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Robert and Anna (unknown) Blackshaw Family

From: Jerry Cowley
To: William F Bishop
Subject: Re: Nobnester city
Date: Sunday, December 24, 2000 2:52 PM

Bill, here is a list of Blackshaws and Dayballs aboard the ship Zetland
in 1849.  The father, Edward Blackshaw, died of cholera a few weeks after
his arrival. The other excerpts of the voyage I've read do not mention the
Blackshaw or Dayball family but serve to give a picture of the trip across
the ocean.  The family appears to have distributed itself in an area from
Montgomery County, Missouri, to Greene and Macoupin Counties in Illinois
after their arrival.  Joseph, for example, was assistant postmaster in
Berdan, Greene County, Illinois.  Elizabeth lived with her family in
Johnson County, Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, Greene and Macoupin Counties
in Illinois.  Since they left Great Britain as converts to the LDS Church,
their movements in and around parts of Missouri and Illinois may be
explained in part by that association.  Yet their pattern does not follow
the movements of the main body.  I've wondered if this could be explained
if we knew where Edward Blackshaw was buried or where his wife, Maria
Dayball Blackshaw died and was buried. I'm conjecturing here, but the family
moved around Lincolnshire a bit, as if the father were always looking for
better opportunities.  They left, I believe, three children buried in
England.  If Maria didn't want to leave another grave, the family may have
elected to stay and simply put down roots.

Ship Zetland sailed 29 Jan 1849 Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
LDS Immigrants: 358 Church Leader: Orson Spencer
Date of Arrival: 2 Apr 1849 Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana
The date in brackets is an estimated date of birth.

BLACKSHAW, Edward     [1799] Gender: M Age: 50
BLACKSHAW, Maria      [1803] Gender: F Age: 46
BLACKSHAW, Maria      [1829] Gender: F Age: 20
BLACKSHAW, Joseph     [1831] Gender: M Age: 18
BLACKSHAW, Robert     [1834] Gender: M Age: 15
BLACKSHAW, Mary       [1836] Gender: F Age: 13
BLACKSHAW, Elizabeth  [1838] Gender: F Age: 11
BLACKSHAW, Hannah     [1840] Gender: F Age: 9
BLACKSHAW, Alice      [1842] Gender: F Age: 7
DAYBALL, Joseph       [1808] Gender: M Age: 41
DAYBALL, Alice        [1816] Gender: F Age: 33  Note: Surname could be Dabell.
DAYBALL, Ann          [1835] Gender: F Age: 14
DAYBALL, Joseph       [1841] Gender: M Age: 8
DAYBALL, Alice        [1844] Gender: F Age: 5
DAYBALL, Jacob        [1846] Gender: M Age: 3
DAYBALL, Rachel       [1848] Gender: F Age: 1   Note: Age: "1 1/3"

On April 5th, 1849, the emigrants left New Orleans on the steamboat Iowa,
bound for St. Louis, Missouri.  Soon after leaving New Orleans, cholera
broke out among the passengers, and seven deaths occurred among the
emigrants before the company arrived at Memphis, Tennessee.  When the boat
arrived at St. Louis, Missouri, April 12th, a number of the passengers
were still sick, and three died on board the steamer the night after
reaching port.

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 21:53:04 -0700 From: Jerry Cowley To: William F Bishop Subject: Re: Obituary List - Montgomery Co, MO ... snip... I had a chance to look at census records for Blackshaw for Montgomery County from 1850-1870 and it looks like primarily Robert and Anna's family but here's what I found for 1870 Sarah 12 in Fulton, Callaway County at a school (OD?) Robert 37 and Anna 35 in Upper Loutre Township, Montgomery County, with children Sarah 16, Elisabeth 14, Hannah 11, Alice 9, Ann 6, Joseph 2 1860 Missouri Samuel, in Elkhorn Township, Warren County age 35 Robert in Upper Loutre Montgomery County age 27, a farmer William 23, St. Charles, St. Charles works in blacksmith shop 1850 Missouri Robert , St. Louis, St. Louis County, age 20 a teamster Illinois 1870 Urbana, Champaign Co. Edwar dBlackshaw 39 Elizabeth 37. He's a dentist. also on 1860 census same children Illinois 1870 Anna Blackshaw in Mackinaw Tazewell County age 17, housekeeper Illinois 1860 ----- Blackshaw 35 male carpenter from England in Springfield, Sangamon Co William age 52 a laborer, Mackinaw, Tazewell I'll try to get back and look at 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920.... I copied index listings for Sleight and Daybell, but hadn't enough time to get into the films. Please send a copy of this info on to Sheila. I haven't reconfigured her address yet. Regards, :-) Jerry