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Samuel Calvin and Alice (Hayden) Bishop Family

Subject: Hayden photo
Date: Thursday, November 16, 2000 1:10 PM

Bill - Since writing you this a.m. I have spoken with Barbara Fort
(Calvin Bishop's sister) and she has given me the following information:
Wilford Hayden born Oct. 12, 1812
   married Scena Powers Aug. 13, 1837
Scena Powers born May 13, 1821.  Died Nov. 25, 1921
Both are buried at Bethel Cemetary in Montg. Co.

Scena's mother's maiden name was LaVasque

According to Barbara the couple had 14-15 children.  Some of the boys
fought in the Union Army and some for the Confederacy.  Some were
never heard of after the Civil War.

One sister, Elizabeth, married a Keele.  Another sister, Martha,
married Poindexter Clements.		Shirley K

From: Gail Hartman To: Cc: Subject: Re: Hayden photo Date: Thursday, November 16, 2000 2:11 PM Go to the above site and type in Senia Powers to search and follow all the links. You will get a world of info. Although, there is a discrepancy in Scena's mother's maiden name there. Maybe this is another wife (who knows??) Anyway, it appears the new info from Barbara Fort of Scena's mother's maiden name is correct - note the middle name of one of the son's on this web site - it is Levesque. This is interesting and might lead to new trails. :-) I will try to attach a file Descendants of John Powers (Rich Text Format) that shows the descendants of John Powers that I have in my files. Of course, most all the info that I have on John Powers came from the above site. Maybe you could fill in some of the blanks that I have in this report, also. Thanks, Gail