of John and Virginia Garner Armstrong, was born October 16, 1858, on a farm east of Bachelor, and was reared in that community. She was one of a family of five girls and two boys. Her mother was a native Virginian. Miss Armstrong was married in 1881 to Founty W. Bishop, of the northwest of Shamrock community, where they resided for many years."
"One brother, Charles D. Armstrong, of Muscatine, Iowa, survives, also eight grandchildren and a number of nieces and nephews. Mrs. Bishop was a member of Martha Washington Chapter No. 324, Order of the Eastern Star at Wellsville, Mo."
"Burial was in the Liberty cemetery, by the husband who passed away 18 years ago. The pallbearers were John Armstrong, of Auxvasse, and W.S. Armstrong of Shamrock, nephews of Mrs. Bishop; Roy Taylor, of Fulton; Price Hale, of Auxvasse; and James McKibben and Lester Perry, of Shamrock."

01/17/01 03:18PM William F Bishop
Bill: Have called Billie Sue Armstrong Wells and got some information:

Her mother was: Ethel Elizabeth Lail
   she had a brother who died as an infant
   she had an older sister - Frances who married Grant Morthland
Her grandparents were: J. Samuel Lail and wife, Martha Adeline Dillard Lail

Her father was W.S. Armstrong who had two brothers, John and the oldest, Milton who died as a young man. They were from Bachelor. John Armstrong lived in Auxvasse and had one daughter, Margaret Jane (will find out her name later).

Billie Sue has just gotten a photo from her sister of eleven people that are named - among them Fountain Bishop, Sam Bishop, Anna Armstrong, Mary Armstrong, Lizzie Bishop and Ralph Bishop. They are going on vacation for a week or so, but will send me a copy of this picture when they get back.

My brother, Don R. Bishop remembers: Bill Armstrong was a Mason and had a Masonic Hall upstairs at the store. Bill A. may have been a taxidermist, as we all recall there being many small animals stuffed around the store. S. Lail & Co. may have been on the front window of the store all through the years. There was a photo in the store, huge, of the rabbit catch strung across the front of the store on a wire. Everyone went rabbit hunting. The sale of the store lasted two days and brought people from far and wide. - Shirley K