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Melvin Roy and Ruby Ann (Sims) Bishop Family

Notes John G Bishop - father Melvin R Bishop's Family and Military Career, 08 Oct 2000

From: "John and Kathy Bishop"
To: "William F Bishop"
Cc: "Mary F Bales", "Cindy Landrum",
"Christine Noyer"
Subject:  Sgt Melvin R Bishop - What Is A Soldier, 11 Aug 1961, Fort Sill Newsletter, Fort Sill, OK

Looking for photos, came across this article* mom had saved.  It is from a
newsletter/newspaper? printed at battalion, group, or brigade level
(probably battalion or group).  This type paper remains common in various
groups and organizations, much as church newsletters.

Anyway, Bill, your and my father's military service was (to the best of my
knowledge and belief) served together in the same units throughout joining
the MoARNG in 1940 until mustering out following W.W.II.  Your dad, I
believe, then went into farming in Centralia.  My dad worked moving
furniture for some company for awhile then went back into the Army and
stayed until retirement Feb 1961.  I remember seeing some Army things of
your dad's but I don't remember enough specifics to discuss much.  I did see
your dad was awarded a Silver Star...I saw it in a MoARNG history in the
Mexico Historical Society when Kathy and I visited there while Pete Bonnell
was terminally ill.

I thought you might find this attached article interesting.  It references
USDB (United States Disciplinary Barracks, your question previous).   I'm
not certain about the completeness of the last half of the article...either.
When dad left USDB, Ft Leavenworth (adjoins Leavenworth, KS), he went to
Camp Stoneman, CA (adjoins Pittsburgh, CA and now I think it adjoins
Concord, CA) but I don't know if that was just a staging area for overseas
shipment or was a short term assignment.  I know we (mom and kids) stayed
there until housing was available for us and we were allowed to join dad in
Okinawa.  Ken was born in Pittsburg, CA, so I suspect dad was there at least
3 months and possibly a year more or less.  I remember Uncle Bob (your and
my uncle Bob Bishop, died in Phila) visited with us in CA.  He was in the
Army at that time.  I also vaguely remember visiting an old aunt in CA then.
God, I wish I knew absolutely who she was, I have visions of Samuel Bishop's
widow, Viola, but I'm pretty sure that can't be the case. Perhaps Aunt Mary
or Aunt Sue knows who it would have been.

Dad's Civilian Component Duty was Active Duty Advisor to the ARNG unit in
Chandler, OK.  He must have advised well as the unit commander later became
the State of Oklahoma Adjutant General (Two Stars each shoulder.)  We lived
in Wellston, OK (about 11 miles from Chandler) and during that period I
remember Aunt Jane (your and my Aunt Jane) come to visit  and staying for "a
long time".  I don't remember the name of her (husband?) then, it was about
1955, I remember kids but no names.  We lived in Wellston 1953-55/6, then
moved back to Lawton for a year more or less.  Then dad went to Germany and
the family lived in Mexico with Grandpa Sims for several months while
awaiting a place to live in Germany.  In Feb '57 we flew to Germany and
lived there until dad's unit was reassigned to Fort Carson, CO in Feb '58.

I am beginning to see how family history as taken from various accounts and
placed into hard copy so often has glaring errors in them.   Truth is
perspective...those trying to reconstruct must be cautious of
sources...memories become obscure...mistakes are made...some truths bent -
or avoided...

(Ironically, I was assigned to the USDB at Fort Leavenwoth May 1966 til
December 1967, then I got out of the Air Force (8-22-61 to 12-20-67) and
moved to  Enumclaw, Washington.  While at the USDB, my Sergeant Major (the
USDB Sergeant Major) was Shirley Francis Strange.  He and my dad had served
together as Corporals at the USDB in Milwaukee.  Once when mom came up and
visited, we all went to their house and mom and his wife had a long visit
rehashing old times.  I don't remember a thing they had to say, unfortunately.)

Bent your ear long enough for now.	Love, John

* Sgt Melvin R Bishop - What Is A Soldier, 11 Aug 1961, Fort Sill Newsletter, Fort Sill, OK

                [Submitted by John G Bishop, October 2000]