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Fielding and Eliza Jane (Peery) Hays Family

Notes Fielding and Eliza Jane (Peery) Hays Family

Subject: Re: Roger L Hayes: great-grandmother on Hayes side (Eliza Jane Peery) married...
Date: Sunday, November 12, 2000 11:58 PM

Dear Bill,
Thank you for you fast response.  I've been on the net for only an hour or so
and received your last mail.

My sources start with my great-grandfather's family bible.  I'm a novice at
this web research.  Family oral history was passed to me about the Bishop's.
I stopped by Bishop on vacation last year and picked up a book called "Place
Names of the Sierra Nevada".  The book has Uncle Samuel Addison Bishop under
"Bishop Creek" as follows:

"....First Sergeant in the Mariposa Battalion.   The creek is named on the
Hoffmann and Gardiner map, 1863-67; on the Wheeler Survey atlas sheet 56D,
1878-79, it appears as "Bishop's Creek."  This is the same Bishop for whom
the Owens Valley town and several geographic features are named."

Fielding Hayes (Hays) and Eliza Jane (Peery) Hayes were my
great-grandparents.  It was their youngest son, David Hayes who was my
grandfather.  David always called himself Lloyd for some reason and that's
what's on his tomestone.  But in the family bible he's David (birthday!).

My father, Rexford got out of the Marine Corps in about 1925 and went home to
Wellsville, Missouri to marry.  In 1926, Eliza Jane (Perry) Hayes died.  Her
husband, Fielding, (civil war vet) had died in 1911.  The same year Eliza
died, my father, Rex, took his father and mother (Lloyd and Maude) and his
five brothers and sisters (Ronald, Irene, Kenneth, Fielding, and, little
Helen) to Alhambra, California, near Los Angeles, to start a new life.  Rex
was the oldest.  The whole family did well in various persuits.  Rex, my dad,
went in the dairy business and went broke during the depression but later
became a business agent for the Teamsters Union (milk drivers local).  Kenny
started a Kennel and raised Springer Spaniels.  Kenny's Kennel is still in El
Monte, California under a new owner.  Fielding worked for an airplane
manufacurer during WWII and made a good living.  Irene married a fine
gentleman who became chief of homicide for L. A. P. D. .  Helen joined the
Navy during the War and married late after buying a home on the G.I bill that
was left to her folks.  She married a great guy after the war.  Ronald died
early after an accident on a horse.  His widow went back home to the
Carolina's and the family lost touch with her.

I'm affraid I know little more about Eliza's family but I will keep you
posted when I do.  I do remember a story about her being a very tough
fronteer woman who was very much against drinking and made that clear to
everyone in the family.  Good Baptist.  I also remember stories about her
Peery side of the family.  My grandmother Maude appearently didn't care for
the odor the Peery boys evoked in the winter when they would thaw out by the
stove.  You probably didn't need to know that.

I intend to put something on the net in soon but for the record
now here are they Hayes' as I know them in California briefly:

Rexford (born 1903) and Bernice (Riley) Hayes:  James Allen Hayes born 1927
(mother Florence).  Leonard Hayes born 1939.  Roger Hayes born 1948.

Ronald Hayes (born 1907) (died young don't know name of wife):   One son:
William now living in Gastonia, North Carolina I believe.

Irene (Hayes) Brown (born 1904) and Garner Brown:  Son: Harris Brown

Kenneth (born 1910) and Laraine Hayes:  Son Robert (deceased) and Daughter
Janet (Hayes) Huggins of Story, Wy.

Fielding (born 1916) and Virginia Hayes:  Sons Ronald and Dennis.  Daughter

Helen (Hayes) (born 1918) and William Bey.  No children.

Unless otherwise indicated these folks all live in Southern California and we
stay in touch.  Of course there are many more cousins I didn't list.  All my
Uncles and Aunts above are passed on except Helen's husband.

Thank you so much for the info and I hope to keep in touch with you and
others.  Hope I didn't tell you more than you wanted to know.
					Sincerely, Roger Hayes

From: To: Subject: Re: Roger L Hayes: great-grandmother on Hayes side (Eliza Jane Peery) married... Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 4:21 PM Dear Bill, I think you misunderstood me about Fielding and Eliza Hayes. Eliza died in 1926, the same year my father brought his parents, Lloyd and Maude Hayes to California along with my father's siblings. Fielding died in 1911 I believe. Fielding and Eliza are buried in a cemetary near the center of Wellsville. I can't recall the name of it, sorry. Many of the Hayes family are buried there including Eliza's babies that died very young. I just don't know how to determine if Fielding's father is buried there. I know they owned land around Wellsville too. Fielding was born in 1841 so I imagine his father was born 20 or more years before. I don't even know any of Fielding's sibling names. I appreciate any help you can offer. It would solve a great mistery for me. Sincerely Rog Hayes
From: William F Bishop To: Roger L Hayes Cc: Beverly (Sublette) Robinson; William F Bishop; Nancy (Hale) Stuart Subject: Re: Roger L Hayes: great-grandmother on Hayes side (Eliza Jane Peery) married... Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 2:16 PM Roger, since I had some info about them now I put together a "Fielding and Eliza Jane (Peery) Hays Family " webpage... it's URL is but can be reached by a click on the Dau: Eliza Jane Peery link on her parents "Albert George and Mary Elizabeth (Bishop) Peery Family " webpage... would you mind taking a look at the Fielding and Eliza Hays family webpage?... and tell me if my information is correct?... are the children's names complete?... are the children named in order of birth year (oldest being on top)?... was Fielding a confederate soldier during the Civil War?... what cemetery are they buried in?... I found the 1850 Montgomery County census record for him... hope the below info and the family webpage are of interest to you... Bill Bishop 1850 MO Census, Montgomery Co, Upper Loutre Twp #480 Hays, Mary 38 F NC [b1812] Elizabeth 15 F MO [b1835] Nancy 13 F MO [b1837] Jeremiah 12 M MO [b1838] Willis 10 M MO [b1840] Fielding 8 M MO [b1842] John 6 M MO [b1844] Mary 4 F MO [b1846] Bentley LEWIS 27 M NC Note - the birth years are my estimate based on 1850 and age then - wfb Don't know if it means anything but item #481 on the Census is for the family of Lewis, Fielding 61 M NC with Rebecca 45 F VA, Ann 24 F NC, Thomas 17 M MO, Jane 14 F MO, Amanda 9 F MO, Carline 7 F MO, Margaret 1 F MO. I'm wondering if Fielding Lewis is related to Mary Hays 38 F NC as her family has a person there Bentley Lewis 27 M NC? Could Fielding Lewis perhaps be Mary Hay's father or uncle? Also have the will abstract for Fielding Hays on the webpage: Montgomery County, Missouri Will Abstracts 1870-1991 Hays, Fielding wife Eliza J Hays: sons Edward L Hays, Thomas A Hays, Chas L Hays, Loyd Hays: Dau Myrtle Noel: grch sons of Leonard P Hays dec Roy, Claude, James F Hays 26 Nov 1907 Ex: Edward L Hays Wit: CW Reed, WL Mabry, WW Barrett Rec 17 July 1911 Bk2, pg 390 -----Original Message----- From: To: Date: Monday, November 13, 2000 10:21 PM Subject: Re: Roger L Hayes: great-grandmother on Hayes side (Eliza Jane Peery) married... >Dear Bill, >Thanks again. Yes, I heard of Bishop family through oral history first from >my father. I guess I got this bug from him. >The information about Daniel Hays was very interesting. I'm still looking >for the father of Fielding Hays of Wellsville, Mo. Fielding was born 1841 >and his grave is near Wellsville with the rest of the family. I'm not sure >how old that cemetary is or if his father and mother are there also. Oral >history has it that Fielding's fathers name was Samuel but I'm just not >certain. Best regards, Rog Hayes
From: To: Subject: Re: Roger L Hayes: great-grandmother on Hayes side (Eliza Jane Peery) married... Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 4:39 PM Dear Bill, Just read your last message. This is exciting! There is a Mary Hayes (Hays) on my family tree. This is oral history from my father only. According to this oral tradition, Mary and Samuel were Fielding's parents. Your information seems to confirm this. What's is really interesting is the reference to the Lewis family. Mary's maiden name was Lewis. Some in my family thought she was a niece of Merryweather Lewis but I've never even been able to determine it Merryweather had a brother. Thank you so much for you work. I sincerely appreciate it. Rog Hayes
From: To: Subject: Hays Family Bible Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 5:37 PM Dear Bill, Here's what the family bible says. This bible belonged to Fielding and Eliza. Holy Matrimony Fielden Hays of Montgomery Co and Eliza J Peery of Montgermery Co on December 25th, 1865 at her home by Squire Nuley of Montgomery Co Witness: Elisha and Mattie Haden Robert and Sallie Bishop Marriages: Lenard Hayes and Mary Smith were married December 27th, 1893 Loid C. Hayes [my grandfather] and Maud Burwell were married August 25, 1902 Robert Noell and Myrtle Hays were married Jan 23, 1907 G.L. Hays and Lucey Bruce married Dec 19th 1915 Births: Fielden Hays born Oct 16th, 1841 Eliza J. Hays born April 13, 1847 Edward L. Hays October 25, year of 1866 Thomas A. Hays March 5th ---- 1869 Lenard P. Hays September 17 --- 1871 Charles L. Hays March 15th --- 1872 Birt Albert E. Hays September 17th 1874 [Samuel or Sarra?] A. Hays March 29, 1877 Loid C. Hays May 29, ------- 1880 (Girtie) Mary G. Hays April 14 ----- 1885 Annie Mytle Hays July 4th----------- 1887 [different hand] Ramon Hays born July 19th --------- 1894 Roy Hayes born November 9th 1894 Claude Hays Feb the 23 1896 James Fielden May the 3 - 1900 Katie Hayes Born Dec 22 1893 Lottie Hayes Born Jan 16 1896 Elsie Hayes Born July 14 1901 Lucy Hays Born Jan 27 1873 [different hand] I will send death dates to go. Hope this answers part of your question. Rog Hayes
From: To: Subject: Re: Hays Family Bible Date: Thursday, November 16, 2000 6:21 PM One more thing Bill. In my haste I omitted some births that are penciled in on the Marriage page of the Bible. They are late dates after the births on the page of births to the right of that page. As follows: Rexford L. Hayes June 25, 1903 Irene E. Hayes Dec. 12, 1904 Ronald R. Hayes Jan. 1, 1907 Kenneth B. Hayes Oct. 11, 1910 Fielden F. Hayes Aug 15, 1916 Helen Rose Hayes May 13, 1918 The above are my father, Rex, and his siblings.
From: To: William F Bishop Subject: Hays Family Bible continued Date: Tuesday, November 14, 2000 10:18 PM Hi Bill, Here's the final page I started to send: Deaths: Bert Hayes age 45 year the 22 Sept [this entry is above heading near very top of page] Addie Hays died March 1, 1880 Girtie Hays died July 17, 1885 Raymond Hayes died August 8, 1894 Lenard P. Hayes died Nov 27, 1901 Albert E. Hayes died Sept 11, 1913 Fielding Hayes died June 30, 1911 Eliza Jane Hayes May 13, 1926 Lucy Hayes Jan 13, 1949 Roy Earl Hayes January 27, 1968 Lottie Jones June 8, 1970 Regards, Rog Hayes P.S. Spoke with my eldest brother, Jim, this evening. He says the name Fielding comes from a family connection on the east coast unknown exact location. Also says he believes Mary Lewis (mother of Fielding Hayes) might have been widowed when she came to Montgomery. Perhaps her husband is buried in Va.
From: To: Subject: Re: Hays Family Bible Date: Thursday, November 16, 2000 6:15 PM Dear Bill, Your list is correct but for a few variations in spelling, ie. Lenard vs Leonard. I wrote the names as they are spelled in the bible. In some cases the spelling changed from one page to another eg. Fielden vs Fielding. One date is not correct: Albert Hayes died 1903 instead of 1913. Also of note, last name Hays is sometimes spelled Hayes as I wrote in the initial e-mail. Your observation about James Fielden struck me. I named my son James Fielding Hayes (he's 18 now) and I guess I have always just assumed the name in the bible was another Hayes. This is worth more consideration. Lastly, I believe the names listed on the birth page ( Roy, Elsie, Lottie, etc.) are cousins of my father/nephews and nieces to Eliza and Fielding. I remember meeting Elsie and Roy when I was very small. They were my fathers age who was born in 1903. I apprreciate all your help and your observations very much. Sincerely, Rog Hayes